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Can't Get There from Here pdf Can't Get There from Here, ebook Can't Get There from Here, epub Can't Get There from Here, doc Can't Get There from Here, e-pub Can't Get There from Here, Can't Get There from Here 654481c2bfc Her Street Name Is Maybe She Lives With A Tribe Of Homeless Teens Runaways And Throwaways, Kids Who Have No Place To Go Other Than The Cold City Streets, And No Family Except For One Another Abused, Abandoned, And Forgotten, They Struggle Against The Cold, Hunger, And Constant Danger With The Frigid Winds Of January Comes A New Girl Tears, A Twelve Year Old Whose Mother Doesn T Believe Tears S Stepfather Abuses Her As The Other Kids Start To Disappear Victims Of Violence, Addiction, And Exposure Maybe Tries To Help Tears Get Off The Streetsif It S Not Already Too Late

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    Maggot said we should go up to Times Square to watch the ball drop and pick some pockets, but we never got around to it I have always been fascinated with homeless street kids, ever since I went to Portland in 1994 where there was an abundance of them I became rather close to one named Dave, who used to wear safety pins in his eyebrows so that they hung over his eyes They reminded me of tears You see these street punks everywhere Bourbon Street in New Orleans, The Haight in San Francisco, hanging out by The Alley in Chicago in the late 80s, and of course on Grateful Dead tour Some were running from something, some running to something All of them had stories, some real, some exaggerated, some completely fictionalized But all of them were desperate for some kind of acceptance even if it was acceptance through society s rejection.Can t Get There From Here illustrates the predicament of a tribe of street kids braving a New York City winter Almost all of them have traded a dangerous, miserable life for one even miserable and dangerous Strasser tells their stories, and clearly shows what a dangerous world they inhabit In some ways, this book may not be completely realistic, but in others it is very real One aspect I liked was his interpretation of why these kids would turn down opportunities in youth shelters for the dangers of street life It is a quick, enjoyable read, and certainly provides some food for thought.

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    A group of homeless teens band together to help each other survive on the streets of New York The narrator, Maybe, left her abusive mother and feels that the street dirty , cold, and brutal as it is is the only place for a girl like her, a girl no one loves Maggot says that living on the streets is the only way to maintain your freedom Country Club is the first of the group to leave He dies of liver failure at 22 OG has a constant, hacking cough, but refuses to seek medical attention He adopts an abandoned dog Pest after Country Club s death 2Moro is beautiful and HIV positive Prostitution helps her survive, but for how long Jewel is a male prostitute who dresses up as a woman and goes clubbing with 2Moro Rainbow, Maybe s closest friend, does drugs to keep herself numb Tears is only 12 and is the newest member of the group As bad as life on the streets can be, they all agree that it is better than the lives they left behind As Maybe watches her friends disappear one by one, she wonders if there might be another life for her.A powerful and realistic glimpse into street life.

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    I had to read this book for Literacy and basically, it sucked One to many people die and since it is about homeless kids, it is a little disturbing.

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    I read this book in one night It was so amazing that I couldn t put it down I was scared to admit defeat So when I finished this book at 12 30 in the morning, I knew it was going to haunt my dreams Surprisingly, it didn t This book portrayed the life of kids on the street and how life can change so quickly, you forget to breathe, think, or even blink What frightened me the most was the amount of tragedy This book gave a good look at what people do to survive This is a must read It changed my view on homeless people.

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    This was ok It was interesting because it was one of the first books about life on the streets as narrated by a girl Not that it s really obvious, however, it was different Much of the book was comprised of I m hungry and cold because I don t have food and it s cold Strasser is very good at packing a punch with all of his books about difficult issues school shootings, street life , and I think the most influential part was the reports about the death of several street kids that the main character knew her street name is Maybe.The one thing that irritated me was how long it took Maybe to figure out that a warm bed and food was better than being hungry and cold as she complains about daily But I m not a street kid I never was a street kid I am, what they all would call, a high ended middle class person who gets everything et cetera Yeah, this book made me a sense of survivor s guilt somehow, like how come they get nothing and I get everything Well, then comes the realization What would I have done about her if I came across her Take her home The mistrust that all the street kids have with everyone NOT in their little tribe their word was certainly justified, as they spent most of their lives building it up in order to survive, however, they refuse shelter because of rules that would take away their freedom like curfews Right Freedom to do what Be hungry and cold I mean, view spoiler she realizes it in the end, after all of her buddies are dead but why not before hide spoiler

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    Living on the street with six other homeless teens it not a good way to grow up The main character lives on very minimal resources and has had very little schooling or discipline The main character has a rare skin condition where her skin is unevenly pigmented and has patches of darker and lighter skin all over her body She was kicked out of her house by an abusive mother that only wanted her if she could provide drugs or alcohol She lives on the street with 2Moro, Rainbow, Tears, OG, Jewels, and Maggot OG is in his early twenties and early out in the book one of his close friend Country Club dies and to fill the lost void he adopts a stray puppy named Pest Here is where you are There is where you want to be But you can t get there from here Harrison Blanchard aka OG I really enjoy how graphic Todd Strasser is with what it is really like being homeless He deeply describes the feeling and condition the characters experience This book shows the reader how badly the teens get treated by people and how most people are scared of them and make a big detour to pass them, as if they will jump them and take their belongings The teens do steal and don t follow by any rules or regulations The teens back stories are very sad because they were either kicked out of the house by and abusive drunk or high parent, or they ran away because they could not take the stress either at home or at school I enjoy Todd Strasser writing style because it is very descriptive and has lots of dialogue I recommend this book to someone ages 12 and above because they re are some parts that are a little too old for someone any younger because there is I think that this book is not only for kids but an adult could enjoy this just as much as a younger reader.

