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Alice on Board (Alice, #24) pdf Alice on Board (Alice, #24) , ebook Alice on Board (Alice, #24) , epub Alice on Board (Alice, #24) , doc Alice on Board (Alice, #24) , e-pub Alice on Board (Alice, #24) , Alice on Board (Alice, #24) 14d8345d311 In Her Last Adventure Before Starting College, Alice Takes To The Open Sea For The Summer And Nothing Can Stop The Tides Of ChangeEverything Alice Has Ever Known Is About To Change From Where She Sleeps At Night To How Close Her Closest Friends Will Be So Alice Is Meeting That Seasick Feeling Head On By Setting Sail As Staff On A Chesapeake Bay Cruise Ship And Like Any Last Great Adventure Before Starting College, Alice Knows She Ll Need Sunblock, An Open Mind, And Oh Yeah, All Her Best Girlfriends It S The Perfect Summer Job Perfect, That Is, When Things Are Going Perfectly But When They Re Not, Alice Has To Figure Out How To Weather Unexpected Storms Of All Sorts Which Could Be Perfect After All Perfect Training For Her Next Big Adventure College

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    I have loved the Alice books for about 15 years I have grown up with Alice unfortunately, a lot quicker than her since I have aged three years for every one of hers I cried when Alice cried, laughed as she shared great times with Pam and Liz, and stuck through the series even if the past few books haven t been my favorites I stuck with them because I love the character of Alice and, frankly, the end of the series is in sight Alice on Board is the second to last book.That being said, this book was absolutely painful to get through.Maybe it s because Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a children s book author and Alice is now an adult, but PRN just seems tired of the characters It s almost as if she has dealt with every controversial topic suicide, death of a parent, cancer, drunk driving, abortion, loss of one s virginity, etc and PRN just ran out of ideas The worst part is that there s not enough of Alice s internal monologue which is the whole reason the Alice books are so relatable Instead, the bulk of the cough, almost 300 pages include a dry recitation of dull plot points I thought a cruise around the Chesapeake Bay sounded boring when I first heard that s what Alice on Board was about no offense meant to anyone but the author s description of the cruise life in general made me want to take a nap Personal story I once followed the blog of a girl who was assistant cruise director on a Carnival cruise I went on that was interesting than this book Time for nit picks Alice s voice is really beginning to sound out of touch I ve heard other people complain about this in the past, and I generously looked past it But I can t any I understand that PRN is trying to make the books somewhat timeless by avoiding most brand names and limiting her discussions of technology, but some of the colloquialisms she uses make me cringe If the author is too old to understand how kids these days speak then the book s editors should have pointed out that expressions like going together or writing text messages like emails um, who under the age of 60 does that will alienate readers Finally, much of the boring plot involved descriptions of food, or eating, or sharing food but it was in such awkward, unbelievable ways that I found it very distracting For example, a group of co workers who have just met go to Ben Jerry s and each order a different ice cream flavor so they can swap bites EW In another painfully awkward scene, Alice hand feeds whyyy a new platonic male friend emphasis on the platonic slices of orange, alternating a slice for her and a slice for him Um.Of course I ll stick it out for the final Alice book, which is supposed to chronicle Alice s life from ages 18 60 I kind of shudder thinking about how PRN will pull this off, but hey, you never know Let s just hope she realizes that Alice and Patrick DO NOT HAVE TO END UP TOGETHER even though they ve been playing the Ross Rachel game since they were in middle school.Hope for the best, expect the worst.

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    This was my first time reading a book in the Alice series Although sometimes too melodramatic, I loved the originality that went into the story and the character of Alice herself.

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    Oh, Alice I have faithfully read your books since I was ten years old and could still relate to all of your embarrassing, endearing, and sometimes edgy anecdotes But then, sometime around Dangerously Alice, something happened Either I out grew you, or Naylor really just stopped trying to hold her finger on the pulse of today s teenagers I mean, I get it these books are meant to be timeless and not tied to any particular era or trend But for all of Alice s envelope pushing status and banned books reputation, I thought the penultimate book in the series would offer me a little reality than Alice and Co sailing around on a Chesapeake Bay cruise ship, sneaking into a battle ground cemetery at night, and splitting one beer in a hotel I m hard pressed to think of any real life teenagers whose post graduation pre college summers are quite so tame or maybe my high school was just full of the crazy teens you read about in the news This wasn t a terrible book but for me, it was definitely the weakest installment of the series so far and dare I say, the most out of touch NEVERTHELESS, I will continue to treasure this series and will undoubtedly read the forthcoming Always Alice with a box of tissues in hand as yet another series from my childhood finally draws to a close.

