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Buried Prey txt Buried Prey, text ebook Buried Prey, adobe reader Buried Prey, chapter 2 Buried Prey, Buried Prey 317220 A House Demolition Provides An Unpleasant Surprise For Minneapolis The Bodies Of Two Girls, Wrapped In Plastic It Looks Like They Ve Been There A Long Time Lucas Davenport Knows Exactly How Long In , Davenport Was A Young Cop With A Reputation For Recklessness, And The Girls Disappearance Was A Big Deal His Bosses Ultimately Declared The Case Closed, But He Never Agreed With That Now That He Has A Chance To Investigate It All Over Again, One Thing Is Becoming Increasingly Clear It Wasn T Just The Bodies That Were Buried It Was The Truth

About the Author: John Sandford

John CampJohn Sandford was born John Roswell Camp on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa He attended the public schools in Cedar Rapids, graduating from Washington High School in 1962 He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor s degree in American Studies in 1966 In 1966, he married Susan Lee Jones of Cedar Rapids, a fellow student at the University of Iowa He was in the U.S Army from 1966 68, worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from 1968 1970, and went back to the University of Iowa from 1970 1971, where he received a master s degree in journalism He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from 1971 78, and then a reporter for the St Paul Pioneer Press from 1978 1990 in 1980, he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in 1986 for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis From 1990 to the present he has written thriller novels He s also the author of two non fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at

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    In the best of the John Sandford s Prey novels, there are usually two or three scenes where he brings the reader to a kind of momentum nirvana This is a point where you re turning the pages as fast as your eyes can scan the words These aren t necessarily action scenes, although Sandford can do action as well as anybody More often these are times in the story where some break in the case has happened or some other critical event has left the police scrambling People are being rousted out of bed Phones are being shouted into Police cars are rushing around with sirens blaring The hunt is goddamn ON And than once I have found myself rising out of my chair or sitting up in bed with the urge to shout, Go Go Go With over 30 books to his credit, including this 21st Prey novel, you d think Sandford would have started to run out of gas at some point He s managed this with only a few duds along the way and maintained a level of sheer entertainment that s pretty amazing Even surprising is that that I think the last two books he wrote, this one and last year s Bad Blood, are among his very best.When Lucas Davenport was introduced way back in 1989 in Rules of Prey he was a hot shot Minneapolis police lieutenant who got called into the high profile shit storm cases that sold newspapers and cost politicians elections Lucas is smart and tough as well as a master manipulator with a natural feel for media and politics that helps him make his bosses look good, but what he really lives for are the cases that allowed him to hunt the worst kinds of killers Over the years he s advanced in law enforcement and settled down a great deal while still loving to jump into the interesting investigations Here, Sandford gives us a look at Lucas before we met him in that first book.In present day Minneapolis, the bodies of two girls are found buried in a basement during a housing demolition The case goes back to the 80s when Davenport was still a patrolman Young Davenport liked being a cop but was starting to find patrol boring and thinking about a career change When the two young girls went missing he was temporarily assigned to the detectives and sent to go around knocking on doors Thanks to a little luck and his own ambition Davenport ended up being a key figure in the case, and his career took off Lucas wasn t satisfied with the resolution at the time, and with the discovery of the bodies he fears that he s responsible for letting a child killer roam free for over twenty years The first half of this book is a flashback to the younger Davenport, and as a long time fan of the character it s a helluva a lot of fun Sandford shows us a younger, hungrier Lucas who still has the qualities we ve always known in the older character, but he makes him a bit rougher along with being ruthless and reckless Younger Davenport is still figuring out the detective game, but this first case is his introduction to the thrill of the hunt It d turn him into a stone cold junkie for the chase, and Davenport s addiction to catching bad guys is still present as a middle aged husband and father This also functions as a soft reboot of the Davenport timeline that allows Sandford reduce the character s age a bit.Sandford is still my favorite of the thriller writers you ll see on the best seller lists, and he doesn t show any signs of slowing down yet Update 10 5 16 I didn t catch this the first time I read this, but I ve been going through a few of the Sandford books again lately, and there s an absolute whopper of a continuity error here view spoiler A previous Prey book had established that Marcy was married and had a kid Here, she s still single and thinking about children hide spoiler

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    The best thing about this installment is the 170 pages or so when you get to go back to 1985, three years before the first Prey novel takes place Lucas is 23, and he s spent three years as a uniformed patrolman He finally gets his chance to make his bones as a plainclothes homicide dude This is when he s first getting to know some of our favorite characters like Del Capslock and Sloan Loved it That first case from 1985 resurfaces so to speak, heh heh in the present day, and Lucas is all over it As always, Sandford writes the absolute best just among us guys dialogue EVER Realistic and sometimes hilarious Some of the male female dialogue is pretty stinkin funny, too I have to add that this is the only book in the Prey series that has ever made me cry I can t say why It would be an enormous spoiler If you read it I m sure you can guess what got me choked up Oh, one other thing I now know than I ever wanted to about the finer points of peeing off a fishing boat, male version.

