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    When it comes to Russian history, my knowledge base is not so much spotty as it is basically nonexistent I read a biography of Catherine the Great last year, which was the first non fiction Russian history book I had ever read Alexandra The Last Tsarina was the second, and before that my only source for information about the Romanovs came from the Royal Diaries series the Anastasia one was really good, though and one historic fiction book about them that I read in middle school Add to that a National Geographic article that I read back when the Romanov remains had been found and identified, and there you have the entire breadth of my Romanov knowledge prior to reading this book So in that sense, I appreciated this book because just about every piece of information presented was new to me, and I was glad to finally learn something real about this doomed family As the title suggests, Alexandra is the focus of the book it begins with her childhood when she lost her parents at a young age, then we get a bit about her education and some of her family drama including her grandmother, Queen Victoria , and then her extended courtship with Nicholas and how she became the empress of Russia Throughout the book, Erickson describes Nicholas s attempts to rule effectively, Alexandra s increasing unpopularity with the Russian people, the wars and growing discontent, and Alexandra s attempts to control her husband s policies with the assistance of Rasputin, of course It s all good information, and the story was able to keep me interested throughout the last few chapters are especially engrossing, just because of how goddamn sad they are You re reading about the imperial family being held under house arrest, constantly being threatened by their own guards and thinking they ll be killed any second, and then England is like, Yeah, you guys can totally have asylum here We re sending a ship next week and then the next second the English prime minister realizes that that s actually a really bad idea and that he won t send a ship to rescue the family, but no one tells them that, and then their guards are all, We re going to Siberia now, where you ll be safe and you re just staring at the pages thinking oh god, oh god, oh god because you know how this story ends So, to the uniformed eye, this seems like a really good, solid biography of a much maligned woman.Here s the problem Carolly Erikson is a terrible historian One of her sources used in this book is the memoirs of Martha Mouchanov, a former lady in waiting of Alexandra She provides a lot of personal details about the empress s state of mind and the inner workings of the palace, and it seems like a great primary source Unfortunately, as other reviews have informed me, not only are Mouchanov s memoirs completely fabricated, but this was known before this book was written So Erikson took an unreliable source and presented it as reliable, because it helped her case of presenting Alexandra as a sympathetic figure Similarly, Erikson will frequently make a statement about Alexandra s thought process or emotions at a certain time, with no actual evidence to back it up, and you get the sense that she s just projecting her own emotions onto Alexandra There s no in depth examination of why Alexandra thought that she was the most qualified person to rule Russia, Erikson merely tells us that Alexandra thought she could rule better than her husband and moves on There s really no critical analysis of anyone here Rasputin, clearly the most enigmatic and fascinating figure in this whole fiasco, is examined only at surface level Was he playing a long con on Alexandra, trying to manipulate her into destroying the country Why did he begin by refusing large gifts of money and titles and later get greedier and demanding Did he really believe that he was a holy man and a healer, or was he an imposter all along And most importantly, how was he able to miraculously heal Alexei when no one else could I realize that these questions haven t been given definite answers, but a little acknowledgement of them would have been nice There s no definite closure to the story it ends with the Romanov s execution spoiler alert and then a stupid epilogue about Alexandra s body being properly interred in 1998 Between those two events, there s nothing how the Romanov s bodies were disposed of and hidden, how they were discovered, who was identified and who s still missing and why, not even any information about what happened to the rest of the extended family It felt unfinished and unsatisfying This book shouldn t have been nonfiction Erikson should have just admitted defeat and written a historic fiction novel about Alexandra, because that s basically what she s done anyway even the writing feels like overwrought fiction, like this passage The warm June sun continued to shine down over the domes and rooftops of Moscow, but now it was a city in mourning, and the crows, bloated and sated, floated like dark wraiths in the cloudless blue sky And this line, which was so ridiculous that it s the only passage in the entire book that I made sure to mark so I could quote it later A new order was coming slowly and painfully to birth, forced into the light by the harsh midwife of revolution By the way, Harsh Midwife of Revolution is the name of my new metal band We re not very good.One last thing, and then I ll put this book out of its misery Erikson, for some god unknown reason, insists on calling Alexandra and Nicholas Alix and Nicky throughout the book Maybe this is acceptable among Romanov biographers, but it felt jarringly personal to me imagine reading a Tudor biography that referred to Henry VIII as Harry Maybe this book would have succeeded as a historical novel, but as straightforward history, it s a disaster.

