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Bitter Frost chapter 1 Bitter Frost, meaning Bitter Frost, genre Bitter Frost, book cover Bitter Frost, flies Bitter Frost, Bitter Frost 25b409c372ed0 All Her Life, Breena Had Always Dreamed About Fairies As Though She Lived Among Thembeautiful Fairies Living Among Mortals And Living In FeylandIn Her Dreams, He Was Always There The Breathtakingly Handsome But Dangerous Winter Prince, Kian, Who Is Her Intended When Breena Turns Sixteen, She Begins Seeing Fairies And Other Creatures Mortals Don T See Her Best Friend Logan Suddenly Acts Very ProtectiveThen She Sees Kian, Who Seems Intent On Finding Her And Carrying Her Off To Feyland That S Fine And All, But For The Fact That Humans Rarely Survive A Trip To Feyland, A Kiss From A Fairy Generally Means Death To The Human Unless That Human Has Fairy Blood In Them Or Is Very Strong, And Although Kian Seemed To Be Her Intended, He Seems To Hate Her And Wants Her Dead Bitter Frost Series Is A Reader S Nomination For Science And Fiction In ALA YALSA, The Same Organization Which Awards The Printz Awards

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    My book club chose Bitter Frost this month as the Book of the Month for the following reasons 1 engaging from start to finish2 beautiful detailed setting3 multidimensional characters4 clever pacing that shows Bree s inner emotional, psychological and emotional state5 twists and turns in plotting that keeps you guessing6 unpredictable7 short, but sweet, does not waste space or reader s time i.e every page count8 includes a group discussion sheet found on publisher s site9 appropriate for all teens and young adults10 there is something special about this sweet suspenseful little book that made us root for it I m looking forward to reading of Gow s young adult series, especially the next book in the Frost series.

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    I notice other authors on Goodreads voting on their books Presidents and other politicians can vote for themselves, why couldn t authors Especially when they re an active member of Goodreads, too Goodreads wouldn t be inviting authors to be part of their programs if they didn t want authors to get involve in discussions, groups, and on their own book sites So, here I am Obviously I believe and care enough about this series to put my heart, soul, and emotions into not just one book, but at least 5 books in this series and a spin off series I have drafted five books when I first began this series and that s how I first pictured this the story of the Winter Fairies and how one girl became Queen of the fairies There s a beginning Bitter Frost , the climb Forever Frost , middle Silver Frost , and Frost Kisses , and then Midnight Frost, Frost Fire, Spring Frost, and Enchanted Frost This series has been planned out long ago, had a delayed publishing date because of personal illness, and then finally published by the EDGE books, who took a chance on developing a multi book series about fairies with a theme of Love Being Stronger than Magic The world of Feyland was first published in 2003 in my middle grade series, The Fairy Rose Chronicles, where there is a land of the fey where the Winter fey wars with the Summer fey Prince Kian was also first introduced as the Winter Prince in The Fairy Rose Chronicles This series won the Reader s Choice Nomination from the American Library Association YALSA organization a very real organization lol whom I love and support both as a consumer and as a parent I believe in this series I believe in the positive message behind this book, and thank goodness my publisher, producers, and thousands of readers around the world believe in it, too.

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    In Bitter Frost, a teen girl name Briana is plague with wonderful dreams of another world other than her ordinary life in a small Oregon town The dreams are so real to her, she can paint the details On her sixteenth birthday, the dream becomes reality as Bree sees a pixie on her way from school He sees her and knows her name Then begins a fast paced edge of your seat action packed story that draws you in breathlessly I loved this book A little shorter than Wings and the same length as your typical Gossip Girl books, this is perfect pacing No drawn out page fillers, but action filled in every page The characters are realistic, dialogue is something you can find among American teenagers, and the suspense is balanced well with a sweet romance between noble Kian and caring Logan If you like Twilight, you will like this book The length is perfect for a fast and satisfying read.

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    Bitter Frost is one of those books that leave you wishing you can live in another world, if only just for a day Like the film Avatar, I was transported to a world vivid with imagery of all senses You can see, feel, smell, taste, and touch Feyland An appropriate sized book for the teen market length is similar to Gossip Girl books , teenage readers, especially reluctant readers will have no problem picking up this book and finishing it quickly The writing, the story, the action, and characters will grab your attention and keep hold of you until you finish Riveting read and I commend Gow for creating a fairy world so beautiful you want to learn about the winter and summer fey, yet at the same time, provide a book appropriate for teens Like its characters, Bitter Frost goes beneath the surface to make you think about issues like bullying, parents, friendship, and loyalty Our bookclub chose Bitter Frost to read We also discussed the questions from the discussion sheet I give Bitter Frost a 6 out of 5 for being able to pack so much meaning, story, and emotions into a book the size of Gossip Girl and still have depth Teenage girls need to read this series.

