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Brussels Laid Bare pdf Brussels Laid Bare , ebook Brussels Laid Bare , epub Brussels Laid Bare , doc Brussels Laid Bare , e-pub Brussels Laid Bare , Brussels Laid Bare ee9567ac2d3 For A While Others Have Attempted To Reveal What Is Going On In The Rotten Heart Of Brussels, There Has Been No One At The Level Of Marta Andreasen, Who Was The Chief Accountant Responsible For The Whole Of The EU BudgetAs Recompense For Her Efforts To Make The EU S Finances Transparent And Accountable, The Corrupt Brussels Apparat Set Out First To Silence, Then To Humiliate And Finally To Destroy HerPossibly No Other Case Shows Clearly How The EU, Through Stealth, Deceit And Bullying Has Become A Modern Tyranny

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    This was a book, read in a single sitting today, which I was literally unable to put down Some will know a little about the story of Marta Andreasen, who was for a short time the European Union s Chief Accountant, and that she was suspended and then dismissed for whistleblowing In reality, she was simply doing what she was being paid to do attempting to verify the annual accounts of the European Union, which its own court of auditors had been unwilling to sign off for 14 consecutive years Miss Andreasen entered this quagmire full of good intentions, and her singular error was not to sign herself up to the trough snouted gravytrain which seems to have pervaded every nook and cranny of the E.U s finances Miss Andreasen was disciplined for having the temerity to contact the E.U Commissioners directly about something as simple and straightforward as recommending new accounting software which had already been installed and paid for but was not being used over the head of her undoubtedly corrupt line manager One of the unfortunate aspects of this book is that, that same corrupt line manager and indeed many others from Commissioners downwards have been given pseudonyms in the book I am not sure why Each and every one of the cut throats and desperadoes involved should be a matter of public record, and I am sure a little internet research will reveal the names of all concerned Some of the obvious culprits, however, do not escape with pseudonyms, top of the list of which is Commissioner Kinnock who comes in for particularly well deserved scorn for incomprehensibly petulant and childish behaviour not that any of this is a particular secret to anyone that knows him, but it makes it all the scandalous that this twit was installed as the clean pair of hands after the wholly inept Commission led by the truly appallingJacques Santer of Luxembourg had been dismissed Miss Andreasen pressed on with her various appeals, none of which unsurprisingly, since they were tribunals totally devoid of natural justice and staffed by even trough snouts of the E.U brought her any success She had a touching faith that she dreamt that it could ever be otherwise Hopefully, Miss Andreasen, M.E.P as she now is, will have some small opportunity to be thorn in the side of the European political class and not become a part of it like most of her cohorts, save for the U.K Independence Party on whose benches she sits She has already been bullied, trashed and beaten up almost literally bugged telephones, being followed at night etc by our new European masters, and her well written story deserves to be read by all, especially those who are na ve enough to think that the institution is capable of any reform whatsoever

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    How the EU treated its chief accountant when she refused to go along with its fraud and waste.This could quite easily be made into a great movie only it wont, not for many years to come If you have trouble understanding what the EU is and how it operates, then this book is for you the thing is, although the book is a good couple of years old, the problems described are still current and probably contributes to the dire situation and mess that the EU wallows in today.If you ever supported what the EU stood for, you wont after reading this.I d just like to add, that the copy I have was signed by the author at the Peoples Pledge Rally in London the weekend before parliament voted to deny our country a referendum on EU membership.

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    Simple and insightful biography of bureaucracy and the cliques that exist in the EU administration.

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