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Always to Remember files Always to Remember, read online Always to Remember, free Always to Remember, free Always to Remember, Always to Remember 86efeeba1 After Refusing To Fight For The Confederacy, Clayton Was Spurned By Everyone In His Hometown Of Cedar Grove To Meg, Who Lost Her Husbands And Brothers In The War, Clay S Presence Was A Constant Offense As Punishment, Meg Commissioned Clay To Create A Memorial For The Town S War Heroes But As She Spent Months Watching Him, Meg S Feelings Began To Change

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    Rate 5 BRIGHT AND SHINY STARS Lorraine Heath just blew me away with this book I never would have imagined I d enjoy this one so much since it s one of her earlier books and not as acclaimed as the Texas Trilogy and her newer books But from the very beginning this book had me connecting emotionally with the characters and the story.After refusing to fight for the Confederacy, Clayton was spurned by everyone in his hometown of Cedar Grove To Meg, who lost her husband and brothers in the war, Clay s presence was a constant offense As punishment, Meg commissioned Clay to create a memorial for the town s war heroes What I loved about this book was that Clay wasn t your typical delicious want to eat up with a spoon alpha male who oozes with sex appeal, yet he captured my heart and owned it for the entire book I found myself crying for his loneliness, wishing I could be the one to comfort him I just wanted to take him home and wrap him in my arms and give him all the love no one else would give him His vulnerability was what made him such a loveable hero and his inexperience made me all the protective of him Even when Meg hated Clay in the beginning, I never in any way disliked her In fact she truly was worthy of Clay and their happy ending was just the sweetest thing I don t know, Meg I got into the habit a few years back of not thinking past today, but I ll need a place to work once I ve learned all I can at the university in Germany Besides, I like Texas granite She nuzzled his neck I ve grown rather fond of it myself And fond of me he asked Especially fond of you She kissed him slow and leisurely to prove her words Then she nibbled on his ear Why don t we finish this at home My shoulders are beginning to ache He laughed I have an ache myself I ll be happy to rub it This book is going into my favorites for sure Out of all the Lorraine Heath books I ve read this one is my favorite of hers A beautifully written book with perfect characters and a touch of poignancy I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves an emotionally moving book with a sweet ending.

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    Reviewed for www.thcreviews.comAfter finishing Always to Remember, I was left with a sense of almost sheer perfection This unique book is far than a mere romance It is a morality tale of a man making a stand for what he believes, and facing the scorn of an entire town because of it This story asks and in my opinion, answers quite well the difficult question, What truly constitutes courage It is about love and hate It is about true friendship It is about loyalty to one s convictions It is about redemption and forgiveness of wrongs both perceived and real Most of all, it is about people finding a way to come together in harmony in spite of their differences Always to Remember is a story that really delves into the complexities of the human heart and mind with a depth that I don t often see in a romance novel, yet it never feels dark As I read the book, it evoked so many different emotions and reactions tears and sadness for all that Clay had suffered and the level of hatred that some human beings are capable of joy and laughter for the humor that can be found even in the most difficult times sighs of appreciation for the swoon worthy romance This book truly had it all, and I can t think of a single thing I disliked or would have changed.I thought the characters in the story were incredibly well rendered I m not sure that I have ever read such a kind, gentle beta hero as Clay was He had suffered tremendously for being a conscientious objector to the Civil War, a genuinely tortured hero in both body and mind He exhibited a depth of courage that made an entire town rethink what courage really means His loyalty to both his beliefs and those he loves is a rare gem If it wasn t for the fact that I know selfless people like Clay actually exist, I would almost be tempted to say that he was too good to be true I found his virginal status to be both intoxicating and endearing just like Meg did I also loved his artist side The descriptions of Clay carving the monument brought it to life in a way that made it seem like a character itself Meg was a bitter angry woman after her husband and three brothers were killed in the war, and she hated Clay as much as everyone else in town It was sometimes difficult to read her direct biting words to him that were born out of her hatred, but even though I didn t agree with those sentiments, I never felt like I didn t understand her I think this was all part of the beauty of the message that the book was trying to convey