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Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics chapter 1 Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, meaning Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, genre Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, book cover Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, flies Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics cba61c307691b Literally Encyclopedic Almost The Length Of A Volume Of The Britannica In Terms Both Of Number Of Pages And Content Per Page Capitalism A Treatise On Economics Is The Philosophically And Intellectually Strongest And Most Comprehensive Book In The Defense Of Laissez Faire Capitalism That Can Be Found Anywhere In The World At The Present Time It Is State Of The Art In Economic Theory And Political Philosophy The Intelligent, Open Minded Reader Who Seeks To Understand The Economics And Politics Of The Modern World Along With Much Of Its Closely Related History And Social And Cultural Phenomena , And What Is Required To Improve Mankind S Lot In These Two Vital Areas, Need Look No Further Than To This Book

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    This gets an honorable mention in Books that don t suck If EVER you wanted to know the proper application of capitalism in its purest form this is the read for you Exceedingly dry, but awesome even if you are not an economist.The Ludwig von Mises Institute has a true scholar and philosopher here in Professor Reisman.I recommend the hard copy.

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    A comprehensive apologia of capitalism Taken together with Principles of Economics by Karl Menger and Human Action by von Mises, we have here a quite complete little library of economic master works.

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    Uma das apologias mais s lidas e mais completas do capitalismo de laissez faire N o h praticamente nenhum grande problema da ci ncia econ mica que n o seja tratado no livro com inexpugn vel coer ncia O autor faz o tratamento dos temas de uma forma que por vezes transcende o mbito da Economia, casos esses em que se percebe o qu o fortemente est o seu entendimento ancorado numa filosofia mais vasta, que para Reisman o Objectivismo de Ayn Rand.Particularmente interessantes s o a sua reformula o das teses da escola cl ssica na qual recupera a doutrina dos fundos do capitalista como origem dos sal rios , a sua compara o entre as teses da escola cl ssica e a economia pol tica marxista, a sua refuta o da teoria da mais valia marxista que supera a de E B hm Bawerk , a reabilita o do papel do empres rio na produ o econ mica por oposi o excessiva nfase conferida soberania dos consumidores e a cr tica implac vel do keynesianismo.Fora das considera es t cnicas, Reisman presenteia ainda o leitor com uma breve mem ria, inserida na introdu o da obra, das suas rela es pessoais com Mises, Rothbard e Rand, e das rela es de cada um destes entre si especialmente a de Rothbard com Rand, que viria a resvalar para inimizade declarada S o apontamentos biogr ficos de grande interesse que comp em um retrato do ambiente intelectual nos c rculos em que Rand e Rothbard ascenderam proemin ncia enquanto defensores intelectuais do livre mercado e de uma tica individualista.

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    As a layman with limited time, I have only read portions of George Reisman s lengthy and analytical, yet in parts bold and dramatic, book Capitalism A Treatise on Economics, but what I read provided great insight and solid evidence of the rightness of Capitalism for human life Reisman s mentors were Ayn Rand and Ludwig Von Mises.

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    The most comprehensive and potent Economics treatise out there Prof Reisman creates a swiping synthesis of British Classical, Austrian Continental and Randian insights with components that prof Jes s Huerta de Soto has described as brilliant Prof Reisman refutes the errors in several schools of economics and adds contributions of his own to the edifice that his late teacher, Ludwig von Mises, set for humane and realistic economics A master s course and a doctoral program both compressed in a book.

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    This isn t a defense of capitalism as it is the entire explanation of capitalism, freedom, life, liberty, and the markets, and those forces that seek to under mind that freedom for their own gain Reisman does an amazing job of taking the reader line by line through every single topic imaginable in this amazing tome I rate it third only next to Human Action by Mises and Man, Economy, and State by Rothbard.

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    An excellent defense of economic freedom and fascinating for its integration of Austrian and Classical economics Extraordinarily thorough, though this double columned 1,000 page tome is definitely a long range reading project.

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