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    Firstly, I only read Aurora Leigh, not the additional pieces in the book EBB begins Aurora Leigh with the posit that epic poetry isn t dead While I a agree that epic poetry is still wonderful to read and b see how the form of poetry allowed her to be emotive than prose might, I have to say that I think the experiment is a failure Epic poetry is given to action to battles, hero racing against foe, to Odysseus and Beowulf It s not given to modern stories like Aurora Leigh, and in particular it s not a good form to periodically go off on tangents however much their moral explorations are relevant to the main character s narrative as EBB does.So while I appreciated EBB s storyline and, to a degree, her storytelling, the main premise of her book and the resulting slog through what could otherwise have been an enjoyable, easy read caused me frustration than anything else I love poetry but like all art forms, it needs to be used well by the artist.

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    I ve always loved her sonnets, but some of her other works are just as beautiful We easily see professions of affection as love, but EBB s ideas of social change embody her poetry as much as that The feeling in her poems about the evils of slavery, the ragged children of the poor, and other social problems easily reflect the poetic spirit I find myself disagreeing with her idea that poets should stick with the present world, rather than writing of castles and kings When we read or write of the past, we are able to reflect on the past and find the enduring values that need to remain in the present and in the future We also see evidences of moral wrong that serve as examples for our own hearts, as in Achille s desire for revenge, when he dragged Hector s dead body around the city We are motivated by these ideas to change our own hearts I think they serve as good sources for poetic ideas as those in the modern day and future will She is one of the best poets I ve read though.

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    I was only assigned to read Aurora Leigh for class, but I hope to go back and read the other poems sometime in the future.

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    I really enjoyed Aurora Leigh, but was not so keen on some of the other poems All the same, it s not what I expected and definitely worth reading From the point of view of study, the notes were pretty helpful too.

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    Beautiful poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning I think the story is somewhat autobiographical Both an interesting story and a beautiful read.

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