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    This is the twenty first John Sandford novel to feature Minnesota detective Lucas Davenport, and it s one of the best books in a truly great series.Twenty five years ago, Davenport was a beat cop with a taste for fine clothes, fast cars and attractive women He was also smart, ambitious and determined to excell, preferably as a detective, but if not, perhaps as a lawyer He gets the chance to prove himself when two young girls go missing Lucas, along with some other patrolmen, is assigned temporarily to plain clothes to assist in the investigation.Davenport is determined to make the most of the opportunity and he attracts the attention of a powerful patron who s impressed with Davenport s early work on the case Sadly, though, the missing girls are never found A suspect is identified and the case is declared closed, although Davenport is not entirely comfortable with the official solution to the crime In the years that follow, Lucas becomes a local legend and becomes the most brilliant detective the state of Minnesota has ever produced, occasionally bending the rules and sometimes meting out his own rough justice, but always getting results Through the years, he has risen through the ranks and is now head of the state s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension And finally, after all that time, the bodies of the two missing girls are uncovered, buried under a concrete slab in a building that is being demolished.Davenport finally has the chance to revisit the crime that got him started as a detective and the solution to which has always bothered him This time, he will let nothing stand between himself and the truth, no matter the consequences.The consequences are indeed painful, and those readers who have followed this series since Rules of Prey are in for a great ride Like all of Sandford s books, this one has great comic moments that never detract from the serious business at hand It has some great action scenes, a very interesting climax, and in the end, it may just break your heart But once you start it, you won t put it down and you ll never forget it.

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    With all the grocery store thrillers cramming the wire racks, few are really worth the time and effort BURIED PREY is not like those cheap knock offs Unlike those other stories, John Sandford s novel has depth, great characterization, superb plotting, and enough twists and turns to keep the reader thinking and engaged This is only my second Lucas Davenport novel, so my expertise in this series is limited The other one I read was RULES OF PREY In the review for RULES OF PREY, I lauded Sandford s ability to make reading fun for the reader, bring them to a place that few escapist novels accomplish yet taut so boldly BURIED PREY brought me back to that wonderful reading fantasy place of police detection Plus, BURIED PREY offers a great history of who Lucas Davenport was before becoming a supercop for the the BCA, which was a bunch of fun to read It s nice to know that a character such as Davenport had a fairly routine back story The story itself is one that has been told countless time psychopath killer of children gets away from the police s initial investigation and ups the body count because of this blunder, but must remain a few steps ahead of passionate detectives that harbor misgivings about not fully exploring all leads In the capable hands of John Sandford, this story line becomes unique It s not that Sandford does something new he doesn t But what he does do and does well, by the way is engage the reader so they want to flip pages as fast as their eyes are able to scan the page In a way, Sandford s storytelling abilities kidnap the reader and makes them want to ignore everything else important until the final sentence has been read I sound like a gushy fanboy, but who doesn t love reading like that At 450 pages, BURIED PREY is a quick read But be forewarned Once you enter this world, it is very difficult to leave before reaching the end HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    I chose a John Sandford Lucas Davenport book to cleanse my palate after reading too much of a contemporary novel Sometimes a girl just has to go slumming Delving into a Lucas Davenport book is like eating a big double cheeseburger You know you should choose something chic, but the dialogue and the internal monologues of the character just can t leave your mind I read the dialogue in Sandford s books with a certain amount of awe He could write a book with only dialogue and it would be exceptional that s how good his dialogue is Funny, ironic, enlightening All that plus it illuminates the relationship between the speakers better than all the descriptive prose in the world.Lucas was reliving a cold case and we got to see what the young Lucas was like Well, a lot like the older Lucas except with a smidgen less confidence in his job although not in his dealings with women Let s face it, he was born a hound dog I enjoyed the interplay between past and present and the red herrings were skillfully done I don t care what you like, Lucas Davenport beats Virgil Flowers any day I wanted to rush out for the next Davenport, but I ll save it for a time of need when I want comfort food.

