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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Basilisk
  • Rob Thurman
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780451464149

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    I can always count on Rob to give me, the reader, action packed books with lots of humor and at the heart two brothers who will move heaven and earth for each other in truly dire situations In Chimera we follow along from Stefan Korsak view as he finds after 10 years his brother whose been genetically altered to be the perfect superhuman assassin, killing with a single touch Finally breaking free from the institute that experimented on Misha Michael and other children, the brothers seem to have loosen the hold the institute had Basilisk picks up three years later and from Misha view as those who the brothers been hiding from find them, dragging them from their hard won peace But now the ones who were the experiments are running the show, and it s once again up to Misha and Stefan to find a way to stop them before the bring complete death to the world It was refreshing to have Misha view to the story this time around, from the scary kid we first met, Masha has grown to be a great young guy, whose still dealing with the world and his hate for LOLcats showing the emotional insecurity of dealing with his brother ,feelings and life in general This was one of the highlights of the book for me because even if he s pretty much an genius and superhuman powerhouse, he still has doubts, which makes him all to human RT leads us on a merry chase through a few states as the Brothers track down the other Chimera and one scary little girl by the name of Wendy who can kill anyone with a thought Cue the gore The story does take a little time to get into with Misha bouncing around from one thought to another, but quickly picks up as the brother s leave the place they ve called home and pick up Saul with his eye popping wardrobe The batter between Saul and Misha has me rolling with laughter, and poor Stefan having to deal with his crazy genius brother is heartwarming cause you know he wouldn t change him Because he s his brother Clues and omissions by Misha give the reader a few pauses as you wonder what he s been hiding, and Rob wraps it up nicely with alot of surprises along the way Entertaining and just plain fun the Chimera series is shaping up to be a great series and maybe giving the Leandros brothers a run for their money It was five months later that I finally admitted defeat, finishing what I d started than half a year ago, and was at my laptop, hacking into Lolcats, crashing the site, and removing any mention of it from the Net It was evil and had to go.

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    Oh, Rob Oh Rob I tried I tried to read past the awful emo that topped anything that Cal and Niko ever had to offer I tried to get past the awful dialogue and expository repetition, telling myself that yeah, while the book could probably in fact, be done in 40 pages, surely there was something in here to keep me reading I even tried to explain away the awful ignorance displayed about domesticated ferret behavior Biting all the time to draw blood Er, terribly abused Really Beyond anything every hinted at in the first book Horrible smell so bad everyone always commented on it Must still have scent glands and being washed daily off scene Might also have something to do with the bizarre diet, too But nothing can explain the noises Or the other distinctly non ferret habits Have you ever seen a ferret outside of a big box pet store, where they tend to just sleep most of the time But then I got to the part where Misha finally meets up with his online sorta of girlfriend, and oh my gods, the tropes were going to kill me And the if a reader couldn t see where the plot was going with the awesome perfect super bionic and oh so smart girlfriend, then they.just deserved to read to the end of this awful thing anyway.

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    Guns are for boys, High explosives are for men.In the case of Basilisk, true words as Micheal Misha tries to show that at nineteen, he is a man.After waiting an agonisingly long wait after Chimera Rob Thurman gives us an action packed second edition to the Korsak Brothers.It starts with the discovery of Anton Korsak s Daddy Korsak death and from there on the plot is engaging, fast and very intriguing Basilisk shows how far the Korask brothers will go to keep each other alive Stefan will kill for Misha and Misha learns what he would do the same for Stefan, despite not wanting to be a killer He learns that saving his family would not make him a freak or monster, it simply makes him human.The sinsiter Institute is not the major threat in this book Its the other Chimera children, mainly Wendy, the ten year old who loves to kill Wendy is now forever a name I now associate with killer ten year ols and is also the name of my next pet She s just creepy and you expect her to skip along singing Ring Around the Rosie while people around her just drop dead Or see her kill a clown in a role reversal Creepy.Basilisk includes Rob s brilliant humor with Godzilla the ferret Guns don t kill people Ferrets do I laughed so much at parts i had tears in my eyes I also had tears at some of the heartbreaking moments between the brothers.This book is epic Worth the painful wait And is overall f king amazing Long Live the Korask Brothers

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    Needs to quit trying so hard to be clever Yes, family is important, I m not going to forget this central theme to the book from page to page Also, we could use some different characters Misha Stefan Cal are all functionally the same character with their reptative not terribly wise cracks, the overcompensating focus on junk food, their so gosh, golly, good hearted badassness Which is all too bad, these are interesting ideas just weighted down with the flavor which winds up overwhelming the story.

