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    Someone leaves the window open at the local library, and the bats seize a chance to have a bat night at the library It s hard to settle down and readwhen life flits by at dizzy speed.But storytime is just the thingto rest a play exhausted wing.And if we listen, we will hearsome distant voices drawing near louder, louder, louder still, they coax and pull us in, untileveryone old bat or pup has been completely swallowed upand LIVES inside a book instead of simply hearing something read.The bats also enjoy non book library activities, such as making photocopies of themselves and bathing in the water fountain.This book s pictures are a bit lighter and easier to see than Bats at the Beach, so I enjoyed this book a bit And it celebrates a love of reading.http storysailor.files.wordpress.coTl dr This is a perfect book to read to children if you are a librarian doing reading time or if you are a parent of a kid who loves the library, or if you are a teacher Very cute and book positive.

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    This was a book where I wished I had someone read this to me so that I could listen and simultaneously look at the illustrations.The rhyming story is very good.The illustrations are marvelous, with lots of smart and amusing touches I especially liked the Goodnight Sun book cover and the bat that wears glasses, but there is much to look at and enjoy.The love of books and the ability to immerse oneself in them is communicated well.You don t have to be a fan of bats to appreciate this book, but it probably helps a bit to have at least mildly fond feelings for bats They re so cute in this book, those who are fearful or otherwise think they don t like bats may be won over.

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    Cute Much to enjoy for fans of both libraries and bats The poetic story is a nice change of pace from most picture books, good for read aloud My favorite part was when the bats go into the stories bat themed tributes to Goodnight Moon, Red Riding Hood, King Arthur, Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland the bat Whinnie the Pooh is priceless

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    Very cute I loved the pictures of those bats They re all excited because someone left the window open in the library and they can get in They read the books, which they place upside down while they hang upside down, play with the computer, photocopier, water fountain, and overhead projector, and listen to stories Brian Lies illustrations are beautiful and filled with humor On the first page of text, if you look carefully, the bats on the page are actually hanging upside down My favorite picture is the 2 page spread where they re all listening to a story So cute Library lovers HAVE to read this one

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS Batty Good BOOK What s not to love Gorgeous, whimsically realistic artwork rich in detail, transporting in atmosphere Punaliscious text and illustrations depicting classics and contemporary tomes with bats at the helm Wonderful timbre and rhyme, making reading aloud, oh so much fun Hidden bat and batty details woven into the artwork Every book is that much delightful, when set within the walls of a magical land called the library.FIVE Library Fabulous, Batty Bodacious, Wonderful Read Aloud, Picture Book Fun STARS

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    Not to my taste Wordy, with a rhyme that seems forced but other reviewers praise it, so you decide for yourself Too much time spent outside the books, even outside the library, for me Though I do like the effort to desensitize those who are squeamish about bats like spiders coyotes, they are valuable members of our ecosystems And I do like the author s bio in which it s said that Lies visits local libraries when he travels I do too Do you

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    Bats at the Library is a story told in rhyme by a bat The bats are bored until one of them hears that a window was left open at the library The bats are very excited and do lots of fun things in the library like making shadows on the wall using an overhead projector, copying themselves on the copying machine, and of course the highlight of the night, storytime All the bats gather around and listen to the stories being told until the sun starts to come up and they have to leave without finishing their books, hoping they will get another chance to return and experience the amazing world inside the library.The illustrations of watercolor are dark throughout because of it being nighttime but are very realistic and detailed in the scenery and what bats really look like The illustrations show the bats reading books in the forefront and in the background they show the bats dressed up and imagining themselves as the characters in the books they are reading like Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin and Winnie the Pooh.There are so many details that students may not notice everything after the first reading This is really a book that is better read on your own to explore the pages One book the bats are reading is called Goodnight Sun and is the same boardbook colors as Goodnight Moon There is an old black and white drawing from Make Way for Ducklings however there are a mother bat and her little bats following and crossing the road in the ducklings place.It would also be interesting to see what books they have read or recognize that are referenced in the pictures but not explicitly stated Although this would be a good book to pair with a nonfiction bat book and compare what these bats did in the story and what real bats do, I think it would also be a good story to use to write our own rhyming verses There is one wordless two page spread that shows the bats as characters from different stories and I would like to see what the students could come up with to describe what is happening in the story at that point.

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    Loved this Bats waiting for that special night, when they can explore the library I wish I could join them, to have free rein all night long in a libraryhow wondrous What I loved about this book is that it captured that feeling of excitement and discovery for kids And the pictures are all fun and utterly perfect for this book This is one I don t mind re reading.

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    Bryan Lies does not disappoint with his sequel to Bats at the Beach From the picture on the cover where a bat cradles a book like it is his prized possession, Lies shows the power of books to entrance the reader The bats are jubilant at the chance to spend the night in the library and to find books that feed the universe inside each head The rhyme and heavy rhythm throughout the book adds to the mood of celebrating learning.The acrylic illustrations capture the rich texture of dark and night, but also illuminate each bats unique personality And little details like the bats playing within a picture in a pop up book and flying paper airplanes out of bat images adds spunk to the story And when the bats are shown participating in the story being read, Lies demonstrates the visual power of books and imagination.This is a great book that will allow children to find nuances in the story and pictures through multiple readings.

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    This is a fantastic children s book with rhymes and beautiful artwork.Bats Lots and lots of bats They discover a window left open at the library and fly in at night when the library is closed Inside they find wondrous things to see and do Normally I would think that bats would be a kind of creepy subject for a kid s book but this is not a creepy book at all.Funny thing, I found this book at the local public library While at the check out desk the librarian told me a story of bats that lived at this particular building Who would have guessed there would really be bats at the library

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Bats at the Library
  • Brian Lies
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9780618999231

About the Author: Brian Lies

I was born in 1963 in Princeton, New Jersey, which back then was a quiet college town, surrounded by old farmland slowly giving way to housing developments I spent a lot of time building dams and forts in the woods across the street with my best friend, inventing things, and writing and drawing with my older sister At various times during my childhood, we had newts, gerbils and rabbits as pets.