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    There is a very specific feeling you get from a picture book when the combination of text and image is pitch perfect It s a very hard thing to get, mind you You might have a book where the words are lovely and the pictures exciting, but if the two don t work in tandem then your end product is going to end up a merely okay bit of indistinguishable dribble A hint of what might have been will hover over the reading experience I mention this because I m trying to find a way to explain why Amandina by Sergio Ruzzier is as delicately miraculous as it is Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it s a Neal Porter book and Mr Porter is known for helping to bring perfect little books into the world see Dog and Bear Maybe it has to do with author illustrator Sergio Ruzzier, whose previous books and collaborations have played effectively with tone and story Maybe it s the thickness of the paper or the shade of the watercolors Maybe it s everything altogether or maybe it s none of this at all Whatever the case, if you are looking for a story that is sweet but not saccharine and carries a lovely little message without beating you over the head with a didacticism stick, this is the book for you A book designed to be the perfect gift for any 4 8 year old child.Amandina Goldeneyes is a wonderful little dog She may be incredibly shy and not know a lot of people, but as a performer is the remarkable One day Amandina decides to give a grand performance so that everyone will see her and she can stop being shy She rents the theater, makes the costumes, creates the sets, puts up posters and when the curtain goes up nobody s there Undeterred, Amandina proceeds to perform the show exactly as she planned As she does so a small cockroach happens to see the performance Stunned by how cool it is, he runs outside and tells his friends who tell their friends By the end of the show Amandina, who was too wrapped up in her act to pay attention to the audience, is stunned and delighted when her finale meets with a roar of applause Sergio Ruzzier fans are not as common as Mem Fox fans or Mo Willems fans, but they are out there just the same More than once have I had someone approach me saying, You DO know Sergio Ruzzier s work don t you Don t you causing me to sputter a surprised assent The fact is that until a couple years ago I actually didn t know who Mr Ruzzier was Had you shown me his work I would have vaguely agreed that I d seen his art before in Karla Kuskin s Moon, Have You Met My Mother But I feel like recently he s started to really come into his own Whether creating a one of a kind mole for Lore Segal s, Why Mole Shouted and Other Stories and its sequel or accompanying Emily Jenkins s fabulous Love You When You Whine, Ruzzier is a wonderful fellow to work with But I think that the books he writes himself are the best of the lot The Room of Wonders was along the right path, melding an affair of the heart with a personal journey But Amandina really got me where I live Not every book has that ability.I m a big fan of picture books that deliver a message in a subtle but obvious manner I understand the necessity of teaching children through literature, sure I just think that some methods are interesting than others Ruzzier could have written a story about a shy little dog that finds happiness by overcoming shyness by making it like the 150 billion other books out there with a pat message Amandina would have gone on stage with a full house and learned courage through being yourself or something equally dull Instead, this book is cleverer than that Amandina s charm is that even when no one comes to her special performance she has the sheer gumption and spunk to perform it anyway So maybe the moral of this story hasn t anything to do with shyness at all Maybe it s about doing your own thing for your own sake And if others happen to sit up and take notice then you ve truly earned their applause When Amandina puts on her show she pours her whole heart and soul into it I ve never really disagreed with a Library of Congress description at the front of a book, but the one for Amandina didn t sit well with me Listen Amandina decides to overcome her shyness and show the town what a talented little dog she is, but when no one shows up for her performance, she finds that she also has a lot of perseverance I guess But it doesn t feel right when you say it like that Not really.For me, it all comes down to tone Getting the right tone is probably the hardest thing to attain in a picture book It didn t hurt matters any that Ruzzier was working with both the words and the images in this book But listen to this description of what Amandina discovered when her curtain came up The theater was empty nobody had come Sometimes these things happen, and nobody can say why I love that Somehow the simplicity of these words reminds me of Arnold Lobel They re just that nice The choices the author made can be intriguing too Why does Ruzzier wait until the very last sentence to tell us that Amandina s last name is Goldeneyes I don t know why, but it works.Using watercolors that range from a deep peach to a liquid cobalt blue, Ruzzier s palate here is a subdued but colorful collective And from a visual perspective I was fond of the setting to this tale Born in Milan, Ruzzier has set this book against an Italian backdrop The theater she rents in the old town is called the Teatro Ventura Later her show seems to incorporate Harlequin elements And for the record, Amandina s show really does look splendid It would be one thing if we were told that Amandina was a special little dog with lots of talent, but to actually see the remarkable show in progress is a special treat Without much explanation we see that the fanciful prologue again, great turns of phrase here involves a suitcase that explodes with a smoky column of flowers while Amandina floats above like a butterfly And then there s the magic show, the dances from around the world, the acrobatics who wouldn t want to see her perform all of this Charm is impossible to teach, ridiculously hard to learn on your own, and money in the bank Amandina also happens to have it in spades doggy puns unintended I don t go for the whole be yourself motto unless you can sell the idea to me in a beautiful tale Sergio Ruzzier has done just that If you ve never read one of his books before, this is an ideal place to start Ages 4 8

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    Amandina was a wonderful little dog But nobody knew that, because nobody knew Amandina Then one evening, this quiet actress, singer, and acrobat promised herself that she would stop being so shy And that is when Amandina bravely attempts to connect through her art, and along the way, she helps us to understand how touching even one, small creature can open up a whole world.