Underneath it all, Meg was definitely a kind, caring and compassionate person, and as Clay, slowly and unbeknownst to her, chipped away at the rock surrounding her heart, she was able to show that side to him The amount of growth that Meg went through from the beginning of the story to the end was phenomenal and believably written In my opinion, Clay and Meg were two characters who complimented each other perfectly Always to Remember also had a great cast of secondary characters Meg s grandmother in law, Mama Warner and Dr Martin, the kind country physician, were about the only two people who didn t hate Clay, and they were always full of wisdom to impart to those who would listen Clay s younger brother, Lucian, hated him every bit as much as the other townspeople, but when realization hits him, he too, grows and changes in ways he never would have guessed Clay s ten year old twin brothers, Josh and Joe, are an endearing combination of vivacious wit and wisdom beyond their years They had me laughing out loud at some of things they said, and on the occasions when they seriously spoke their minds, it never felt out of place or too mature, just that they had been well brought up to understand and appreciate the finer points of life Even though Meg s husband and Clay s best friend, Kirk, had been dead for months, his spirit played a pivotal role in the story through his letters and words he had spoken to both of them in the months and years before his death I really liked that he was a strong part of the story and that Meg had truly loved him Meg s brother and father, as well as most of the townspeople, hate Clay with a passion and throughout the story do some very despicable things to him, yet even they were important, in that they allowed Clay an opportunity to show his mettle and the power of forgiveness All in all, this was a wonderful group of characters who really brought to life the warmth and closeness of the typical frontier community Always to Remember was my first read by Lorraine Heath, and I don t think I could have chosen a better book with which to begin I really enjoy Civil War stories but don t often find them, so it is always a pleasure to read one when I do I thought that Ms Heath found a great balance, and I appreciated that she never politicized the subject matter in any way Those who chose to fight were given equal status with those who chose not to, and neither side was ever demonized for the sake of making a point In my opinion, this was simply an amazing story that has left me thinking about it long after turning the last page, which is something I love in any novel I had this book on my to be read list for quite a while, and I m now asking myself why I waited so long to read it I borrowed this from the library, but will certainly be getting my own copy of this wonderful book for my keeper shelf I can t wait to check out Lorraine Heath s backlist to see what other gems she may have written.

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    Holy shit, this book I loved this It wasn t quite my idea of perfection, mind, so four stars instead of five, but it is really quite good The reader is absolutely disgusted by Meg from the beginning, but that s purposeful Clay iswow Clay What can I say about Clay He s a man who withstood imprisonment and torture physical and psychological because he refused to dishonor his beliefs Conscientious objectors have always been castigated in society as cowards because most people don t grasp the amount of courage that s needed to stand apart from the crowd I admired Clay, and that admiration caused a lit crush to develop Oh, he s also quiet, artistic, and shy I was actually slightly amazed at the amount of real interaction between all the characters Clay s 10 year old twin brothers are amazing,, and I m wondering if Ms Heath ever wrote any stories for themAnyway, if you like historical romance particularly post civil war America , and a sweet story with a wonderful HEA, I definitely recommend this one.

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    This is one of those Did that really just happen momentsLorraine Heath, where have you been all my life Have I been living under a rock I mean, I ve read a few of your books When the Duke Was Wicked chief among them But in truth, I haven t much recall Kinda like one regency flowing in to another, if you know what I mean But man alive, your Texas books Hoooeeee does that sound particularly Texified These books are straight up killers I m in love with your Texas heroes There I said it And in this book, Clay is no damn exception Beta heroes unite, do you hear me Tender, brave, smart, steadfast, quiet, unassuming, I said gawd damn Read this book, folkes, but do it with a hanky And be ready to take notes and learn some life lessons.

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    DNF at 30%Wasn t enjoying it I loved Clay, but Meg was ruining any enjoyment for me I couldn t stand her, or the constant talk about how wonderful her deceased husband was and how she loved him, etc etc I couldn t even begin to see how Clay could enjoy even one second in her presence I guess he was just so starved for human interaction and remembered her from before the war.