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    I disliked the writing immensily, it reads too much like historical fiction and at times Erickson cites sources that have been for years known as dubious, if not completely fake, namely Marfa Mouchanow s memoirs And apparently Erickson knew they were unreliable, and used them anyways but of course these fabricated memoirs are where the fun and shocking comments come from It can be amusing and it s an easy read, but absolutely not a good source for true, reliable information on the last Tsarina of Russia I really regret spending money on it.

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    A devastating story, but completely mesmerizing Erickson weaves so much of Russian history and culture as she shapes the character of Empress Alexandra Alexandra herself is complex and tragic, as is the story of her family s fate An excellent biography.

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    Very interesting and imformative Through Alexandra s live we know about Queen Victoria, Alexandra s life in Germany before her marriage to Prince Nicholas and their life together from the start portaying life in Russia, the birth of their children and the tragedy of her son We know so many secrets about the Royal Family and the real causes behind the Soviet Russia which so many people should know about The style is really interesting Good book.

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    At the tender age of 13 I fell in love with Nicholas and Alexandra and their children reading Readers Digest while baby sitting This is the best account of Alex s life I have read Carrolly Erickson s ability to write a biography that reads like fiction is amazing.

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    Devo ammettere che conoscevo pochissimo la storia dei Romanov e che Alessandra non mi ha fatto impazzire come persona, sempre insoddisfatta, depressa, piena di malanni pi o meno psicosomatici Certo non deve essere stato facile vivere in un paese straniero senza veri appoggi familiari, ma se si paragona la sua vita a quella di un qualunque altro abitante russo e non solo di quegli anni l abisso notevole In pi , leggendo le biografie dei vari sovrani che in un modo o nell altro sono stati detronizzati nei vari secoli, non pu non saltare all occhio il fatto che tutti hanno ignorato, sottovalutato o peggio finto di non vedere, se non addirittura acuito le situazioni di disagio e miseria in cui versavano i propri sudditi Quindi certamente spiace per loro, soprattutto quando a rimetterci sono stati anche tanti innocenti, ma la miopia della classe regnante era davvero scandalosa.Detto questo il libro scritto benissimo, interessante e ben contestualizzato, la vita della zarina resa appassionante da uno stile piacevole e scorrevole Quindi lo consiglio sicuramente, anche a chi non fosse particolarmente interessato a questa casata nello specifico.

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    Ennesima figura tragica e fortemente travisata questa della Zarina Alessandra, principessa d Assia e nipote della Regina Vittoria, donna bellissima, malinconica, riservata ma, anche determinata, dignitosa, capace di una feroce autodisciplina che affin durante i suoi anni alla corte russa, dove, mai accettata, per difendersi dalla sua timidezza e sopratutto dai loro pregiudizi, dall ostilit e dal disprezzo assumeva atteggiamenti glaciali, di totale distacco, a volte anche bizzarri, realizzando, per esempio, vignette satiriche dove ritraeva membri della corte ma anche della famiglia imperiale a lei pi vicini.Innamoratissima del marito Nicola non mancava per di riconoscergli una forte fragilit , insicurezza e incompetenza nell esercizio di un ruolo cos determinante in un Paese come la Russia che necessitava, in quel periodo storico di forti fermenti, di una guida autorevole e solida, tanto che cerc disperatamente di consigliarlo e guidarlo durante i periodi pi critici che poi sfociarono nella tragedia finale.Molte le analogie con la figura di Maria Antonietta devote entrambe alla famiglia e alla corona, come lei fu accusata di essere una spia, nel suo caso tedesca, insultata e vilipesa, sopratutto durante gli anni della sua vicinanza e dipendenza dall inquietante Rasputin furono accusati di essere amanti come, in precedenza, da altri personaggi ambigui dell esoterismo In realt la coppia imperiale traeva grande conforto da queste dottrine, sopratutto dopo la nascita del tanto agognato erede affetto disgraziatamente da emofilia, causa di indicibili dolori che mettevano a dura prova il suo stato psico fisico.Una vita tormentata anche da sofferenze e da malattie che per , nei momenti pi critici, riusciva a superare, meravigliando tutti con la forza e la risolutezza con cui affrontava ogni cosa sempre lottando contro le diffidenze dei suoi sudditi.Capro espiatorio e alla fine martire rimane una figura segnata fatalmente da una fine storicamente tra le pi atroci e ingiuste, paradossalmente ad un passo dalla salvezza

