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Best Poems of the Brontë Sisters summary Best Poems of the Brontë Sisters , series Best Poems of the Brontë Sisters , book Best Poems of the Brontë Sisters , pdf Best Poems of the Brontë Sisters , Best Poems of the Brontë Sisters 16980f08fc In This Collection Of Their Poetry, Published Under Gender Concealing Pseudonyms, We Get An Intimate Glimpse Of Their Fears, Hopes, Faith, And Desires Haunted Library This Collection Is Not Only For Fans Of The Bront Sisters And Classic Rhyming Poetry But Also For Readers That Crave Heartbreaking Gothic Angst Eastside Middle SchoolAmong The Most Talented Siblings In English Literary History, The Bront Sisters Are Best Remembered For Their Novels Emily S Wuthering Heights, Charlotte S Jane Eyre, And Anne S Tenant Of Wildfell Hall, Among Other Works It Is Less Well Known That The Sisters Also Composed A Considerable Amount Of Fine Poetry This Volume Contains Forty Seven Poems By All Three Sisters Selections Include Charlotte S Presentiment, Passion, Two Poems On The Deaths Of Her Sisters, And Six There Are Twenty Three Poems By Emily Considered The Best Poet Of The Three , Including Faith And Despondency And No Coward Soul Is Mine The Works Of All Three Sisters Share The Qualities Of Intelligence, Awareness, And Heartfelt Emotion, Expressed In Simple, Highly Readable Verse Gathered In This Handy, Inexpensive Collection, The Poems Represent A Superb Introduction To A Lesser Known Aspect Of The Bront S Literary Art

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    Ray Bradbury says to read poetry every day of your life So I started paying attention to him and took the opportunity when I came across Best Poems of the Bront Sisters.This short collection of poems felt perfect on this rainy day.I have to confess I disliked both Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre as they had been imposed on me in school Actually, I dislike most classics And, yet, this book made me feel guilty for the harsh treatment of the Bront s works.The poems are absolutely beautiful, and I can t believe that this anthology had sold only two copies when it was first published They are beautiful and painful They evoke the grieve, the loneliness, the dreams and the love of the sisters Charlotte s two poems each one written after Emily s and Anne s death were heartbreaking As was Anne s Last Lines, written after Emily s death, and shortly before her own demise.I fell in love with Charlotte s Regret and The Teacher s Monologue, with Emily s The Night Wind, and with my absolute favorite Anne s If This Be All If Life must be so full of care,Then call me soon to Thee Or give me strength enough to bearMy load of misery. from If This Be All Anne Bront Best Poems of the Bront Sisters is my first 2016 favorite book, and I highly recommend it to all poetry lovers or fans of the sisters works I thank Dover Publications and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    This little book contains a collection of poems from three of the most well known women in literature The best known works are of course the novels Jane Eyre Charlotte and Wuthering Heights Emily , but The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey both by Anne are known as well All in all, the three sisters definitely had talent, there is no denying it which makes it even sad that they had or thought they had to publish under male pseudonyms Currer Bell for Charlotte, Ellis Bell for Emily and Acton Bell for Anne at first What I didn t know was that they had written poems as well Since I love poetry I had to have this little collection of course and I was not disappointed As with the novels, the poems as well are pretty dark they are about death, loss and regret mostly but heartbreakingly beautiful, hauntingly beautiful.So I started looking up the sisters biographies and it became pretty clear WHAT causes the melancholy Originally there were six siblings Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Patrick Branwell, Emily Jane and Anne Maria died of tuberculosis, which she had gotten at school, at the age of eleven Since the second oldest, Elizabeth, joined her oldest sister at the college shortly before that, she unfortunately suffered the same fate dying at age 10 As far as I was able to find out, it was not unusual for schools to be a health risk back then For example, several decades before the Bront sisters experience, Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra contracted typhus at a similar boarding school, and Jane nearly died The Austen sisters education, like that of the Bront sisters, was continued at home after that Charlotte blamed the school for her sisters deaths, especially its poor medical care repeated emetics and blood lettings and the negligence of the school s doctor who was the director s brother in law Charlotte s vivid memories were poured into her depiction of Lowood School in Jane Eyre Branwell had a lot of interests it is rumoured that he was some sort of genius like painting and writing but became addicted to alcohol and laudanum an opium tincture and eventually died of tuberculosis when he was 31 years old.Thus, it is safe to say that the sisters knew loss and heardship.Emily was the next to die in 1848 She was, supposedly, the most talented of them all She was very timid and loved wandering around the moors where they all lived She never married She also refused treatment when her health declined due to consumption.Only one year later, in 1849, Anne died as well However, she did try to fight it by insisting to be taken to a town near the sea it was believed that salty air was helpful However, as with all her siblings before her, there was nothing to be done She was only 28.In the end, it was only Charlotte, which definitely explains the darkness of her poems she wrote one both for Emily and Anne after they died Charlotte was in love with her publisher for some time They never got into a relationship however She also declined one of her father s curates, but changed her mind despite saying that he was too conventional in his ways and that her status as wife terrified her and married him in 1854 Maybe it was the loneliness that she wanted to get rid of because although he apparently was a good husband, I can t see Charlotte as a married woman All biographer s describe her and her sisters as being very timid but also very emancipated.She died one year later in 1855 she was pregnant at the time, there was dirty water involved so it probably was tuberculosis combined with typhoid fever She was only 38.Thus, it is quite understandable that there is some sort of myth about this family, as if they had been blessed with extreme talent but also cursed with early deaths.I always find biographical details important and very interesting Sure, in this case as with the novels and poems , it s also very tragic and saddening but it does explain the writing styles.Anyway, this review is supposed to be about the poems lol The book contains 10 poems written by Charlotte, 23 by Emily and 14 by Anne My favourites by Charlotte are Regret, Parting and the two about her sisters deaths I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have felt like to be the last one left of 6 siblings and to have to see them die one after the other My favourites by Emily are Rememberence and Hope My favourites by Anne are If This Be All and The Bluebell.Yeah, they aren t the most optimistic poems to be sure, but they all have a distinct style, each their very own voice and they are all a thing of beauty

