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Boris and the Snoozebox (Tiger Tales) chapter 1 Boris and the Snoozebox (Tiger Tales), meaning Boris and the Snoozebox (Tiger Tales), genre Boris and the Snoozebox (Tiger Tales), book cover Boris and the Snoozebox (Tiger Tales), flies Boris and the Snoozebox (Tiger Tales), Boris and the Snoozebox (Tiger Tales) 22026da022f7a All Boris Wants Is A Long Catnap In His New Cardboard Box With No Trouble Whatsoever But Suddenly STAMP, STAMP, Scribble, Scribble The Box Is Taped Up And Zoomed Off To Doorsteps All Over The Earth And Beyond Every Time Boris Drifts Off To Sleep, Someone Opens The Box And Wakes Him Up Beady Eyes Peek Inside And Loud Voices Shout, This Is NOT What I Ordered I DON T Want This Cat They Want A Prickly Plantgiant Teapotor Remote Controlled Space Butterfly This Quirky Cat Tale Proves There S No Place Like A Loving Home Especially If That Home Happens To Have A Plumpish Pillow Perfect For Snooooooozing

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    Torn between liking this book and being irritated that it is a complete Lauren Child rip off Boris is a stray cat who is looking for a cozy place to sleep He jumps in a box, only to be shipped off to a lady waiting anxiously for her biggest tea pot in the world to FINALLY arrive She doesn t want a cat, she wants a teapot, so she packs Boris back in the box and sends him away This happens over and over, and everywhere he ends up, Boris hears the same thing I don t WANT this cat That s heartbreaking, right So it s extra gratifying when Boris ends up on the doorstep of Grandma Flapjack, who has ALWAYS wanted a cat And Boris finds he s always wanted a Grandma Flapjack He just didn t know her name That s pretty much the whole story You don t have to read the book now, unless you want to see shameless Lauren Child copy cat artwork.

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    What I love about Leigh Hodgkinson Her sweet, sly, and quirky sense of humor Her mad typography skills Her ability to use just enough words to tell a story In this case, the story of Boris the cat He s soooo sleepy, and finds the perfect place for a nap until the box gets shipped around the world to all kinds of folks who do NOT want a cat Will Boris ever find that perfect snoozing spot Spoiler yes, because children s picture book The art is collage and cartoons, wildly eccentric and lots of fun It s one of our favorite children s books about cats, and possibly one of my personal faves of all children s picture books The second Boris book, Boris and the Wrong Shadow, is almost as good High bar to clear and all that.

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    The artwork was almost too busy.

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    I love finding new books for read aloud This book is filled with fun illustrations, and a cute story about a cat no one seems to want Our after story discussion ranged from why cats like to sleep in boxes, to why someone would want the world s largest teapot.

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    Too much going on

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    Boris the cat wants a quiet place to rest He climbs into a cardboard box that is shipped all over the world and beyond Finally, he finds a home where he gets to rest and be taken care of.

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    The artwork in Boris and the Snoozebox is absolutely delightful It s mixed media and is just the sort of thing that I think would stimulate anyone to trying to do something of their own in a similar vein In style, it reminds me of Lauren Child of Charlie and Lola fame And truly the book has that much visual appeal Really a lot of fun Where s it s lacking though is in the plot department There is a story Boris the cat doesn t have a home and he very much wants a comfy place to sleep, but unfortunately he chooses a box for his nap The box gets shipped around the world and ends up in some surprising places But unfortunately none of the openers of the box want a cat That is, until he arrives at Grandma Flapjacks but unfortunately there s no real moral or anything to learn from the story Which leaves me liking the book, very much on account of the fun artwork, but not loving it.Talking Points o Definitely LibraryFind here The artwork is fun and the format is amusing.o Elementary School aged Kids will be entertained It s a fun book to share HOWEVER, while I do recommend it as LibraryFind, I can t recommend it for purchase because it s got no meat.o The busy font motif might be too much for very young children This is one of those books where the font changes frequently, and where information is put in varying places Above Average No Reading Level found Pam T mom and reviewer at BooksForKids reviews.com

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    What a FUN book Boris is a stray cat who doesn t have a home, and importantly, doesn t have a super comfy pillow to snooze on He finds the next best thing, an empty box But alas, his box is shipped to multiple recipients who don t want him How devastating to be so unwanted All Boris wants is to be left alone to nap.This is a cute story and though the illustrations aren t really as bright and vibrant as I usually like, what I did love was how the text was laid out This isn t a book with the story written in a few sentences on the page, the text is laid out across each page as a part of the book My 4 year old daughter had me read this book at bedtime two nights in a row, so clearly it s a winner in her book too.

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    I know people love the illustrations in this book, but there was just too much going on for me to enjoy it Boris doesn t have a home, so when he sees a box full of fluffy stuffing, he can t help but curl up and go to sleep Of course, the box gets shipped to all kinds of wrong places, but don t fear Boris ends up exactly where he belongs.The illustrations are collage, which I usually do love But there are simply too many textures and shapes and characters and lines on every page This book was just a little too chaotic for me to enjoy This would probably work for a lap sit with a kid who liked having a lot on every page to look at and explore

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    Boris needs a quiet place to sleep, and he thinks he s found it when he jumps into a box However, next thing he knows the box is sealed shut and he s being shipped all over the country I don t know if kids will realize how far fetched this story is Boris doesn t attempt to claw his way out of the box, and doesn t seem to want food or drink even though it must take days and days for him to reach each destination I would have suspended disbelief until he ended up on another planet that episode could and should have been left out, I think I did enjoy the illustrations, which strongly reminded me of Lauren Childs Not the best cat story I ve ever read, but Boris is cute.

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