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Angel Girl explained Angel Girl, review Angel Girl, trailer Angel Girl, box office Angel Girl, analysis Angel Girl, Angel Girl 699f A Prisoner In A Nazi Labor Camp, Herman Soon Loses The Will To Go On Then A Young Girl Appears On The Other Side Of The Barbed Wire Fence An Angel Bearing Food And Hope Based On A True Tale Of Survival, This Book Tells A Story Of Love, Hope, And The Strength Of The Human Spirit Full Color

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Angel Girl
  • Laurie B. Friedman
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9780822587392

About the Author: Laurie B. Friedman

Laurie Friedman is the author of over 50 award winning picture books, chapter books, and novels for young readers including the bestselling Mallory McDonald chapter book series, The Mostly Miserable Life of April Sinclair teen journal format series, and many rhyming picture books, including the Ruby Valentine series.

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    EDIT on 12 28 I changed this from 5 to 3 stars given that the 5 star rating was based partially on the assumption that this was a true story and some of it was also based on the post story non fction material It might be a 4 star book for me, even as a fictional book, but I read it as non fiction which I just found out less than a month after reading it that it was fabricated If I d read it as fiction first, I might have given it 4 stars, or 3, but not 5 I was unsure about this as a children s picture book because of the holocaust subject matter I wouldn t read this to preschoolers but for elementary school children it could be a good introduction to the holocaust and a good story for those already familiar.It s based on a true story and at the end of the book photos of the couple involved are included which was a nice touch.It s about a young 11 year old Jewish boy who s sent to a Nazi work camp in Germany and the young girl who sneaks food to him every day and contributes to saving his life She s Jewish too but has false papers and is hiding out with her family on a neighboring farm She is very brave because she risks her life and the lives of her family members by helping this starving boy.I cried through much of this it was an emotional story.It s lovely how these two young people get reacquainted many years later, and it s what eventually happens that makes this story very special.It s a very spare, plain story but it is emotionally rich.The illustrator is Israeli and the pictures are a great contribution to this story.

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    A few days ago a dear friend sent me an e mail about a Jewish couple who met years ago under the most unusual circumstances during World War II It was such a beautiful story I was thrilled when I discovered there was a book written about it A young boy arrives at a concentration camp How many books like this have I read now Too many The pictures and the language aren t pretty and yet they are also appropriate Visually drab and disorienting and verbally staccato, everything in the book emphasizes the emptiness young Herman experienced when his mother pushed him towards Life and she walked to her death.Alone, abandoned, Herman is sent an angel in the form of a little girl who brings him an apple every day Just one ordinary apple but it might as well have been a golden apple or do I mean manna Angel Girl is a very beautiful story with a happy ending best of all it s true There is a photograph page at the end of the book Thank you Mary Alice for this awesome book

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    A true story of a boy in a concentration camp, who survived because a girl in town gave him an apple every day through the barbed wire fence Years later, in NYC, the two went on a blind date together, not knowing who each other was Finding out on that very date, they married soon after A heartwarming story out of a horrible history.

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    Dark, heart wrenching yet beautiful images and aching, intimate first person narrative tell the true tale of holocaust prisoner Herman Rosenblat and the young girl who saved his life, twice.You can listen in on our chat about this book on our Just One More Book Children s Book Podcast.

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    A sad story with a happy ending, made all the sweeter because it really happened A Jewish boy in a concentration camp is secretly given food by a girl outside the camp, and survives to be liberated Years later, on a blind date, he meets a girl with oddly familiar eyes

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    This would a fantastic picture book to use in a unit on the Holocaust or World War II for elementary school students The story is beautiful and the illustrations are just fabulous This should definitely be a Caldecott contender this year.

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    Sadly, this is a faked story and the book was withdrawn from publication.

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    This book is such a wonderful introduction to the Holocaust I used it in my classroom and it is such a sweet story with haunting illustrations.

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    This is a wonderful story, but once I heard that the story wasn t true after all my love of it was killed.

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    1 A story about a young boy in a concentration camp who receives help from a young girl outside the fence who helped save his life Not only does she give him hope in surviving, but he remembers her throughout his entire life and needs to find her to thank her 2 As a history buff, this is a beautiful story that shows the motivation of a young boy in a concentration camp This book is well illustrated and historically accurate One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that it goes beyond his experience in the concentration camp, but him as an adult I heard that this book may not be true so I was not sure exactly what category to put this book in, I felt that this category of historical fiction was the best category to put it in.3 Menorah in the Night Sky by by Jacques J.M Shore Author , S Kim Glassman illustrator.4 The war dragged on Day after day Month after month The work camp filled with sickness and starvation But my angel girl sustained me with food My angel girl filled me with hope.

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