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Anastasia's Secret files Anastasia's Secret, read online Anastasia's Secret, free Anastasia's Secret, free Anastasia's Secret, Anastasia's Secret c65cfeed2 For Anastasia Romanov, Life As The Privileged Daughter Of Russia S Last Tsar Is About To Be Torn Apart By The Bloodshed Of Revolution Ousted From The Imperial Palace When The Bolsheviks Seize Control Of The Government, Anastasia And Her Family Are Exiled To Siberia But Even While The Rebels Debate The Family S Future With Agonizing Slowness And The Threat To Their Lives Grows Menacing, Romance Quietly Blooms Between Anastasia And Sasha, A Sympathetic Young Guard She Has Known Since Childhood But Will The Strength Of Their Love Be Enough To Save Anastasia From A Violent Death Inspired By The Mysteries That Have Long Surrounded The Last Days Of The Romanov Family, Susanne Dunlap S New Novel Is A Haunting Vision Of The Life And Love Story Of Russia S Last Princess

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    I m old enough to know what love is, truly, I whispered Are you Love is suffering, My brother suffers, and I love him It s not the same 3.5 out of 5 starsYet another Anastasia book The Romanovs never fail to fascinate the general public particularly Anastasia, since she was so famously said to have been survived the attack on her family In this book, it seems that the author was sitting in her chair one day and thought to herself, I need to write about Anastasia It s not like there aren t another bajillion and one books out there about her But MINE will be different Poor little thing never got to experience the touch of a man, so I ll make it happen for her fictionally So we now have an Anastasia romance, since everyone seems to feel sorry for the duchess who never got a chance at love And what we get is a good book, but with a plotline I can t help but feel would have been better suited to one of her older sisters Anastasia was simply not the type of person to make time for romance, so it was bit hard to board the ship, so to speak, for the romance portion For Anastasia Romanov, life as the privileged daughter of Russia s last tsar is about to be torn apart by the bloodshed of revolution Ousted from the imperial palace when the Bolsheviks seize control of the government, Anastasia and her family are exiled to Siberia But even while the rebels debate the family s future with agonizing slowness and the threat to their lives grows menacing, romance quietly blooms between Anastasia and Sasha, a sympathetic young guard she has known since childhood But will the strength of their love be enough to save Anastasia from a violent death They still thought of me as the clown The one who could always find a way to make everyone laugh I realized they assumed that because I was the youngest sister, I could be cheerful because I didn t fully understand what was happening to us I had developed a realistic view of life, and a deep existence of love and distance and sorrow and abandonment Anastasia has always been known as the clown and the imp of the family, often overlooked or criticized in favor of her classically elegant sisters As much as I loved Anastasia, I don t think the author got her true personality down It seemed like the author was trying to desperately hard to make Anastasia not the stereotypical kid sister who plays practical jokes that she forgot some of the qualities that made the real Anastasia truly stand out Here, she just kind of blended into the background with the rest of her sisters Basically, I wanted at least a little of the goofy part of her to come out Here, I thought she was just too serious about things It s true, they have not spoiled you and give you high and mighty airs But do you really know what it s like to be what you call a normal person Alexander, aka Sasha, is a soldier in the Russian army when he first meets Anastasia A fast friendship blooms between him and Anastasia, as her shows her how the real world truly is different from her sheltered and isolated existence I liked him, but the thing that kind of irked me was that he was always doubting Anastasia and her ideas It got annoying at times What kind of irked me throughout the novel is the several instances where the author took historical licenses throughout the book and perpetrated it as fact Here s the deal I m all for authors taking historical license when it comes to writing about historical figures Oftentimes, the information given out is so scant that authors are forced to do exactly that With Anastasia and her family, though, there were copious amounts of resources at Ms Dunlap s disposal to get the facts correctly I m not an expert on the Romanovs, but I found several inaccuracies within the text None of them were so bad to warrant a major history buff freak out, but it will probably cause some minor annoyances for those who do know about this family then me.As far as the story goes, I think that while the plotline is imaginative, I think it would have been better suited to one of Anastasia s older sisters particularly Marie, though I m probably biased because she s my favorite out of the four For some reason, I just couldn t picture Anastasia in the role the author wrote for her, particularly given the real life Anastasia s personality She wasn t one to dally in romantic whims or wish upon a star for a husband Honestly, this read like the book version of the film Anastasia then a direct representation Probably the biggest thing that irked me is what pretty much irked everyone else that big thing that happened on page 201 I too had a problem with it Not because it happened itself because duh, stuff like this is bound to happen , but because I just felt that it didn t ring true to Anastasia herself and her personality I don t know why the author insisted on doing this other than to spice up the plot, but I thought it was unnecessary Another thing that bothered me was the fact that author doesn t focus much time on the other members of Anastasia s family It s like the author only made it so that the world revolved around Anastasia and Sasha Her siblings and parents were there, but acted as background noise then actual characters I would have loved to have seen of their family dynamic, since they were so close in real life If the author had interchanged Anastasia with Marie, this book would have worked out great With Anastasia the book was still good, but it didn t ring true at least to me.

