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Bottom Feeders pdf Bottom Feeders , ebook Bottom Feeders , epub Bottom Feeders , doc Bottom Feeders , e-pub Bottom Feeders , Bottom Feeders 512784b39b8 A Page Turning Whodunit Set In The Wilds Of A Remote Movie Ranch, Bottom Feeders Describes The Hapless Hollywood Cast And Crew That Eke Out A Living Working On Low Budget FareTheir Ambitious TV Movie Needs To Be Made Fast And Cheap, But A Brutal Murder Grinds Production To A Halt An Approaching Forest Fire Forces Everyone To Evacuate In The Confusion Not Everyone Gets Out Eddie Is The Alcoholic Director, Sheila The Vulnerable Camera Assistant, Tom The Self Centered Actor, And Sondra The Spurned Sheriff S Deputy Who Will Survive Death Comes Sudden And Silent The Camouflaged Killer S Weapon Of Choice Is A High Tech Hunting Bow Capable Of Firing Razor Sharp Arrows Four Hundred Feet Per Second The Mysterious Assassin Has An Agenda Those Left Behind Must Find Out What It Is And Who Is Behind This Bloody Slaughter In The Fight For Their Lives

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    The Majestic Television Channel, pandering to an older demographic, plans to air a western starring aging dramatic star, Tami Romans The script spotlighting Tami as a schoolteacher in a 1880 s mining town, traces her attempt to school immigrant children To this end, producer Sam Carver Carver Entertainment assembles a cast and crew for filming at a pre existing western set called Crescent Movie Ranch There is no cell phone service available on set.Sam, as producer, has hired a cast of bottom feeders Bottom feeders must work together at break neck speed to complete a project on time and under budget For their efforts, they are paid a flat, take it or leave it rate Eddie Lyons, an out of work television director, who frequents the racetrack is chosen to direct Tami Romans, the star, arrives at the shoot with an entourage including a make up specialist, hair specialist and a stylist The shoe string budget is further compromised Time complications and slow downs arise with the arrival of County Deputy Sheriff Sondra Martinez.Martinez, working in the mountains and assigned to the National Forest needs answers to a grisly road death She has come upon a murder victim who was killed while changing a flat tire after hitting a deer Both man and deer had their skulls bashed in The man, however, had been shot with three arrows When an arrow is shot into the camera truck on the movie set, Martinez advises the cast to continue filming with caution She doesn t think this incident is related to the roadside kill She asks the game warden to compare the arrows gathered from both locations Are the cast and crew being hunted Who could possibly want to scare them and stop movie production Bottom Feeders by John Shepphird was an Agatha Christie type of whodunnit mystery The characterizations seemed formulaic There was an aging film star, a tight wad movie producer, an egotistical male lead, and a gay cinematographer The action started out slow paced but then it took off The climax and its resolution were unexpected This reader enjoyed the thorough description of the workings of quickie movie production and the bottom feeders who populate it.Thank you Blackstone Publishing and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Bottom Feeders.

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    Some movie shoots are fun than others This low budget set, to add to the usual garden variety of challenges, has a killer archer to deal with Let the games begin The title refers to those working with the certain level of production values, in this case made for tv movie, with limited budget and time that s becoming limited by the minute Being a real movie buff, this was a lot of fun to read, essentially a really good behind the scenes dvd extra feature And for a good reason, the author knows what he s talking about having worked on a number of low budget productions in his day So it s a fun glimpse behind the curtain and the slasher angle just raises the fun bar that much higher, Likeable characters and fast pace make this quick read very entertaining in that distinctly B movie style Very enjoyable Thanks Netgalley.

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    I got this book in a strange way A blogger I respect gave the book a bad review I suspected it was because said reviewer was older, and didn t grow up watching slasher films as I had She very graciously sent me the book I was expecting to like it, at least in a so bad its good kind of way or at least get a dose of nostalgia for bad synth rock.What I got was a terrible book, berest of rhyme or reason It has nothing to glom onto All the characters are boring The film background has been done before, only better The killer doesn t even have cool MO.In the entire book, there is exactly one interesting sentence, and it has nothing to do with the characters or the plot.Terrible.