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    The Best Poems of the Bronte Sisters published by Dover Publications is a collection of poetry from the three sisters best known for their prose Although classics Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall they do not complete the sister s range of works There is a similarity in style between the sisters and it holds to the form of 19th century English poetry There are several poems that were written on the spur of the moment Poems are written on a windy afternoon or from a place in the woods There is, without a doubt, plenty of the romantic movement in their collective writing Emily Bronte s poems seem to take a darker tone than the other sisters, but it is Charlotte who writes the poems in eulogy for her sisters There is a turn in Charlotte outlook as she seems drained and suffering loss in her later poems This is a well collected selection of poetry that demonstrates the best of 19th century writing and, importantly, the works of women in poetry Ask most people, even those who took English literature in college, to name a 19th century female poet and perhaps they may mention Mary Shelley but little mention of anyone else The Bronte sisters, although famous for their novels, should have their fair share fame for their poetry This is a great collection for those interested in poetry English 19th century poetry is almost the ideal of poetry in most people s minds This collection will introduce readers to a great period of literature and great women poets.

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    I have only read one novel by each sister so far, but given those, rank them Emily, Charlotte, and trailing by quite a ways, Anne I didn t expect to like Anne s poetry since I didn t find her prose very poetic but she took me by surprise.Charlotte s poems were, I don t know annoying Even the few I liked were very preachy.I agree with the majority opinion that Emily s poetry is best It s probably not surprising, given her intense style, that I loved some and others did absolutely nothing for me I d love to memorize her To Imagination Here s a taste from the middle of the poem But, thou art ever there, to bringThe hovering vision back, and breatheNew glories o er the blighted spring,And call a lovelier Life from Death,And whisper, with a voice divine,Of real worlds, as bright as thine.My favorite of Emily s was probably The Night Wind As most of her poems, it s a beautifully woven little story, so you have to read the whole thing Haunting.Anne s poetry was the most consistently enjoyable for me, and also to my surprise, the saddest I liked all of them, but had two favorites Past Days, that begins Tis strange to think, there was a timeWhen mirth was not an empty name,When laughter really cheered the heart,And frequent smiles unbidden came,And tears of grief would only flowIn sympathy for others woe The book ends with Anne s last poem, Last Lines, with a note from Charlotte at the end These lines written, the desk was closed, the pen laid aside for ever So tragic, the brevity of their lives.Even though this style of poetry is not my favorite, I loved spending time with the Bront sisters through their verse Well worth trying.