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    I love anything to do with Anastasia I guess at this moment I will have to change that statement Susanne Dunlap has an extreme amount of talent but I don t know if this should have been her debut book She seemed a little apprehensive to build such a great historical character, and so therefor stuck to what the world knows of Anastasia which is sadly not much There is no action, no catching the readers attention, no romance It s just a bunch of words describing really nothing Anastasia is a flat character that spends most of her time describing her brother or sisters.Anastasia lives in her palace the whole book There were literally 20 30 pages on end and the girl did nothing There are lengthy descriptions of sitting in ballrooms looking out windows.Then after we have 70 pages of description about the measles and the big time comes for the killings it stops It just ends I d be okay with the no details about death and killing if the sections on Anastasia looking at her naked body hadn t been so detailed I just don t think this book does one of my favorite history events any justice There are areas where events are referenced but not talked about so someone would not understand what is going on if you didn t know about Russian history There isn t much romance in this book, instead it s of a facination and then Sasha appears every so often to keep the reader remembering him I am very sad because there is a writer with talent and my favorite time frame and it was just a train wreck.

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    POTENTIAL SPOILERS Going back and editing my older reviews and writing some reviews for books I never reviewed, I knew I d have to come back to this one eventually I still remember writing this one too, like last year or something like that Part of me wonders if I was too harsh on this book since I was younger when I read it After all, I ve obviously read much, much worse things in the meantime, like Burning Glass and Red Queen I considered going back and rereading this book to see if maybe there was something I was missing After all, the other self confessed Romanov whores love it and sing its praises So perhaps there really is something there that I m missing.But then I told myself that it doesn t matter how much older I get, there will never be ANY excuse for false information Even if you claim it s a historical fiction novel, you are still responsible for spreading false information about a certain topic of history, and usually you can get in trouble for that And that is exactly what this novel does It spreads false information about this person, her family, her associates, and her life I ve learned so much about the Romanovs in the four years since I ve read this book And guess what It s still filled with lies The fact this has nothing but positive reviews disgusts me The fact this has a movie deal disgusts me If you in any way support or endorse this book, DESPITE HAVING LOTS OF PRIOR KNOWLEDGE ON THIS TOPIC, you disgust me Some people ask me why I give books I obviously hate with a burning passion like Red Queen, Cruel Beauty, Divergent, and The Book Thief two stars instead of one Actually, this is the only book I ve ever read that I ve only given one star to And my answer is this Despite the characters and plots in those books being horrible, I can at least say this about them they are about fictional characters They are not spreading false information And if they are historical fiction, they at least RESEARCH their topics heavily beforehand And I don t care if at this point I sound like a broken record, because this shit disgusts me on levels that not even I can understand I know the Romanovs were not the most picture perfect, pristine family ever, especially their father But they were a whole hell of a lot better than how they were portrayed in this novel, and if you read it, you will never understand that I really, really, really, REALLY wanted to like this book I tried desperately, so hard, to like this book I LOVE Anastasia Romanova, and her family to extend that They have numerous novels and movies about them, so obviously the world won t be getting over their Romanov flu anytime soon And here is another portrayal Honestly, when I first read the plot, I was interested Not only was it about Anastasia, but it was a romance that took place when she was still alive How rare are those So, I read itI really feel sorry for bashing Susanne Dunlap s writing I really do I ve read all her other books,and like I said in my review for her debut The Musician s Daughter, she s actually a really good author And she seems like such a nice person to boot But this book she said she