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    the third star is out of my generous and loyal love for this series, which i ve been reading for almost as long as i ve had a library card i cannot say it better than a fellow reviewer, stephanie, who said the book should have been called alice, i m bored i was really looking forward to reading about alice s summer working aboard a cruise ship, but this somehow managed to be the most boring cruise ship in operation in spite of the drama PRN tries to inject one of the crew members is a gasp SMOKER another crew member gasp lost her pet turtle a nasty man exposes himself to alice in her state room pamela s divorced parents both show up on the same cruise the story fell flat meanwhile, patrick is in barcelona for a year so their relationship is in limbo alice meets a handsome young muskrat trapper WHAT omg working on the ship as a deckhand, and they share a flirty crab sandwich together, but their friendship remains platonic here s the thing it s the 2nd to last book in the series and NOTHING HAPPENED PRN introduces a bunch of half baked cruise ship characters that won t wind up being important because it s just for the summer even though pamela, elizabeth, and gwen were on the cruise, all they did was work and say how tired they were the other characters patrick and my beloved lester, alices dad and step mom, hardly appeared at all and these are the ones i care about speaking of patrick, IN OR OUT DUDE possibly PRN was just trying to be realistic about life which can be boring sometimes, even on cruise ships, and relationships can get stuck in limbo and your boyfriend can go to barcelona for a year and you just want to be friends with that muskrat trapper but we re running out of books here and i was disappointed and bored.

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    First off, I admit off the bat that the only reason I ve continued to read this series is that I ve been reading them since the first one came out, and I just can t seem to stop, especially because the next one is the last They ve been getting progressively worse and worse, like after school specials than actual novels There is no reason for you to read this book unless you, like me, have some weird need to stick with the series until the end.I may be in the minority here, but I think Alice on Board is miles better than some of the recent Alice titles Alice and her friends take a job on a cruise ship the summer after they graduate high school Yes, this had nothing to do with the previous 22 books, but I actually welcomed the change of scenery and thought it might have some appeal to non fans as a standalone I thought some of the details about life as a cruise ship employee were kind of fun yes, in true Alice fashion, there has to be some huge dramatic crisis, but at least this one was original.

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    I ve been reading the Alice books since The Agony of Alice was released, and yet, I can t stop reading them This was the worst installment by a mile, and I question if Ms Naylor really wrote it I thought I was reading a Babysitter s Club Super Special Seriously, it should have been called Alice, I m Bored One of the worst books I have ever read.

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    You know, maybe I m just comparing it relative to the last few lackluster Alice books, but I enjoyed this one a lot I wasn t super sold on the cruise ship milieu before I read it, but it works The ship crew workings seem well researched or at least plausibly invented , and there s a good balance of unusual job details, new close quarters co worker drama, personal main characters drama, vaguely romantic new friendship, and actual suspenseful events This book has rising action And a climax And a reasonable amount of falling action, not 50 70% of the book.It s a welcome change to have Alice out in the world interacting with new situations people environments, rather than being trapped in her own head, with nothing to distract her from her musings on what it means to be a woman and her future wedding night but yet another school club and seminar of the female body This book features NO school clubs and NO seminars on the female body I think in general I like the books about employment Say what you want about the realism or suitability of Alice as friend girlfriend role model, but she s solid as an employee She doesn t always do everything right, and the jobs she s asked to do are usually not fun or glamorous, but she generally lives up to expectations of hard work and responsibility, and she s game to try new things Teens could do worse Alice s emotional story here mostly has to do with her long distance relationship with Patrick Alice is mature enough to know that she can t sit around and moon over him, or write clingy letters, or deprioritize living her own full life in order to be There For Him At All Times She s not quite mature enough to truly believe in her heart that living her own full life is its own reward, or that running everything through a mental Is This Interesting Enough to Tell Patrick filter is a form of mooning clinging deprioritization This seems about right for 18 Random Observations Naylor, unsurprisingly, doesn t seem to understand how texting works These texts they re sending each other are like 500 characters long If you really wanted to sound breezy over text, you wouldn t have it extend to four or five texts.

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    I ve been reading the Alice series since I was roughly Alice s age myself about 12 I m not going anywhere and I m sure Alice s loyal fans will enjoy this installment, but I thought it was pretty lackluster It s thin on plot and primarily episodic and although a little less After School Special like than some of the recent installments, Naylor still seems to want to impart some lessons to her readers These books could really do with some better editing, too The teenagers simply do not talk like teens today talk At one point in this one, one of the characters says something like, She is so darn, damned stubborn Too much time is spent describing everyone s appearance, in a way that is meant to be offhanded, and which ultimately reads as superficial I thought this one was a low point in the series.

