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As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride pdf As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, ebook As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, epub As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, doc As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, e-pub As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride 478cbba7273 From Actor Cary Elwes, Who Played The Iconic Role Of Westley In The Princess Bride, Comes A First Person Account And Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of The Cult Classic Film Filled With Never Before Told Stories, Exclusive Photographs, And Interviews With Costars Robin Wright, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, And Mandy Patinkin, As Well As Author And Screenwriter William Goldman, Producer Norman Lear, And Director Rob Reiner The Princess Bride Has Been A Family Favorite For Close To Three Decades Ranked By The American Film Institute As One Of The TopGreatest Love Stories And By The Writers Guild Of America As One Of The TopScreenplays Of All Time, The Princess Bride Will Continue To Resonate With Audiences For Years To ComeCary Elwes Was Inspired To Share His Memories And Give Fans An Unprecedented Look Into The Creation Of The Film While Participating In The Twenty Fifth Anniversary Cast Reunion In As You Wish He Has Created An Enchanting Experience In Addition To Never Before Seen Photos And Interviews With His Fellow Cast Mates, There Are Plenty Of Set Secrets, Backstage Stories, And Answers To Lingering Questions About Off Screen Romances That Have Plagued Fans For Years With A Foreword By Rob Reiner And A Limited Edition Original Poster By Acclaimed Artist Shepard Fairey, As You Wish Is A Must Have For All Fans Of This Beloved Film

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    4.5 I m so mad at myself for waiting so long to read this.This book was absolutely delightful, and made me love The Princess Bride even than I already did So many of Cary s stories about quirky, unusual things that took place behind the scenes but are noticeable in the finished film, if you know where to look make me excited to re watch the movie yet again The only downside was the format I loved getting little asides from the other cast members and director, but they were inserted so randomly throughout the text that it sort of took away from Cary s writing It just disjointed the narrative a bit too much for me, but I don t know how else it could have been done, so I ll forgive it.Overall, a fantastic book that I will forever recommend to anybody who loves The Princess Bride.

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    Three stars Inconceivable I do not think that word means what you think it means It s true it is barely conceivable that one could not adore As You Wish Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride But despite a deep and lasting fondness for the movie of course I own a copy , this was a mixed adventure, much like a stroll through the Fire Swamp Despite containing fencing, giants, and the miracle of a sleeper hit, I found it lacking in fighting, revenge and true love.I spent an accidental Audible credit on the audio version I didn t cancel quite soon enough , noting it was read by Elwes It was delightfully read though somewhat stilted at the beginning, he soon finds his pace and story telling voice, and it stops sounding quite so much as reading, and like telling His voice is charming, soothing, measured, resonant clearly the voice of someone trained in theater It also appears that Elwes is a surprisingly accomplished mimic, as he reads certain sections in voices of the involved people There are also guest appearances recounting their own roles in that particular section, including the director Rob Reiner, his friend and co producer Andrew Scheinman, author William Goldman, actors Robin Wright, Christopher Guest, Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Carol Kane and Fred Savage basically, all the actors with speaking parts who were still alive.The trouble for me was that so much of what Elwes was saying was forgive me dull. Elwes seems a genuinely nice guy, as evidenced by his effusive praise for absolutely everyone involved with the project Everyone has a body of work he admires Everyone is enormously talented Everyone is incredibly kind to someone virtually naive to a Hollywood style production The first chapter sounded like someone reading an Imdb page than storytelling Of course, his work in Spinal Tap I was a big fan of etc I m not a film buff and much I didn t recognize nor did I particularly care as it was basically resume listing It isn t that I wanted scandal, but I was looking for personal and character details that couldn t be found in a filmography I suspect a three fold effect was in operation first, that Elwes is genuinely nice second, his recount is through the golden glass of nostalgia and three, that he doesn t want to burn any professional bridges I actually tried speeding up the read at one point, something I have never done, because it was so tedious I wouldn t recommend it While it did indeed go faster, I found I missed Elwes speaking cadence almost immediately.The overall content was intermittently interesting Here are the specific insights Robin Wright is gorgeous At the time was locked into a contract for the soap Santa Barbara They set her free long enough for the movie, but demanded an additional year commitment Andre the Giant was a huge person, an alcoholic, sweet, and incredibly generous He was troubled by back pain Note Elwes never used the word alcoholic, but instead described the vast amounts he would drink And his farts were epic Hearing Elwes say the word fart totally made my inner ten year old giggle I have a suspicion that Elwes and Mandy Patinkin were very competitive on set, although most of the detail about this was left out Practice for the swordfight took weeks The actor that played the ROUS fighting The Man in Black caused a delay in shooting when he was picked up the night before for operating under the influence Wallace Shawn Vizzini was dreadfully afraid he was inadequate after hearing the part was first offered to Danny DeVito No official word if this was true Personally, I think DeVito couldn t have played it straight enough and would have failed my one of my favorite lines You fell victim to one of the classic blunders The most famous of which is never get involved in a land war in Asia Elwes was a total dolt and broke his toe on Andre s four wheeler That scene where he says, life is pain, Highness totally real He also genuinely fell unconscious when Christopher Guest Count Rugen knocked him on the head No acting needed That scene in the Fire Swamp when Robin is set on fire Also totally real Fire retardant dress William Goldman ruined the first take because he forgot the scene and over reacted Rob Reiner gives a lot of hugs.Most of the content is the recounting of various emotional states before, during and after filming with details that are too hazy for people who weren t there Let me splain twenty plus years ago, I was the waterfront director at a rustic girl scout camp I remember it as absolutely glorious, and I can recount a few specific instances of when we laughed so much it hurt and a couple moments of unspeakable beauty, but on the whole, I wouldn t expect anyone to want to listen to me recount details I could only give enough specifics for ten minutes of good story telling the rest of the time, the listener would just be listening to my interpretation of my emotional state.Overall, not sad I listened to it it is The Princess Bride, after all and I m sure the details will add another layer of appreciation to the movie, and another reason for haters to be annoyed by my movie love But I d suggest borrowing this one No rhymes now, I mean it Anybody want a peanut