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    Can t get anywhere from here was a great book It was about this girl who lived on the streets of New York City because she has no one to go to She has no family left She found a couple of street kids and they kind of just stuck together They all are not friends but just other street kids who stick together so they do not die or make a bad decision A new kid would join their group every month or so and they got food together, and they survived together Or tried to anyway But towards the end of the book most of the kids ended up dieing or getting sent back to their homes they ran away from One girl went with an old guy to get out of the cold and to get something to eat and in exchange for that she slept with him Another girl went to a youth living center and stayed there A boy had his parents show up out of no where and beg him to get in the car and come home with them Another boy couldn t handle living on the street so he started going crazy He would sit and talk to himself and tell stories of things that were not true and things that could never happen She ended up being the last kid left out of their little group The only one who made something out of her life before the streets got the best of her She went to a youth housing facility and is trying to make a new life for herself One thing I really like about this book is how this is happening to real people right now I am not saying that it is good that people are out on the streets dieing I am saying that it is good that there are people out there who care enough to help There are less and less good people in the world everyday It makes me feel better that there are people that truly care about making peoples lives better.

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    My husband gave me this book as a recommendation from one of his students I can understand why she would have thought it was a good book The topic of teen homelessness is very relevant, and from a young peron s perspective, I can see how it might touch them But the characters themselves were flat, and many were unlikeable, especially Maggot Here is a young man who comes from a wealthy family who loves him, but because he chooses not to conform to society s rules, he chosses to live on the street Then he complains about it, talks about how no one cares for street kids, and begs on the street If you choose to live this way, fine, but don t ask people for anything or to feel sorry for you The character s or Rainbow and 2Moro were never really developed, so it was not terribly sad to lose them What was effective, though, was the way in which the reader found out about their deaths When I would turn the page and see the obituary writing, I knew Maybe had lost someone else, and each time, it took me by surprise The hardest one for me to lose was Pest, as he did not ask for the situation he was in and the poor little dog had no way out of it The character I liked the most was Anthony who worked in the library For me, he was the most convincing and believable as I am sure there are people out there who are kind and willing to give of themselves to help others I am not sure by the end of the book that Maybe is totally convinced about going to the Youth Shelter, but after bringing Tears back to her grandmother, there is that possibility All in all, the story was okay, but the writing itself was substandard.

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    The book talks about how is life on the streets and you see this group of people that are on the streets for different reasons Got kicked out, escaped or simply they were tired of doing the same thing everyday forever.The main character is Maybe, he got kicked out of his house because his mother had 3 other kids and Maybe was the oldest one so he had to leave Maybe suffers and sees how the gang tears apart, since 2Moro, Rainbow and Country Club die, Maggot and Jewel go home, OG is about to die in a hospital and his friend Tears is missing He s left alone and lost without knowing what to do He s friends with a librarian named Anthony who helps him find Tears Anthony looks on the internet about Tears grandparents and he finds them Maybe and Anthony look for Tears to take her back home They find her about to enter a club with a grown man Tears is 12 They take her back home and she s happy ever after.The book ends with Anthony and Maybe on the beach watching the Ocean.I really liked this book, I like how they have different problems but also different personalities But every book I read has an ending that leaves you hanging In this case we don t know what s gonna happen to Maybe, is he gonna live with Anthony is he going to the homeless project is he gonna die We don t know But the main point makes this book realy good.

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    In Can t Get There From Here, Strasser tells the tale of a homeless girl named Maybe who lives in New York City Her life is full of abuse, mistrust, and sadness, but she finds a way to persevere through all the pain Maybe considers herself a part of a tribe others who are homeless with her In this tribe, the members try to look out for one another and act as a makeshift family Unfortunately almost all of the characters have a sad ending They were gone Tears, Rainbow, Maggot, Jewel, 2Moro, OG, Pest, and Country Club Two to homes where people loved them, two to hospitals or the nut house, and four to unmarked graves in places where no one would ever find them 193.Strasser writes clearly with a purpose here do not give up and let yourself live on the streets He plays well into the hands of adolescents as most of the adult characters seem to take advantage of the tribe However, there are a few adult characters that show teens that not everyone is out to get them in fact, people have the tendency to be much nicer than one would expect.Overall, a good read for young adolescents However, as an adult reading it, I felt the characters were not as believable as they could have been and the ending didn t seem realistic.

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