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    This was the book that launched my love affair with Russia I read it at age 12, fell in love with the Romanov family and Russia, and promptly went out and bought a Teach Yourself Russian in Three Months set with accompanying CASSETTES, which lets you know how long ago this was Ten years later, I graduated from uni and moved to Russia for a year, and my love for the country and its history, literature, culture, and language is still as strong as ever This is the book that I constantly credit when people ask me, Why do you love Russia so much I d love to go back and re read this book now that I ve lived in the same places the book is set okay, I didn t live in the Winter Palace, but I was at least there haha I remember the author does a fantastic job of evoking a truly happy, close knit family life Anastasia is a shvibzik an imp and each of the OTMA sisters has a clear, spirited personality, as does their little brother Alexei No character is one note, and the author never falls back on rumour or stereotypes re Rasputin and the Tsarina Alexandra but treats the starets s relationship with the Romanov family in a way that respects all the complexities of the historical period, Alexei s hemophilia, and Alexandra s devout Orthodox faith The period leading up to the Russian Revolution is a daunting task to take on for a writer, and I thought Carolyn Meyer does a commendable job I could write about this book forever, but I ll wrap it up by saying that this is probably the most influential book I read in my childhood and one I would heartily recommend not just to YA readers or history buffs but to anyone who loves a good and tragic story.

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    She undoubtedly held the record for punishable deeds in her family, for in naughtiness she was a true genius Gleb Botkin Never have I been glad for a cliffhanger ending Even though the truth is what we must believe, sometimes we just can t bear to see it happen Anastasia and her sisters Olga, Tatiana and Marie are living a charmed life in the Russian court Her father, Nicholas II, is tsar of all of Russia, and she and her sisters are the pampered, adored princesses Along with their brother Alexei and mother, Alexandra, they live an idyllic existence complete with balls, grand palaces and vacations to the seaside Unfortunately, the happy times for them don t last Alexei has a life threatening condition that constantly puts their life on hold, war enters their lives, and slowly but surely, the royal family is becoming unpopular throughout Russia With so much at stake, will Anastasia and her sisters find a way to keep their optimistic attitudes Or will the hardships and trials they face overcome them Aside from the British royal family, I would argue that Nicholas II and his family are the most talked about and fascinating royals in modern history Their seemingly charmed beginning life and their tragic, untimely demise has captivated the world for than a century In this book, we see life in the Romanov court through the eyes of their youngest and probably most famous daughter , Anastasia.There s a reason Anastasia is the most fascinating sister of the four Not only is there the mystery of her potential survival, she is the spunkiest, mischievous and most spirited of the quartet In an era when princesses were expected to be prim, proper and poised, Anastasia had none of that She didn t give a hoot whether or not she made fun of some of the most famous people in Russia, skated and biked throughout the royal palace, and preferred climbing trees to tea and crumpets At times she can be a bit whiny, immature and indifferent to the suffering Russia and her family are going through, but she grows a lot throughout the book, which makes it all the worthwhile It really is shocking to see how her life, and that of her family s, changed so drastically One minute they re loved and adored by the public the next, they re reviled and kicked off the throne It s one of the reasons why they re so fascinating Another reason is that the girl s themselves come off as so relatable Carolyn Meyer captures their youthful innocence and naivety so well here Anastasia is the spunkiest sister of the four, and it was wonderful to read from her playful, spunky perspective During their lifetime, their mother was always grouping the sisters Whether it was OTMA or the Big Pair Olga and Tatiana and the Little Pair Marie and Anastasia , they were almost seen as one instead of four distinct, different girls The best thing about what Carolyn Meyer did with the four sisters to give them all wonderfully distinct personalities It later came out through their writings and court observations what kinds of people the sisters truly were Olga is the quiet, sullen reserved oldest sister who has interest in reading books then finding a suitable husband Tatiana is the most beautiful of her sisters and her mother s favorite, but also kind of bossy And Marie Mashka was the sweetest, always a kind word handy She also wants to get married to a Russian soldier and have 20 children Alexei is the baby of the family and the only boy Nicknamed Baby and Sunbeam , he s a very rambunctious and active boy Unfortunately for him, this can lead to all sorts of problems Because poor Alexei has hemophilia, and every little cut or bruise can be life threatening This hinders Alexei a lot when it comes to being a normal boy, as he wants so desperately to do all the activities little boys can normally do He s also clearly babied by the entire family, especially his mother He has the tendency to act like a spoiled little brat, but he gets away with most everything since he s the next ruler of Russia.Nicholas and Alexandra are Anastasia s parents and the rulers of Russia While they are very loving parents and truly care about the Russian people, they probably were in over their heads when it came to ruling the country The author specifically states that Nicholas was not prepared or wiling to rule the vast Russian empire And Alexandra was considered an outsider by the Russian public because she was German She also didn t like going out in public and going to parties, which were considered a vital part of Russian upper crust society She also was brainwashed by Grigory Rasputin, the holy man the supposedly healed the sick Alexei In my opinion, I truly think that they were unequipped to deal with such a big burden on their shoulders Towards the story, you re hoping, somehow, that the outcome will be different than the actual reality Unfortunately, the ending to this story ends just as it did in real life One has to wonder what kinds of women these sisters would become if they had lived There s a reason the Romanov sisters are still talked about to this day there s such an air of mystery surrounding not only their untimely death, but their life as well Overall, Carolyn Meyer manages to capture and maintain the romantic, larger than life image these girls had over not just Russia, but all over the world.

