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    Let me begin by stating that I am an historian so my training has always required intensive and accurate research with multiple sources of verified facts I do not take anything on faith and and do not believe in offering shoddy research as facts Apparently Peter Kurth is the opposite I was appalled to see one review on here from several years ago where a reviewer said she wished we did not have DNA testing because wouldn t it be so nice if we could pretend historical lies are really true Well.NO If you are looking for real Russian history, may I suggest one of my favorites Robert K Massie for accuracy and truth Anna Anderson was not Anastasia Romanov DNA testing has proven this but one should have known otherwise The woman could not even speak Russian, for goodness sake Peter Kurth seems to ignore all of the evidence that so glaringly points out that this is an impostor and cherry picks unproven things that he feels will make a case that she was This is not historical research Historical research demands cold, hard proof Peter Kurth requires only the National Enquirer to say so See the difference Those who have not had years of training in historical research or even a good logic course in high school ponder how Anna Anderson could know certain facts about the Russian royal family and about life in Russia A few reviews suggest she must really be Anastasia despite DNA evidence to the contrary or else is channeling the real Anastasia or is a psychic or some other such nonsense Oh please, people Don t be so gullible How could Anna have that knowledge That is simple she could read books and stories about them and life in Russia just as you can and I can She could spend time with and talk with people who know the Romanovs and who were Russian Anna Anderson turned out to be a mentally ill woman from Poland Many of the Romanov family and their households who could talk accurately about such info fled to Poland where Anna was from She may have met one or and heard their stories and being mentally ill, convinced herself that SHE was Anastasia and had experienced the things she heard about or read about Many mentally ill people think they are people they have read or heard about One of my aunts married to my mother s brother has her own brother who is convinced he is our first President George Washington and if you went by what he knows about George Washington, you d have to think he was because he is a walking encyclopedia of everything George Washington and years ago even legally changed his name to that He is mentally ill but harmless There is yet another reason why Anna had such knowledge It was the son of the Russian doctor who was physician to the Romanovs who tried to get the Romanov fortune for Anna and thus for himself The doctor, personal physician to the Romanovs, was put to death with them The son, who moved to the USA, used this poor mentally unbalanced woman who was really a missing Polish woman named Franziska Schanzkowska to try to profit.DNA testing in 2007 showed that the bodies of Nicholas and Alexandra and all but two of their children were the ones found together In a separate location, the other two children were found and DNA testing has shown them to be the Anastasia and her brother All have been accounted for and DNA testing has shown not only this but has proven that Anna is the missing Polish woman Franziska Schanzkowska DNA taken from tissues removed and preserved from surgery Anna Anderson had was DNA tested with her great nephew Carl Mauchier and found to be matches Not only that, her family has a rare genetic disease This was found in both Anna s and Carl s genetic code The Romanovs do NOT have the disease Why would Anna look similar to the Russians Because she, like they, was a Slav The Slavs all have many features in common That does not make one a blood relative of the royals nor does it make one a royal My mother in law s family are Polish and Croatian and THEY favor the Romanovs physically but my great grandmother in law is not Anastasia though she told plenty of stories of those times and looked the part I seek truth and facts when reading history Kurth offers only a few Here are two places where you can obtain the medical facts 1 www.pilarrivett.com anastasia anna an 2 www.plosone.org article info doi 10.1