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    I will not take up arms against my fellow man I didn t believe we should fight the Northern states, and yet, I could not in all good conscience take up arms against the South, my home, and my friends But than that, I would not fight because I believe it s a sin against God to kill another man When Texas joined with the rest of the Confederate states, all the young men of Cedar Grove were ready and willing to join the glorious cause All that is, except for Clayton Holland, who refused to bear arms and kill men in a cause he didn t believe in Those beliefs landed him in a Confederate prison where he was subjected to brutal torture and a very close call with the firing squad When he returns home the entire town shuns him as a traitor and a coward including Meg Warner who hates him for coming home alive when her young husband did not Meg hires Clayton, an acomplished stone mason, to carve a monument to Cedar Grove s fallen men, and she s hoping it will give him some well deserved punishment She wanted, needed him to face his cowardice, to have it carved into his heart so deeply that he would feel it with every breath he took for as long as he lived Well, things don t quite work out the way Meg planned, as she soon finds that Clay s steadfast, honorable nature is a pretty damned attractive one, but let s just say that Meg s family and neighbors are none too thrilled with that idea I d rather spend my life with one man surrounded by love than the ignorance and hatred surrounding me now sniff Lorraine Heath is an author I d never come across until the library started adding a bunch of her titles to the Kindle lending list, and I m very glad I decided to give her a shot This was a lovely tale of love, faith and healing, and no surprise but Meg is the one most in need of it Clayton is the perfect strong, silent manly man with a heart of mush inside, and Meg and her bitter soul was the the right match for him I also adored Clayton s two younger twin brothers, they added a good mix of kid humor and also giving us a look at Clayton s softer side If that newer cover for the e book editions is giving you the bodice ripping willies, don t panic Any sex in this book is very understated and rather tame by today s comparisons and you ll be a long time waiting for the first steamy kiss Heath takes time building the sexual tension, focusing on the story and the characters how refreshing This is the second book of Heath s I ve tried and there will be in my future, she s perfect for a rainy day lighter read.

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    22% I call it.I m too heroine centric and she s not going to be my jam The hero is compelling enough, but it really seems like all the growth for her will be because he s such a better person than herand I can t sayanything about the quote paragraph breaks because I m too irritated chalk me up as someone who d rather read a book w o quotation marks than this I think I threw up my hands when the heroine picked a white piece of marble, saying it s pure and white like the glorious Cause, and I ll just frankly never like her not to mention it mixes two wars, doesn t it, help me American History friends But whatever Hero s a moral, righteous dude, which means despite him being pretty A stand up guy I don t really care how he gets fucked and married see all previous references to Superman I knowI KNOW I m in the minority here But, there s some important lesson here for me, and that is the bottom line is Heath s writing might not be for me overall I swear I ve read two chapter of like 3 of her other books First of all, it,to my ear, lacked authenticity Not only does Meg s dead husband tell Clay about her moans during sex, but also described how important she is and how much he loved her And the only reason I can tell for all the Meg worship was her eyes There were two paragraphs about her cornflower eyes And how remarkable women s eyes were compared to men sand where s that damn trash can.Am I being harsh I think so Those quotation marks did it to me I can t skip a semi colon in my job or everything breaks, but Heath can reinvent the right way to do dialogue or the e copy is TERRIBLE either way, I m out And partially because the hero s pure heart just isn t gonna get me there I mean, he s quoting jesus in the prologue like some kinda martyr.so basically he s the type of hero I d wave to, pat on the back, and say ok pal.