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    Gripping and luring I did not want to put this book down for one second Bitter Frost follows urban fairy fantasies, but the setting of Feyland is richer, vivid than other fairy novels I ve read The characters Kian, Logan and Breena feel real I can taste the fairy foods and smell the dampness of the woods The story is imaginative and full of action As one other reviewer stated, so much emotions are packed into this book, you experience the story Wonderful message about anti bullying, too I highly recommend Bitter Frost to everyone.

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    A fast read, I picked up this book and couldn t put it down until I was done last night Now all I want is to read the second book One of the best faery books out there Gow brings you into a world so beautiful you don t want to leave even when the book ends.

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    Bitter Frost is an amazing book about the Winter Fey Breena is dreaming about a wonderful place where she s a little girl dancing with a young boy The boy turns out to be Prince Kian, the Winter Prince whom she will marry Breena has never fit into her life as a regular teenage girl in Oregon Turns out it is because she once lived in Feyland, where she is half fairy, and the Princess to the Summer Court Since her banishment from Feyland, war between the Summer and Winter Courts had broken out Now there is a price on Breena s head, and Prince Kian isn t what Breena had dreamed of He has grown into a breathtakingly handsome young man, and despite the initial hostility he has shown her, they fall in love Their love is bound by magic, despite the war Bitter Frost is amazingly romantic in plot, character, and the writing I couldn t help falling in love with Kian along right with Breena The part where he cooks up a feast for her and teaches her everything he knows about being fairy royalty just ah is so romantic Kian knows it can mean his death, even though he is a prince, to love Breena, but he can t help it He defies his powerful mother, the Winter Queen Ah this is like Romeo and Juliet with politics Bitter Frost is aptly named for the bittersweet romance between Breena and Kian and even her best friend Logan I also get that the cover showing Breena with blue lips is about her kiss with the Winter Prince Mortals can t survive a kiss from a fairy, but Breena does 5 out of 5 stars

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    I picked up Bitter Frost after reading Gow s Pulse series From the start, the fey world is presented in lyrical beautiful writing Gow s style is such that her writing characterize the world, the action, and the emotional state of the protagonist She has the style of Maggie Stiefvater, Ally Condie, and even Hemingway or Steinbeck Bitter Frost and Forever Frost demonstrates this further Having read Forever Frost, the second book in this series, I am convinced this series gets better and better Initially, you expect this book to be about Winter fairies at war with Summer fairies, and just a romance between a half human half fairy girl and the Winter Prince, but it becomes , and there is complex plotting, politics, depth of character, and power struggle Forever Frost is in one word Amazing I ve yet to read a young adult paranormal novel with as rich of a relationship building between all the characters as Forever Frost You begin to see the Frost series take on of the Snow Queen s lore with Forever Frost I can t wait for the third book to come out, Silver Frost, to see.

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    Fairy fansthis one is for you I m so happy that I had the opportunity to review this book Kailin writes beautifully and weaves a magical tale that you won t forget Yes, it reminded me of other fairie stories I ve read, but all of them remind me of each other as I think the basic research is the same Bitter Frost had so many elements that I did find unique I don t want to spoil the story so I ll just say that there are way than fairies that go to and fro.I loved these characters Kailin was able to pack so much feeling into these teens that you almost felt like you knew them The setting of the story, Feyland, is just wonderfully depicted through the author s writing The storyline itself was a first for me and I really enjoyed the spin on lost love and loyalties I recommend this one to fans of fairy books because I thought it was just awesome I can t wait to jump back into this world with book 2

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    Bitter Frost receives high marks for drawing me in and keeping me reading I don t have a lot of time to read so I move on if a book doesn t get me from the start Right away to the end, this book kept my attention This book deserves at least 5 stars for weaving a captivating story with characters you care about, lots of plot twists, action, and romance Goes beyond the young adult urban fairy books out there by dealing with serious topics like bullying and relationships in non preachy, responsible manner Breena, the heroine is a strong role model for girls, and the men are the kind of boys you d want in a healthy long term relationship Twilight fans will devour this series up, and teachers should use this book to open up discussion about teen issues from Naya s Girl s Night Out Book Picks

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