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    This book is especially interesting reading it in 2015, after the 1984 DNA tests ruled out Anna Anderson as the real Anastasia This is not a spoiler alert it s 2015 Even the protests of Anastasians who were diehard believers and held fast to a conspiracy theory because the bodies of Anastasia and her brother were still missing, were diminished in 2007 when those bodies had been found and tested And outside those decrying foul play, I think most have come to realization that Anna Anderson was, like many of the women who claimed to be the last surviving Romanov, another Anastasia impostor To read this story in the light of those facts is very interesting in what it says about us and what we are willing to believe, regardless of facts For example, Anna Anderson thought to be missing factory worker Franzisca Schanzkowska refused to speak Russian, which would have put to rest many doubts Early on, she couldn t speak english, and only spoke German Whereas the true Grand Duchess not only spoke Russian, and english, it was said that she didn t know German.They originally thought the girl to tried to kill herself was around 25 when Anastasia would have been only 19 at the time The first claim was that Anna Anderson was actually the Grand Duchess Maria, but when an aunt immediately refuted that claim because Maria was taller than her, soon the story was changed to say Anna Anderson was Anastasia Many of the first family members Anna Anderson encountered she didn t recognize or acknowledge and only afterward claimed it was because she expected them to recognize her first Only then would she give an intimate story about the relationship The early doctors claimed that Anna Anderson s memory was extraordinary because of the way she remembered things She couldn t remember her past She couldn t remember what happened after she escaped but could only remember the assassination, which when she recalled it, burst into fitful tears unable to describe it Grand Duchess Anastasia played the piano, when Anna Anderson was asked to play, she started crying She refused to see or speak to many doctors, officials, family throughout her entire life.When I first started reading this story I didn t know whether Anna Anderson was the real Anastasia or not, and for about a quarter through the story I too was hopeful I bought the idea that she refused on principal to speak Russian That she suffered from some form of amnesia so couldn t remember how to play piano and all the other things she forgot But going into the story with 20 20, I would ask myself, if someone refuses to speak a language on principal, why then utter a few words as many have claimed she did And as she did later in life during her trial when she was tricked into being tested in Russian Is saying one or two or three words no different than speaking a hundred in order to prove your status Especially when you bring a lawsuit in order to receive the family inheritance Many people died, fought legal battles, and gave money believing that Anna Anderson was the true surviving Grand Duchess, many other died, fought legal battles etc believing that she was the greatest fraud So it s interesting to see what we believe, why we believe it, how we refute it, and the passions on both side I think of modern day courts of public opinions and how unwavering we are once we form an opinion.There was a lot of information the author had to wade through, though I think he was a little biased in his reporting For eg, it seemed incredulous to him that the court should want Anastasia to prove who she was, rather than it be the burden of the court to prove she wasn t who she said she was And in a new afterword Mr Kurth mentioned that despite the new DNA revelation he still believed Anna Anderson was the long lost Duchess this book written before Anna Anderson s death and subsequent DNA test , but that was also before the last two bodies were found and exhumed Very interesting read to find out how this person, among all other impostors, came the closest to inheriting the Romanov fortune.

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    We have DNA confirmation that Anna Anderson was definitely not Anastasia Not to mention the fact that Anastasia s remains have been found I m really interested in seeing how Anna managed to convince people for decades including family friends family members that she was Anastasia.

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    Outdated info with a bias for dramatization but lots of pictures and information Just keep in mind current DNA evidence.

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    I am not convinced Anna Anderson is a fake She knew too much about the royal family to be a peasant If not Anastasia, then who

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    It is a well written book, but it suffers from a very big problem it believes the case of Anna Anderson who claimed to be Anastasia, the daughter of the last czar of Russia, or it is at the very least sympathetic to her cause This book was published in 1983, and a couple of years later the scientific proof was delivered that Anna Anderson was not a Romanov, but in fact a Polish woman So the book is based on a lie, although this is not the authors fault.

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    I read this ages before DNA testing was an easy cheap tool or the remains of the real Anastasia were found, and I remember doubting both Kurth s evidence and the story spun by the woman claiming to be Anastasia I still enjoyed reading the book because it was a sort of unsolved mystery at the time, and people had an active, ongoing curiosity about what happened I like reading about The Lost Colony and the Bermuda Triangle disappearances, too, and there s a wee part of me that hopes those are never fully explained Of course we all know for certain now that Anna Anderson was either delusional or bored enough with her life to devote a huge effort into pulling a con, but it s still an interesting bit of history I think Kurth badly wanted to believe Anderson was the last Romanov That it is not the first time nor the last that a writer has been fooled by someone, and that alone makes it still fascinating Definitely needs to be read with some background knowledge of the history and evidence since publication.

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    Most anything to do with the last tragic first family of the Russian Empire intrigues me I think Anna Anderson, the fake Anastasia, is particularly interesting This book was good, but naturally, didn t prove anything especially since DNA tests later proved that Anna Anderson was NOT Anastasia Romanov However, there is one part where Anna Anderson is explaining that while the royal family was imprisoned in their final days in Ekaterinburg, that the entire family was raped repeatedly by their captors I don t know why, out of all the things I read in this book, this part was so particularly horrible, but it made it almost entirely impossible to finish the book Once you know that scientific data proved that this woman was not Anastasia, it s hard to understand why she would make up stories like that to prove she was

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    At the time I read it, I found it to be a very convincing therefore true story of what happened to Anastasia, then several years later I read The Romanovs the Final Chapter by Robert K Massie The book by Robert Massie was written several years later, at a time when forensic evidence not to mention the remains of the Romanovs was available It turns out that forensic evidence has revealed that the woman written about in Anastasia the Riddle of Anna Anderson was a mentally off, runaway Polish factory worker.

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    When I bought the book and started reading, the person of interest in the story was still alive.Before I finished it years later after I d put it down for a while , I researched what had been determined after her death.I was stunned that this wasn t Anastasia I still can t explain everything the author uncovered about the possible Anastasia I would have liked to beleive, and the story was so well written that it s hard not to But, science proved otherwise.

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