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    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book He stepped back and plowed his hands through his hair You think I m a coward You don t think I have the courage to stand beside you and risk the anger of your father I d die before I turned away from anyone or anything I believed in You won t even walk by my side He looked the way she imagined soldiers who had lost a battle probably looked weary, tired of the fight, disillusioned You don t believe in me, he said quietly How can you believe in our love These lines were taken from the best scene of the book IMO, where Clay questions Meg s love for him And I don t blame him a bit I had troubles myself believing that she d go from a vindictive widow to someone madly in love with him in the space of a few months I mean, when I read the way the whole town hated it s a mild word for what they did to him, comparing to how they treated him both physically and emotionally Clay for being a deserter of the Civil war, just because Clay didn t want to kill people, didn t believe in war unbelievable I don t think I can capture that hatred in my review the way Lorraine Heath did in her brilliant storytelling, instead I ll just try to tell you what s in this book and why I couldn t give it a full 5 star.Clay and Kirk have been best buddies since their childhood Meg was also known to them, as many other in this tight knit small community of a small Texan town Clay has loved Meg since she stepped into her teens Kirk has also loved her but I think Clay s was down to earth kind of love, deeper in level Yet, when the prank loving Kirk used a fake coin to settle who should court Meg and won, Clay didn t fight that choice He is a down to earth, reserved one in nature as well His family, of a stone cutter, has never been very wealthy like Kirk s and Meg s, yet they all liked him Kirk s father treated him as his own I can go on and on about Clay s goodness not only before the war but also, after but it s only going to make this review longer But, all these changed when he refused to enlist to fight the Yankees Everyone turned against him and forgot the exceptionally good and honest man he has always been and is still Soon, the soldiers came to take away the deserter but not before the whole village has plotted to hang him for his action Because of Kirk, who s always been devoted to their friendship who was also one of the few believed in Clay s reasons , they couldn t But Clay was tortured and was sentenced to death in the prison The story opens up with that scene, his supposed last day on earth It was depressing and so horrible to read, just knowing how they ve been treating him And no one but Dr Martin, the town s elderly physician cared NO ONE His loneliness, I could feel it coming from him, pouring everywhere and it has been throughout the book as Clay, who never complains, once blurts it out to Meg in a scene But, he wasn t executed because of his last prayer, which wasn t for him but for those who were about to shoot at him The soldiers couldn t put a bullet through but did other horrible things to Clay They didn t feed him enough, no sleeping for days, wouldn t let him read letters from home Torture with bayonets were a daily thing for him At first, we really don t know the level of torture he suffered The story jumps into 3 years, long after the war has ended, taking away most of the young men in Cedar Grove They all hate Clay, even his younger brother Lucian Lucian was quite a weak character, he couldn t take the level of hatred that was directed towards Clay so he himself took part in it, reminding him than once what a yellow bellied coward he has been for not fighting in the war.Meg has been thinking of revenge like many others in Cedar Grove after Clay s return She doesn t take his name, many others as well It s a shame even to speak his name So she plans this thing, a monument, which would be carved in honor of the fallen and carving it would be the just punishment for Clay And, like many others in the town, she didn t know the man inside She didn t know what a man was waiting to be revealed I didn t like her on spot It took me a while to learn to stand her but I could never really like or respect her throughout the book, even though in the later parts, she did many things to support him But that was a bit too late for me and I ended up thinking, Clay deserved someone so much better than Meg Someone who would love him back just the same way as he had And, it s not just Meg but every single people he cared about they didn t deserve his forgiveness Clay s kindness and unfailing acts of goodness and courage knew no bounds IMO Anyway, Meg goes to visit Clay and tells him about this monument Of course, she s very rude to him In comparison, Clay is ever the gentleman, though the treatment hurt because it was coming from her She doesn t know many things about Clay and Kirk and how close they d been like Kirk actually talked about his wedding night to Clay, something I should ve found creepy but I didn t She didn t know that Kirk met Clay before he died in the war, that Kirk and the men who went from Cedar Grove, believed in Clay and signed a letter for his release, which never came to fruition because of the man in charge That Kirk trusted Clay with his belongings, which included Meg s letters if only you could read how he d smell them because those letters smelled of honeysuckle and of Meg sigh As he starts working on the monument, Meg finds herself and attracted to Clay mostly because she keeps seeing noticing the little things, nicer and beautiful things about him his goodness in general, his caring nature, especially the young twins, his own behavior towards her which has never been