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After the Night chapter 1 After the Night, meaning After the Night, genre After the Night, book cover After the Night, flies After the Night, After the Night 58d9df3974371 Of All Of My Novels, After The Night Remains One Of My Personal Favorites And Faith Devlin And Gray Rouillard Are Two Of My Favorite Characters Faith Is Strong, Proud, And Fearless, And Gray Well, He S Just Downright Sexy Faith S Search For The Truth About The Devastating Scandal Surrounding Her Mother And Gray S Father Blazes With Intrigue Add Some Sultry Southern Hear, And You Ve Got A Real Scorcher Of A Listen Linda Howard

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    This book has the best asshole jerk hero EVER OMG I loved every damn scene when he was horrible to her 3 I wanted him to be worse I couldn t wait for it He is just that good Or maybe I am that wrong bwahahhahahahhahahahhBut seriously, he is one of the best jerks I ve read 3 I want to read of those now 3The story I don t know why you re here, and it doesn t matter This motel belongs to me You aren t welcome You have half an hour to get packed and get out He gave her a wolfish smile that wasn t really a smile Or do I have to call the sheriff again to get rid of you It starts off in the past, showing Faith Devlin s life in childhood and teen years.You ll be happy to know it only lasts 5 chapters YAY Her family is pretty much horrible, as everyone in town calls them, trash.She is the only sensible among them, taking care of her little brother and basically the whole family.One night changes everything, both for her and for Gray, a guy she s had a crush on for forever.Her mother runs away with his father.Yep, you can imagine how that turns out, and that is what causes the endless hate between the Rouillards and the Devlins.Twelve years after the incident, Faith returns to her hometown, only to find Gray trying to throw her out of it again.Bad for him, she won t back down DDDThe romance You haven t listened to my suggestions yet I don t intend to, either Go back to your table and leave me alone I d planned on doing the first He stood and trailed a long forefinger down her cheek There s no way in hell I ll do the last The sexual attraction is through the roof here The romance isn t sweet, they fight constantly, but the dialogue, everything between them Uber chemistry For one, I loved how they were trying to outsmart each other throughout the book He wanted her out of town, she wanted to stay.It was basically war DAnd in the middle of it, they were fighting the huge attraction, well, poor them because it didn t really work What I loved best because even though Gray was pretty much a jerk to her all the time, he was also very protective Yes, I know that sounds weird but if you read it you will understand I loved him even because of that Overall Danger glittered in those dark eyes, and before she knew it, he was right in front of her again, almost playfully pinching her chin You re a ballsy little babe, aren t you Maybe too ballsy for your own good Don t take me on in a fight, sweet thing, because you ll get hurt My only objection here was the mystery.Really predictable and not done so well BUT Gray than made up for it.I can t tell you how much I loved this, one of the best books I ve ever read If you like jerkish heroes, people, READ THIS NOW I can t recommend it enough buddy read with Glam 3

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if you are a Linda Howard fan and have yet to read it you better make sure you do This one was different than Cry No More the only other LH book I ve read which was great because I am very curious about the different storylines she writes In After the Night we get two very different main characters whose past and future are intertwined with hatred, lust, sadness and long awaited happiness Faith Devlin s didn t have much in her life She knew she had nothing of value whether it was the house she lived in or the clothes on her back Her mother was nothing but a whore and her father was a drunk But Faith knew she wasn t trash like the rest of them She dreamed of finding a way for her and her little brother Scottie to get out of the dirty world they lived in Little did she know it would be at the hands of the man that she dreamed about The one she had come to love Grayson Rouillard What a bastard he was I hated the fact that I liked him, that I found him sexy and alluring He was tall, dark and handsome Had hair that reached the nape of his neck His words and actions towards Faith were hateful but I had a sense that his anger toward her was misplaced It has been 12 years since he drove Faith away But Gray has never able to forget her He was never able to let go of that desire he felt for her Faith Devlin No one expected her to amount to much She had been a fragile little girl within a family that everyone considered trash But Faith was strong and knew differently Life had thrown that final blow 12 years earlier, a blow that only strengthened her resolve to prove everyone wrong She wasn t looking for redemption She just wanted to go home Returning home would mean searching for answers to questions from her past and it also meant facing the one man that she has loved for as long as she can remember Would she be strong enough to stand up to him and the people who rejected her When Faith returns home to try and get answers to what happened so many years ago she is met with expected resistance and hostility As she inches towards getting answers to things that happened that summer she is lead back to the Rouillard s lake house A place that brought back heated memories from the past and a place where heated memories would be made But someone was going to do whatever was needed to make sure Faith never got her answers There was too much as risk and Faith needed to be stopped When Gray and Faith could no longer resist each other, things get pretty intense between them The sex scenes were written with such raw sensuality and were off the charts HOT I have to say the sexual build up left you with no other choice but to FEEL everything within those scenes Gray had to possess Faith in such a way that was dangerous yet necessary to his being Faith had no choice but to surrender This was such an amazing story and I loved every minute of it Though certain things were a little predictable it didn t bother me one bit There was enough swirling around in the plot that kept me engaged and intrigued Both Gray and Faith were wonderful characters but I give a little love to Faith She was that flower that would grow no matter what Another highly recommended read

