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Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1) summary Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1) , series Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1) , book Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1) , pdf Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1) , Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1) 9316e41553 A Witch Raised In A Cage Of Darkness Savannah Cross Was Born Into A Life Of Isolation And Abuse As A Child, She Witnessed Her Parents Perform Acts Of Malevolent Evil, And Now Feels Permanently Tainted By Their Dark Deeds When A Coven Discovers A Tear Stricken Child, Wounded On Their Elders Lawn, They Offer Her A Sanctuary She Has Never Known Savannah Spends The Next Several Years Shattered, Continuously Looking Over Her Shoulder, Waiting For The Darkness To Claim Her On Her Th Birthday, Savannah S Life Takes A Drastic Turn She Is Consumed By Overwhelming Power That Forever Alters Her Emotionally And Physically She Must Choose Between Two Loves The One Who Taught Her To Smile Or The Darkly Seductive Stranger Who Tempts Her Towards Another Path Savannah Must Decide Between The Coven That Was Her Haven And Another One Vying For Her Initiation Just As Savannah Begins To Grasp What Fate Has In Store For Her, An Evil Looms Over Her Loved Ones Coming To Claim An Unbreakable Debt How Will She Survive The Greatest Evil She Has Ever Witnessed Long Enough To Have A Choice To Make If You Want To Help Get Caged In Spirit Released Sooner, Please Donate To My Editing Fund Share This Link Too

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    I am the author Goodreads asked me to rate my own book, which is why I gave it 5 stars.

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    I read this book before most of the other people There are a few typos in the middle of the book, but not enough to detract from the amazing storyline I did not notice any strange indentations I didn t think that there were any drastic character alterations, but there are a lot of twists to the story I liked that there were twists, because I never knew what would happen It left me on the edge of my seat I know another reviewer said that there were unbelievable circumstances, but this is a paranormal book I feel that all paranormal books have unbelievable circumstances and that is what I like about them This book completely rewrites the rules of paranormal books and the author writes in a unique style The ending might not be for everyone, but I loved it I liked that it didn t follow in the footsteps of other books in the teen genre If it had I would have less respect for the author She doesn t model her work after anyone My favorite aspect of this book is the message it sends to everyone That you need to choose to really live and not let everyone else live for you That taking control of your own destiny can give you the strength to succeed This is one of my top 3 favorite books of all time For 2.99 it s well worth the price

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    The book began by describing Savannah s dark past and then slipped into the current day It has a unique take on witches and other supernatural creatures, which continues throughout the series.As I have read the series in it s entirety one of the few , I think it s important to make sure everyone knows that the ending is unique, which many people are shocked by However, I will tell you that the ending has a real purpose that s revealed throughout the series There are 4 books in it and some parts in the first book may seem slightly out of place, but the the whole series plot they are needed The 1st book is free and sets everything for the rest of the series and all of the characters have their own purpose The alternate perspectives even have a reasoning behind them that I think will surprise everyone The 2nd book has much action and introduces characters that are pivotal to the plot, while continuing with the original characters and beginning to reveal the meaning behind their placement I think everyone needs to know that the 2nd book really shows where the series is going It tells you background and key elements If you re the type of reader who believes that everything should be revealed in the 1st book this is probably not a series for you, but if you like a series that will keep you on your feet you should delve into this one It s not a run of the mill series and it is definitely in it s own realm in a good way.

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    This is a very interesting fantasy novel The author includes many twists to keep the reader on the edge of his her seat The ending is not predictable at all a little unexpected The reader will enjoy getting to know the characters and watching their progress and growth in the novel there are a few sudden character development traits that might leave the reader a little confused for a few seconds, but it doesn t detract much from the story Savannah is the main character She has very negative parents to say the least, they both practiced bad magic They even perform human sacrifice rituals that will leave the reader with a bad taste in his her mouth They don t appear to care for Savannah much at all she is kept in a cage in parts of the book Savannah escapes at age 9, wandering to a home that she believes is safe She is taken in, but she still has trust issues The reader sees her story truly take off at age 15, where all the trouble starts when Savannah accidentally releases a demon This book is fast paced and fun to read Savannah is an intriguing main character, she will keep the reader paying attention The secondary characters are just as exciting to get to know some in a bad way, most good The reader will have a fairly easy time getting into the story and staying there This book is recommended to fantasy readers.

