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Anne Brontë chapter 1 Anne Brontë , meaning Anne Brontë , genre Anne Brontë , book cover Anne Brontë , flies Anne Brontë , Anne Brontë e9404aab4cf64 IAnne Bront% The Other One Is The First Full Length Study To Provide A Feminist Reading Of The Life And Work Of This Youngest Bront% In The Bront% Mythology Of Three Talented, Intimate, And Devoted Sisters, Anne Has Played, In George Moore S Words, The Role Of Literary Cinderella, Relegated To The Ashes Of History For Her Failure To Reach The Standards Set By Her Sisters Elizabeth Langland Demonstrates That The Sisterly Context, Which Enabled The Work Of All Three, Has Proved Detrimental To A Full Critical Appreciation Of Anne Measured By The Standards Of Emily And Charlotte, Anne S Work Must Inevitably Suffer Through A Close Examination Of The Life, Poetry, And Novels, Elizabeth Langland Shows That Anne S Work Drew Its Inspiration From A Different Literary Tradition Than That Which Influenced Her Sisters And, Further, That Anne S Novels And Poems, In Fact, Offer A Stringent Critique Of The Values Inherent In Her Sisters Works In Detailing The Literary Debt Charlotte, In Particular, Owed Her Youngest Sister And In Demonstrating The Intertextual Relationships Among All The Bront% Novels, Professor Langland Presents A Genuinely Revisionary Perspective On Anne Bront% In Key Chapters On The Poetry, R Agnes Grey, And The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall, Professor Langland Argues Persuasively That We Revise Upward Our Critical Estimate Of This Literary Cinderella Contents Anne Bront% S Life Age And Experience Influences Action Bell Is Neither Currer Nor Ellis Bell The Poems Pillars Of Witness Agnes Grey All True Histories Contain Instruction The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall Wholesome Truths Versus Soft Nonsense Critics On Anne Bront% A Literary Cinderella Note On Texts Notes Bibliography Index

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    A slim little gem of a book Carefully reasoned and thoughtfully written, and especially impressive since it was written in 1989 well before some of the recent and important Bronte scholarly work by women Barker, Miller, Smith Langland spends as much time on Anne s poems her pillars of witness as she does on the two novels, and refreshingly refuses to reduce either Agnes Grey to autobiography or Wildfell Hall to the portrait of Branwell Charlotte claimed it was indeed, as Charlotte s own publisher pointed out, Huntingdon s resemblance to Mr Rochester is striking Her judicious analysis throws light on Anne s life and work than some much thicker volumes The Brontes, The Bronte Myth She also refreshingly refrains from the Charlotte bashing some revisionist critics have indulged in, while justly criticizing Charlotte s rewriting and suppression of Anne s work, and showing clearly how Charlotte underestimated her sister s talent and misunderstood her personality This book s only real fault is that it is too short, and, having been printed in China, there are occasional proofreading errors or poor pagination In a good world, the author would be given the opportunity to revise, enlarge and update her work, but it is a pleasure to read regardless.

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    I picked up this monograph in the clearance section of a bookstore Sad really because it s an excellent study.Anne Bronte wrote beautiful poetry.

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    This biography was the best of the ones I had it was almost fiction in the way it read It was analytical, but it did start with information on Anne s life, so I did have some background

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    Interesting book, but makes some extremely bold claims that are easily disprovable.

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