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    David Brooks is, for lack of a better term, David Brooks He has two schticks First is conservative politics presented in a manner palatable to the readership of The New York Times and the viewers of the PBS News Hour Second is pop anthropological commentary on perceived cultural phenomena Bobos in Paradise falls into the latter category Bobo , a long common term in French of identical meaning, is hipspeak for bourgeois bohemian liberals with and status The problem, however, is that David Brooks is not hip Except perhaps among bobos Brooks writing emphasizes the big picture but forsakes many of the details that comprise it This makes Bobos in Paradise an uneven book At base, observation of the obvious, with a few legitimately thoughtful, and than a few legitimately funny, turns.

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    I came back to review this book because my friend and I were talking about it at work the other day The book IS funny, but I disagree with Brooks summary and endnote that this new Bourgeois Bohemian establishment is somehow any better than the upper middle classes of previous generations Okay, so they buy sustainably made bamboo furniture This doesn t make them any better than the elites of other generations in fact, I would argue that it makes them worse Whereas the previous generation may have bought new Caddys and held scotch soaked pool parties to impress their friends, this generation of elites buys organic cotton shirts from American Apparel They are still trying to impress people now, not just with their money although it s certainly that too , but also with their virtue Brooks says that they have succeeded because of some new system of meritocracy I don t believe this for a minute smart is not necessarily how I would categorize this group maybe just alternatively ambitious , and they wind up working for companies that do things differently and think outside the box They are the bastard children of 80s yuppie greed and 60s hippie idealism All of this turns into a self reinforcing cycle of smugness, and the worst part is, because these people have read the Beats, because they ve been educated by the anti establishment types, THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER It makes them so much crass, at least, to my mind.But what do I know I only taught yoga to these people I can tell you that they still treat their service industry workers like shit that never stops being cool, regardless of which elite group you belong to I hoped that by teaching them how to stretch their hips right and by alleviating their lower back pain they wouldn t necessarily chew out the barista who screwed up their daily espresso I doubt that it worked Anyway, this book, and the book blog it has been compared to a lot Stuff White People Like is still a pretty funny read, but I m looking forward to the day when a Bret Easton Ellis or Chuck Palahniuk type writes a dark satire about them, la American Psycho Instead of killing hookers, will they simply delete each other s jpegs of that amazing trip they took to Thailand last year, where they did nothing but eat authentic street food, ride mopeds and live out of a backpack The other problem I have with this book is that David Brooks lets his obnoxious conservative values slip out a lot, and when his core personality shines through it s hard not to find him fundamentally unlikable.

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    Dionysius, the god of abandon, has been reconciled with Prometheus, the god of work.That sentence aptly describes the Bobo What, you may ask, is a Bobo A Bourgeois Bohemian In essence, they are the New Establishment, having replaced the pure Yuppies who replaced the pure Hippies who replaced the Beats who replaced the Old Establishment Bobo Lady Chatterley s lover becomes Lady Chatterley s empowerment counselor.You might know a Bobo Perhaps, you are one yourself They tend to cluster in urban forests, such as the Bay Area of California, London, Portland, Brussels, and seem to be growing steadily in certain parts of Dublin You may know gosling Bobos, too These children are moved from one organized activity to another, with little time to improvise their own playstyle, resulting in trophies for everyone and limited cross fertlization with other groups Tom Sawyer has definitely left the building Everything we do must serve the Life Mission, which is cultivation, progress, and self improvement.If Christopher Columbus had been a Bobo, he would have returned to Spain and exclaimed, We didn t find China, but we did find ourselves Bobos Perhaps you work with one They have a tendency to wear rugged and very expensive mountaineering gear as their work outfit with highly reflective sunglasses just in case an avalanche might hit the office.I was reading this very book while sitting in a cafe and two tables over, I saw Bobos In Conversation Their dialogue included the following words dynamicsintensivetransitionsoutsourceselectivebandwidthThey were discussing having a baby Bobos.I didn t warm up immediately to this book, but the author s sly sarcasm finally took hold David Brooks proudly refers to himself as a Bobo, noting all the good things that have come from Bobo ism less smoking, respect for the earth, focus on life We all have a little Bobo in us, I guess In my life, I am surrounded by them, like leaves on a tree The book helped me to understand them better Like a travel guide.Previously, the only Bobo I ever knew was Bobo The Bearfrom the Muppets Now that s my kind of Bobo.Book Season Year Round pass the organic beef jerky