anything short of gentlemanly No matter what she does, no matter how rude she is, Clay is polite, unfailingly Clay, at first, didn t know if he can do the monument He only had the knowledge of stone carving on grave markers, which he s learned very young from his father He wanted to do judgment to this monument, not only because this would honor so many fallen men he knew all his life but also because he didn t want to disappoint Meg I think he guessed why she asked him to do it she didn t speak out lout about her intentions of course yet never uttered a word of complain Meg was intent on visiting him everyday, to attend the carving, not knowing it might take years for it to finish And even knowing how long it ll take, she was willing to attend, just to torment Clay But the whole plan backfired as I ve already mentioned She begins feeling for Clay, falling for him too I mean how could you not The man is just too good to be true At first, she wouldn t even let him touch her, acting like a superior like the other townspeople to his deserter state which changed gradually to smaller touches and then to kisses It was, at times, very hard for me to swallow to read how hatred can fester like a wound and become something ugly and nasty like one too How ignorance brings out the beast in men How war can manipulate people to act as someone they never were in the 1st place I don t think I can adequately explain the extent of what LH captured in her narration, the only way you can feel it by reading the whole book.In between, Clay tries to make amends with the others by saving someone s crop from fire or working to build a barn for another And all of those times, he was alone and ignored No one thanked him for his contributions, his silent urge for an understanding or the courage that took him to face the boiling hatred He made a marker for one man s little daughter who died suddenly, yet the guy never knew that Clay made it He gave all the credit to his father and Lucian, who never worked with stone in his life, otherwise they would probably break it to pieces In the barn building incident, Meg s brother Daniel makes trouble for him by tearing down the part he made Daniel and Meg s father have never made it a secret of how much they loathe the yellow bellied coward Even Meg was horrified the way they treated him I had a feeling that these two exceeded by long mark in their hatred comparing with the other townspeople And it was very painfully proven with one incident much later in the book But, right now, I was loving things about Clay I was also enjoying the twins banters, their innocent yet charming views of life They were adorable to say the least Meg also felt the same and soon, they were taking her to places where they don t take others, like a hilltop from where they could see bats flying Clay has also known of this place, has been there with Kirk Meg was also learning that Kirk hasn t told her every little thing that happened to him, which did make her sad She realized Clay was much closer to Kirk than her One night, she visits a small watering hole, a place she thought her and Kirk s secret place, for a swim There, very coincidentally, she runs into Clay She didn t know that this place was known to Clay, Kirk and many other boys of their age a place for their manly talks She was already sweet on Clay by then and Clay did kiss her once while in the shed where he works Their relationship was improving, forming a fragile bond that Meg didn t see coming but didn t want to ignore either So, when he returns her home or as close as he could get , she initiates a kiss with him It was so good that Meg couldn t believe it After that, they keep meeting in that watering hole, kissing and holding each other, talking about things about Kirk, about Clay s own troubles So far, Meg still didn t know to what extent Clay was involved in the war and how much he was tortured Clay wouldn t take his shirt off, even when it s sweltering hot, even though than once Meg wanted him to, so she didn t know about the big D that has been branded on his chest to his utter humiliation She loved his hands too, loved the way he d touch the stone after he d chiseled through it, as if he s apologizing for treating it so harshly But to Clay his hands were damned ugly , too big and rough from years of working with stones Mama Warner, Kirk s grandmother was another character I loved to bits She was one of those very few people who still believed in Clay She even wanted to save him from his imprisonment She still loved him like her own grandson, one little ray of affection Clay could still rely on So, at her asking, Meg took Clay to visit her But it was a sad meeting for Mama Warner was frail and very ill She asks him to make her marker Then one day, Meg decides Mama Warner should have a look at the monument, which was, despite Clay s zero experience monument carving, coming off very nicely He s already worked on Kirk s face he chose it to be about Kirk and Meg, later the reason behind his choice was revealed from one of Kirk s letters as Meg requested So at night, they sneak Mama Warner off to Clay s shed Mama Warner was like a young girl being carried off by a dashing young man I loved that scene Meg had to make sure Robert, Kirk s cousin, wouldn t wake up and find them Anyway, after they returned Mama Warner home, Meg and Clay go to their meeting place, the watering hole and makes love Yes, it was Clay s first time The man was just starving for Meg s touch I won t say any other woman because it s only her he wanted Meg didn t know but had some idea, yet she was thrilled and happy beyond belief She wasn t Kirk s 1st so she didn t think Clay was a virgin still They even exchange ILU to each other Yet the next day, she breaks his heart