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    I couldn t read this any.SPOILERS AND ANGER AND SWEARS AHEAD This is me right now First, this perv at 24 is checking out a 14 year old in her nightie. What a fucking perv Oh wahhhh my rich daddie left with his mistress and now my family is probably only half as rich and I have lots of paperwork. waaaahhh I get it He s pissed and it s a shitty situation.He KNOWS that this family of trash has a down syndrome 6 year old boy and he ll just judge everyone because he has some serious daddy issues, and throw them out of their house I get it His family pays for their house Look at the kid with down syndrome Look at the young 14 year old girl Have you NO COMPASSION, GRAYSON The author created a main lead character that I HATE HATE HATE HATE.I honestly can t get over the fact that he d label the whole family trash and throw out young kids and a child that obviously has a metal disability It s sickening and no amount of redemption that probably happened later in the book will make me forget that.THEN, after Faith moves back to Prescott, he s an adult who STILL is completely prejudice against her because of her mothers mistakes IS THERE NO IRONY IN THIS Maybe he should be judged because his father was also a married, cheating, jerk who ran off or whatever.Grayson is a perverted, stupid, man handling, probably emotionally and physically abusive, brat.No.This book in general no.

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    How I feel about this book

    The storyline The characters The dialogue The fights The reunionsI loved it ALL.This is an absolute MUST READ Linda Howard, why did I wait so long to read your books

    I have no idea but I do know that from now on I ll be devouring LH s books like crazy, that s a given PS I love Gray Rouillard 3

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    Re read in April 2014 FAITH DEVLIN A poor, outcast child in Prescott, Louisiana, she d always adored the town s golden boy from afar But he called her white trash that sultry Southern night when his rich, respected father disappeared, along with her pretty Mom. It was a good day for dreaming It was late in the afternoon, the sun throwing long shadows when it could manage to break through the thick woods, but for the most part the translucent golden light was tangled in the tops of the trees, leaving the forest floor mysteriously shadowed I mean if an opening sentence like that doesn t draw you in This was a re read for me I was stranded in the West of Ireland with no WiFi over the weekend and decided to do a couple of re reads Fantastic book The first time I read it I really thought Gray was a complete and utter bastard He did not come across as such this time around, for some reason Still a bit of a prick but you gotta love him Do you know why men name their cocks No, why she asked, trying to stifle her laughter So most of the major decisions in their lives won t be made by a total stranger There is mystery, suspense, sadness, happiness, hot sex What could one ask for It was amazing how flowers could grow in the damnedest places, but the Devlin weed patch had sprouted quite a wildflower in Faith It was just a kiss I loved how strong Faith was after the childhood she had She dusted herself off and held her head high and faced the people from her past He was fully aroused, his erection as hard as marble, straining against her.