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    I was the perfect audience for this memoir I have probably seen the movie The Princess Bride 100 times, and I ve read William Goldman s book so often that the cover is torn, the binding is broken and some pages are falling out Oh, and the song Storybook Love played at my wedding So yes, I am a fan As You Wish is the story of how the movie The Princess Bride got made Cary s perspective is the main one, but other cast and crew members shared anecdotes and behind the scenes stories about the production Director Rob Reiner s sections were especially interesting, since he had to jump through a lot of hoops to get the movie made.Some of my favorite stories were about Andr the Giant, who had a voracious appetite for both food and drink, and everyone praised his loveability and generosity It was also sweet to hear that Robin Wright had a crush on Cary she said she was smitten with him Both Cary and Wallace Shawn were nervous about their performances apparently Wallace was convinced that the director was going to replace him in the movie which Reiner denied Cary wrote that he was insecure because so much of the movie was riding on his performance as Westley and the Man in Black.Another good story was the time Cary broke his toe because he had been trying to ride an ATV, after being egged on by Andr They were in a remote location and Cary didn t want to delay filming, so he hobbled around a bit in the scene I had never noticed it before, but when I rewatched the film, I could spot when he was limping.The stories that Cary and Mandy Patinkin shared about their training for the famous sword fight between the Man in Black and Inigo Montoya made me appreciate that movie scene so much The actors spent months working with professional swordsmen, and it really shows on screen Everyone, including the director, was proud that Cary and Mandy became proficient enough that they didn t need any stunt doubles to do the sword fighting The stuntman was used only for the acrobatics in that scene Cary even said there was some competition between him and Mandy while they were training, and that it pushed them to work even harder.Overall this is a glowing, nostalgic look back at the movie that has become a beloved favorite This is not one of those Hollywood memoirs that gets ugly and smears other celebrities I do not think there is a harsh word in the entire book, other than some pointed comments about the studio marketing department that didn t know how to promote the movie But luckily, the VHS market was about to boom, and the cast and crew credit that development with giving the movie the large fan base it has today.I listened to As You Wish on audio, and it was a delight Hearing Cary Elwes read reminded me of why I had such a crush on him He is a charming narrator, and the audiobook also features readings by Rob Reiner, Robin Wright, Chris Sarandon, Wallace Shawn, Carol Kane, Christopher Guest, Norman Lear and Andy Scheinman If you like audiobooks and are a fan of this movie, I would highly recommend listening to it I enjoyed reading this memoir so much that I watched the movie again for perhaps the 101st time and I want to reread Goldman s book Is there such a thing as too much of The Princess Bride Inconceivable I am still upset that I missed a chance to meet Cary when I was in college He was in Iowa filming the movie Twister, and he and some other cast members attended a party at a nearby house As the Man in Black says, Get used to disappointment.