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    Basically OH SHUT UP, David Brooks I wanted it to be good In fact, it was a rather smug field guide nothing revelatory, no meaningful mature analysis You might as well re read The Official Preppie Handbook.

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    Though it s not necessary to read the whole book, the introduction and opening chapters provide a good characterization of my generation and my social class Brooks describes today s new upper class the Bobos Bourgeois Bohemians While earlier in the 20th century and before, the bourgeois and bohemians existed in separate social and economic circles the bourgeois dominating with old money and all the financial resources, the bohemian artists gathering in their coffeeshops and run down neighbourhoods , today these two groups are blending Brooks style is very conversational it s snazzy and smooth , evocative of the Bobos that he is trying to describe, but that same trendiness of prose can be irritating at times Though he presents a general historical overview and plenty of descriptive examples, his sweeping generalizations can sometimes be a matter of prose style than subbutstance His descriptions are entertaining and informative, and he does intersperse some key bibliography and references throughout his book His best chapters are the opening two or three and Spirituality and Politics and Beyond , where he finally offers his brief criticism of the consequences of the Bobo mentality a mediocore, complacent existence, concerned with small scale morality and a comfortable lifestyle Though some may celebrate that we can now be cultured and artistic, and have our money too, it appears to me that this marriage between bourgeois and bohemian as but another step towards the complete commercialization of thought, the disappearance of a grander vision and hope , and the loss of authenticity and anything real.

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    I don t think it s possible for me to write down everything I think about this book into one review I think the review would end up being as long as the book I will try to hit the main points of my impressions without going on for too long though My first thought is that Brooks description of bobo bohemian and bourgeoisie culture and behavior is highly entertaining and right on target I ve known many people like this and would myself be classified as a bobo and can see them and myself in his writings The second thing that reading this book has brought me to do is to analyze my surroundings in terms of a bourgeoisie bohemian distinction Where I live is decidedly bourgeoisie, whereas I m used to a much bohemian culture The other day I went into a department store and saw a new style of plates and glassware that were definitively bohemian I asked a clerk if they had been selling and he gave me an emphatic negative answer, which I found amusing In all I would have to say that Brooks book has some great information and is highly entertaining My only wish is that he referenced his sources for the small bits of information so I could go back and read those references myself.

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    My feelings on this book are mixed, though I think I maintain my affection for David Brooks He explores the culture of bourgeois bohemianism and it s implications for our society in terms of things like business, intellectual culture, play, politics, and spiritual life I do, in many ways, feel like a product of the society where intellect is a marketable, capitalism is about choice and social consciousness and creativity on the surface at least , and questioning authority is mandatory I guess I m glad for it in some ways, but also hate some of it things like meaningful tourism, flexodoxy, needing everything to have texture , wearing serious hiking gear all the damn time The title of this book says that is about the Upper Class but that left a sour taste in my mouth For one I think the Upper Class he is talking about did not adopt bohemianism so much as co opt it He sort of suggests the Protestant Work Ethic got destroyed, but I sort of think it got worse everything, even pleasure, is an edifying, intellectual experience Barf Also, I guess I wanted to know, for personal and maybe political reasons, about the implications of this shift to Boboism for the Folk, the lower middle class and heaven forfend, the poor In some ways, I think it is insulting than old school upper class stodginess Smarts aren t everything, but equating smarts so clearly with class has lots of implications that make me grumpy And shit like Bobos like small towns and authentic people and authentic church and preservation efforts and stuff like that but only insomuch as they enjoy itguh Makes me feel like Boboism is as much about detachment and loftiness as anything else Yuck Some people care about things with their hearts and stuff.In the end, I think this is an interesting, and fairly convincing argument for the face of today s upper class, but I think it has troubling implications that Brooks glosses over Or maybe didn t really intend to cover It reminded me of history classes I took on popular culture in college, and made me think of the wheel of respectability from Mr Sutton s class in high school I will take the sincerity of the Rough any day does saying this make me sort of Bobo ish Yeah It probably does.P.S I think my parents are just straight up Bohemians I like them.