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    Wow I couldn t put this book down last night and ended up pulling an all nighter to finish it It was THAT good It goes without saying that Linda Howard is an incredible writer, my personal favorite in the romantic suspense genre I would read anything written by her That includes her grocery list I m sure it would be interesting.After the Night takes place over a span of several years, thus giving the reader the opportunity to watch Faith and Gray grow up, develop their characters and understand their backgrounds and thought processes My heart broke for Faith when her family was tossed out of their home in the middle of the night When the sheriff s deputies leered at her young body and Gray referred to her as trash just like the rest of her family, I felt like crying right along with her Her father was a nasty, abusive drunk, her mother was a whore who was rud to have run off with Gray s father, her older brothers and her sister, Jodie, were mirror images of her parents Faith was different respectable than her family She alone took care of her disabled little brother, Scottie, and made every effort to prove herself I cheered when she returned to town twelve years later, successful, happy and self confident And somehow, Linda Howard made me sympathize with Gray As someone else said in their review I m sorry that I can t recall who Gray walks the fine line between being an alpha and a jerk There were many reasons for his hatred toward Faith s family when he was a kid, including his father s mysterious disappearance The real truth is later revealed years later when Faith returns to town and begins receiving threatening notes IMO Gray is one of Howard s best heroes tall, broad shoulders, long dark hair A beautiful, cynical man.The relationship between Faith and Gray is full of sexual tension Good Gawd the scene on the porch is HOT Most authors try to write sexual tension and fail, only managing to focus on an overload of lustful thoughts But Howard is a master at writing true sexual tension, even in the bickering between the H and H The pages were burning up beneath my fingers and I caught myself skipping ahead in the book to figure out when if this couple would EVER give in All in all this was an awesome book and it has earned a permanent spot on my keeper shelf.

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    4.5 Stars

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    After the Night was my first Linda Howard book, and I absolutely LOVED it It s a riveting read, with a stormy and sizzling romance Faith Devlin has come back to Prescott, Louisiana after twelve years away She was cruelly thrown out of her home at the young age of fourteen Though it was no fault of hers, Faith suffered the disgrace her mother, Renee, had brought down on them Being regarded as white trash and suffering the stain her mother s reputation made Faith determined to never be like any of her family so she made something of herself, but has never truly been able to move past the jarring events of the past At the age of fourteen she had literally been thrown out into the night like a piece of trash, and she had lived with that pain ever since Where is her mother and her mother s lover, and why did they leave never to be heard from again Their actions left two families very nearly destroyed, and Faith is back to find out some answers and closure However, bringing up the past doesn t sit well and soon Faith is facing threats and danger that may silence her forever Faith fell in love with Gray Rouillard, the admired son of the most powerful and wealthy family in Prescott, from afar when she was just a little girl Unfortunately, the years have done little to diminish her attraction, but if Gray Rouillard thinks he can bully her out of town again, he s got another thing coming Faith is no longer a little helpless girl, and I loved her determination Even in the face of her blinding attraction to Gray, she didn t let him distract her from her goals I adored Faith She was a woman who came from nothing with zero advantages and still managed to have a strong, positive spirit without being overcome by bitterness over the past The cruel way in which Faith was treated because of the action of others angered me so much At first I hated Gray His actions tore Faith s life apart in such a humiliating way I wanted to kick him in the teeth But after getting some of his perspective I eased up on my feelings Be patient with Gray and you ll fall for him every bit as much as I did Gray can t help the attraction he feels for Faith At the age of fourteen she possessed unmatched beauty as a grown woman she s gorgeous, but she s the image of her mother and reminds Gray of the pain heaped on his family Still, he can t help himself can t stop pursuing her to the point of obsession Even though I wanted Gray and Faith together, I was happy she didn t just fall for him or let her guard down even though she was wildly attracted to him I love a smart heroine Faith kept her goals in place, and her resolve meant that Gray had work to prove himself, to gain her trust Their romance was hot, lusty, and tumultuous, and I loved every battle they fought Linda Howard wrote an epic, captivating story, and soon after finishing After the Night, which by the way, was published over sixteen years ago , I went through her backlog of titles and added several to my TBR I highly recommend her addictive writing As a side note, I bought the Kindle e Copy version and then added the audio version for an extra 3.49 It was totally worth it because Natalie Ross narration is excellent If you re cramped for reading time like I am this is an excellent way to read a book by switching back and forth between e copy to audio I listen on my commute back and forth to work, when I m getting ready and when I cook dinner.

