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    2.5 5I am always on the hunt for the mythical gem of a free book Unfortunately this book did not live up to my hopes The story took me a while to finish due to lots of slow spots, and it was a real struggle not to skim most of this book My main issue was the characters, to me they felt unreal and importantly unrealistic This made it hard for me to connect to anyone and therefore I didn t really care what happened to the characters.I do think that the plot had potential, and it could have been executed successfully if the plot had not been so choppy I felt like this book was trying to do too many things at once and therefore wasn t able to focus properly on any one idea.I don t think that this book is terrible but I also would not recommend this I wouldn t be opposed to reading from this author, but I think I will be skipping the rest of this series.Note This book is often on sale for free, so if you are interested in this wait for a sale Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict Bin

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    I have practiced that seductive smile in the mirror like a zillion times to perfection, and the first time I try using it on a real boy, I wind up looking like the Joker pg 14 Let us pray Dear almighty, please cast the satanic forces of evil from this house FOREVERRRR, I cried, my voice booming I looked up Everyone was staring at me Or, umm, we could sing happy birthday, I mumbled sheepishly we high school girls dump friends over mature stuff like boys, and clothes, and gossip, and popularity pg 168Megan Barnett lives with her mom, Suze, in Glendale, Arizona.She has 2 best friends Matt Dawson, who she has known since Kindergarten, and Erin, who she has known since 4th Grade.They are inseparable.Her life is going great That is, until her mother decides she wants to start dating again.Not cool.How is going to look if her 39 year old mother has a boyfriend and Megan doesn t She can t let that happen She has to convince Suze not to go out on dates but somehow make it seem like she isn t against it.How difficult can that be This book was hilarious I didn t expect to like it because I m sick of all the paranormal romance books, but this book wasn t like the rest.It was very funny and get this, the main character ISN T an idiot YAY Megan Barnett You re my quarterback, right I smiled back Uh huh I sure hope quarterback means girlfriend I was a ten year old fifth grader, and Danny was fourteen He was in high school an older man She is main character, mathlete, and trivia junkie.She needs to find a boyfriend And pronto And if he happens to look like Taylor Lautner, so be it All right, Megan do you, girl Suze The dreaded label of easy had destroyed the reputation of many a G.U girl Now it had its clutches on my mother pg 31 Unattractive mother of five seeks man with money pg 22That is what her ONLY daughter, Megan, wrote on her dating pamphlet.Good thing she has a sense of humor.She and Megan are very close Suze loves antiques, art, and talking about men s butts Lovely Who doesn t want to hear their mother talk about butts Matt Aside from the fact that he was IQ challenged, Matt was a card carrying member of our school s in crowd, dubbed The Poplarati pg 9 We ve been best friends since kindergarten I m not gonna desert you, Megan You can come, Matt called You come or I won t go pg 185Alright, I really, really liked Matt I don t know why, I just did.I liked him than I liked Guy Call me crazy.Maybe it was because I pictured him as Rupert Grint God, how I love Ronald Weasley.Every time I read something about him and his girlfriend I got jealous JEALOUS, can you believe that I kept wishing he would show up on Megan s doorstep with a dozen roses, propose to her then we could all live happily ever after.But, no.And now I m sad Erin She is one of Megan s best friends I used to like her.Now I dislike her And it s a deep dislike Tran I m team captain, he said, his eyes burning into me Okay But just remember, I m captain pg 48 That s cause you re in love with him snapped Tran I see through you, Megan Barnett Tran intimidates me And he s not even real He is a very scary dude.When you talk to him, just remember HE is team captain, not you Guy Till tardy do us part pg 245He s the new bad boy in school.His timing is perfect, cause Megan in the market for a boyfriend Maudrina I have two dogs A toy poodle named Piddles, and a smelly old boxer named Sam pg.91She looooves her dogs A lot Like, a lot a lot But hey, who am I too judge I love my dog, too A lot, a lot.She proves to be of good use.Plus, who can t use another friend You can never have too many of those.Overall, I really liked this book I needed a good laugh.If you re looking for a great paranormal read, this is it.Highly recommended.