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    This is a deeply affectionate, engaging story of the making of the film The Princess Bride, as told by Wesley Cary Elwes It includes frequent sidebar comments from many of the other actors, the director, Rob Reiner, and others involved in creating this classic tale of pirates and princesses, wizards and giants, swordfighters and devious Sicilians True love And fights to the death As You Wish is told in a chatty, anecdotal style, and is unremittingly positive in tone no dirty laundry being aired here This memoir probably won t appeal much to people who aren t Princess Bride fans, but those will find a lot to enjoy in the pages of this book The most poignant parts are the stories and tributes to Andre the Giant, who passed away about five years after the movie was released in 1987, and this quote from Mandy Patinkin It was 1986 My father died in 1972 I read that script and I wanted to play Inigo because my mind immediately want, If I can get that six fingered man, then I ll have my father back, in my imaginary world He ll be alive in my imagination So that was it for me It was like, I ll become the greatest sword fighter, and my reward will not be to be in this movie that ended up being what it s become to all these people my reward will be that my father will come back.The book also touches upon what happened after the movie came out, including a 25th anniversary party reunion I will say that I think it s the kind of book I d recommend getting from the library rather than buying it as a keeper, unless you re a truly rabid fan I don t think I ll ever be particularly interested in rereading it, as much as I enjoyed it the first time So it s a soft 4 stars.I can t think of a better way to end this review than with some of the classic quotes from the film most of which are also in the original novel which, by the way, is one of my all time favorite books and I recommend it highly Inconceivable You keep using that word I do not think it means what you think it means Life is pain, Highness Anyone who says differently is selling something Get used to disappointment I m not a witch I m your wife You seem a decent fellow I hate to kill you You seem a decent fellow I hate to die Mawidge That bwessed awwangement, that dweam wifin a dweam Twue wuv Death cannot stop true love All it can do is delay it for a while Hello My name is Inigo Montoya You killed my father Prepare to die Have fun storming the castle As you wish.

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    I am so tempted to give it 5 stars just for how much I love learning any new tidbit about this movie I am such a Princess Bride fan girl This is me when I found out the book existed.THIS movie cover is my favorite see how the title is the same upside down The book covers how the different actors came together to be part of movie Cary talks about his nervousness and how sweet he was on Robin.Cary talks about how grueling learning the swordplay was Just for fun, here is a link to the famous swordfight BUT WITH LIGHTSABERS HEREYou ll hear about the little people inside the R.O.U.S costumes and how one came to be arrested just before he was needed for filming the scene.Billy Crystal and Carol Kane were so great together even behind the scenes They came together before filming and created some backstory and generally worked their chemistry out beforehand Billy is always great at improv and ad libbing Apparently some of these scenes were too risque to be put in the final film, including these little gems Don t bother me, sonny I had a bad day I found my nephew with a sheep True love is the greatest thing in the world except for a good BM Cary, who was supposed to be mostly dead , couldn t hold it together during this scene They had to use a dummy on the slab Rob Reiner wouldn t even stay in the room, but watched from a soundbooth so he could guffaw away Mandy Patinkin actually sustained his ONLY injury on the set by holding in his laughter he actually bruised his ribs Cary violently broke his toe by agreeing to drive ride Andre s only mode of transportation while on set Andre was too large for any other vehicle Three things in the book really touched me The first was Andre, who was the gentlest guy ever We hear about his childhood and younger days,how much he could drink at one sitting here is his hand with a normal size beer , and a rip roaring fart for the ages while on set We hear how he calmed an acrophobic cast mate and how he kept Robin warm on the cold days by placing his huge hand gently on her head apparently the man generated an amazing amount of heat The second thing that touched me was hearing of Mandy Patinkin s inspiration for his part as Inigo Montoya His father had recently died from cancer He took all that pent up anger and decided in his mind s eye that he would be defeating his father s cancer, if only in his imagination So when he says, I want my father back, you son of a bitch He was really honestly feeling those emotions about his father and the anger he had toward the cancer that claimed his life.He is also very gracious to everyone who every asks him to say his iconic line He says he always does it I wonder if it is because he sort of relives that moment whenever he says it That line just means so much to him.The last thing that touched me had to do with Cary s visit to his grandfather during the filming he also died while before the movie wrapped Very touching thoughts.I m just happy to know these random things about the movie One happy dance for the road

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    This is, by far and away, one of the warmest let s get together and talk about the making of my favorite movie books I ve ever read, but I really need to remember that it s really nothing than that I ve already heard, from what seems like millions of sources, that Princess Bride touched them deeply and how it always seems to be a personal favorite film for each of us Hell, I find myself being one of those people I LOVED the film It has fantastic writing, great pacing, great acting, and even a three act structure as if it was a Shakespearian play But mostly what I get from this book is an utter fan service, and that s just fine if we love nostalgia, and we do Don t we Oh yes, we do I particularly love the tidbits about where Cary and Robin kept kissing and when Cary worked through a broken toe and, of course, just how much effort went into learning the swordplay That was brilliant.

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    I have to say, first of all, that I love the Princess Bride It s one of the few stories where I love the movie as much as I love the book I can t remember the first time I watched it, whether it was on tv, or I rented it by chance from our local movie place My sister, who is not a fantasy fan, loves this movie Her best friend from high school loves this movie When my sister had to give a speech at said best friend s wedding it was from the Princess Bride, and how they used the movie in the process of screening boyfriends It was this speech that robbed me of the opportunity to use it at my sister s wedding, but I did get one of my favorite quotes, on the quilt my mother had guests sign instead of a album So, when I give this book five stars, I m than a bit biased, but that s okay.I really loved how the book took you through the entire process of making the movie I liked finding out how hard it was to even get the movie made at all, and how many of the people involved had first fallen in love with the book I have to admit I saw the movie first, and only found the book years later, when I was in high school I believe I liked knowing how much so many of the people involved loved the book.The information on all the people involved was interesting I liked that he didn t just tell us about the big actors, but the crew as well It was interesting knowing what they had worked on, and how many of them had worked closely together before this movie All the information on sword fighting was fascinating The respect that the author had for the sword masters that taught him was nice, and I never knew that both the actors did all the sword fighting in the movie That they worked really hard so that they could make it look good My sister fenced in high school, and her fencing instructor, talked bout how good the fencing in the movie looked Most of all I love how much of a loving tribute this was to the movie, and the process of making it I loved the respect, and admiration the cast had for each other I liked what they had to say about each other, and I liked how different people opened up about their fears, and insecurities It was refreshing to read a book like this that didn t trash anyone It was a heart warming read without feeling too cloying How could I not love such a gracious ode to one of my favorite stories of all times.PS I have extra respect for Wally Shawn now I had no idea exactly how smart he is PPS RIP

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    I remember seeing the Princess Bride at the dollar movie at the end of 1987 I loved it completely and wondered why I d never heard of it Of course, I was smitten by Westley I bought the book at the campus bookstore before I graduated the following year The movie has since become a classic and my children quote it better than I ever did.The actor playing Westley grew up and wrote a memoir on the making of this epic movie I do not use epic lightly Cary Elwes a little known actor who was just getting some solid experience in the business when he was approached by Rob Reiner to play Westley He was ecstatic Turns out, this was a very special and exact movie, a screenplay written by the author of the novel, years earlier for his daughters How do you make a perfect movie for the perfect book The right director, the right cast, and best supporting staff, and some magic thrown in by Miracle Max.The movie is an anomaly the perfect balance of satire and fairy tale Every character given perfect lines some ad libbed , yet a perfectly clean, seamless adventure, love story, fairy tale emerges So, it seems, the making of this movie was also A few wonderful secrets are given away like how they climbed The Cliffs of Insanity and the story of the broken toe, the secrets of the swamps, the fire, and best of all, the sword fights Big spoiler here, the sword fights were real and hard earned This is really the story of what can happen on the set of a movie when there is mutual love and respect for one another and a true passion about the art.

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