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    I m really not sure what I thought of this book Amandina is such a blend of curiously cute and just plain odd looking But, her perseverance and imagination won me over, just proving once again that it s what s inside that counts I want to go see the play she puts on

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    We really enjoyed this book Amandina is a puppy who puts on a wonderful show despite the fact that no one shows up initially The story and illustrations are just lovely We fell in love with Amandina right away.

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    This is absolutely charming Amandina is a very talented, but solitary, dog She decided to stop being so shy and show the world what she could do She rented a run down theatre that she then refurbished She built and painted sets sewed costumes, sent out invitations and put up posters This line from what happened on opening night felt like the reveal of an important universal truth to me, The theatre was empty nobody had come Sometimes these things happen, and nobody can say why Undaunted, Amandina s show went on Amandina is an inspirational character reminds the rest of us to follow our own dreams no matter what.

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    Very relevant message Work hard, showcase your talents, persevere through the rough patches, and you will triumph in the end Love the old world European look of the town, especially the theatre.

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    There are no small parts Only small actors It s a common saying among thespians a fancy word for performers , but while that sentiment can be debatable, depending on the production, it s or less true.No one knows this better than Amandina She can sing, dance, and act, but she lacked two things every performer needs an audience, and self confidence She s also intensly shy, something this lit rat can relate to, as that was me as a rattling who had not yet discovered my love for literature But Amandina s determined to work through her shyness She rents out a theatre, spruces it up, designs the set, makes her costumes and puts up flyers all over town.Finally, the opening night of her solo show, Amandina takes center stage, only to find No one showed up A lot of people early on in my journey as an author suggested I read Leo the Late Bloomer as that s often touted as the pinnacle of working through difficult and LONG seasons in our lives I did read it, and yes, it helped, a little.But I d recommend Amandina for those who already felt the fear, did it anyway, but can t find or reach their audience because those writer seasons are different, even if they share some overlap.Even if you re not a writer, we all have these seasons to work through.The season of a college senior s different than a college freshman, so is the season of a first year teacher versus a veteran 10 or years in the field, and first time parents have a different season than parents with many years of experience Sergio Ruzzier s illustrations have this warm and whispy feel to them that invoke that eviable timeless charm, for fans of his recent books, this book showcases a new side of his artist palate you don t want to miss Since the release of Bear and Bee , Bear and Bee Too Busy and A Letter For Leo , author illustrator Sergio Ruzzier is becoming one of the hottest names in the modern picture book era.But as with many authors, the road to noetriy was a long and winding grind, as such sometimes earlier works get sent to the dreaded, Isle of Misfit Out of Print Books For those not the biz, out of print books sometimes called remaindered books are titles the publicher no longer prints.There can be various reasons why books go out of print, but I hope now that Sergio s reached a new level of noteriety, his O.P backlist titles can be reivisited and reissued, and Amandina should be at the top of the list, in this humble lit rat s opinion Originally Reviewed At TalkingAnimalAddicts.com

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    I liked the story but really didn t care for the illustrations at all Amandina is a talented little dog She decides to rent a theater and create a show for the town She puts up flyers and does everything necessary to preparebut no one comes So, not to be discouraged, she begins to perform her show and slowly people trickle in to watch She, however, is so engaged in her performance that she doesn t even notice that she has an audience.A cute story of determination and creativity and being yourself.

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    I loved Amandina Goldeneyes She is one very talented pooch But she lacks confidence And friends So she decides to put on a show to share her talents Only no one comes But Amandina perseveres The show must go on even if there is no audience Fortunately, a cockroach comes to the rescue I know it sounds totally bizarre But read it And share it with K and 1st graders to prompt some discussion on not giving up and believing in yourself.

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    Grades K 3 Perseverance I like how this book shows the importance of doing things for your own satisfaction and improvement Shy Amandina decides to put on a play for her community She gets everything ready herself including the renovation of the theatre, set design, costumes and script writing But the day of the big performance, nobody shows up Amandina decides to go ahead and perform anyway, much to the joy of passers by.

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