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    I loved this book If you took the torturous pasts character depth from Lover Awakened only young adult , mix in some magic from The Initiation and The Captive, Part I, and blend it together with the direct writing in the first Vampire Academy you would get this book Of course, that is just the writing style I don t want to give away any of the plot I m glad to see that the next book in the series will be out in October Note This is a fast paced book that takes a lot of different paranormal aspects and spins them into a web, which creates its own world This book is not for people who aren t into the paranormal, nor is it for people who enjoy a straight forward plot that does not have any surprises I LOVED it

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    As the cover artist for the book, I got a guest pass to read the first half of the book I ve read some passages that J.D would post, but NOTHING compares to the teaser I was able to read The writing is detailed and vivid, and it s clean and easy to read. I fell in love with the characters, and particularly one and the storyline so far is keeping me turning the pages I can t wait to read the rest of this story as I have been thinking about what will happen next ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT It s like they the characters become real, and you are submersed in their reality It was breathtaking Release date can t come soon enough

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    Great book Review to come

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    This book was pretty intense Wow I m a little taken back by the ending though but only because it wasn t what I was expecting give me time to let it sink in The book starts out with Savannah telling her story of her past up until she was 9 years old, her life was utterly hell As witches, Her parents were thrown out of their coven because they started practicing dark magic the really bad dark magic When Savannah was a baby, her mother adored her , but as time went on they grew darker and darker and started making sacrifice by killing innocent people Twice a week, Savannah watched it all take place from the inside of her cage When her parents couldn t find anyone to sacrifice, they used Savannah She could feel the darkness dispense itself from her pores It would take that bit of innocence with it Her school screamed at the loss as it was torn from her One day when she was 9 years old, she escaped the house through the tiny bathroom window She knew of the town Meadow Falls as the town her parent s coven was in She believed she could find the coven and they would help her It was nighttime when she arrived, she had no idea where she was or where she was going, but she started walking At the edge of town, she saw a few lights on in a few of the houses One of the houses had the feel of protection on it it beckoned her to approach As she inched toward the house, her emotions were bombarding her She backed up and stepped on a sprinkler head, twisting her ankle until she heard the bone crack, and she went down in a painful cry An elderly woman stepped out the door and onto the porch She screamed for her son to come down and help bring this lost looking child into the house When Savannah told them who her parents were, Maye the older woman contacted the rest of the coven and took care of things with her parents Time laps on ok the witches come into their power at the 16th anniversary of their first breath of life So we are at Savannah s life, now at 15 years old she is in high school Still scared to be around people she doesn t know or trust but she knows her 2 best friends, Izzy and Willow and of course Ash her foster brother Everything is going well in life as they know it until she learns that the house her parents owned was being sold Maye wanted Savannah to go back to the house to go through their things Savannah was scared to death to set foot back into that house, but all things considering, she went with Maye When Maye went upstairs to start going through things, Savannah went into the library a strange thing happened while she was sitting in her favorite chair she looked down and noticed a board out of place so she opened it up to see a lever when she turned the lever, the bookshelf opened up into a hidden passage And That s where it all begins When she releases the demon into the world the demon that her parents had somehow shoved into a box, everything turned around on her This book has it all my favorite shifter of a Panther the romance triangle, and the friendship and love that grows between these witches Great book I m looking forward to the next one already

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    Savannah S showed up in the darkness at Maye Emmons home She had escaped her parents die hard black witches who made her watch sacrifices twice a week human sacrifices and was not going back Fortunately, Meadow Falls knew all about her parents they had helped found the coven there and had been kicked out of it when folks found out their dark leanings Going to school was a chore, S had her best friend Willow and Maye s other itinerant person, Ash to watch over her but they all want her The Meadow Falls witches want her and the Sacred Moon group wants her Since her ascension is getting closer S s magic is totally out of control She tries to distance herself from stressful situations and naturally walks right into one Liam, son of the Sacred Moon high priestess is supposed to seduce Savannah his special talent into joining them Ash, always there, always helping, has fallen hard for her himself Which one Neither Many things can be changed with her choice.What a great story An unusual plot, typical teen angst and bad, bad people all wrapped up in one J D Stroube has done a most excellent job and I wait not too patiently to see her next tale.

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    a heart wrenching beginning, this novella will grab your attention and refuse to let go Each character helps build emotional connections until you are completely immersed, and it creates the feeling you are experiencing the situation Stroube, as a debut author, does a great job with details, flow, and an awesome climax The open ending does a great job setting the stage for the next book without the feeling of incompleteness This is a great Urban Fantasy geared towards Young Adults and I can t wait for the next one My only complaint is the farther into the book you get, the grammar error you see I gave a rating of 4.5 because I cannot give a book with so many grammatical errors a 5, but the story is great

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