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Brand Identity Breakthrough chapter 1 Brand Identity Breakthrough, meaning Brand Identity Breakthrough, genre Brand Identity Breakthrough, book cover Brand Identity Breakthrough, flies Brand Identity Breakthrough, Brand Identity Breakthrough 10b6a407701a9 Bestseller In Public Relations And Selling For Small BusinessDoes Your Business Have A Story To Tell It Should Every New Product Can Be Unique In Its Industry Does Yours Stand Out From The Crowd After A Life Of Exploring The Way People Exchange Value In OverCountries, Diehl Teaches Business Owners How To Have Conversations About Brand Strategy In Brand Identity Breakthrough, You Will Learn How To Develop A Strong Business Identity By Combining Your Personality And Values With The Functionality Of Your Products To Become Irreplaceable To Your Audience Whether You Lead A Growing Company, Or Are Just Starting A Business, Brand Identity Breakthrough Will Give You A Smarter Way To Think About New Product Development And Business Model Generation With Undeniable, Well Organized Logic, It Will Show You How Anyone Can Sell , And At Higher Prices, So Long As They Give Customers Exactly What They Want Learn How To Build A Unique Selling Proposition For Your Product Learn The Best Methods For How To Sell A Product To Customers, No Matter What You Offer Overcome The Sales Learning Curve, And Sell Products In Both Physical And Online Marketplaces Table Of Contents Section I Why Identity Matters This Section Will Help You Learn To See Your Own Value, The Value Of Your Business, And The Value Of Your Products Or Services From The Perspective Of Your Customers Only Then Can You Begin To Fashion Your Identity Appropriately If You Can Train Yourself To Think Like Your Customers, You Can Get A Much Better Idea Of What Value You Should Be Focused On CreatingCan You Tell A Good StoryWhen Good Ideas FailWhy Entrepreneurs Fail To See Their Own ValueWhy Others Fail To See Your Value Section II Creating Your Brand Identity We Don T Always Know What Makes Our Own Ideas Valuable Failed Entrepreneurs Are Often Very Close To Getting The Results They Want In Being So Close To Your Own Business, You Forget What Things Look Like To An Outsider, And You Can T Present Your Business In A Way Which Will Appeal To What They Are Specifically Looking For Time To Move Beyond Functional Descriptions Of Your Business, And Focus On Profound ChangeUncovering Your Core ValuesDeveloping A Unique Selling PropositionCrafting Your Personality ProfileKnowing Your Target Audience Section III Telling Your Story To The World Communication Is Happening In Every Shared Moment, And In Ways That Are Not Always Obvious There Are So Many Other Things We Take For Granted About The Messages We Send Out To The World By Learning How To Be A Better Communicator, You Will Gain Access To A Wide New World Of Opportunities Which Are Only Available If You Know How To Talk In A Way That Makes Others Want To ListenHow To Sell Who You AreHow To Speak With Clarity, Authority, AuthenticityHow To Display Your Character Through WritingHow To Educate Your Audience Section IV Brand Identity Case Studies Case StudyFrom Consultant To Concierge With Productized Services Case StudyPre Seeding A Two Sided Marketplace For Launch Case StudyTurning A Charitable Project Into A Profitable Movement Case StudySkyrocketing A Personal Brand Through Narrative Focus Case StudyEmbracing Personality In A Technical Niche Section V Resources For Prospective Entrepreneurs AppendixEntrepreneurial Terms Defined Appendix Useful Starting Questions For New EntrepreneursAppendixMaking Money Online Ask Them To Buy Copies As Well

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    I am the author, so it is quite possible my review of my own work is a teensy bit biased Maybe Just a little But trust me, this is by far the greatest work ever put to paper by the human mind.

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    When an athlete trains for the Olympics, he is surrounded by trainers who guide him to make the correct choices to be his best Even beauty pageant people have coaches who teach them how to speak, what to wear, and how to present themselves This is a terrific book that serves as an all purpose life coach to guide anyone in bettering their life Whether a person works for a large company, is unemployed, or the boss of a major corporation, this book lights a path to success Diehl instructs how to reinvent yourself, how to follow trends and find the next idea, then package it so it is embraced by the public He reminds the reader they should step out of their insular world and really think about what they are selling and why it should matter to someone else This is a great guide to being a better salesperson, even if your not selling anything It can be applied to any work situation There is nothing wrong with self promotion what better brand is there than you

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    4.5 StarsDiehl has a very interesting way of looking at entrepreneurship You re crash landed alone on an island, do you A build a basic shelter and horde your resources waiting for rescue, or B explore your environment and learn to take advantage of it to better your long term survival This book isn t really about how to open your own business Its about how to develop your business identity so it doesn t just survive, but thrive I m definitely keeping this on my short list of book to re read should I ever open my own business.

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    I am a software developer, and considering to start an online business That is why I bought this book.Brand Identity Breakthrough is quite helpful to understand marketing terms and concepts.It also gives a deeper understanding about what a Brand is,and how a company can identify and embrace its Identity.

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    Bah In previous years I would have given this book 3 stars, which was my default not bad rating However, my commitment to accurate ratings means this is really just a 2 star for me.I m all for speaking from authority, but Gregory Diehl comes across as a self proclaimed expert who is mostly interested in tooting his own horn and promoting his own coaching services There were absolutely some valuable insights sprinkled throughout the book, but I spent the majority of the book frustrated with the surface level advice and unnecessarily provocative examples.I would recommend Donald Miller s Building a Story Brand over this one It s better organized with broadly applicable examples and a deeper dive into each principle.

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    Not far into the book, the author mentions talking to a woman who had failed at Shark Tank This lady, he says, had no idea about basic concepts like her market size and safety aspects of her beauty product that she was pitching to potential investors As appalling as it may be that someone would try to sell an idea without knowing ANY basics, it is exactly that kind of readers and budding entrepreneurs that this book is meant for Read it only if you are starting at Level 0 or 1 of business.For the first 40 pages, the author blabbers on and on about something that could have been explained in NOT MORE THAN A PARAGRAPH For so long, I waited for him to start speaking something meaningful, but gave up eventually I applied for a refund at where I had bought this book.At one point, the author emphasizes a lot about not over estimating one s product while making a sales pitch If only he had himself applied that while selling his book as a Breakthrough

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    Brand Identity Breakthrough is a must read It is basic to understand branding for any kind of enterprise but it is deep when guiding you to ask the right questions to develop your brand I enjoyed the many stories and how these are used to explain the concepts in the book The case studies at the end of the book added a lot of value for me, not only to see brand identity applied but also as an invitation to check out those respective businesses It is a 4 and not a 5 because many times it left me wanting to see tools for the practical application of the concepts, although this may have been intentional Thanks for reaching out to let me know about your book in exchange for my honest review Honestly, it was worth reading every word of it.

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    This book is a must read for all entrepreneurs seeking a better story for their products In it the author details a process for you to uncover your solution values, how to develop a strong unique selling proposition and how to educate your audience on its benefits Overall a fantastic book for anyone building a great brand solution in the market.

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    The first half of this book was excellent I highlighted so many great thoughts and quotes and can t wait to implement them in my own brand The valuable information sort of petered out at the end, and I didn t find the case studies very helpful, but overall, it was a worthwhile read.

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    Reiterates with a different perspective multiple messages around branding that I ve also read in multiple other books on branding Some good case studies to help hammer the point home.

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