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    3 1 2 stars.Looking back on my review of the last book, Incredibly Alice, I can see that I had no idea what this book would entail I was hoping for sex, clearly Well, on Alice s farewell to high school summer aboard The Seascape, no one had sex not even Gwen However, I was not nearly as dissatisfied with this book as most people I see that a main complaint is how archaic the language is However, I ve always seen Alice as a responsible, self possessed teenager If we want to take peek at teenagers who don t sound at all realistic, we could also look at The Fault In Our Stars great book, but, come on Sweet Valley is another good example But I m 25 I have no idea what teenagers are supposed to sound like any And I don t care about most teenagers I care about Alice McKinley I always save the summer books for when it s actually summer, and it was great to read about Alice s summer when mine is mostly just beginning There were some things that happened in this book that I wasn t expecting Pamela s momma drama for one The fact that she would even CONSIDER giving up a scholarship to a theater school in New York City for her selfish, crazy mother is appalling But it also shows you just how powerful a pull a mother can have over her child Alice s interactions with Mitch were the best Ditto her time spent off the ship on Tangier Island and Yorktown Battlefield at night The book has a slow crawl in the beginning with all the talk being about the extremely ghetto ship But I knew Alice s best adventures would happen in her time off the ship, and I wasn t wrong I just longed for , because I didn t care about ship life since she wasn t working for Carnival or going to the Caribbean I live all around some of the places mentioned, so it was cool to think that Alice was sailing around my home s I can imagine she is doing it right now, in fact The thing I love most about all of the Alice books especially the summer ones is how they all come tinged with anticipation, possibility, and nostalgia Alice On Board, especially, was very bittersweet I can t believe we get only ONE 500 page book about her college and senior citizen years But I know we can t follow Alice forever It s just a shame that writers think the only interesting time period in a person s life is high school FYI It isn t My one complaint here deals with Patrick I haven t liked him since he left Alice all those years ago in ninth grade for Penny By tenth grade she still wasn t over it and we got some great quotes out of that too I m not over it, either, and I can t even remember the time when she officially took him back The whole relationship seems tenuous at best Also, at this point, they are horribly mismatched Alice and Mitch were perfect in this book, because they both love their hometowns We learned in Incredibly Alice and even way before that that Alice isn t really one to go far away She tells Mitch that after college she wants to be a counselor at a school no than an hour from home Aside from suggesting a post college road trip to California with her friends in this book, Alice has never been the adventuresome type Notice that none of the titles, either, were ever Adventurous Alice or anything like that Patrick has been all over the world and has been lightyears ahead of Alice in schoolwork for a long time now They live in different worlds, metaphorically and literally That she still gets so worked up about him is a testament to their history but not, I would venture, to anything else Naylor is only throwing them together because it s what the fans want But, let me tell you fans YOU NEED TO STOP WANTING THIS Alice and Patrick make no sense any She is going to school in Maryland He went to school in Chicago and is currently abroad in Spain I mean come on How could that ever work and be fair to either partner This is an I don t love you, but I always will type of situation Let it go.I KNOW there will be sex in the last book However, if I don t hear about Alice losing her virginity at SOME point in college, I will lose my mind It was still only spelled out in Alice On Board, and I about lost my mind These books used to be on every banned book list in the country What happened to all the masturbating and talk of Arabian Nights Seriously, nobody wants to hear about Alice s loss of virginity on her wedding night in a flashback when she is 60 I will scream and throw the book across the room I, like Alice, can be an extreme homebody But I also am MUCH adventurous I didn t keep my virginity past 22, though it wasn t for lack of trying before that And I m not married Alice has of a social life than I could ever hope for, so you can t tell me she won t meet another Mitch in college In fact, Mitch the Trapper is the perfect guy for her to lose her virginity to Let s make that happen Always Alice has changed to Now I ll Tell You Everything why and won t be released until October I m glad I waited until this summer to read this book, so I don t have to wait long for the last one I don t understand the delay beyond it being the last book but, hey, it s been written forever Just fucking release it already I need to know what happens to Alice Because I love her, and because she is the only character I have genuinely cared about so long We have nothing in common, but she is very real And she brings out the best in us all.

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    This book felt like filler to me something to pass the time and get Alice and her friends into a different setting before Naylor can whisk her off to college and the rest of her life I m eagerly awaiting the epilogue of her life, at least When Alice was excited that something bad but eventful had occurred on the cruise line just to have something she could write about to PatrickI would say that summed up my experiences with Alice over the most recent years Is anything going to happen that I can write home about No Alice is still the average teen girl, not quite sophisticated, yearning after adventure and watching from the sidelines as her exotic non boyfriend Patrick starts college early, travels the world, and does his study abroad in Barcelona I guess even the everygirl needs a book about someone like herself We can t all be teen superheroes, spies, socialites, mutants, vampires, and so on.But Ms Naylor Alice has become a virtual non entity, she is so average and boringshe can t carry a book at this point, or a lengthy series, for that matter What can I write home about Even her foolhardy but harmless teenage shenanigans seem to be from the 1950s or 1960s Tee hee Oh dear, I misbehaved I understand Naylor may be drawing from her own youthful shenanigans and that this is her putting a little something personal into the story, but Alice suffers from this as a character I can barely remember her misbehavior, compared to the iconic embarrassments she suffered in her middle school years, these hardly define her in any way To my memory, she rarely ever speaks up to stay out of the shenanigans, nor is she ever the instigator And one of those two would be interesting.The one improvement I definitely noticed is that Alice and her friends sound a little contemporary in this book, though still not much like a person under 30 Hoping this means Naylor has a beta reader or editor who is a little bit closer to the target reader age.

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