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    I m the editor and publisher of this book by the author of Never Slow Dance With a Zombie E came to me because he wanted a new publisher and admired what I do I read his manuscript and LOVED it I d never come across an edge of my seat YA paranormal romance with humor before well, outside of the later Harry Potter books if you count the romance elements E helped write and produce The Cosby Show with Bill Cosby, and wrote and produced many other sitcoms He s now turning his talents to books.You ll fall in love with 15 year old Megan Barnett and her single mother, Suze, as they both begin dating One of them is dating the devil This is the first of three books in the Falling Angel series.This book is set to be published September 10, 2011, but the ARCs have arrived, and I m about to set up a giveaway on Goordreads Look for it.

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    What happened to the good old days when mothers wore knee length skirts and spent all their time in the kitchen baking bread Those mothers didn t care about dating, or questionnaires, or butts All they cared about was how good their kitchens smelled I suddenly had a taste for fresh baked bread.She looked at me and smiled What do you say Sure, I replied weakly It ll befun But let s order some cheesy bread It was as close as I was going to get to the good old days Every relationship has its highs and lows.But Megan and her mother Suze have the best mother daughter relationship ever They confide in each other, sniffle over re runs of Sense and Sensibility and know each other back to front There are no surprises in the Barnett household And no drama Cause who needs a man to be happy Until the day Suze announces she s thinking of dating.Which wouldn t be a bad thing, right Megan s fine with it Let her mum get it out of her system Let her realise that no guy is truly good enough for Suze Barnett, single mother and peony lover Sure, it makes Megan look like a dag cause hey she s 15 and she hasn t got a boyfriend , but there s always the new guy mysterious Guy, whose very presence makes Megan tongue tied She s not jealous Or paranoid Or plotting her mother s new boyfriend s inevitable downfall.That is, up until the day Armando turns out to be the Devil himself.And then nothing can stop Megan from looking for a way to banish him from their lives forever Except for the one tiny little problem no one believes her Not even her best friends, Matt and Erin Everyone thinks she s crazy for stalking Armando, posing as a Girl Scout, mixing holy water into her mother s 40th birthday cake and trying to coax him into wearing a crucifix But Megan will protect her mother even if she has to go up against the powers of Hell to do so.

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    Ugh, this was painful I really didn t like this story and had to force myself through it, so I m not going to waste a lot of time on the review Quick pros cons reviewPros Among the characters are Satan and an angel the concept was neatSatan comes to find a bride and Heaven sends an angel to help In the last 15% of the book, things FINALLY get exciting and fairly creepyCons heroine Megan is a self centered, whiny, boring character She may be my least favorite character ever, I disliked her that much I was nearly 40% through with the book and still had no idea what the story was supposed to be about when she started discovering what was going on with her mom, Megan s behavior was beyond obnoxious the way she acts was so childish I ended up skimming through many scenes I don t feel like the characters or the plot had any real dimension to them it was all just kind of laid on the table and not developed the cover of this book shows Megan with Guy, but he pulls a disappearing act for so long that I nearly forgot he was a character Their relationship before he disappears didn t amount to much, either, so this romance was pretty much non existent for me Aunt Jaz was introduced far too late and for too short of a time she could have been a great add on to the plot with Megan trying to figure things out, but instead it came across as just thrown in to provide Megan the information she needed the unexpected twist with Matt in the end I had to say a big WTF on that one, because it made NO sense and I actually thought it was a joke at first This just wasn t as good as it could have been I don t like to be hateful in my reviews, so I m just going to leave it at that

