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Buster Keaton Remembered files Buster Keaton Remembered, read online Buster Keaton Remembered, free Buster Keaton Remembered, free Buster Keaton Remembered, Buster Keaton Remembered 6f02fc8e6 Known For His Legendary Stone Face And Incredible Physical Gags, Buster Keaton Was A Genius Of Silent Film Comedy Decades After Their Release, His Movies Remain Unsurpassed Marvels Of Comic Invention And Mechanical Timing In Buster Keaton Remembered, A Unique Illustrated Survey Of Keaton S Career, Eleanor Keaton, His Wife OfYears, And Film Historian Jeffrey Vance Provide A Personal Account Of This Icon Of American CinemaDrawing On Professional Papers, Screenplays, Studio Records, And Scrapbooks, The Authors Trace Keaton S Beginnings In Vaudeville, Where He Perfected His Gags His First Silent Shorts With Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle The Brilliant Features He Conceived, Directed, Produced, And Performed In And His Later Sound Films For M G M And Others Fresh Prints Of Classic Film Stills And Never Before Published Photos From The Margaret Herrick Library Of The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, Together With A Lively, Anecdotal Text, Offer A Behind The Scenes Look At How Keaton Came Up With His Hilarious Ideas, Choreographed His Elaborate Stunts, And Crafted His Films

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    This is purely a coffee table book Not much text, lots of pictures It s picture porn for any Buster Keaton fan, oversized and glossy Dazzling and pretty It also has the sentimentality of collaboration with Keaton s third and only good wife, Eleanor, before her death.

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    One of the best silent film actors of all time.He was amazing in all of his films.

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    Keaton was one of a kind He did all of his own stunts, engineered on the set, and when I watch a film with him in it, silent or not, it s always entertaining This book engagingly reveals his professional and personal life.

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    Fantastic photos.No one man should be this photogenic Not that I m complaining

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    A combination oversize coffee table book, photography archive, and biography, includes how to make a pork pie hat Beautiful, beautiful photographs stills made while making the movies, from the studios, from the Keaton family And, a list of every television show he was on and all those minor movies he appeared in and for which he wrote gags making it easy to look them up on You Tube.

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    This is a major collection of posed photos and movie stills from Buster Keaton s career Even if you ve never seen a Buster Keaton movie you ll marvel at the quality of the photography This is a well printed book.

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    best book ever.

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    I ve been having a bit of a Buster Keaton run recently There was a collection of his short films on Hulu that I was marathoning and I just became so fascinated with Old Stone Face And we all know that I love biographies of actors So I found this at the library and devoured it in a day To be fair, there are a lot of photographs included, so it made for fast reading I knew some things his beginnings in vaudeville, his dedication to his craft But there was a lot about him that this book uncovered his addiction to alcohol, his terrible two marriages and excellent final one, and his struggles with the studio system in the transition from silent to talking films There are a lot of similarities to Charlie Chaplin, but like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, these two masters of comedy are so different, it s like comparing apples to oranges I really appreciated the in depth look at his work, starting with the short films where Buster Keaton basically had complete creative control and later his creative decline as the Hollywood system boxed Keaton in and didn t allow him the space to create like he had in the past I just felt so bad for him He as a genius and to be type cast as a clown and relegated to supporting roles when he was capable of so much is just so sad But much later in his life, he had a bit of a Renaissance, which I was glad to see His work should be required viewing for any aspiring film aficionado.

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    Once you ve seen a Keaton feature or short on the big screen there s a chance you ll want to learn about him My recommendation is to watch 3 or 4 of his features and as many of his shorts before diving into any of the biographies Some of them cloud or obfuscate None of them correctly describe or recommend every single feature and short, and none quite prepare you for the creative athletic balletic majesty of the films when seen on the big screen.In order I suggest Ed McPherson a fan s gentle overview , Buster Keaton Remembered beautiful large format illustrated memoir by Buster s wife wife Eleanor , My Wonderful World of Slapstick Keaton s autobiography , Rudi Blesh good biog up to 1929 , Kevin Sweeney s Interviews compendium fascinating detail on the film making and finally, if you must, Tom Dardis downbeat, depressing, alternative biog which refreshingly contains uncomfortable truths but so completely removes rose tinting it quickly sours into a dull and cold hearted economic, pragmatic assessment of a creative and athletic life.Recommended films

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    Essential for any fan of Keaton In my honest opinion, he was the best of the silent comedians, and this heavily illustrated retrospective of his life and career is a splendid tribute by his widow Sadly, she too passed away, not long before the book went into print I m glad she completed this rememberance of one of the 20th Century s true artistic geniuses before she went.

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