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    Seq to Chimera This series is shaping up to be as good as the Cal Leandros series and is very similar in themes ie brothers view spoiler or not so brother He knows hide spoiler

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    3.5 starsThree years after his brother, Stefan, took him out from The Institute, Michael Misha Korsak has learned a lot to try to blend in, to be normal Currently residing in a small town, with different names, their life takes a drastic change when their father, Anatoly is murdered, and they are now on the run from both the government and ruthless killers in the form of Chimera kids from the Institute, who break free and ready to take the human world as their killing Playground.The first book of Korsak Brothers series, Chimera, is an amazing piece of writing In the sequel, Basilisk, Michael Misha Korkas takes seat as the narrator and that makes the biggest impact for me Unfortunately, it s for the worse I m not very much into Michael s thoughts His narration or I guess it means Ms Thurman s writing for this feels a bit too much, a bit excessive Added with actions and twists, it actually makes me feel tired.In addition, I cannot help that Michael s voice reminds me of the other younger brother of Ms Thurman s creation Cal Leandros though Michael is less mouthy However, I admit that Ms Thurman paints the beauty of brotherly love VERY well, with grisp of smart humor It entertains me in some parts It just doesn t grip me as much as book 1 does.

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    Quite a ride Everything that I kept thinking all along, Yeah, but what about was totally addressed in the end to my complete satisfaction I can t say too much without spoiling things, but she does a great job of doling out the story and making it all make sense in the end But as usual, it was the wry humor and heartfelt emotion that was the best past of the book Rob s a master of sarcasm without meanness, always making me feel in on the joke And I m not sure what makes her write so many books about the deep love between brothers or a sister with her Trickster books but she does it very powerfully I have to say that reading this was really poignant I had already gotten the book and had it ready to read next when I saw on Twitter that Rob had been in a very bad car accident and was still in ICU after a week I know that reading and enjoying the book is the best thing I can do to honor her, and I m continuing to pray for her complete recovery I hope that by the time you read this review she s fully recovered You can see updates about her progress on her website I know prayers and good wishes would be greatly appreciated.

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    Immer noch sehr unterhaltsam und eine tolle Br derkiste, aber nicht ganz so toll wie der erste Band, deswegen nur drei Sterne Ich h tte mir eine Aussprache gew nscht zwischen Misha und Stefan wegen DEM Geheimnis was ich nicht mal hier spoilern m chte , und es wurde zwar angehintet, dass beide es wissen, aber ich fand es ein bisschen schade, dass sie es nicht thematisiert haben Wendy und Ariel sind au erdem gr ssliche weibliche Charaktere und ich denke, Rob Thurman k nnte das definitiv besser Abgesehen davon wieder sehr spannende Action, ein Road Trip, viel Blut und sehr viel br derliche Gef hle.

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    It was quite entertaining overall, and the plot surprised me at times There was one twist in particular that I realised afterward the author had given plenty of clues about, but I didn t see it coming But I didn t like this one quite as much as the previous Korsak brothers book Maybe it was just my mood what was happening in my life.

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    There are big spoilers for Chimera in this review Skip it if you haven t read the first book. Basilisk picks up almost three years after Chimera Stefan and Michael, or Misha as he likes to be called, are living in a small town in Oregon, holding down normal jobs while they plan their raid on the Institute to rescue the remaining chimeras While not all of them are enthusiastic killers, none are like Misha who has a working conscience and an aversion to killing, even to save himself, so he s worked on developing a cure.Not long into the book they learn that someone is coming after them and have to pull up stakes quickly, and with some property damage Which means they have to put into motion their attack on the Institute immediately, which means they bring in Saul, Stefan s criminal acquaintance who does occasional work for him at an exorbitant fee he s really Stefan s friend but has a bit of a hard time admitting it.I m not going to go into the rest of what happens because I don t want to give anything away, but I loved this book It was told from Misha s POV and it s definitely different than Stefan s which, I know some will disagree, is a good thing In Chimera we didn t know what was going on in the super smart head of his, but in Basilisk we find what he thought then and how he has developed in the three years since There was a lot of internal and external dialogue about what he was capable of doing and what he would do, of things he learned at the Institute and since he was free, but I liked it It gives the reader insight into the Misha and the other kids who were raised there, why they are the way they are and how amazing it is that Misha isn t a sociopathic nut job and how much Stefan had to do with that.Some other reviewers have said that if you didn t see a couple of things coming you either never read a book, saw a movie, or whatever Well, I admit it, I didn t see a couple of little twists with characters coming, but, like I ve said, I m just smart enough to know how dumb I am, so sue me Even if I had figured everything out, I still would ve enjoyed the book just as much For me, this series isn t a whodunit, we know who the bad guys are, it doesn t matter which one is the worst I love the relationship between Stefan and Misha, especially since we know they aren t actually related by blood And yes, in terms of the relationship between the two main characters, who are brothers who will do anything for the other, it s very similar to Thurman s Cal Leandros series Again, don t care.I keep saying this in reviews of her books, but I don t know how Thurman writes her characters with so much emotion and all that other touchy feely stuff without making me want to hurl, but she does I was ready to give this one five stars after reading the freaking prologue and I can t wait for the next book in this series.

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Rob Thurman is currently writing three series for Penguin Putnam s imprint ROC FANTASY, as well as a brand new mainstream series for Simon Schuster s POCKET BOOKS.Rob has also written for a Charlaine Harris Toni L.P Kelner Anthology, WOLFSBANE AND MISTLETOE This year, Rob contributed a post apocalyptic, grim faerie tale Western to the anthology, COURTS OF THE FEY.Rob s work is dark