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    This is my favorite book in the Royal Diaries Series It is about the Princess of Russia, Anastasia Nicholeivna She was the Last Grand Duchess of the Romanov Dynasty that started with Peter the Great s grandson in the 1600 s until the massacre of Anastasia and her family in 1918 Like Elizabeth I, this book shows us how Anastasia s life would be like as a teenage girl, who has never gotten to see her adult years, dying at the mere age of 17 years Her father was Czar Nicholas II and mother was Czarina Alexandra with her three older sisters Duchesses Olga,Tatiana and Marie Nicholeivna, and her younger brother Alexei Nicholeivitch This story is so good because it is funny and witty, and you wouldn t expect a princess to speak the way the author made anastasia speak It is really funny, and you are able to step out of your shoes and go on the same adventures Anastasia would go From eating tons of food, to fasting Trying to be like her older sisters to sneaking around reading their diaries But the diary was only lively until the Epilogue which is written in every diary, telling some historical facts when we learn the real story of the death of the Romanov s, as well as the infamous Anna Anderson, who was famous for persuading Russia and America that she was Princess Anastasia who survived from the shooting Nicholas II had to abdicate his throne to his brother, who abdicated a few days later and lost the throne forever We also learn about how weak of a ruler Anastasia s parents were, for Nicholas was too nice and Alexandra depended too much on a wicked man named Rasputin who claimed to be a holy man Overall, I d recommend this book to anyone whose interested.

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    Oh Anastasia, what did they do to you in the movie was my first thought when I began reading the book And when I was finished with it, I was not surprised to find that I was crying Because naive, beautiful, captured Anastasia was going to die very soon after her last entry, and even though I knew that it was inevitable, that Carolyn Meyer could not have changed history, I still felt heart broken This book could have been so so cliched, but truthfully, it isn t My favourite parts were when Anastasia describes how at her birth, everyone was expecting a boy, and how her father got really upset when he found out that it was actually a girl I loved Anastasia s character development, the little tidbits about Russian court life in the early 20th century and descriptions of various people around her, like Rasputin, Princess Anya, etc Meyer s writing skills shine in this book and you can even love characters who are not in the fore front of the book, like Tsar Nicholas and Anastasia s eldest sister, Olga Did I love this book Absolutely Would I want to read it when I m old and have grey hair and long for simpler times Again, absolutely, if only to remind myself that no time or era is ever simple.

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    The way that the author shows the last few years of Anastasia s life through a diary is genius and it really helped me connect with the story.

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    This is my favorite Royal Diaries It was the first one I read, the one I ve reread the most, and the one I still adore even after all these years The Romanovs will always have a special place in my heart.

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    This book was my first Royal Diary book and was also the reason for my love affair with Anastasia and her family Unlike the other girls, Anastasia does not have a love interest or even the prospect of an arranged marriage, nor was she given the chance as she died a tragic death at such a young age This is the 2nd or 3rd time I read this book and though I already knew what became if them, I was hoping that it would have a different ending I m glad that the gory details were left out because this was geared towards a younger audience.If I remember correctly, Meyer also used Anastasia s real diary as one of her sources so the accuracy at least of some parts is spot on It was wonderful to imagine the world in which young Anastasia lived the palaces, jewels, and even the food all the luxuries that shielded her and her siblings from the real world I think this book is a pretty good way to iniatite yourself in the Romanov family Should you want to read about them, I suggest reading Helen Rappaport s books.

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    I only give this book two stars because even though it is a short read it is taking me a long time to read it I am interested in the lives of the Rominov s after reading this The author tells the story differently than I remember learning it Also, my small idea of Anastasia s story is from the Disney movie which is odviously a far cry from what really happenend.

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    I m not a great history enthusiast, nor was I aware of what adventure this book will take me through It s just, I ve always wanted to read someone s personal diary of course, with permission It s so much amazing and interesting than a simple, crafted biography It gives a peek into the soul of a person the innermost feelings, the thoughts, the likes and dislikes, the fears It s like spending time with the person in his her daily life.I was heart broken to see the world through the eyes of that little girl She elegantly sat there watching it all happen while being dragged out of her fantasies into the real world to become a part of it only to be silenced and lost down those pages somewhere She may have never even thought that than a century later, her dearest diary would give a glimpse of her time like no one else could.I loved spending time in that era 1914 with the last grand duchess of Russia through the book I don t know the politics of then, the good, the bad of those times but being friends through the book, I would ve been glad had she been able to finally see the happy world she innocently wishes for Starting from the daily goings about and thoughts of the little girl at the age of 12,the daughter of one of the most important men of his times, the last Tsar of Russia Tsar Nicholas ll, when the little one said If only Alexei would stay healthy, and Papa not look so worried, and Mama smile a bit , the world would be an absolutely perfect place the book just took my heart away The daily life, the little problems, and that curious head And one time, I felt so sorry and sad when I read the below lines, which tell a story, a sad one which we adults may understand even with the words of a little one and the little girl, trying to comprehend this something serious but it remained somewhat out of her grasp Father Grigory Their family Preacher always comes to our rooms after we have put on our nightgowns and robes to say our prayers with us I try not to get too close to him I can t say exactly why I m so uneasy around him, aside from his eyes that stab like icicles And his evil smell Then those issues of the Royal Rich where the kids miss being the usual kids Girls my age were strolling past the shops with their mothers or aunts, chanting and pausing to look in the windows I pleaded with Aunt Olga to stop But she shook her head, explaining that grand duchesses do not go into shops I find it to be altogether a different genre, where you get to know the person, personally get to spend time with her, through her daily life.I m sure to pick up books from this series I highly recommend it even if you re not fond of history I learnt so much about her time from her The experience was like that of a time travel to a particular past, of which I may or may not have been a part of

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