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    Reading these poems by the amazing Bronte sisters widens my knowledge about their character and life Through what they express we can sense their feelings of loneliness, solitude, hopes, dreams, love for their family and home, and most heartbreakingly, their grieve and despair Reading their poems has a bit of a different tone than reading their novels Beautiful, emotional, and heartfelt yet never optimistic Sad and sympathetic Their poems give us a clearer view of how these three notable literary sisters lives were like Out of the three Emily has the finest ability Anne s poems were also fabulous showing ability almost like Emily However, Charlotte s two poems about the death of her two sisters are the ones that brought tears to my eyes Achingly Beautiful A must read for those who love the Bronte sisters

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    The Bront Sisters are highly praised for their novels, however I just found out that they also composed great poems as well When reading this, I was in this melancholy situation thanks to the rain, hah , so the lines that each of them wrote really grabbed my soul I can t mention which one of them is my favourite because all of them are great poets and did know how to scribble down their emotion One thing in common is that how the sadness of parting paints their poems Not surprising since through their lives, the Bront sisters had to face many early and unexpected deaths Charlotte even wrote two poems as her way to say goodbye to Emily and Anne who had to leave before her What heartbreaking poems, showing how these sisters really loved and supported each other The Teacher s Monologue by Charlotte Bront finely describes the feeling of a governess most likely her own experience trying to survive during the hard times I can imagine Charlotte wrote this down in an empty room, only accompanied by the sound of silence Parting is also a gem It holds you up when you are about to part with someone that you love There s no use in weeping,Though we are condemned to part There s no such thing as keepingA remembrance in one s heart.Such a strong remark from someone who had lost many of her beloved people Like Charlotte, Anne and Emily also talked about death and separation in their poems You can t help thinking about how gloomy their lives were However, these talented women also showed that no matter how hard the situation was, they stood strong And even though Charlotte wrote this last note These lines written, the desk was closed, the pen laid aside forever, we know that their talents will be remembered and cherished forever.

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    Charlotte Bronte had said The bringing of our little book was hard work As was to be expected, neither we nor our poems were at all wanted When I read the poetry I found it so puzzling why so The Bells poetry is absulately marvellous And those of who don t know, this collection is the occasion for the adoption of their pen names Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell Anne s poems keeping up with the prose styles comparing with Emily is composed carefully and less dramatic like A Reminiscence while Emily s are impassioned, evocating the sense feelings and landscape like in Remembrance Out of all I find Emily s poetry are the best One stanza in The teacher s Monologue gives the homesickness Charlotte and perhaps her sisters as well felt for Haworth Sweet dreams of home my heat may fillThat home where I am known and loved The collection gives you a better insight to the Bronte sisters Though they are mostly emotional, and heartfelt with a sense of loneliness and solitude they are also sad and melancholy but not miserable in anyway what so ever My favourite is Emily Bronte s The Caged Bird.

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    Best Poems of the Bront Sisters introduced me to poems written by the three literary sisters It s a short collection but was enjoyable to read.The Bront s famous for writing were among six siblings They originally published the poems under the names of Currer, Acton and Ellis Bell, perhaps thinking the poems would sell better if buyers thought the authors were men Perhaps it s fortuitous that the poems didn t sell well, because the Bront s moved on to writing novels That s not to say the poems aren t good, but I think their prose is enduring.The poems are very much of the century they lived in There are odes to nature such as places in the woods or windy days There are also some darker poems written about the loss of their siblings There is joy here, but much sorrow and darkness too The poems are not something I would have thought of as something the Bront s would do well, but I thoroughly enjoyed this collection.I received a review copy of this ebook from Dover Publications and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.

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    BEST POEMS OF THE BRONTE SISTERSWritten by Charlotte, Anne and Emily BronteEdited by Candace Ward1899 reissue January, 2016 64 PagesGenre poetry I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review I have read the Bronte sisters poetry for a few years now in collections and online and have enjoyed it Now that I have read some of the Brontes novels I can see of the individual style they had The one thing they all have in common is that their poetry has little stories Another collection living in my eReader.

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    I really didn t think these were very good They are almost all in the same pentameter so it became quite repetitive quickly I like variety.

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