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    Ok my peeps, we have a new hot book here on our hands and I mean smoking hot I read this book in a day and a half it was that good, I even got caught at work having a peek into the next chapter, lol no worries though I was on my lunch break When I started this book I though this would be a read for a younger generation but to my surprise this book totally sucked me in right from get go and didn t let go until I was done No that s wrong, it still has a hold on me to the point I email Mr Lowe the Author and begged him to please let me be one of the bloggers to be able to read review the second book in the series Boyfriend From Hell has the first chapter of the next book at the end of it and I couldn t put it down He said yes by the way lol so stay tuned for that review It was an easy book to read but don t read it to fast or you will miss some details that are very important Megan and her mom are the very best of friends and when her mom says she is going to start dating, Megan has a very bad feeling about this, and not too long after her mom starts dating she is proved right about her bad feeling when her mom meets Armando, a very yummy handsome Italian art dealerso they think that s what he is Not long after mom meets Armando, Megan meets Guy a deliciously handsome new student at her school Now they both have hot new men, but something is just not right about mom s and something about Megan s is a little of kilter as well Megan s best friends Matt and Erin think she is crazy when she has announced that she thinks her mom s boyfriend is Satan.yes Satan himself So they give her a week to prove it or lose them forever As Megan sets out to prove she is not crazy, all hell breaks loose, literally all hell breaks loose I really liked Megan, at first she come s off as a spoiled brat who is being selfish not wanting to give up her mom s attention or affection, but as the book goes on you start to really like her and I love her strength and persistence trying to save her mom and the love she has for her I know this feeling as my mom means so very much to me as well This story will take you through all kinds of paths and just when you think you have this story all wrapped up and figured out the Author sends you down a totally different path you absolutely did not see coming I loved all the twists and turns and roller coaster ride he takes you on with this book, it was an awesome ride I will not give any away, you will just have to pick up your copy cause if I say any I will spoil it for you and we all know I hate being spoiled This is a total must read If you would like a preview of Mr Lowe s book the first four chapters pdf of Boyfriend From Hell are available for free right now on my website Readers can go to and click on theBoyfriend From Hell Sample link to get it I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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    I must not have read this book s description closely enough either that, or E Van Lowe wrote it a smidge cryptically and combined with the awesome cover art I went into this book thinking it would be the MC s boyfriend from hell So imagine my surprise when, well, I won t spoil it but I was pleasantly surprised by this twist and turn What s , the relationship between Megan and her mom was so refreshing It s easy to get jaded in the world of modern YA, but to read an entire book about a daughter trying to save her mother really touched me Of course, it wouldn t be an E book without the humor that makes him such a standout in paranormal YA, and I was not disappointed I really enjoyed this book, which while the first in a series stands alone quite nicely and doesn t leave you hanging too badly at the end The supernatural elements were both fun and creepy, and I loved the mythos and lore of the world E created, which I have a feeling blends fact and fiction in a way that is both seemless and interesting I m looking forward to the sequel

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    This was an okay book I kept wanting to like the book and some parts I did but it just never clicked I mean the title makes u think there will be some kind romantic connection made I guess there was but not what I was looking for There were a couple of good twists thrown in that surprised me but overall the store line was flat and I had to make myself finish The love interest for Megan which I would have thought was the boyfriend from hell wasn t He is supposed to be the good guy could have fooled me I didn t see how the story went with the title and it didn t have any of the pull for any of the characters Hope the sequel is better but I doubt I will read it.

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    I really enjoyed this book I had to put aside some of what I know to be true from my Christian education, but it wasn t so off the mark that it bothered me Full review

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    No le encuentro ni pies ni cabeza a esta historia, por no hablar de los personajes.

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Boyfriend From Hell (Falling Angels Saga, #1) download Boyfriend From Hell (Falling Angels Saga, #1) , read online Boyfriend From Hell (Falling Angels Saga, #1) , kindle ebook Boyfriend From Hell (Falling Angels Saga, #1) , Boyfriend From Hell (Falling Angels Saga, #1) d86d76077e13 Fifteen Year Old Megan Barnett And Her Single Mom, Suze, Have A Special Relationship They Are Friends, Close Friends, Who Do Almost Everything Together But Come On, Guys, She S My Mother Can I Really Tell Her That While We Re Snuggled Up On The Sofa Watching Spider Man Three, I M Secretly Undressing James Franco With My Eyes Of Course Not The Special Bond Takes A Turn For The Worse When Suze Decides To Start Dating Again She Hasn T Had A Man In Her Life Since Megan S Father Left Ten Years Ago Enter Two Mysterious Young Men, Megan S New Classmate, Sinfully Attractive Bad Boy, Guy Matson, And The Dangerously Handsome Art Dealer, Armando Before Long Megan And Suze Both Wind Up In Steamy Relationships But Neither Of The Handsome Pair Is Quite What He Seems In Fact, One Of Them Is Satan, With His Sights Set On A New Bride Megan Has Precious Little Time To Figure Out How To Stop Him If She Doesn T, Either Megan Or Suze Are Quite Literally Going To HELL Boyfriend From Hell Is The First Book In The Falling Angels Saga From The Author Of The Gruesomely Hilarious, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie