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Any Man of Mine pdf Any Man of Mine, ebook Any Man of Mine, epub Any Man of Mine, doc Any Man of Mine, e-pub Any Man of Mine, Any Man of Mine fbd6abcc54c WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS DOESN T ALWAYS STAY THEREAutumn Haven S Las Vegas To Do List Said To Catch A Show And Play The Slots Not Wake Up Married To A Sexy Jerk Like Sam LeClaire The First Moment She Saw Him Eyeing Her Like A Luscious Piece Of The Dessert Buffet, Her Usually Responsible Self Told Her Run And She Did Right Into The Wildest Fantasy Weekend Of Her Life But Monday Morning Jolted Her Back To Reality, And Before She Could Say Pass The Coffee, Sam Was GoneNow A Successful Wedding Planner, Autumn Hasn T Clapped Eyes On The Heart Breaking Hockey Superstar For Over Two Years Until She Organizes His Teammate S Special Day, Where Sam Makes A BIG Play To Pick Up Where He Left Off But She Has Vowed Any Man Of Hers Plays For Keeps Is Sam The Man For Her Or Does She Banish Him To The Sin Bin Forever

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    HOT AS PUCK NOT Spoiler and Rant Alert It s not hard to guess why I chose this book 1 Hockey hotties 2 A Las Vegas drunken wedding a clich but I love it 3 A surpise post hookup gift a clich again but I love it I got what I wanted Except for 1 Meet Sam An uninteresting and dumb jock who is a crappy father and a shallow, selfish, egotistical prick and NO, he s NOT that adorable jerk you love in your books, just good ol plain DOUCHE.He doesn t care for his son At all He hates Autumn s brother, who is, by the way, a great substitute dad and a decent guy He s always pissed and violent during matches and NOT in a hot way His internal thoughts grated on my nerves and made me gag Just for illustration purposes, some of the crap that comes out of his mouth, or rather stays locked within his tiny chauvinistic brain He d seen her naked, but her body really wasn t anything special Wasn t his type He liked tall, thin women with large breasts Always had been drawn to the overblown There wasn t anything overtly sexy about Autumn Not what she wore nor how she stood Not even the way her shirt pulled across her breasts and distorted the wiener dog on front, kind of lifting his back end higher up her chest while his head was stuck under her right breast In her dog shirt and slippers, she looked like a mom, and Sam had never been attracted to moms He doesn t have one redeemable quality, well maybe one he did start to care for his son although 5 long years too late if you ask me.Meet Autumn.A beautiful but na ve and backboneless woman who is a great mother and a wonderful person but needs to have her head checked She patiently waits although she just won t admit it to herself for Sam to whore his way through supermodels, puck bunnies and playboy playmates but never his assistants, although they have to be beautiful to look at, of freaking course until he s too old to play he s thirty five and has to settle down with an unattractive and boring mom He was only concerned with himself and, as far as he was concerned, why have an unattractive woman in the house if he could hire someone nice to look at It just made perfect sense What on earth drew her to Sam Because I didn t feel an an ounce of chemistry between them when they met They didn t have anything in common there was not even that opposites attract vibe Their interaction was lukewarm, boring, unexciting, just meh Their fling in Vegas He takes her to Cher s concert in Vegas and falls asleep They leave when he starts to snore He plays blackjack and roulette while she watches He can t understand why she doesn t want to visit strip bars Even his sudden decision to get married in a chapel where they went to see an Elvis impersonator felt lukewarm and unenthusiastic We should get married Are you kidding He shook his head No It just feels right Say yes Yes He smiled, and within an hour, they were Mr and Mrs Samuel LeClaire. Excuse me for my language but this book really pissed me off This is not a romance in my opinion Redeemable jerks are my favorite type but this one was a lost case.It s a shame, really, because I loved the writing The writing shows talent and promise.Please note that this is only my opinion and that a lot of readers loved this book I hope it will be better for you.QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 1.5 5Writing style 4 5Storyline 3 5Hero 1 5 Heroine 3 5Secondary characters 4 5 Hotness chemistry 2 5 Romance 1 5 Angst 3 5Darkness level 1 5Humor 1 5 Depth of the book 1 5POV dual, 3rd person

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    Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI should start this review by saying that I m a huge fan of Rachel Gibson and I was anxiously anticipating this book I should continue this review by saying how disappointed I was after reading it This book didn t work for me at all I can honestly say that the only redeeming quality about it was the writing style.Any Man of Mine is book six in the series about the fictional hockey team the Seattle Chinooks but stands alone quite well so you can read this one first.The book s leads are Sam and Autumn About six years ago they met in Vegas 72 hours latter Autumn finds herself left alone in the hotel room after her wedding night that s right, they got married It turns out that Sam, who apparently was drunk the whole time, has realized his mistake and has fled the crime scene Days later Sam has files for divorce while Autumn finds out she is pregnant After the birth of the boy, and after the paternity test results come back positive, Sam agrees to take care of him financially, but he is pretty much absent from the boy s life Flash forward five years later and Autumn and Sam meet again This time they try to be civilized to each other for their son s sake Here is where the book begins and you probably can guess what comes next.This book had an interesting plot, a very crappy hero trying to clean up his act and be a good father I like books where the characters have layers and are not particularly good or even likeable, but to be honest this book took it too far Sam is so unlikeable and behaves like such a jerk, that the only thing I could think while reading the book was that he had a lot of hoops to jump in order to redeem himself It became apparent that those hoops would never come, and why would they The heroine was an idiot she forgave him almost magically fast Sam behaved like a douche the whole book and the only thing that was different by the end was that he now was somewhat present in his son s life, and he wasn t sleeping around I can quote tons of examples for you to get an idea of what a piece of work this guy was, but I ll just use this conversation they have after he arrives late to drop their son at Autumn s You said you d have him here at noon I said ish What I said noon ish The tick in her eye moved to the center of her forehead What is that Some sort of special Sam time While the rest of the world lives and operates in time zones, you re special and operate in ish He smiled like he thought she was funny I wanted to spend a little time with him, Autumn There s nothing wrong with wanting to spend a little time with my son He made it sound so reasonable You re an hour and a half late I thought something might have happened Sorry you were worried That wasn t good enough Besides, she didn t believe him He threw the word around, but he didn t mean it Sam was never sorry about anything When you didn t show up, I called He nodded I forgot my phone at home When we got back, I saw that you d phoned What You didn t think to return my call To let me know Conner was okay He folded his big arms over his equally big chest It occurred to me, but by the way you blew up the phone with all your calls, I knew you d chew my ass Just like you re dying to do right now And to tell you the truth, I m never going to purposely call anyone who s dying to chew my ass She took a deep breath and glanced up at the big window and Conner s little face glued to the glass.Holding on to her control by a thread, she calmly said, You re immature and irresponsible Well, sweetheart, I ve never said I wasn t irresponsible But you re too controlling He s my son He s my son, too He s your son when it s convenient for you Well, it was convenient today Get over it Do I need to say Because the only reason I didn t stop reading right there was because I still had hope that Rachel would manage to redeem Sam.I think it was good for Sam to realize that he was hurting his son, and I get that he was immature when he had him I can even believe that he loved the boy, I just think that he was a self centered bastard who loved himself He had a crappy father, he knew how was like to have an absent parent and to be disappointed and brokenhearted Then why was he doing the same exact thing to his own son Now, don t get me wrong, the hero wasn t the only one who ruined the book for me, the heroine was responsible for that too Here we have a woman who goes to Vegas, gets married two days after meeting a guy, falls in love, or thinks she falls in love, then gets dumped, gets slapped with a divorce order, finds out she s pregnant, gets slapped with a paternity test, the father only shows up after the baby is born, he then proceeds to broke promise after promise he made to the kid, and what does she do Nothing She doesn t get on with her life she says she hates him passionately, but can t move on Once the guy is back claiming to be a better person, she just takes him back Like that We are talking about the same guy whose own coworkers, the guys who are his family, his friends, don t know he has a son Come on, they deserve each other This is the first time I read a romance novel where I m absolutely positive that the leads won t stay together happily ever after I just hope their son will grow up to be a happy and well adjusted man, but with parents like those I seriously doubt it.Let me tell you how this book should have ended Sam steps up to the plate and becomes a good dad, but he doesn t get together with Autumn again She finds someone different, and Sam matures in time as a consequence of his newfound responsibility, and then he finds a woman he can love and respect and be happy with The book ends with both leads finding their HEA away from each other Sadly that ending is only in my head.What really happens is that Sam becomes a good dad but keeps on being unlikeable, which is fair enough I guess, and Autumn remarries him By the end of the book I was annoyed at her than at him.I m really glad this is not the first time I read something by Rachel Gibson, because otherwise it would have been my last I really don t know what happened because I have enjoyed all of her books and she is on my auto buy list I am going to forget about this book and hope the next one is better.I won t recommend this book to you, I will recommend Rachel though If you are a fan of sport player heroes she is the one for you, just skip this one, because there is not even any hockey on it.Don t forget to visit my blog

