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    Bosley Sees the World Spans Lingual RiftsTim Johnson s Bosley the bear, not only sees the world, but brings its languages to children in a easy to read format Each book carries two languages, English and another, to the eager to learn minds of one s children Although a treat, the story telling is not the only thing to notice There is plenty of simple fun packed into this book, but Johnson also had the educational aspect in mind At the end of this book is a list of newly introduced words, also in both languages Children will be happy to accompany Bosley on his journey though the world, which he see through the wonderment that only a child can possess The pages are skillfully illustrated with subtle, yet stunning, colors that add to the experience, and bring a child further into Bosley s world with each word For any parent wishing to aid his or her child in multi lingual learning, this book is a early learning must For information about the book and author and to purchase autographed copies please visit

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    Sweet little Bosley tells his Momma that he s tired of their tiny cave, and decides he s going on an adventure and discover new things in the world It doesn t take long before he realizes just how big the world really is, and is met by amazing discoveries at every turn Bosley Sees the World is one of the most adorable books I have read with my son in quite some time The illustrations are, well, just too cute, and the content is at a high enough level for my son almost 4yrs old to stay interested So much so that we read the book four times in a row, and first thing the next morning he asked if we could read the bear book again.I never had to take a foreign language at school, so any Spanish I do know is courtesy of watching Sesame Street with my kids thank you Super Grover But it was fun to sit with my son and try to find the Spanish words we do know, and learn ones we don t It s a great way to keep the book interesting, beyond just the story, and help teach him about language and letter recognition.Overall this was a really fun book for both my son and I, and even my 11 year old daughter sat down to read it too Who, by the way, is taking basic Spanish, and this book is great for helping her work on it without it feeling like work If you take a gander at the website for Bosley, you ll find that this book is available in many language combinations For dual language households of all kinds, I m sure you ll find one that works for you I give this book two very happy thumbs up from me, and both of my kids, and would recommend this to anyone with littleone s they love to read to or with My review copied from my blog, CrazyLadywithaPen.blogspot.com

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    A Duel language book for kids I loved the concept It is both well written and well illustrated The illustrations by Ozzy Esha are crisp, colorful, and well drawn I read the book with Spanish English translations but it also available in Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Italian, and German What a delightful idea I learned words in Spanish and this book made it so easy to pick up The exact phrases are written in English and Spanish and the highlighted word is in red text It was repeated on different pages to reinforce the reader s memory It reminded me of the method of teaching used by the Rosetta Stone Learning a language naturally in the flow of a story or sentence is the easiest and most natural way of retaining what is learned.The story itself is delightful A curious bear on an adventure would capture the interest of any child I applaud this author and his wonderful outreach to teach our children Translator Orlando Soto has done a masterful job, making each reading easy to follow I highly recommend this work and plan to buy copies in the different languages for my grandson.

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    This is a book that is a bilingual book in English and Spanish There are also books available in English with French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, and Arabic These books that are bilingual are great Its always a good thing to teach kids than one language, and books are a great way to start I especially like that there are the same words and simple phrases, opposites, highlighted words, contextual learning, and corresponding imagery on the page in both English and the foreign language I also enjoyed the colorful pictures in this book The book is a simple story about a bear who goes on a journey to climb a mountain and realizes there is much of the world to see Also a great story to make a collection of stories with new words for kids to learn There is also a glossary in the back of the book that goes over the new words in English and the foreign language again to repeat the words just learned in the book Hopefully there will be many adventures from Bosley the bear.

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    Tim Johnson has done a marvelous thing He has combined an adorable story with learning Not just learning anything, but learning another language The Adventures of Bosley Bear Bosley Sees the World, uses repeat words, simple phrases, opposites, contextual learning, and corresponding imagery to dual languages Spanish in the book I read and English are side by side The words or phrases are highlighted to make the translation easier, while the illustrations let you know what is being talked about I was considering about my learning Spanish, but the way the book is written, it would allow Spanish speaking people to learn English The books are available in many languages.He founded the Language Bear bilingual bookstore and is committed to educating children in foreign languages as a tool for increasing cultural awareness and gaining new perspectives Tim Johnson, you have done a good thing You should be very proud of your endeavors There is no end to learning, but there are many beginnings Tim Johnson

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    Bosley Sees the World is the story of a young bear, who wakes up one day in his tiny cave, and decides to explore the world He climbs a big tree He walks through the forest He swims through a river, and he climbs a mountain only to look out and realize it s just the beginning A fun story with vivid illustrations is only half of this book As the cover states, it s in Italian and English Both languages accompany one another so the reader can easily refer to the other to learn it Key words are color coded to help match them This dual language book may pose a challenge to some children, as well as adults, especially those who are learning an unknown language for the first time I could imagine a situation where children might pick up the language quicker than their parents and that might create an interesting learning experience Yet, with its simple story and phrasing, most parents and children will find it a very effective learning method.

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    The Adventures of Bosley Bear Bosley Sees the World by Tim Johnson is a children s book in dual language, German and English The book is laid out as an easy to follow, learning tool to help children, parents, teachers, etc to better understand simple words or phrases of another language My sons and I really had fun learning some German words and phrases from Bosley Sees the World The illustrations are simple, engaging, and compliment the adventure that Bosley Bear takes you and your child on This book is easy to read and understand.I highly recommend Bosley Sees the World by Tim Johnson, he makes learning a dual language fun

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    this is a charming book that follows this bear on some woundefull adventures.i love the fact that it is bilingual and incourages chrildren to learn spanish.this book was won on good reads and i would definatly tell anyone with a child interested in language to purchase a copy for themselves it will be a wounderfull addition to the family library.

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    I am so proud to have my name on the Arabic version.I loved the idea and my daughter benefited from having two scripts on a page

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    This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers Favorite The Adventures of Bosley Bear Bosley Sees the World by Tim Johnson is a bilingual Spanish English story useful for introducing young children to foreign languages, both to begin learning a new language and for exposure to another culture The basic storyline is about a young bear named Bosley who becomes disenchanted with the small size of his cave home He declares to his mother that he is going outside to explore the nearby forest From there he climbs a tree, from which he sees a river and a mountain He next decides to climb the mountain, from which he sees so much of the world than he ever realized existed, even seeing his tiny cave opening from atop the mountain He returns home, vowing to explore further someday, but for now he s decided his cave is just the right size.This book is than just a story It includes a cross reference glossary of new English and Spanish words and their meanings a brief history of how Tim Johnson got the idea for this book during a visit to Japan in his teen years and the website where you can see and purchase many dozens of additional books in at least 11 languages, including sign language Johnson wanted a way to introduce new cultures to the next generation, as well as introduce them to new languages The Bosley Bear story is now available in at least 8 languages Mr Johnson s efforts are making inroads into bridging the gap between many different cultures around the world, as he continues to work on writing new books for translation and subsequent distribution I cannot be resolute about recommending this book and this website www.theLanguageBear.com to anybody who would like to give their children the decided benefit of having been exposed to a variety of cultures at a young age As our world continues to shrink through the advent of new technology and a global economy, the significance of being conversant in multiple languages cannot be overstated Youth who are exposed at a very young age will hold a valuable advantage over their peers as they continue to develop their educational skills throughout their lives Don t let your children fall behind get them started on their multi cultural education today.

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