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    I m stuck between a 3.5 and a four for this, but decided to round down Bad math, I know Put into context, this is a required reading for my Introduction to Sociology course While I m glad not to read a textbook full of stodgy statistics and all, this book started to get on my nerves near the end.Brooks is an editor writer for several papers, I believe at least at the time of printing so his book does generally read like a collection of articles instead of a continuous book His tone is indeed witty, biting, slightly sarcastic, and he states straight off in the introduction there will be no statistics, and it s nothing Marx has to fear The tone is refreshing again, against dusty textbooks but I think Brooks was too repetitious talking about the struggle the Bobos have to go through, and detailing the combining they do within each section they overlap a lot I also think he used too many examples One doesn t really need to read each section closely to understand what he s getting at The first two chapters really say a lot of what s in the other chapters, though Politics and Beyond may be somewhat different.Also, as a non American, this book references a lot of American figures I was not familiar with I m not sure how many Americans in my age group would be familiar with them, too, since a few people I ve asked weren t sure who someone was However, again, because he uses so many examples, I was able to figure out what kind of people they were in the context they were presented.I did have fun reading this, and read it out loud to people around me, or during IM chats because it was so amusing, but near the end I was skimming to see if anything new was said.

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    Really there is no better observer of American culture right now than David Brooks He is so damn critical of our collective lameness and this book is well worth it.It had been on my to read list for a while there are many pop culture references to bobos and I wanted to know about the definition.Bobos are a combination of overly paid upper middle class elitists who like to act like they are crunchy and down to earth and anything but elite.What makes it funny is the inconsistency of that effort.Like my friend who with his wife makes than 300,000 a year, sends his kids to private schools that are 30,000 a year and vacations in Duck.But he makes a big show of drinking his coffee in a Sheetz plastic mug, and carries around a red plastic beer cup for his bottled water.Brooks talks about how certain places like Madison Wisc, Burlington VT, etc are hotbeds of bobos They have a lot of money, no real industry, just information, and lots of organic chefs, free trade coffee establishments and places to recycle or compost.A lot of fun to read for me I try to be a little bohemian than bourgeois but it s a constant struggle.

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    There s a half decent New Yorker article in hereand then pages upon pages of padding The chapter on Intellectual Life is nothing than a procession of easy jokes about talking heads Spiritual Life contains no mention, bizarrely, of the concept of atheism and Politics reminds one painfully that this book was written at the tail end of Clinton s administration, before GW Bush ended the concept of everyone getting along If you like jokes about Restoration Hardware, by all means, read this book if you re looking for insight or even entertainment, I can t recommend it.

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Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There download Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There, read online Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There, kindle ebook Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There, Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There fcb8113b8756 Do You Believe That Spending , On A Media Center Is Vulgar, But That Spending , On A Slate Shower Stall Is A Sign That You Are At One With The Zenlike Rhythms Of Nature Do You Work For One Of Those Visionary Software Companies Where People Come To Work Wearing Hiking Boots And Glacier Glasses, As If A Wall Of Ice Were About To Come Sliding Through The Parking Lot If So, You Might Be A Bobo In His Bestselling Work Of Comic Sociology, David Brooks Coins A New Word, Bobo, To Describe Today S Upper Class Those Who Have Wed The Bourgeois World Of Capitalist Enterprise To The Hippie Values Of The Bohemian Counterculture Their Hybrid Lifestyle Is The Atmosphere We Breathe, And In This Witty And Serious Look At The Cultural Consequences Of The Information Age, Brooks Has Defined A New Generation