did extensive research for it, but to me, it s pretty freaking obvious she did not, because this book is not about the Romanov family It is about a Russian Imperial family who has the same last name, and they all have the same names as the Romanovs, and the same pets, and the same servants, and even the same death, but they are not the Romanovs It s one thing to write about an obscure event or person of history that barely has a lot of resources about them, like journals or photos Or maybe they lived too long ago and those resources weren t widely available to them anyway But the Romanovs have literally dozens upon dozens of letters and diaries and accounts written by themselves and their friends and servants and other people close to them detailing how they looked, acted, and carried themselves They even have photos The Romanovs loved cameras So, what is your excuse for portraying a family so tragic and so famous in such a shitty way I don t even know where to start on the portrayals Maybe I ll start with Anastasia, because she s not only the narrator, but she is probably the WORST portrayal of this person I have ever seen And I ve seen a shitton of Anastasia portrayals She is whiny and pretentious and selfish and vain and self absorbed and cares too much about herself and thinks she s not as good as her older sisters and constantly berates herself because she s forever seen as the child of the family That Is Not Anastasia I can literally bullet point scenes that contrast with how the real Anastasia acted One of my personal favorites to use is when she says Sometimes I wish I could be as girly as my older sisters and wear high heels and long dresses and makeup and be prettier Eeeeeeh, wrong, bitch You re fucking Anastasia Romanova The REAL Anastasia once ate chocolates with her long white opera gloves on, picked her nose, and attacked people taller than her She didn t care what she looked like or what others thought of her, she did her own thing And what about that scene where a dying soldier in the hospital asks Anastasia s older sister to read to him, since he wants to see something pretty before he dies Are you high Even if that DID happen, Anastasia probably would ve taken it in high stride She s a fucking little girl, they re not supposed to be pretty Cute, maybe, but not drop dead gorgeous The family is just as bad If you had no idea how close the Romanovs were in real life, you wouldn t learn it from this book Her family s personalities are just as skewed as her own Olga exists to play cards and mope, Tatiana is a fashion obsessed, God fearing bimbo, Maria has some sort of lesbian crush on Anastasia, Alexei and Alexandra exist just to get sick and have people fret over them, and Nicolas is super uncaring and cruel to his children There s also the scene where Anastasia s told Rasptin s dead In real life, her and her sisters huddled together on the couch, fear in their eyes, possibly because they thought Alexei would be next to go In this book, Anastasia s basically like Meh, he was a creepy pervert anyway Now where s my boytoy I could go on and on, but what s the point Yes, the events are accurate, yes the descriptions of locations are beautifully done, as per Dunlap s style, and yes, it does end with their execution but if the characters don t act like the real historical figures, then why should I care All throughout this book, I was PRAYING for the Reds to murder them and take me out of my misery The sad thing is that this kind of plot could actually work, and I actually like this concept Making Anastasia fall in love is a bit strange, since she never struck me as the romantic type, but I like the idea of her learning about the less fortunate peasants, since her older sister Tatiana in real life did a lot of charity work Anastasia too seems like the kind of person who d want to spend a day with a peasant family, playing with their kids or something But not like this TL DR version The characters are horribly written and portrayed If this was a fictional family, or one I didn t know very much about, I wouldn t care as much, but since this is my favorite royal family, I strive to make sure every portrayal of them is done correctly because otherwise, you re not only disrespecting their memory, but their sainthood Yeah, these people are fucking saints Think about that And in her author s note, Dunlap was all I hope Anastasia is smiling from above at the romance I envisioned for her Oh, bite me If Anastasia knew what you did to her and her family, she d fucking smite you with a fucking lightning bolt Or a snowball with a rock rolled in it Hopefully the latter, because then maybe it ll knock some brains into you, or at the very least, some fucking respect.