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    2.5 5Bottom Feeders was a solid 2 1 2 star thriller with such an interesting concept that lacked in plot development and complexity Set in the low budget movie industry, the cast and crew are set upon by a ruthless hunter that starts off picking off them one by one, but ends up turning into a shoot out where no one was safe.I ll talk about the positives first I liked the setting and once I got to know the characters, I actually started to like them too Eddie and Shiela get the most time and development and while they are definitley flawed one is an alcoholic and the other emotionally vulnerable they are likeable and had a good dynamic in the few scenes they shared The supporting cast see what I did there didn t get too much time to be introduced but as each one was shot down I felt like their deaths meant something to not only the surviving characters, but also to me as a reader The suspense build up for the first half of the book was also well done and combined with the accurate depiction of the low budget movie industry cutting costs with crew of experienced bottom feeders it set up to be an interesting thriller as we wonder who the killer is, what their motive is, and who will survive.My first negative is that we were introduced to way too many characters at once In this case, the changing POV did add something to the storyline and writing, but with only a couple pages dedicated to each character early on, it took a lot of time to see how they all fit into the narrative Once they were established and their roles in the book explained, I began to enjoy it .Like I mentioned earlier, I liked the first half of the book and it was leading up to an intense climax and I still had no real idea of why the killer was targeting this low budget film crew Then the second half descended into chaos as characters were killed off all at once and very shakily written action scenes I had to reread sentences a couple times to get the scene set up in my head After some firefights, a fire and some fist fights, we get to the revelation of who the hunter was and why they did what they did, and it fell flat For me, it felt like they had no motive or a very weak motive For some one to brutally kill a number of cast and crew on a movie set, they had better have a strong backstory and a well explored reason for doing this and I didn t get that in this book The ending was wrapped up too quickly to allow this to happen.Overall, Bottom Feeders started off strong but fell flat in the critical action scenes and development of the villain It did have some good moments and interesting characters, but when things are wrapped up too quickly to allow some closure, it makes it hard to come out the other end satisfied.

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    Bottom Feeders from John Shepherd is a thriller set in the low budget motion picture industry that shines with its likeable characters and fast moving plot The novel is works at a jaunty pace that pushes the reader along to its exciting climax The attention to detail when describing the low budget film industry is spot on and Shepherd really shines when divulging the reader into this world The murder mystery is set up to a Ten Little Indians Christie esque setting with everyone gathered on location and being picked off one by one The clues are hidden within the well written narrative and slowly reveals itself with its winning formula Some of the secondary characters are not as three dimensional but the author does an adequate job bringing them to life but this is really nit picking in a novel that is very enjoyable to read The main characters and plot is where the novel really lends its credence and turns this into the roller coaster ride this is The only issue is the reasoning for the murders to happen is a bit tongue in cheek and although it may make some readers roll their eyes Personally, I enjoyed the tongue in cheek reveal that occurs amongst the carnage I am sure this book will find its audience and when it does, people will not be disappointed A whodunit set in an interesting world and admirably put together for an enjoyable read.

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    I chose to listen to this because it s narrated by Bronson Pinchot and, although he did a great job, he just wasn t enough to save this one for me.It starts off with a good scene involving a deer and a car and a rock and a mysterious stranger, but it then takes too long to introduce each of what will become the main characters The plot could have been the kind of over the top that is ridiculously fun, but it was, instead, chock full of cliched characters and a villain whose sole motivation is voices I might watch it as a movie if I ran across it on late at night but, as a book, it just didn t work for me.