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    5 FANTASTIC STARS I ve never read Linda Howard till now.and I m rectifying that poor judgement on my part Aside from the fact that I had never heard of her until recently, well, I ve rectified that too This book was GOLD.I loved this and every second spent reading it This book has been around for a while and so many people have read it, so I ll skip any type of synopsis The plot was great, the suspense built up beautifully I did suspect the culprit early on, but the reasons for why stumped me The characters were incredibly well developed They were infused with the perfect blend of good and bad, right and wrong They were fleshed out thoroughly, their actions making sense with who they were.I loved Faith from the start Growing up poor and being called trash all based on the actions of your family and not you, is tragic Being removed from your home and being made to feel like an animal is heartbreaking What I loved about her so much was the degree of empathy and understanding regarding her circumstances and those responsible for them She empathized with Gray and despite his severe assholish tendencies, she gave him the benefit of the doubt It took some major backbone to walk back into Prescott resembling the woman that brought the town to its knees It took even bigger character to face off with the man that haunted her dreams and resided in her fears But Faith Devlin did it with style Gray was such an interesting character His hurt and contempt towards Faith was often ill directed, but he came to see that your family doesn t decide who you are, but your actions do He wanted Faith from the start He couldn t understand the dichotomy between his mind and need, but that didn t stop him from trying He was incredible to read about, sounded sexy as sin.The sexual tension was off the charts The best way to describe the sexy time in this book RAW SENSUALITY It came off the pages like dust Magic, entrancing dust I think LH writes smexy time brilliantly The scenes are so thick with sensuality and power I loved it and think we need to read of that than the formulaic sex scenes of late The ending was perfect and really brought everything full circle I wish there was an epilogue though, not to say it didn t end well, it ended amazingly But I wanted to see how people treated Faith after everything she did, I wanted to see her life with Gray, that sexy pirate like beast of a man He was truly bigger than the pages given to write about him I am planning to read much of LH now and hope her other work makes me feel as good as this book after reading it LOVED IT.

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    Written December 12, 20144.7 Stars Stunning great a heartwrencherAt last I started Linda Howard s good oldie I d both the 12 hrs audiobook narrated by Natalie Ross in my ears and sometimes also the ebook in my other hand OMG, this will be IS so very good I was in a kind of dreamy book love in this romance already after a feew chapter or minutes really Completely enchanted and my tears was flowing A keeper, an unforgettable epic romance story to remember Simply GRAND Prescott, Louisiana After the Night is the heartbreaking and stunning love story about Faith Devlin the former mocked white trash girl and the larger than life hero, Gray Rouillard, once the towns very lucky happy rich mans boy After the Night is also the story about the truth about that by then 12 years old devastating scandal surrounding Faith s mother and Gray s father elopement and shameless sex affair Your whole family is trash Your mother is a whore and your father is a thieving drunk Get out of this parish and don t ever come back That awful night, when she was 14 and he 22 The night that so mercilessly changed both their lives One horrible night no one can ever forget The hate, anger, and roughness of the gritty degradation is impossible to wash off.Or is it possible What was the truth, what was the rumor, what really happened It makes no sense and does no difference that I write a thousand positive adjectives about this amazing 20 years old Howard romance Most of you have probably already read it anyway But a few short wordsMy only tiny whining is perhaps that this narrator made our hero s voice slightly dorky and that the passage of time since it was written 1995 sometimes is noticeable Otherwise a fantastic good from childishly sweet swarming love to adult mature heat need Romance.Best, for me, was of course. the first half. The stunning first part that told the story of their childhood and the tentative teenage years The first love, the first connection.OMG again. it was so d mn hertbreaking emotional There, in the beginning had After the Night really true classic grand sob novel status That little innocent baby brother Sob Sigh My heart broke For a little while, he had been happy That first Christmas after left had made him delirious with joy He had sat for hours, too tired to play but content to stare at the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree The terrible shame, the for them all so ugly humiliation, the social injustice for these kids and all those emotions My tear channels opened completely I didn t know who I wanted to yell most at Men are different from women the excited we are, the like cavemen we sound I could barely speak English with you, much less French As I remember, my vocabulary deteriorated to a few short, explicit words, fuck being the most prominent The second half was of an ordinary steamy suspence romance Still captivating interesting and a very good reading listening Highly recommended Thank you dear Irina, who nudged me that this book is an absolute must read CR You are so right, sweetie. I LIKE bull s eye for a romantics who like to sob

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