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Alexandre Ier pdf Alexandre Ier, ebook Alexandre Ier, epub Alexandre Ier, doc Alexandre Ier, e-pub Alexandre Ier, Alexandre Ier 87357dd8e82 Alexander I Was A Ruler With High Aspirations For The People Of Russia Cosseted As A Young Grand Duke By Catherine The Great, He Ascended To The Throne In After The Brutal Assassination Of His Father In This Magisterial Biography, Marie Pierre Rey Illuminates The Complex Forces That Shaped Alexander S Tumultuous Reign And Sheds Brilliant New Light On The Handsome Ruler Known To His People As The Sphinx Despite An Early And Ambitious Commitment To Sweeping Political Reforms, Alexander Saw His Liberal Aspirations Overwhelmed By Civil Unrest In His Own Country And By Costly Confrontations With Napoleon, Which Culminated In The French Invasion Of Russia And The Burning Of Moscow In Eventually, Alexander Turned Back Napoleon S Forces And Entered Paris A Victor Two Years Later, But By Then He Had Already Grown Weary Of Military Glory As The Years Passed, The Tsar Who Defeated Napoleon Would Become Increasingly Preoccupied With His Own Spiritual Salvation, An Obsession That Led Him To Pursue A Rapprochement Between The Orthodox And Roman Churches When In Exile, Napoleon Once Remarked Of His Russian Rival He Could Go Far If I Die Here, He Will Be My True Heir In Europe It Was Not To Be Napoleon Died On Saint Helena And Alexander Succumbed To Typhus Four Years Later At The Age Of Forty Eight But In This Richly Nuanced Portrait, Rey Breathes New Life Into The Tsar Who Stood At The Center Of The Political Chessboard Of Early Nineteenth Century Europe, A Key Figure At The Heart Of Diplomacy, War, And International Intrigue During That Region S Most Tumultuous Years

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    Very nice biography of a Tsar who started wishing to drastically cut expenses for the army and invest the money in reforming the state and ended up defeating Napoleon According to Rey his wish to liberalize Russia was real, but he had no way dealing with the lack of support from among the elites and thus in the end did very little and largely not in Russia itself, but in the Baltic area, in Poland and in Finland Point of interest the propaganda point that Napoleon was an Antichrist and will be coming to Russia in order to conquer it on behalf of the Jews was made before Austerlitz and it was the first time the Jewish threat issue was raised in Russia in this way Well, I suppose it was not easy to find ways to convince the serfs to fight Amazing that it worked though Because it definitely did.

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    Being a Russian History buff is not always easy Finding interesting material can be a challenge I have to say that I learned a lot and gained a new and huge appreciation for Tsar Alexander I while reading this book The writing was objective, well researched and a very interesting read.

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    The life of Alexander unfolds before you, with multiple twists and turns, not to mention a few surprises, in this well written literary work I found it fascinating to see how Alexander united his Empire in the battle against Bonaparte, and how his youthful aspirations to pursue enlightenment appear to have turned full circle later in his life Evidently his life work elevated Russia in the Europe of the 1800 s, while domestic issues remained largely untouched.The epilogue makes an intriguing read, as does the claim he wanted to unite Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity An interesting and rewarding read.

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    I am so glad that I read this biography before opening War Peace it gave me so much of the historical context I needed Plus, it really allowed me to appreciate Tolstoy s history rants

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    Different perspective to Napoleonic Period.

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