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    John Shepphird s debut novel, Bottom Feeders, is for those readers who enjoyed Gina Wohlsdorf s Security It s a violent, gory novel that reads as if it were a screenplay for a horror movie Who is targeting the cast and crew of a small budget Western Eddie Lyons is an out of work TV director who jumps at the chance to be part of a quick turnaround, made for cable film Sheila, hired as the assistant cameraperson, cynically recognizes that everyone involved with the production, including herself, is a bottom feeder The crews working these flat rate, take it or leave it indie quickies made up what she referred to as the bottom feeders of the industry They all needed jobs She needed the money to scrape together a rental deposit after she found her roommate in bed with her boyfriend when Sheila returned home after her mother died.And, no one was easy to work with The producer was cheap Sheila had slept with Eddie, and regretted it, after the last movie One of the animal handlers wanted to use his snakes on the job The star brought her own team of stylists, and picked the actor to star as the villain Everyone was there with an agenda.But, someone has a larger agenda The first murder had nothing to do with the movie, but when someone hits the camera truck with a metal tipped arrow, the local sheriff s deputy recognizes the method And, deaths quickly escalate If the killer can t hit the victim with an arrow, a slit throat will do Or, the set can be burned out to make the targets flee right into the killer s trap.The violence escalates in Bottom Feeders until the reader realizes almost the entire dislikable cast will be wiped out It s reminiscent of the horror movies in which the players should be warned not to step out of the trailer, or don t separate from the others Too late Someone is going to die.I had problems with the book, other than the unlikable characters The solution wasn t very credible I questioned one of the author s pet phrases used for describing a character, but if I mention it, I could reveal the killer But, I m not a fan of slasher films Those readers who enjoy that kind of book and movie may enjoy Bottom Feeders.

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    Ordinarily I don t write reviews of works I don t like I read this book because I signed up for a free copy in exchange for a review and feel that one is owed Sorry it s not glowing.John Shepphird gives us an ugly close up of the entertainment world that maybe we didn t want to see He dedicates Bottom Feeders to the dreamers and schemers in the low budget trenches, that is to the people he portrays in his book, none of whom I cared for I didn t much like his book either.The plot is thin, the characters are stilted, the dialogue is forced, and the action is unrealistic Shepphird tries too hard to create something that doesn t fly The idea that the personnel of an entire movie set could be assaulted by a single archer who, singlehandedly, kills off numerous individuals, including law enforcement, without getting inundated by some kind of strike team before the slaughter progresses to a massacre in the middle of a forest fire, no less is just too remarkable to be believed The author has stereotyped a boozy director, a faded star with outlandish demands, an overworked production assistant, a penny pinching producer, self involved crewmembers obsessed with stature and money, and an entire plethora of losers I have to wonder if Shepphird is not teed off about slights he s encountered in the past It s not a book I can recommend.

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    Ever wondered who all those people are that are listed in the credits at the end of a movie You know, the ones behind the scenes that no one ever hears about This novel is about these very people, the bottom feeders and how they often live their lives check to check, waiting for the chance to work on the blockbuster that will be their big break You have the burned out star, the mid tier director, the camera assistant and others that all gather to make a movie for television Everything is turned on its head, though, when people start dying and the survivors become trapped on location due to a forest fire If they can t figure out who the killer is and how to escape, this may be the final take for all of them.Bottom Feeders by John Shepphird is a reasonably entertaining book about a rarely noticed segment of Hollywood the little people without which many of the blockbuster movies we enjoy would never come to fruition As a writer director himself, Shepphird has a wealth of experience from which to draw when it comes to all the behind the scenes people in the movie business Bottom Feeder is an engaging look at what the lives of these people might look like if we could pull back the curtain on their lives I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it 3 5 stars An ebook copy of this book was the only compensation received in exchange for this review.

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    Bottom Feeders was not at all what I expected I got the impression that this would be a mild, quaint, thriller, whodunit with a murder or two and a relaxed pace Wrong Unlike others, when I put this book down, I couldn t wait to read it again The setting, a movie location, was rather unique and interesting to me and must have come from the author s experience This tale moved at a good pace and I did manage to guess who whodunit about half way through but wasn t sure I wasn t ready for the murder and mayhem of the last hundred pages A lot of reviewers slammed the development of the motive of the killer, but when someone is acting on voices they hear in their headwell throw logic out the window My biggest complaint was that, like the movie in the book, this novel was a bit rushed I wish the author had spent time with the movie type stuff, the characters and the setting I think this book should have been a hundred pages longer at least, and I usually don t say that IMHO this was worth the time It probably was 3.5 stars, but I decided to bump it up due to all the haters.

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