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    This book pisses me the hell off I don t think that Autumn should of had taken him back He s a a complete dick and I hate him His flaws are just too many, too great, and he doesn t deserve a happily ever after He is every woman s worst relationship nightmare A wild fling that makes you feel something, impregnation, and then desertion.It s complete bullshit what Sam said about falling in love with her 5 years ago, and Autumn, as a smart, well written character really broke my heart when she decided to take back such a complete and utter tool I think that Rachel Gibson should of had reconsidered the ending, hell, reconsidered writing his story at all Men like this exist in real life And men like this get a free ride, just like Sam and his HEA in this book all too often in real life If I wanted to read a tragedy I would of had just needed to call up my girlfriends in high school and asked how they were doing I read through over two hundred pages, waiting for Sam to redeem himself to me, all the way to the bullshit ending where Autumn goes wildly OOC and gives herself to him What An Idiot.The worst thing about this book is that it was pretty well written It was written well enough that I was able to get sucked into Autumn s character and her feelings and made me wonder about how I would feel if I met someone who did that to me And at the end, I was disgusted with Autumn s actions I was disgusted with myself because I found myself relating so well with her up until that point I would NEVER forgive a man who did something to me like that Never mind the humiliating, emotionally scarring desertion in the hotel room Never mind the impregnation, the insulting paternity test A man who would treat his own son like that, as a convenient toy who could play with when ever he felt like it A man like that I could forgive his actions towards me, because that s the past But I would never put myself or a child in a close relationship with such an emotionly stunted ass wipe In the mindset of Autumn, I would forgive him, and I would take that five years late apology I could even be civil with him for the sake of our child, but I would not marry him again I d find myself a better man who loves and respects me Fuck you Sam.

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    Despite the horn dog, rather immature for a 35 year old man hero, Any Man of Mine is yet another winner in the Chinooks hockey seriesResponsible, pretty red head 25 year old Autumn Haven is taking a much needed weeklong vacation in Las Vegas with a list of attractions she d like to see do Not on that list is hooking up with a sinfully handsome, powerfully built blond stud like hockey player Sam LeClaire But with the way Sam looks at her, and with the sparks flying, Autumn indulges her wildest fantasies After a steamy weekend where anything goes, including a spur of the moment quickie wedding and matching tattoos, Autumn wakes up alone in her hotel room, with no Sam in sight Weeks later, she s contacted by his lawyer, demanding a divorce What a bum, he couldn t even face her to tell her himself Despite losing her heart to Sam, Autumn considers herself well rid of him, except for one thingshe s pregnant Sam Fast forward six years Autumn is now an event planner, organizing the wedding event of Seattle the marriage of Chinooks owner Faith Duffy and her retired hockey star fiancee Ty Savage True Love and Other Disasters It s a star studded event, and one that could do wonders for the hard working Autumn s business Everything s going as planned, until Autumn runs into the man she hasn t seen for 2 years, irresponsible baby daddy Sam LeClaireThe physical attraction to the man she now can t stand is still there, but the loathing for the man who cruelly dumped her and the inattention he pays their five year old son is something that Autumn can t forgive But what if Sam has decided to man up and be the father to little Connor that his father never was to him What if Sam is tired of sleeping around with women who mean nothing to him, and wants a shot with the family he left behind Could Autumn ever get over her hurt and disappointment and let Sam prove that he could be the man that she could count on Oh, this one started out with Sam being a real jerk I wasn t sure how I was going to care for him at all But Rachel Gibson worked her magic and started to show why Sam acted the way he did, let us in on his back story, and darn if I wasn t starting to think maybe Autumn should give him another chance True, these two had no business getting married after their wild weekend in Sin City, and Sam should ve been man enough to face Autumn and tell her in person I really couldn t blame Autumn for being furious with him And despite how he turned himself around and became the father his son deserved, I was still a little leery about him and Autumn as a couple I didn t blame her one bit for her distrust These two really needed to talk and learn things about each other, besides what they liked in bed Once they started opening up to each other, I felt a lot better about them as a couple and their potential for a future.Once again, RG provides plenty of steam, lots of humor loved the scene where Sam tore the Sidney Crosby jersey off her back , snappy dialogue, and somehow made me shed a tear or two How does she do it I don t know, but I think I ve found another favorite contemporary romance series 4 1 2 starsP.S I hope RG is planning on writing a story about Autumn s former Navy SEAL brother Vince seems like he s hiding something about his past

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    While this is part of a series, it s apparently the last one Read the others if you will, but this one is eminently skippable.ETA This review goes into better detail about the problems I had and without my, er, idiomatic embellishments.I m sorry, but Sam is a great big giant douche of the East Hampton douches He has a douche pedigree is what I m saying and it s both rarefied and strongly represented I wanted him to be sweet, but really, he s just a jerk I m over two thirds in before quitting and I ve been waiting for an apology or even just an acknowledgement that he selfishly screwed with Autumn s life and was a callous idiot when doing so But no He s all sly smiles and jerky manipulation and completely unexamined want So the man can be kind to his son That s the very barest minimum not to be a complete waste of skin Beyond that he s no deeper than a Las Vegas summer puddle and twice as stupid.I kind of liked Autumn Which is why I had to stop reading Gibson has her go all wobbly when Sam manipulates her into touching him and I could just see the trainwreck coming where her hormones were going to cause her to forget that Sam is a fantastically bad bet and having any intimate relations with the idiot made her an even bigger moron than she was five years ago Sam is the very baddest of bad bets There is exactly zero sign of him not being the same playboy he has been for the entire time she has known him the same guy who left her without explanation or goodbye and then sent his lawyers to demand a divorce He was a selfish jerkface then He is just as jerkfacey now, whatever man pain crisis he seems to be avoiding thinking about.Frankly, I knew I was in trouble when Gibson showed us their past in an extended flashback After that, I just can t see any reason Autumn would give him the time of day, let alone get hormoney about him What he did was beyond mere garden variety jerk It was completely inexcusable and to be anything near a viable romantic partner we needed to see that he had changed More We need to believe he has changed in a way that is both lasting and complete His maturity needed to start years before this book started so we could believe him capable of building something worthwhile At two thirds in, he hasn t even started his maturation And that is way, way, completely way too late.

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    This book had me confused about how should I rate it because there were some very nice scenes, it was well written, had a nice even if he didn t seem so at first hero and a 5 year old that actually acted like one In the end however, I was left with the feeling of lost potential.Autumn and Sam met in Vegas six years ago where they spend a hot, wild weekend that ended in a hasty marriage, a pregnancy and a quick as lightning divorce Now, they are the parents of Conner, a five year old boy, but though Sam has partial custody of him, they haven t seen each other for 2 years That is until they meet in a wedding that Autumn, whose job is an events planner, is managing and when she is faced with the problem of Conner s sick babysitter, Sam comes to the rescue and their relationship picks up again.Though there were a few scenes where I became trully invested in the main heroes most of them about how they met , often than not these two acted like two dimensional characters We really don t get to see much about Autumn besides her organizing and cofident nature The author says that they had fun with Sam when they met in Vegas, but doesn t ever show us that And Autumn was so austere that I couldn t see her appreciating an easy going man like Sam On the same note, I was never able to understand what attracted Sam to her What little we see of Autumn s character, doesn t make her remarkable in any aspect not in appearence, nor in wit or humor Although I could see Sam coming to care for the mother of his child since she was warm, loving and competent, I couldn t see him falling in love with such a stiff board In the end, there seemed something to be missing between those two I could see them deciding to be together for the shake of their child and because they eventually managed to get along pretty well and they were good in bed , but I did not feel any wild passion between them, which is what I look forward when reading a romance On top of that, the child was there in 9 out of 10 scenes these two had, acting as a buffer in their conversations and actions, never letting them act or say exactly what they felt like because Conner would hear see get confused So, the story for the most part revolved around the child and Sam s and Autumn s dynamics as his parents rather than two lovers The author never let us or Autumn forget that they were parents first and foremost, and while that is commendable in real life, it is not the basis for a hot romance Too bad, because the plot and characters had so much potential and I really enjoyed Gibson s voice I ll be checking out of her books in the future, but I do not consider this one of her best efforts.

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    3.5 stars

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    Review posted at www.happilyeverafter reads.blogspot.com2.5 5 stars This series has a few things going for it that I really enjoy 1 Hockey players Yummy2 Seattle Maybe it s just me, but when a story is set in my city, I love reading about a character walking down the street and thinking, hey I was walking down that same street during lunch Yeah, it s probably just me.3 Hockey IN Seattle which we don t have Go Vancouver So all that said, this series setting is one for me I ve enjoyed the past books in the Chinook Hockey series, they re fun, light, finish the book in one sitting kind of reads The H h are enjoyable pairings and the angst level is super low But, Any Man of Mine is a disappointment It doesn t fit in with other books in the series mainly because the characters, namely Sam, are so unlikable Sam borders on total ass iness through the first 60% of the book and by that point, the amount of story time left for him to truly redeem himself is just not enough.The set up is this 5 years ago the H h head to Vegas for a getaway, each with their own sad reasons for needing a break from life They meet, Sam is drunk, Autumn is head over heels in love, 3 days later Elvis marries them, the next morning Sam finally sobers up, leaves her alone in the hotel room and disappears Cue the messy divorce, Autumn finding out she s pregnant, Sam basically being a Dad when it s convenient for him and we ve got 5 years of complete hatred between the two I normally enjoy the whole story arc for couples of hate to dislike to witty banter turning finally into love story It s fun to watch characters go at each other early on, because as readers we wait We wait for THAT moment when they realize that all the dancing around each other and bantering back and forth is just their foreplay We wait for that ONE moment that the whole book builds up to and the payoff is so sweet because of what we just went through with our H h.Any Man of Mine just fell flat Sam was unlikeable for than half the story, I mean really, truly unlikeable To point where I think I would have been fine with an ending of him stepping up and being a good dad to Conner, and no reunion with Autumn GASP Yeah, that s right, I said it, I would have been fine without the HEA Rest assured that there is an HEA, but the story went from hate to love in a matter of a few pages Maybe there needed to be woo ing on Sam s part, or maybe the rebuilding of their relationship needed to start happening earlier in the book, as opposed to the last quarter of it As is usually the case for me, the side characters kept most of my attention Their 5 year old son Conner is a cute kid, Autumn s brother Vince has interesting potential and I hope at some point he possibly gets his own book in a spinoff We get caught up with a few past friends, and it was nice to have a few scenes at Faith and Ty s wedding.I rounded up to 3 stars because Rachel Gibson s Chinook Hockey series is filled with fun, enjoyable characters and their stories but this newest edition was a letdown.

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    I really didn t enjoy this story Before I get into the details, I ll put this up front My dislike is mostly because Gibson managed very well to make me relate to the heroine but then unfortunately didn t manage to make me feel any sort of good will toward the hero in the latter half Five or six years ago, after her mother died, Autumn spends a week in Las Vegas where she meets Sam, has sex, falls in love and marries him And he s. a jerk in that he leaves instantly before she s awake and doesn t leave a number Fast forward to today She s a wedding planner and single mom, taking care of their son pretty much alone and attempting to put on her nice face whenever Sam feels like playing Dad for a weekend In case my bitterness hasn t come through enough already Sam is a shitty dad and left her alone through her pregnancy as well as after.For plot reasons, Sam realizes he s being a bad dad and attempts to change while he s doing that, he also wants to be with Autumn again, though he doesn t really know why or for how long That obviously makes Autumn trust him very much and so they re happy forever Nah, she doesn t trust him He s hurt her, but most importantly, he hurt his son As said son, Connor, is only five years old and written by someone who wants to give us a HEA, he doesn t seem to hold a grudge There s one scene where Sam tells himself that although he wants to change. he can change a little later and does something fun for him instead This is me illustrating that as a reader, my impression of him was that he s unrealiable, constantly putting other things over his son only meeting him when he feels like it and the schedule including summer parties fits and being unlikable in general I did try to like him, see his point, accept that he was trying to change, but his character development was a little too flat and I was a little too involved with Autumn and Connor to forgive and forget Also, Autumn has had time to deal with the shit he put her through while the reader hasn t Maybe I might have liked this had it not been a family at stake and a parent being an asshole But I have strong feelings on that subject, and no matter how much I otherwise enjoy people being imperfect there are certain boundaries, and once you cross those, your redemption arc better be fantastic As a reader, I didn t feel like Sam had gone through any sort of redemption arc to deserve being part of that family Although I thought some of the romantic scenes were cute I d much rather have seen another ending one where Autumn ends up with a fantastic guy and Sam is a great dad It was a believable story and the plot wasn t bad either as in, very character driven But this didn t work for me at all I m interested in the other couples and Autumn s brother, Vince Maybe I ll give those books a chance in the future.

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    This was my reread.something light and fun..Why did I gave this book five stars Oh yeah probably because when I started reviewing I gave all the books five stars soMea Culpa.Anyway I like this series but this book is no way five star read Hero is an asshole, well I don t mind that as a matter of fact I love the grumpy hero rough around edge, but this guy is no hero he is simply an idiot Such immature with his action and I just can t no words He is supposed to be 35 yeah right I couldn t picture him like that All the time while reading this I thought he was a teen somewhere around 20 25yo max Heroine was this great woman supposably she is 30, mother of a great kid, owns her own house and businesspretty..capable and smart and yet she is still bitter and hung upon this guy she spend three days in Vegas She doesn t date or anything, she is pining away while hero is going through Victoria secret models like candy And he is a shit father Soooooooo..I could rant but won t I liked the idea of this story line Actual book is lacking Read something else from this author this was bad 2 stars just for amazing kid in this story

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