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Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat chapter 1 Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat, meaning Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat, genre Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat, book cover Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat, flies Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat, Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat 9a82899816b12 Edward McPherson Traces Buster Keaton S Career From His Early Days In Vaudeville Where As A Rambunctious Five Year Old His Father Threw Him Around The Stage To His Becoming One Of The Brightest Stars Of Silent Film S Golden Age Taking What He Knew From Vaudeville Ingenuity, Athleticism, Audacity And Wit Keaton Applied His Hand To The New Medium Of Film, Proving Himself A Prodigious Acrobat And Brilliant Writer, Gagman, Director And Actor In Than Films Between And , He Rivaled Fatty Arbuckle, Harold Lloyd, And Even Charlie Chaplin As The Master Of Silent Comedy By Writing, Directing, And Starring In Than Films The Book Celebrates Keaton In His Prime As An Antic Genius, Equal Parts Auteur, Innovator, Prankster And Daredevil While Also Revealing The Pressures In His Personal And Professional Life That Led To A Collapse Into Drunkenness And Despair Before His Triumphant Second Act As A Television Pioneer And Hollywood Player In Everything From Beach Movies To Beckett McPherson Describes The Life Of Keaton In Front Of The Camera And Behind The Scenes With The Kind Of Exuberance And Narrative Energy Displayed By The Shrewd, Madcap Films Themselves

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    In Edward McPherson s highly readable Buster Keaton Tempest in a Flat Hat McPherson successfully juggles the three aspects of a critical biography that have to co exist if it is to succeed A critical biography has to make you want to read farther, and at the same time, it should make you want to put the book down so you can experience the art for yourself Your attention needs to switch constantly between the life and the works, and it s up to the author to blend the whole thing together into a seamless whole McPherson provides great insight into Keaton s character and the circumstances of the different phases of his career His descriptions of film sequences are as vivid as any I have ever read On top of that, his prose style is compelling and elegant Buster Keaton Tempest in a Flat Hat is a hat trick I m glad to have read it and even glad that I ve finished it You see, I own the Kino video boxed set of Keaton films, and McPherson has now inspired me to watch every single one.

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    Elegant, concise retelling of BK s life and career Drawn from other books and close viewing of the films, rather than original research Probably the best place to start.

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    I saw the author speak at a screening of Sherlock Jr at BAM a couple years ago, and I m not sure why it took me so long to read it I really enjoyed this. mostly for the descriptions of how he made his greatest movies The General, Cops etc but also for the biographical sections since I knew next to nothing about his life story, how from early childhood he traveled across the country in a vaudeville act with his parents, and ended up in NYC making short comedy reels to start his film career I definitely learned alot about Hollywood in the silent era and the transition to sound. due to the vagaries of the studio system and his own problems Keaton couldn t pull the transition off.

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    The man who wrote this book didn t meet Buster or Eleanor, nor is he interested in tearing them down, he s a young ish fan of the films and a very good writer He concentrates primarily on Buster s films, the two realers and features of the late teens and 20 s He s less interested in Buster s films and appearances after the 20 s when he lost his studio and autonomy and that s okay with me Those films are hard to find, can be derivative of his earlier glories and can be sad With the caveat of The Awakening that he made for tv in 1953 which is very special and based on Gogol and is available on YouTube Sherlock, Jr. is a story about being able to do two things at once move and entertain, dream and wake, negotiate between our real and our better selves how are we all, in the end projectionists and detectives Sherlock, Jr. is a testament to the imaginative impulse the amount of ourselves that we put into the movies, and what the movies give back to us For when the lights come up and we re shoved rudely back into our misfit selves, we find we re a little better off Our ghostly flights sustain us And then it s time to kiss the girl 149

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    I m a huge fan and though this book breaks no real new ground, it s a quick yet thorough and entertaining look at the man s life.

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    A fine just the facts narrative, without pretentions, overwrought analysis, or bullying aesthetics Exactly what I wished to know, neither nor less.

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    I love Buster Keaton so much So it was good to read about him.

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    A solid look into the genius of cinema s life and craft There were some lovely passages that reflected on Buster s unique approach to comic philosophy and marveled and his superhuman feats captured on film The majority of the book focuses on Buster s golden days, the first half of his life, when he and his crew were shooting whatever he dreamed up and pushing the movie making conventions of the day The author was mercifully brief when it came to his decline in the second half of his life that came with the advent of sound and the studio system It was a lovely ode to a master of the medium.

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    I ll never forget the first time I saw The Navigator, we watched it as a family and laughing so hard Buster Keaton was brilliant and I really enjoyed learning about him Kinda have a little crush going on I am going to put his autobiography on my reading list.

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    Dreadful, tepid first book from E McPherson which manages to make the life and career of Buster Keaton into a soporific bore Some achievement The early vaudeville yeras of Buster s childhod are the most interesting.Then it degenerates into a cut n paste of the very bare basics of Buster s life marriages come and go across a few pages alcoholism pops up without former mention and a page after page of scene by scene breakdowns of the films which reveals too much for those who haven t seen them and of little interest to those who have The Arbuckle Rappe affair is prudishly sketched over the casual reader may wonder at the unspeakable violations which so shocked 20s America, that McPherson chooses to blush and mumble about Add in some italicised passages written as though inside the film and which just don t work and the most cringeworthy and baffling closing paragraph I have perhaps ever read and you have a near total waste of time If you ve seen BK s films and want to know , don t come here Some great photos of Buster but that s about it.

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