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    So I can t talk about this book without spoilers That s how freaking annoyed I am I may just give up reading any books in this series or ensuring they are library borrows Lucas is not the end all be all for women everywhere The fact that Sandford cheapens Marcy s death by forgetting her backstory and having her thinking about Lucas in a someday romantic style made me heave And then of course everyone is not focused on Marcy Oh hell no, everyone must be focused on preventing Lucas from murdering the serial pedophile murderer since everyone knows that he loved Marcy and must get his revenge His freaking teenage daughter even talks to him about making sure he gets revenge This book was a hot mess after we leave the before timeline and go back to the present timeline That book ends in a whimpering mess Buried Prey starts off strong We have Lucas standing by when the bodies of two young missing girls are found These girls were the first case of a serial killer he doesn t know that yet that Lucas worked on as a cop back in 1985 This case had initially haunted Lucas, but he put it away Now though he hopes to find the man who killed these girls Sandford takes a different approach here We follow Lucas back in 1985 he sucked and how he met some people we know now And then we go back to the present day with Lucas working the case We also get third person POVs of the serial killer and with Marcy We only get Marcy for a bit though and then it becomes apparent why Sandford decides to follow the age old formula of fridging a woman for a male character s development Yes I booed long and hard on it Heck if Sandford wanted it to hurt readers, he should have killed off Weather or even Letty I would have cheered.I am annoyed about the fridging for a variety of reasons First, it makes zero sense that Marcy would be traveling solo Second, Sandford in the last book had shown us that Marcy was married and had a toddler named James In this one, Marcy is still single, not finding the one, and still thinking about Lucas She even muses about getting with him again if something should happen to Weather Third, Marcy ceases to matter after being murdered Her death is an inconvenience because with her dead, Lucas may do something really really bad and that s the last 1 3 of the freaking book People talking about Lucas and trying to prevent him from killing a serial killer Though Sandford throws in a scene there with Letty asking Lucas how is he going to get the guy and kill him I 100 percent hate this character In the end though things don t matter Lucas decides he s going to try to choke a guy out who has a gun and it causes one of his friends to shoot the guy and then he s dead I mean forget the fact that he murdered and raped little girls the most important thing is that Lucas isn t going to go to jail for killing him.Sandford could have done so much with this book We don t even have Lucas following up with the parents in the present day That would have been nice to see how their marriage fell apart after losing their kids Maybe they would have blamed Lucas or the police for what happened We could have had heart in this one The girls and the other victims felt like after thoughts.

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    2nd reading Still a great adventure, this starts with the unearthing of the bodies of two pre ad girls We have flashback scenes, as this is one of Davenport s beginnings in detecting Back in the 80 s, his boss enlists him in the door to door witness search in the disappearances of the girls The cop intuition and hunches were already strong, as he is not sold on the easily manufactured case against a homeless man with mental health issues.We see many of the characters as Lucas first meets them in the series, and if you are invested in the novels, there is a heart breaking scene 2 3 of the way through that reverberates.1st reading Awesome Davenport story, starting when Lucas was on patrol and gets involved with the search for two young missing sisters.

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    Wow Another great story, even though it s 21 Probably better for that since I m so invested in the characters This one starts in the present, has a longish flashback to Lucas early days on the force how he got into plain clothes, then takes up again Lucas is feeling guilty because he knew that first case wasn t so easy, but his position politics demanded closure at the time Now it s ripped open again becomes an overriding mission for him The way his friends family react to that is fantastic I m getting into spoiler territory, so I ll quit Just read it It s one of the best yet.

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    I finished John Sandford s Buried Prey yesterday and immediately ordered Dark of the Moon, an early addition in the Virgil Flowers series Buried Prey, from the get go is a thrill ride, NO kiddingLucas is drawn back into a case that has troubled him since his early days as a detective, and troubled him plenty The bodies of 2 young girls, missing for many years turn up suddenly beneath a house being torn down for new construction Politics, egos and attitudes played a big part in the wrongful assumption that a homeless guy in the area at the time was the killer Lucas knew better then and he knows better now, 10 years later, though it ll take some convincing and Lucas style police work on his part to get the case on the front burner He knows bungling the case years ago, something he is not totally responsible for, may have cost young girls their lives and this case resurfacing drives him harder than he s ever driven himself before In this latest entry in the Prey series Sandford spins a multi layered high octane thriller with such fluid and tight writing it s a virtual author how to clinic Setting his edge straight out of the gate, and with little preamble we are thrust into a developing discovery, one that stops the police and the entire city in it s tracks as they realize a serial killer has gone undetected for over a decade He, Sandford, blends a lengthy back story section into the action seamlessly allowing us personal insight into Davenport that we have not seen before.Sandford s recurring characters are vivid,determined and likable The bad guys are so very hateable but well and deeply developed by masterful description, and dialogue Humor in this book is a beautiful thing to behold, the quips, dry comments, playful jabs among the highly stressed investigators and support characters Well played sir, well played.We see little of that F n Flowers in this edition but he makes an appearance here and there We see through Lucas eyes as our main POV but again, Sandford is on a level of expertise in this area too that truly gives this book the depth and appeal as we stay in the action, the ups and downs and the chase As a writer, reading a piece on this level, I can t help but walk away the better for it and feeling like I ve been in the presence of a master I mean this sincerely I read a lot, I write a lot and I ve been around the block than a couple of times I can t recommend this book enough.You know where to find me._______________________________________________________________________________________________________I couldn t wait, couldn t help it Once you get on a roll with John Sandford s books, well, it s like perpetual motion, physics I grabbed a spankin new hardcover of Buried Prey yesterday on a bike ride to the beach and still sweating, started reading it right away Lucas is yanked back into a case from his early days, a case he has deep regrets about The bodies of 2 young girls, murdered years earlier, wrapped in plastic and buried under a house are discovered as our story opens Lucas intends to find out who and why and he won t stop till he does I ll let you know as I race through his latest edition of the Davenport Prey series I can tell this is going to be a great ride

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    4 stars.

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