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    Is it unreadable Yes Were the 17 words I did understand enough to blow my mind and change my life and understanding of philosophy and being Yep.

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    The most important philosophical work of the 20th century, and a text whose influence will still be felt for some centuries to come, I am willing to reckon Even if you are one of the many detractors, the fact remains that it is simply an outstanding monument to man s ability to think deeply, freshly, terrifyingly, and poetically about himself Heidegger s main focus is on Being what does it MEAN to be This is of course an old question, stemming from the days of Aristotle, but Heidegger is foremost a phenomenologist i.e To the phenomena themselves and therefore refuses any recourse to anything that is outside the scope of what is immediately apparent in the one thing that human beings often overlook, that is to say, human existence itself This means that the scope of ambition of Heidegger s project is staggering he intends to determine WHAT a human being IS, by HOW it is and this means that he not only takes on a nearly 2000 year old philosophical tradition, but also a nearly 2000 year old deeply embedded conception of what a human being is and by extension, what a human being should be It is a provocative assault, which may account for the polarizing reactions that Heidegger seems to evoke But this also means that Being and Time is a primordially humane book, for it was Heidegger who truly brought the existentialist consciousness to the fore of our developing consciousness as a species Make no mistake, this is still hard core philosophy, but it is a book about the many banalities of the average human life, and thus, about the many hidden profundities of the average human life Appreciate Heidegger s phenomenal see what I did there insight into the human condition, and you will never look at life, time, the world, concern, other people, a hammer, language, reality, and death in the same way again Now for the mandatory words of warning This book is DIFFICULT But it is difficult in the way the ending stages of a hard fought chess game is difficult Being and Time may be difficult, but it is NOT boring Stick with it, make the effort, and you will not be disappointed You may even as happened to me slowly neglect the other distractions of your life and set aside a solid block of time to tackle the text for me, 3 months , and not even be aware of anything like a sacrifice being made You just feel like you ve decided to venture a few steps deeper into the rabbit hole, is all And with regards to the language, I actually love the language in Being and Time , leave alone finding it something to rail against It has a kind of an austere beauty to it, a kind of mathematical poetry if you will For those who complain that Heidegger could have said what he wanted to say in easier language, the answer is that, NO he could not have Since his project was a radical rethinking of the nature of human existence, he needed a radically new vocabulary to describe the stages of his project The usual words like soul , consciousness , and even human being are too embedded in the tradition he is attacking, and have too much baggage Once you appreciate this, and read the text with fresh eyes , then you appreciate the hidden intricacies of his language, as well as to the depths he takes these new terms too And finally, this is most definitely not a book that a casual reader can dip into this is hardcore philosophy that was meant to overthrow another philosophical tradition So, these would in my opinion be the absolute prerequisites before any reader wishes to pursue Being and Time 1 A general knowledge of philosophy and the history of philosophy, and at least a surface level knowledge of what the major philosophers of the Western tradition had to say about life, the universe and everything This is important, because this tradition represents substance metaphysics or the metaphysics of presence which Heidegger attacks throughout the entire text these terms simply mean the positing of some kind of unit of stable timelessness that stands behind or hangs over human existence, be it the soul , consciousness , God , Atman , Will , Forms or what have you A good introductory book on philosophy should do the trick, and in my knowledge, Will Durant s The Story of Philosophy is still the best way to go, though of course, any equivalent book which goes over the main theme of Western philosophy should do the trick2 An intuitive understanding of Nietzsche His influence is present throughout the text of Being and Time , because he is the bad boy cousin of Heidegger s who sounded the death knell of traditional philosophy a project which Heidegger systematizes, enhances, and pursues Since Nietzsche is primarily a poet and a cultural critic rather than an actual philosopher in addition to being a superb writer a quick crash course of reading his main works The Gay Science, Beyond Good and Evil, Twilight of the Idols, and if you can stomach the overblown prose, Zarathustra would do you good here 3 A good guide to Being and Time predictably, for a work of such complexity and importance, several guides have sprung up of varying quality The one I used was Gelvin s Commentary which is clear, friendly, excited, and straightforward Everything that you need 4 A surface understanding of phenomenology a Wikipedia search should do the trick, or any such introductory article If you re seriously gung ho then An Introduction to Phenomenology by Sokolowski will ground you than you strictly need to be grounded And that s it, you re ready to go This is not a book that you can read once, and I wonder if read is even an appropriate word For the same reason that you do not read Finnegans Wake, but experience it as if it wasn t a book but a sentient entity which would get insulted if you labelled it as a book, I think the same would go for Being and Time It is a profound exploration of the most primordial questions a man can ask about anything, and as such, it demands a steady commitment of your time, energy, your curiosity, and the latent profundities that lie within you and which will be awakened as you thumb through the master piece that is Being and Time.

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    Sein und Zeit Being and Time, Martin Heidegger 1889 1976 Being and Time German Sein und Zeit is a 1927 book by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, in which the author seeks to analyse the concept of Being 2008 1387 942 20 1385 .

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    done.it was like losing my philosophical virginity and it feels like everything i have read until now was a preparation for this including my dipping in it for seven years or so and i m glad i read and discussed augustine s confessions with a wonderful group of people, during a course otherwise i would have understood nothing at all from the part about temporality.the dynamic of the book is very musical, it seemed to me drone like as if the loooong sounds are repeated and repeated again, creating a texture which changes your mood your attunement making you able to see how a new ground is disclosed.of course i can t say anything coherent about it and i don t think anything coherent needs to be said in this review.there s no substitute for reading it if you want to understand where contemporary philosophy is coming from.