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    Judged by The Cover Okay look at the cover, now read chapter 7, now look at the cover again Anastasia takes a few paragraphs in that chapter and throughout the rest of the novel to tell the reader how ugly she is compared to her older sisters a dying man asks for her older sister to read to him instead of Anastasia because he wants the last face he sees to beautiful I am for a fact aware that a character s, especially since this novel takes place over many years, appearance can change, but throughout a good chunk of the novel Anastasia states that no one sees any part of her grown up or elegant Also to throw something else out there, Anastasia has curly hair, this cover has to annoy then just meAnyone What s Up Anastasia s Secret was a historically based novel focusing on Anastasia Romanov and her family s story mostly the events leading up to their murder The novel is narrated by the Grand Duchess herself, Anastasia Anastasia, the youngest of the daughters isn t really aware of the the troubles that Russia is facing around the time she was 15 Until she meets Sasha, a young soldier she meets in the palace garden one day, who teaches her of all the troubles going on outside her innocent world that is hidden behind the castle walls As the story progresses so does the war, and the secret love Anastasia and Sasha have for each other This being historical fiction there is only so many things you can say as a description without completely giving away the ending Not that everyone doesn t know how it really endsbutCharacterAnastasia was brave, she had countless times she and Sasha coould ve escaped there faint, but she didn t take it because of the fact her family would not be with her Her character devolops with the story, very well acutually, you barely realease it s happening becasue it flows withthe story so well Anastasia knew when the right time to stand out was and when it was the right time to stay in the shadows by the end I congradulate on this feat, for I have not seen a character like this in awhile.RomanceSasha, It is a very popular Russian name for the time was a little rude He didn t respect Anastasia in the beginning at all, and I don t mean as a Grand Duchess, I mean just as a human being Of course you do have to take into account that when you don t like the way a country is run, you don t exactly respect the ruler or their family, so I find his rudeness excusable He wasn t to controlling over Anastisa, he seemed to let her do her own thing if they couldn t agree He wasn t perfect but he wasn t so flawed that it was hard to believe Bonus Features HistoryThere are some fantastic adventures you can take when you re reading fantasy, awesome creatures you can meet in Science Fiction, and Lessons you can learn from thoseuh true to life novels you read , but nothing beats it when you read a book knowing that some form of it existed before this was written, in real life Anastasia, no matter how untrue the animated version is, It was my favorite animated princess movie and still is and I love finding the real pictures of Anastasia s family and such.Clandestine MeetingsA big part of Sasha and Anastasia s relationship is secret meetings They come from two diffrent social classes, if their relationship was found out, it would not have been approved.Final Flavor an ideal main courseThe style of writing took me as a diary style Most of the time that would annoy me, but with this one it seemed to fit Her life kind of was falling apart before her eyes I found that the characters our pretty memorable, at least Sasha I really enjoyed this book, the phrasing didn t make you do a double take becasue you didn t undersatnd the sentence This story was a mix of the classic Romeo and Juliet and the mysterious story of Anastasia Overall it was a good book and I would consider reading it again I m not talking about those books were they murder someone but the only thing everyone is worried about is how their boyfriend cheated on them with said person before they died, You can learn nothing good from them.

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    I am having trouble, even now, after several weeks since reading this book, in formulating my thoughts about this story On the one hand, it is very interesting what book isn t, when it concerns Anastasia Romanov But on the other hand, it was massively disappointing The majority of the first half is good Susanne Dunlap presents the Reader with her usual rich descriptions and complex characters But I quickly became frustrated with Anastasia s lack of political knowledge though this is probably not an entirely inaccurate portrayal , and Sasha, her love interest, goes from a pleasant sort of fellow to downright vexing His contempt for Anastasia s ignorance and always calling her a child is irritating, because he does nothing to enlighten her on what is going on, and then getting mad at her when she expresses her ignorance.Content quickly spirals downhill from there, when the Author begins to describe French kissing in pretty thorough detail, characters grope each other, and then there is finally a bed scene in Chapter 21, page 203 While it is not horribly detailed, it is suggestive enough of what is happening to make it wildly inappropriate, and I actually found it rather disrespectful towards Anastasia s memory to have her sleep with someone Thankfully, however, the Reader can avoid the majority of these nasty details skip the parts where Sasha and Anastasia meet up, and enjoy the rest of the book, because all other occurrences in the story are interesting.It is unfortunate that the Author put in so much lustfulness Anastasia s Secret could have been both a good wartime novel and a good love story, were it not so bogged down with physical pleasure When I think back on this book, I can only think disappointing thoughts.

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    This is a seriously boring book It was difficult for me to stick with and finish, but I did it Patting myself on back here Anastasia Romanova was a young Russian princess whose royal family was overthrown and held captive during World War One Apparently Russians got sick and tired of going hungry and living poorly while their royal betters lived the high life with servants and numerous homes to choose from and many meals a day At the end of their captivity, the entire Romanov family was taken to a basement and murdered There has always been possibility and speculation that one or two of them survived Fascainating stuff, right WellThe problem with this novel and I rarely say this is the first person POV It is told from Anastasia s point of view and with her hardly ever leaving their current home and being sent from the room everytime the conversations get interesting, all the juicy stuff is third hand instead of experienced first hand and falls flat Russia was obviously a very happening and exciting place during all this revolution and anger but readers never get a look at anything going on outside of Anastasia s very sheltered world The book ends up being about a make believe romance Anastasia has with a guard while she moves one prison to another Also, tho I realize this is a young adult novel, I feel twelve years and up can handle a bit of death I mean, look at the video games they play nowdays So why is the massacre just mentioned in the epilogue The book ends with the royal family moving again and only a brief telling in the epilogue of one of the most fascinating mass murders in history Didn t work for me.

