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Beyond Innocence summary Beyond Innocence, series Beyond Innocence, book Beyond Innocence, pdf Beyond Innocence, Beyond Innocence 2f490c545d Electra Shipley Lies In A Mite Infested Bunk, Weak From Lack Of Food And Seasickness Imprisoned And Sentenced To Seven Years Transportation, She Sails Towards The Penal Colony Of New South Wales, Australia Despite The Odds, She Is Determined To Survive, To Clear Her Name, And Return To Her Life Of Wealth And Ease In EnglandWilliam Radcliffe Has Fled The Betrayals Of His Father And Fianc E To Make A New Life In The Colony When A Transport Ship From England Docks, William Stumbles Across Much Than Mere Trade Cargo Haunted By The Beautiful Convict With Wild Hair And Golden Eyes, William Decides A Compliant And Grateful Convict Wife Might Meet His Needs Without The Complications Of Love Electra Must Now Decide Whether A Loveless Marriage With A Colonial Barbarian Is Preferable To ImprisonmentWilliam Is Unprepared For The Deeply Suppressed Passion His New Wife Arouses Within Him Against His Conviction Never To Love, He Begins To Desire Electra And The Sexual Tension Between Them Sparks Into A Fierce Physical Attraction He Longs To SatisfyBut Electra Has Made Enemies On The Ship And A Vicious Act Of Revenge Endangers Her Life And The Lives Of The People She Has Come To Love Can Electra And William S Love Survive The Perils Of This Land And Its Inhabitants, Or Will Their Pasts Destroy Their Future

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    I didn t want to go on with this one due to the poor writing and I don t think it s going to get any better That s a shame, because I really liked the story about the convicts in Australia.One would think the writer would describe the new surroundings and the strange new continent, but nope, nothing about Australia Maybe I was expecting too much, but if you want a good book about this theme, try Night in Eden.

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    Joanna Lloyd creates a sweeping, epic historical romance in her tale of an innocent convict finding love while serving her sentence in Australia With a diverse cast of characters both primary and secondary, Beyond Innocence takes the reader on an incredible journey of love triumphing over personal tragedy set in a world so well developed and researched one has to read to believe.

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    4.5 Stars Although this novel begins in the English Regency period, it is not a Regency romance, it s a saga Author, Joanna Lloyd s story moves from a London townhouse to a farm in the early Colonial days of Australia It is in Australia where most of the story unfolds Danger and troubles are heaped on heroine, Miss Electra Shipley, but she is no shrinking violet While brought up as the daughter of a nobleman, she has not been cosseted She is a practical, intelligent woman, brave and stoical, and has much to contend with after spending four months in Newgate Prison, the result of her uncle s betrayal He had embezzled her fortune after her father dies, and she is subsequently abandoned by her fianc Sentenced to seven years transportation, Electra is sent to Sydney Town, Australia, on a rat infested convict ship living in appalling conditions with the constant threat of rape Once there, she must face further hardship working in a factory, until she is chosen for a marriage of convenience The marriage does not begin well She has little trust in any man and keeps her secrets close Headstrong and proud, Electra exhibits courage in facing the dangers of a raw new land, and opens her heart to the experiences and the people she finds there She proves to be a great pioneer woman, embracing the Aboriginal people while holding her head up bravely against censure from the snobbish British colonists, as she fights to clear her name She cannot shrug off her bitter past, however, and does not immediately embrace her husband William Radcliffe is a handsome hardworking breeder of merino sheep with dreams of bigger ventures a wounded hero he also suffers a deep hurt from his past in England With doubts, secrets and fears on both sides, their relationship proves a rocky one and they have much to face before it turns to love But when they finally come together, sparks fly Lloyd is a fine writer and there are many memorable moments in this book Electra felt like she was swimming through mud Something terrible had happened but she couldn t quite remember what it was She knew William was trying desperately to reach out to her and she tried, how hard she tried, to let him know none of it was his fault But each time she got close to breaking through, she was sucked back into a dark void, empty of emotion I commend Joanna Lloyd s thorough research, she employs it well to paint a vivid pictures of those times As an Australian, I enjoyed reading about those early years of my country and the journey of Electra and William I look forward to reading the next novel Joanna Lloyd writes, it s sure to be refreshingly different.