Clay was again, at the church, on the back seat throughout But this time, he was willing to defy anything and approached Meg while she asked him not to, not in front of these people Daniel sees them, foul mouths Clay and threatens him to stay away from Meg That night, Clay doesn t return to the watering hole because the illusion upon which he was building the dream of a future together shattered that day Meg comes to see him instead He lets her in at her cajoling and they have an argument The lines I ve quoted in the beginning were from that scene Clay said some really heart wrenching things, Lord, it made me so sad As they were arguing, mask riders come to Clay s farm He didn t hide away, instead asked Lucian, the twins and Meg to stay put while he faces them, alone I couldn t keep my tears at bay reading what they did to him Those people beat him at first and then put a knife through his left palm, sticking him to a tree OMG I was horrified When they finally rode away, Meg and Lucian takes him in, then Lucian who already knew his brother is not a coward, runs to get Dr Martin When they take care of him, the damage those soldiers did to his body come in sight Dr Martin knew because he visited Clay in the prison, now Meg knew why he wouldn t take his clothes off in the daylight Meg also knew a few other very crucial things about Clay s part in Gettysburg, where Kirk and the other men of Cedar Grove fell that after getting out of prison, he went to look for Kirk, only to find them all died that evening, that he took care of the bodies, buried them in decent graves, that he brought back Kirk s last letter that he couldn t post to Meg.Anyway, Meg was now determined to prove her love to him As he heals, Clay realizes he can t hold the chisel any with his left hand and it despairs him to no end His dream of a bright future to study sculpting in a foreign country died in the war, now the little of whatever left seems like slipping out of his hands too And he keeps himself distant from Meg Who can blame him Meg learns that Daniel and her father was among the men who did the crime that night, in fact it was Daniel who put the knife through Clay s hand because he dared to touch her in the church Mama Warner passes away in all these chaos and Kirk s father asks Clay to join her funeral Meg finds a letter Kirk wrote to Mama Warner in her wooden box that she passed on to Meg before dying It explained a lot about Clay and the reality of war in general Meg is now than ever determined to bring Clay back to life, since after the attack, it seems he s given up on carving and trying to prove his innocence She makes Clay promise that he ll work on the monument and she ll be his left hand, holding the chisel I did like this part They work together and then one night, they make love again Because of Meg s persistence, Clay couldn t hold back any longer The next day, in the church, Meg defies everyone s glare and acknowledges Clay in front of the whole town Clay fights that, knowing she d suffer for this He was already planning to move on to some other place so that she and his brothers don t suffer on his account As Clay tries to walk away, Daniel, again lord, why does the secondary characters with the name Daniel have to be so obnoxious tries to do something despicable He tries to run Clay off with a wagon but in the process, almost killed a young girl playing on the road Clay injures himself badly saving her That proved finally that Clay never harbored any negative intentions for any of them despite how they all treated him People begin to see things differently as Meg tells them what Clay did for their sons husbands and of Kirk s letters They all begin realizing how blinded they were by hatred and anger Maybe to a point, their anger was justifiable, losing your loved ones is never easy but NOT their actions because of it IMO I did appreciate Meg s stance on Clay s side in that scene but it was too late for me to see her any differently The ending epilogue was very sweet Clay now had a dream and had the means to fulfill it He married Meg and now has a baby boy named Kirk I was so happy to see him finally having a grip on his life and the fact that finally he was loved the way he deserved to be all the way from the beginning It was one absolutely beautiful book and highly recommended 4.5 stars If nothing else, you won t regret reading this book, take my word for it I finish my review with these lines that were engraved on the completed monument Within the shadows of honor, courage often walks in silence Perfect

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    This was the last of my Lorraine Heath Texas story backlist and it was a very good read A strong 4.5, I d say.For a romance novel it s very thought provoking I might have been bothered by the heroine, but Heath humanized her and invited empathy I had to wonder how I would feel in the same circumstances, knowing only the little she could know The story touches heavily on the irrationality of grief and the variety of ways that people can show courage I thought about it long after I turned the final page.Two complaints This tale is like so many other stories of this era in that it ends a few pages after everything works out It does have an epilogue, but it s not as thorough as some of Heath s later, exquisite epilogues, so I was left wanting My second complaint is that Clay is a saint A true saint Maybe just a bit too perfect That didn t stop me from loving him and feeling all kinds of anger and sadness on his behalf, I just felt he was a bit too good to be true In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I m only sad that I don t have any of these older stories left to savor.

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