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Among the Shrouded pdf Among the Shrouded , ebook Among the Shrouded , epub Among the Shrouded , doc Among the Shrouded , e-pub Among the Shrouded , Among the Shrouded c02414d95d4 What If Three Psychic Strangers Came Together To Change The World Mia, Thomas, And Kate Have Paranormal Abilities And A Common DestinyThey Just Don T Know It YetRookie Officer Mia Rosetti Never Doubts Her Gift, The Ability To See If People Are Good Or Evil By Looking At Their Auras But When A Mysterious And Handsome Stranger Shows Up In Her Lineup Without One, Her Confidence Waivers For The Very First TimeFrom The Other Side Of The One Way Glass, Thomas Harbors Secrets Of His Own An Abusive Past And The Power To Avoid DangerAcross The Atlantic, Kate Uses Her Persuasive Abilities To Secure A Better Life For Her Sisters At Least That S What She Assumes When She Applies For A Dream Job In The United StatesAmalie Jahn, Author Of The Best Selling Clay Lion Series, Delivers Another Compelling Young Adult Story Of Courage And Perseverance Among The Shrouded Traces The Lives Of A Balti City Police Officer, An Abandoned Son Of An Addict, And A Dedicated Ukrainian Sister On A Journey That Reveals The Significance Of Each Of Their Gifts And The Greater Purpose Of Their Collective Lives

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    This was an interesting book which dabbled in several genres The main story was crime with a fair bit of police procedure and a lot of information about human trafficking This was all good Then there was a hint of the paranormal and for me this was the weakness in the book which lost it one star I was originally drawn in to reading Among the Shrouded by the blurb which suggested a much higher content of paranormal than I actually got Three main characters certainly did have some psychic powers as I was told to expect but such wishy washy powers I was a little disappointed Mia s ability to see auras was moderately okay but the other two were hopeless Nevertheless I enjoyed the book overall and will look out for the sequel.

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    Among The Shrouded by Amalie Jahn is a superior and masterful police thriller like no other Amalie makes it easy to identify each character POV by titling the chapter with that person s name The three POV characters are Mia, police detective with a paranormal ability to see people s auras white is good, black is bad This comes in handy when catching the bad guys.Thomas is a waiter and pianist who lives with his adopted mother He meets Mia in a police line up where he is paid as an extra Mia is shocked to see he has no aura at all Thomas has the ability to know when he is in danger and this has saved him many times When on a bus Thomas knows another passenger is going to attack with a knife and leaves.Kate is a Ukranian promised a life of luxury in America with the ability to manipulate others for the good of the unfortunate She makes an icecream machine break down so poor kids can be fed for free.All these characters are richly described and the reader immediately identifies with them This incredible novel grabs the reader and drags them by the scruff of the neck from page 1 of a paranormal mystery into the murky depths of human trafficking with an expertise that should elevate this author to stardom.When Kate arrives in America her dreams are shattered when she is herded into a basement to be sold into the sex slavery market.The author creates a brilliant and intense scenario as these wonderful characters are intertwined in such a way as to leave the reader breathless for And there is so much to this novel than a mere police thriller, paranormal romance or supernatural mystery.I highly recommend this Paranormal thriller and FIVE STAR novel to all readers who simply love a great book The must read of the century.

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    The touch of the supernatural is what drew me to this novel, but what kept me reading chapter after chapter is that I truly cared about each of the characters and their interwoven stories The three are linked not only by the date of their birth and their unique abilities, but also by their dedication, love, and ability to persevere Not a light hearted subject matter concerning human trafficking, but one that s important and needs to be told This fictional story is compelling enough to make you care about what happens not only to the characters, but to the millions of people who actually live it It s a fantastic novel that will hook you right from the first chapter You ll root for them from beginning to end, and will not want to put this one down until it s done

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    Among the Shrouded by Amalie Jahn is a powerful and remarkable bookabout an unimaginable and dark crime that is still happening in significant numbers in our modern world Human trafficking.Told from the perspective of several characters in Balti it shows the tragic life of women coming to the US in naive hope for a better future, only to find themselves trapped Written with amazing empathy and care the book focuses on one particular woman from the Ukraine.The parallel storyline that starts the novel off and which eventually intertwines with the trafficking concerns a woman who can see auras and who becomes fascinated with a man whose aura she cannot see during a police lineup The supernatural theme of seeing auras is kept at a low profile, yet it has signifance in the story, just as other seemingly unconnected elements of the story come together unexpectedly The cast of characters that make up the story is perfectly chosen to bring home subtle messages than the tragedy that is human slavery The story of the man without an aura is just as touching and moving Jahn knows how to pull heartstrings but does so in a really tasteful and artistic manner There is hope and inspiration in the book, not all is doom and gloom This is the second book by the author that I have read and like The Clay Lion I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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    I started this book yesterday afternoon and have been gripped ever since I have not read a book so quickly in ages, and even though I am now disappointed that I have finished it, I am thrilled to bits I found it in the first place.I loved the main charactersMia, a strong, intelligent woman surprised to find love in the shape of an aura less seemingly average man With the power to see the good in people, she has to learn to use her instincts instead.Thomas, a man forced to adapt to life in adoptive care and all the stronger for it He has always found a way to stay out of trouble, but his free will is going to be put to the test.Kate, a Ukrainian student wanting out of life and willing to do what it took to secure the future of her sisters at any cost Her positive outlook and ability to enable the right thing to happen lead to a tricky situation.All three are inter linked in a plot that is laced with intrigue, suspense, romance and a fast paced thrilled.Ticked all my boxes Loved itAnd the best bit was, it had an important message in the end you ll have to read it to find out Enjoy

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    Among the Shrouded follows the point of view of three characters who share the same birth date Kate, a young Ukrainian girl who travels to the United States hoping to earn money to attend college Thomas, a busboy with a musical gift and Mia, a police officer All three have paranormal gifts and eventually converge to fulfill their destinies This book was nearly impossible to put down because the character development was so outstanding I became heavily invested in all three characters and had to know what would happen next Just when you think the stakes can t escalate to a higher level, they do The building of tension and suspense was masterful This is a paranormal story, romance, and suspense all wrapped into one unforgettable book I would highly recommend to anyone in search of a good read.

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    Among the Shrouded took me by surprise The characters and the complexities of their intertwined relationships, all the while bringing to light the very disturbing story of human trafficking, makes for an extremely good book It is well written, well developed and very deserving of five stars Get this book when you have time to read undisturbed, because you will want to read all of it once you start.

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    This is one of those wonderful books that will keep you thinking long after you finish the final page Among the Shrouded by Amalie Jahn is an ambitious work, in that the author chose to frame her story in the harsh subject of human trafficking and weave through paranormal elements I have to say, she pulled it off and made it look easy What we are left with is a gripping yet meaningful story that is beautifully told Highly recommended 5 stars.

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    I read this over one night I knew it was going to be an interesting and original read from the very first chapter and I wasn t wrong You ll find wonderful little finishing nails at the end of each chapter and great transitions between scenes Ms Jahn is a crafty plotter and has quite an approachable prose style.

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    Among the Shrouded by Amalie Jahn is one of the best books I have read in a while I read constantly and love many different genres but I had not come across a book like this before.Interwoven with supernatural abilities, this story is about a difficult subject to approach, human trafficking.Written so well, that I had trouble putting it down and when not reading Among The Shrouded my mind often wandered back to the characters, which I felt very invested in.This is a BRILLIANT READ and there are some interesting statistics at the end which are also alarming.Thank you Amalie Jahn for this very creative work and I look forward to reading of your books 5 plus stars

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