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    From the first paragraph, I was hooked Ms Lloyd sweeps you away into a world or unbearable despair and then unimaginable beauty when Electra Shipley arrives in penal New South Wales The historical details are wonderful yet sometimes confronting which I love in historical novels and I do believe that Beyond Innocence borders on being a romance and an historical saga If you wanted to know what it was like for women transported to the harsh climate of penal NSW two hundred years ago, then this book will not disappoint.Beyond Innocence is a wonderful debut that makes you barrack for the heroine from the first moment and leaves you with that happily ever after sigh at the end And believe me, the hero is very much sigh worthy This book is a must read

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    Loved this book An amazingly detailed historical romance from a debut author that captured the sights, smells, and tastes of a developing Australian nation perfectly.Joanna Lloyd captured the horror of the British colonization and transportation years so well that I was terrified for the characters in this book and praying they would survive I felt an immediate empathy with Electra, Joanna s heroine, who was wrongly convicted in London, tossed into prison, and abused on a transport ship to Sydney Electra s struggles as a convict in the growing Australian colony were so real that I could have been walking alongside this heroine on the streets of Sydney, visiting the shops with her, and learning to live in the rugged Australian bush I spent the entire book hoping Electra was strong enough to survive And William, the hero, is such a lovely and hard working man that I wanted the couple to overcome their numerous problems as quickly as possible so I could be part of their happy ever after I also loved the minor characters in this story as they were so typical of the variety of people who had to ignore ingrained class barriers when they began new lives and embraced different occupations in Australia.

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    Electra is shocked when she is suddenly arrested, snatched from her secure home and sent to Newgate Prison She cannot believe her own uncle has accused her nor does her finance race to her rescues Convicted to the colonies, she finds herself being deported to Australia Many unsavory characters sail with her At the same time, she has a knack of making friends.Upon arrival, she very soon finds her status changed from that of convict to wife but she no longer trusts anyone to love her Her husband meanwhile once had a finance who married his own father instead so he is too is not sure Electra will ever love him The Australian bush is dangerous and the aborigines very much present As usual Electra with her knack for making friends is soon trusted by them She will need them as some unsavory characters who once sailed with her are about to make her life miserable To top that off her husband s father dies in England and his ex finance not knowing he has married is on her way to Australia

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    Whilst not usually being an ardent fan of historical fiction this one got me in I was swiftly press ganged into colonial Australia and the passionate plight of plucky heroine Electra I was barracking for her as she battled the vicissitudes of the British justice system, the ignorance and prejudices of early Australian society and the convoluted mysteries of the human heart The author s careful and thorough research portrayed Electra as clearly a woman of her time However I was able to relate to Electra s almost timeless gal nature a sure sign of skilled writing I also enjoyed Electra s social justice tinged adventures which shone a glimpse into the writer s heart and allowed a delightful frisson of bonding Electra s hot blooded relationship with the tortured William almost brought on a flushing blush Sigh, I d love to meet him handsome devil that he is This book is a rollicking voyage from a fresh and exciting voice in this sometimes under appreciated genre What a transporting way to learn about the darker days of Anglo Australian history.

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    Joanna Lloyd weaves a lovely, gripping tale of false imprisonment, romantic betrayal, and redemption Electra Shipley is a clever, strong, feisty heroine William Radcliffe is the type of hero I love sexy, determined, willing to give space if needed but not afraid to go after what he wants They make a great team when pitted against all the obstacles in their way, and it makes the ending all the special.

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    TerrificLoved this adventure they bbc.co y took me on with them The twist and turns will keep you reading just to see whatHappens next

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    great to see a historically accurate romance set in Australia Love feisty Australian heroines who know who they are and what they believe in Hope to read Australian romance from Joanna Lloyd.

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