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    When I first finished this book I was going to give it two stars, but the I thought about it, the I was bothered by this book First, the good It was a very well researched book and I learned a lot about the Romanov family, which I really liked Now the bad yes, that is the only good thing I have to say about the book The romance was very unbelievable The only times they are together, he is either condescending or bitter, yet she falls madly in love with him In the afterword the author states that she wanted Anastasia to have a love story before she died Of course, in her mind apparently this means not only falling in love, but becoming sexually active Really Of course, this is okay because it happens after midnight on her 16th birthday so she is legally considered an adult Of course, the entire family is heavily guarded at the time, but they are able to find a store room that no one will go by or find them together in Right And, of course, there are no repercussions, there is never any concern that she might become pregnant And when they are found out and they end up killing a guard, the only remorse she feels is that her lover has to run away and she misses him Don t worry that someone died because they were so in love Ugh Word of warning, this is not what I would consider an appropriate young adult novel there is nothing graphic, but it doesn t really teach what I would want my young adult children to learn.

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    Anastasia has a secret.The boy, Sasha, who tells her the truth about how the people live and what they believe, and gives Anastasia his balalaika to keep when he goes off to war.One Secret In a palace filled with hundreds of servants, soldiers, guards, a snoopy younger brother, three older princesses, and Anastasia s parents, the tsar and tsarina of all Russia.How important can one secret be In a revolution, a secret may be all important.Excellent Enough imagination and romance to keep me entertained and interested in the story s central relationship But also and where I believe Susanne Dunlap truly excels absolutely cram packed with real historical detail that had me racing through the pages A fabulous example of YA historical fiction.

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    Anastasia s Secret by Susanne Dunlap 2 of 5 stars.The life of a Russian princess rests in the hands of her secret loveFor Anastasia Romanov, life as the daughter of Russia s last tsar is about to be torn apart by the violence of revolution Ousted from the Imperial Palace when the Bolsheviks seized control, Anastasia and her family are exiled to Siberia as the rebels determine their future But even while their captivity stretches out and the threat to their lives grows menacing, romance quietly blossoms between Anastasia and a sympathetic guard named Sasha Will their secret love be enough to help her and her family avoid the firing squad Inspired by the mysteries that have long surrounded the fate of Russia s last princess, this is a compelling and romantic vision of what might have been.I was extremely excited to read Anastasia s Secret having been intrigued by Anastasia Romanov for quite some time, but I was sadly disappointed While Susanne Dunlap s prose was nice, the story wasn t able to hold my attention It lacked suspense There were a few scenes that I enjoyed and I think were done well but on the whole the book wasn t very interesting I think Susanne Dunlap is a good writer and the initial plot was a great idea but I feel she could have done with it The characters were well laid, but the action, I feel was not I kept hoping toward some sort of surprise as I got closer to the end but it never came The author left off the real ending to the story, in my opinion, and left us with what is known through historical evidence which wasn t very satisfying It was like there was no point in reading about this secret life of Anastasia s if we weren t able to see how it could have ended I would I liked to read something entirely fictitious and then be told how it really happened But that is just me I m sure some of historical fiction readers might fall head over heals for this novel, but I did not.Reviewed by Arya at A Sea of Pages

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    This Bloody Book It s been a while since I read Anastasia s Secret due to probably 300 that s been spent on new books and the reading of them I haven t even gotten the chance to pick it up , bur hopefully my memories are fresh enough to post this review accurately While some people probably didn t like it or even hated it for various reasons, whether they be personal or because they disagreed with the largely debated historical themes, this book has been on my all time favourites for years I ve read thousands of books, it seems, but only a rare few reach my All Times and this was one of them It emotionally drained me And I loved it I don t even know why I love it so much Maybe it s because it was my first real insight into the lives of the tsar s family, even with the fiction woven in Maybe it s because of Sasha and Anastasia s love story, which was undeniably beautiful and artistic and tragic and heart wrenching and hopeful all at the same time Maybe it s because I m a sucker for historical fiction Maybe it s because it was amazingly well written But in any case, this book was one of the most amazing things I ve ever read and I d recommend it to anyone, although it s quite close to my heart so in all honestly I doubt I ll ever tell anyone in real life how much I love it I love it so much it s practically personal to me I don t want to share it But I would rate this 5 stars and 5 stars squared and 5 stars cubed because this was absolutely beautiful from start to finish, from when I laughed to when I cried, from when I smiled at childlike innocence to when I lay shocked at the realities of the last tsar s family s historical tragedy Anastasia s Secret literally floats on a cloud for me If you haven t read it, read it If you have, read it again.Note I first wrote this at around 2am in the morning, so excuse any most likely frequent errors you may find.

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