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    Being and Time by Martin Heidegger is an ocean of infinite gems It is one of those books, which require re reading only to discern new motifs surfacing up every time No single review can fully justify the thoughts running throughout the book I did try jotting down few thoughts but am sure I still have missed some of them, which I might add later after reading it the second time.Coming straight to book, Being does not means presence, rather being is time and likewise never really shows its presence A being is than what it actually looks like, its limitation is than its physical dimension By defining any object or being as per its usefulness or appearance or even concept is to exaggerate a particular character to give it a grotesque effect Since, there is always to what one perceives Defining never captures the essence of being.Even if we stare a thing, we do not see its complete picture, the wholeness is always missing There is some part of the object, which is always hidden Heidegger uses the term withdrawal to this phenomenon.Heidegger s concept of time too is not limited to watch or calendar rather it is a kind of temporality that can be experienced in any single moment.For instance, we use our tools without explicitly noticing them, like hammer Our radar of focus is the thing we are building than tools or hammer we are using Even if it the hammer breaks, it will remain than what we are seeing, a broken tool This implies, the being of hammer is always absent, even if it works underneath the entire building operation However, the hammer or the things around us, be it trees, candles, table or books are not always absent Had they been in the state of absence, there would have been no relation between these objects and us.A book for me is a voyage, a learning expedition but the same book for a baby is nothing than a rectangular thing with pages to fiddle about, thus, the person who encounters an object determines its presence, which again is not the object s complete picture.Joining the two pieces of the mentioned thought processes together create the two sides of a story First is, the part of an object that is hidden, to which Heidegger calls past and the second, characteristics that make thing present, word used for this is future By combining these two entities, a new form of present is born, which is torn between being of things and the physical dimension that is perceived by us The world is continuously moving back and forth between these two entities Heidegger has called this endless tossing as time.It is with this audacious thought, Heidegger questions the credibility of history of philosophy that till then have limited the objects to their mere presence, thus ignoring the other side, which as per him, completes the entire reality Modern technology too has reduced the objects merely to their presence by focusing only on the utility functions.According to Heidegger, concept of time is only relevant to beings and not to any inanimate objects As indicated by his theory, humans are the only entities that exist in the world, rest of the objects do not have access of the surrounding world Dasein is the German term that has not been translated, which signifies human existence or the state of being in his entire work The term cannot be replaced with human being since the word is already saturated with lots of conventional theories and prejudices For instance, human beings are considered higher mammals with rational abilities, creatures that build up structures with the help of tools, advanced African Apes, curious beings that play around with technologies or mortal bodies encasing immortal souls Heidegger wanted to minus these theories completely, so he created Dasein, which can only be looked with a single beam of philosophical light and character of which is only temporality.Objects like tree, stone, table can have a present at hand single physical view but human beings like coin have two dimensional interplay and this interplay is termed as time.This thought process of Heidegger s echoes Critique of Pure Reason, the famous 18th century work by Immanuel Kant As stated by Kant in first critique, philosophically, discussing things as they are have no bottom line Limitations of humans with respect to their experiences are one of the major hurdles in defining the actuality It is beyond the understanding of humans to comprehend something to its completeness For example, humans cannot comprehend whether space and time can exist independent with respect to themselves humans However, they can assert that both are necessary for human survival It is next to impossible for humans to decipher as to what or how it is to feel outside human experience The dimension is still unexplored and unfathomable for human beings.Thus, Heidegger in BT refers to the interplay between the actuality of things that is of course hidden on one hand while the oversimplified shimmering appearance of objects on the other.His ideas are simple but the Heideggerian terminologies make this work slightly difficult to read Still the book has its own charm Writing a thorough review would mean, submitting a thesis on BT As mentioned at the beginning, I m gonna sit again to read the book and this time, and sure ideas would surface to add to my existing review.

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    This I will re read, and re read, and re read, until I get all the chapters This book actually blew me away and made me think differently about a lot.My philosophy teacher told us to fall in love with the philosopher we re studying , like he had with Heidegger, and so I did too completely ignoring the fact he was a nazi I will return to this very soon.

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    This is the best book I have ever read I had no problem with the translator, Joan Staumbaugh seemed to have done a very good job I couldn t imagine reading this book in German even if I spoke fluent German because the way Heidegger appropriates words This edition provides Heidegger s added footnotes and the edition provides a much needed and used by me Lexicon for the Latin and Greek phrases I had no idea what Being and Time was going to be about before I read it Every synopsis that I had ever come across through my Great Course lectures, history of philosophy books and youtube videos were completely off the mark The book was a template on how I ve approached my life up until now and I didn t realize that somebody else thought as similarly but in formal philosophical structures as I do about the nature of the human experience There is an incredibly nuanced presentation of the nature of science that runs through out the book that predates Thomas Kuhn s The Structures of Scientific Revolutions but follows it substantially We are thrown in to the world and must cope by our structure of care and care is not what you think it means.Have no doubt about it this book reads difficulty I would recommend skipping the introduction and read it after you ve read the book The book reads a lot like Finnegans Wake, but just realize that as in the Wake each sentence and paragraph has a reason for being placed in the book I would strongly recommend listening to the Hubert Dreyfus 2007 course on the book given at University of California Berkeley freely available from Itunes before you start reading this book If I had not, I would not have been able to finish the book I make it a rule that after I have read a book I sell it back to the greatest used bookstore in the known universe, Coas in Las Cruces, NM This book is the exception I ll keep a copy for future re readings.

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    This book made my life come back into light It also serves as proof that philosophy is about life, and nothing else Being and Time renewed a sense of autonomy and history that I hadn t thought possible, my responsibility for the places, people, and meanings I carry with me, and those that I choose to leave behind.

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    I would rate this as the number one philosophical book written in the 1900 s I wish I had read it in my twenties Given, it is at times frustrating to read, however it is also addicting at the same time This is one of the books I will keep with me for life.

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