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Bad Taste in Boys quotes Bad Taste in Boys, litcharts Bad Taste in Boys, symbolism Bad Taste in Boys, summary shmoop Bad Taste in Boys, Bad Taste in Boys 486264e0 Someone S Been A Very Bad ZombieKate Grable Is Horrified To Find Out That The Football Coach Has Given The Team Steroids Worse Yet, The Steriods Are Having An Unexpected Effect, Turning Hot Gridiron Hunks Into Mindless Flesh Eating Zombies No One Is Safe Not Her Cute Crush Aaron, Not Her Dorky Brother, Jonah Not Even Kate She S Got To Find An Antidote Before Her Entire High School Ends Up Eating Each Other So Kate, Her Best Girlfriend, Rocky, And Aaron Stage A Frantic Battle To Save Their Town And Stay Hormonally Human

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    I wrote it If I didn t like it, there would be something wrong with me Okay, so there IS something wrong with me A few things, even Like I m obsessed with Richard Simmons and I tend to do zombie impressions at inappropriate moments, but the not liking my own book thing is just going too far.

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    I m at a loss on how to rate this book It s really in a league of its own I was tempted to give five stars, but I just couldn t do that out of respect for Feed, The Reapers Are the Angels, Raw Blue and other books that blew me away and changed me forever But in all un seriousness this book is five star material and it s absolutely hilarious You know those comedies that don t make the least bit of sense The ones you watch fully aware that they are stupid, and yet you can t help laughing your ass off That s sort of how this is The story has holes than Swiss cheese, so if you re looking for a serious YA zombie novel, you definitely won t find it here In fact, this book should come with a warning on the front cover Abandon logic all ye who enter here But the characters were adorable and they made me laugh out loud on almost every page That alone made it worth reading.Kate Grable is a science geek and the student trainer She tends to minor injuries and hands out Gatorade to the players Her job would be a lot easier if she wasn t taking care of the worst football team in existence She also has to watch her crush, Aaron, get beaten every single time he plays They hit Aaron really hard I heard the whoosh his lungs made when all the air was forced out I wanted to beat the heck out of the JV guys for that, except I wouldn t know what to do in a fist fight without a manual.Kate soon discovers that the desperate Coach has been giving illegal shots to some of his players and that those same players are turning into zombies She has to use all her knowledge and available weapons to prevent her brother, Aaron and her friends from becoming zombies as well The next time you need a few hours of pure fun, read this book I promise you won t be sorry.

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    It is really disconcerting when I hate a book everyone loved I don t look forward to writing these kinds of reviews most of the time It especially pains me because Harris lives in Michigan, and I know she s been inside the book store I used to work at To be honest though, the writing was juvenile and amateurish, and the plot was even ridiculous than I thought a zombie story had any right to be.At 200 pages, this short novel seems like it was written with middle school children in mind than seniors in high school Some of the subject matter would be iffy for a younger teen, but it s actually not especially graphic The main character talks about hooking up with a boy, some body parts get torn or bitten off, and just about everyone pukes at least once There is lots and lots of puking None of this was especially surprising though, it is a zombie book, after all.I thought this was supposed to be funny, but I didn t even smirk once while reading this I love zombie movies and I enjoy dark humor, but this book couldn t have fallen flatter for me The plot is steeped in so much pseudo science that even though I m practically a layman, the way the main character figures out a cure for the zombie virus really made me cringe The science is appalling.How about some young adult fiction clich s Here s a handful for you 1 Nerd girl with bad hair and no boobs lusts after the popular boy2 Bratty younger brother is bratty3 All parents are non existent for the majority of the book view spoiler The mother of the main character is even in another country, while another mom actually gets eaten and nobody seems to care hide spoiler

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    THE REVIEWWhy this book I love zombie booksWhat I thoughtKate starts to realize something is wrong with some of the football players at her school and is determined to find out what This was amusing read with relatable characters and a great premise and ofcourse zombies It was a fast paced and entertaining and altogether fun I recommend it to anybody who likes zombies.

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    FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN Cute, entertaining, fast paced fun from start to finish This book was a blast to read Oh and the cover is even gorgeous when you see it up close

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    Reposting an Old Review So, what I liked about the book its cover is beautiful and related to the story many beautiful covers have no connection to the story these days the story began and ended perfectly and I had no trouble getting into it it was the right length and a very fast read for me humor was done just right the balance between science and the paranormal elements was good What I did not like the female lead seemed to be head over heels in love with the coolest guy in school how many times is this going to be done the virus infection was spreading in the school and none of the adults seemed to notice didn t buy it All that being said, I can t wait to try the next book in the series because the author has a really fun way of writing a story.

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel REVIEW Grable is the student therapist for her high school s football team She discovers that the Coach has been injecting his players with an unknown substance that is turning them all into zombies She decides to take matters into her own hands to stop the spread of the virus before its too late I really did not enjoy this book It seemed to me like the top contestant for the most cliches tropes possible in a single book Obviously we needed to include the nerdy, scientist girl who no one notices but desperately wants the popular boy to notice her And who can forget the super popular jock who just so happens to be beautiful AND nice who falls for the nerdy girl because of her brains NOT her looks It was annoying how Kate spent most of the book bashing herself for being nerdy, like girl come on, embrace your brain, be proud that you re smart The way Kate spent most of her time fawning over Aaron was also incredibly annoying One second he had no idea who she was then the next they re making out on the floor of the coach s office The whole plot line made absolutely no sense, which I m assuming was the point But it just seemed like there were too many holes in the story that really bothered me I was hoping for a cool zombie book but was met with a teenage wannabe scientist who drools over the football star and thats about it Zombies were mentioned about three times in the book and it was so anticlimactic, I m very disappointedThe most redeeming part of this book was how fast I flew through it It only took me about 2 and a half hours to read It was funny at times and entertaining for the most part, but generally not my style of writing I think I would have enjoyed it a lot if I had read it when I was younger.