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    in 2008 My Thoughts I thought the book was fantastic I ve had a few experiences with reading bland biographies The author does a great job making this accessible and readable It felt like reading a novel rather than a biography She did a fantastic amount of research but also brought real emotion into the characters I thought it was great, I ve never even had a huge interest in tsarist Russia, but I could definitely get into it if there are books were this interesting If I had to list a downside it was that it was a little overly melodramatic, but as far as I know, that is how they all are because that is how these people were It made you overly sympathetic with the Tsarina and her family, but I felt it was like reading a personal diary emotion and circumstance wise and wasn t really meant to focus on the whole big picture, you have to do research to figure all that out It was through her eyes and in that sense I felt it was okay to occasionally be melodramatic or biased and not focus on analyzing her actions That is my argument against some of the reviews about the book I read on My greenness in the area could be affecting my opinion though, be forewarned Definitely made learning some history enjoyable Definitely recommended, if you can get past the weirdness and general incompetence of most royal families, lol I plan on reading about the Romanovs, I ve developed an interest in Russian history which is why I picked up this book in the first place Perhaps I ll read throughout the year and possibly re evaluate this one.

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    Po pravd nejsem si pln jist historickou p esnost , chyb bibliografie i kdy v origin le asi je , ale je tiv.Alexandra roky milovala Mikul e II a rad i by z stala na ocet, ale nikoho jin ho si prost nevezme A pak kdy ji po d o ruku, tak e , e nem e p estoupit na jeho v ru To j to za ty roky nedo lo s 63 Nicky si byl dob e v dom tak toho, e by otec mnohem rad ji p edal svou vl du milovan mu synu Michailovi ne jemu, jen m l tu sm lu, e byl prvorozen Michail je t nebyl dosp l , ale podle cara on jedin ze t carsk ch syn Nicky byl p li m rn , t et syn, Georgij, byl sice chytr , ale t povrchn a postr dal v nost nutnou pro autoritu cara Tohle je matouc formulace, proto e t et syn Georgij byl v n stupnictv druh , p ed Michailem s 167 V noci na 17 jna podle nov ho kalend e 27 jna 1905 Nen po roce 1900 rozd l mezi gregori nsk m a juli nsk m kalend em 13 dn s 15 p idala ke sv m ern m at m dlouho b lou vle ku s 237 pov ila s 269 op rala se jednou rukou u lavici s 288 na rukou a nohu ji j s 32

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    This is a text that I would certainly call readable, but it veers slightly into the realm of historical fiction Why Because there are several fatal errors that this text makes 1 The issue of Martha Mouchanow Her memoirs have been CONTINUOUSLY discredited The fact that Erickson uses them at all is solely to make the novel juicier to modern audiences and those not interested in reading a fact based text 2 Alexei s hemophilia I m sorry, but it was this that nearly made me put the book down The Russian populace did not know that Alexei suffered from hemophilia They didn t find this out until much later The Romanovs tried very hard to cover this over Now, this is a fun read, it makes Alexandra sympathetic, even though there are points in history where Alexandra isn t as sympathetic as the text makes her 2 stars for strong inaccuracies.

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