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    Well, that was just plain stupid fun It would make a great horror comedy of the B movie persuasion, like a lighter, teen ier version of Cabin Fever or Return of the Living Dead Part II, but much wittier and with better characters and a happier ending and no nudity Plus, you can read it in two, three hours Yes, the entire story is ridiculous and has holes than the movie Holes, but that s part of the fun And Kate, the super zombie killing science nerd, is an appealing, self depreciating narrator, confident and brave in the face of dismembered limbs and black zombie vomit and doing cell cultures to find a cure, but spazzing out every page over her crush, Aaron My favorite Kate quotation I might not have been great with the romance thing, but no one was going to outscience me Especially when there was a hot boy at stake Kate is why this gets four stars.I don t get the cover, though It s undeniably eye catching I m not sure I want to be seen with it in public, because close ups of sugary coated lips will get weird looks from people but it makes the book look darker than it is I mean, this is definitely on the light side of black comedy it s gory but silly and campy This is not a book that takes itself seriously, but the cover doesn t show that Also I don t see how the image relates to the plot Then again, the title doesn t make sense either, really Aaron is a doll, so it seems she has good taste in boys , so whatever Now I m just overthinking it and being too literal I m just saying, it doesn t scream horror comedy It screams gritty drug addiction, co dependent relationship book, to me But perhaps that s just me Lovers of fast paced, gory, minimally plotted zombie comedies, take note

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    That puke was the most wonderful thing I d ever seen It was green and a little red Technicolor, really, the color puke is supposed to be It definitely wasn t black, and it didn t smell like toasty poop This was a good sign I breezed through this book in one day And let me tell you I had an awfully good time, although I was very relieved that my commuter train compartment did not emanate the penetrating stink of stale sweat, geasy hair, beer and hamburgers gone bad like it usually does at rush hour in late August I might have not been able to reign in my activated imagination otherwise and would have stared down the nose offending passengers with a zombie alert x ray expression disorting my face Bad Taste in Boys combines a wacky, deliciously hilarious story about the world s worst football team getting infected with a vampire virus instead of getting enhanced muscle power thanks to being injected with the untested Playwell fluid and the female, geeky student coach assistent who saves the small town from being digested by them with a cute, wobbly footed romance reminiscent of earlier Cabot books A definite plus is the relationship between heroine Kate and her fifteen year old brother Jonah, a scifi nerd who has recently joined the cheerleading team in order to impress a girl Jonah squealed, jumping up and down and shaking his pom poms His skirt swished around his scrawny yellow knees Jonah, can I give you a piece of sisterly advice Yeah If you ever want to lose your virginity, don t do that again Ever He dropped the pom poms It wasn t much of an improvement The best, however, is all that fun dipped, unaffected goryness and the way aspiring future doctor Kate relates her experiences with gnawed on ankles, ripped off feet and black putrid goo drizzling on the homecoming pancake grill It felt like a trip down memory lane back to those times when a friend and I tried to outdo each other with nauseating stories from the make belief sanatorium we both were stuck as the patients Rrroberto and Alberrtina If you are shocked don t ask what other games I used to invent.Since I had started with a quote, I will close with one as well Excuse me if I feel skeptical, I said Coach s foot fell off How exactly do you propose to cure that Superglue

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    I can t remember the last time that a book made me laugh till I cried and made me feel like if I didn t stop reading right this second I just might wet myself I think I timed this read at the perfect moment I m stuck at home on Friday night working from home fortunately work is slow so all I have to do is sit here and sit here So I decide I m going to start Bad Taste for Boys My Friday night did a 180 to the point where I m actually enjoying working from home right now DKeep in mind, this book is meant to be funny there is no seriousness involved, there is no world building, there are zombies, and NUMEROUS hysterical lines that had me dying to share them with someone.Kate Grable is the student trainer for her school s football team When Kate finds unmarked vials in the Coach s office she immediately thinks he s giving illegal steroids to the players in order to try and recover their losing season Later that night at a party with her classmates, Mike, a football player, collapses and appears to be dead As Kate examines him prior to the EMT s arriving she finds a bruise on his arm that looks suspiciously like an injection site Thinking that he s dead and fearing the worst she s scared out of her mind when Mike suddenly jumps up from the ground and proceeds to grab her butt When she regains her senses and takes a good look at Mike there s something about him something s different and she doesn t know what That s when he kisses her suddenly and takes a chunk of her lip Being gnawed on had pushed me over the edge Mike had always been a tool, but not the kind of tool who bit people when he had the munchies.It s all up to Kate and a few of her friends to find the antidote in time to prevent the entire town from becoming mindless flesh eating zombies This book is highly recommended for anyone in dire need of a good giggle DInterested in of my reviews Visit my blog

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