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After the Fall txt After the Fall, text ebook After the Fall, adobe reader After the Fall, chapter 2 After the Fall, After the Fall c54625 After The Fall Ratchets Up The Tension As Time Traveler Gigi Perrin And Her Husband, The Roman Warrior Quintus Magnus, Join Forces With The Visigoth King Alaric To March On Rome There Waits Princess Galla Placidia, The Admirable Sister Of The Despicable Emperor Honorius About To Be Forced Into An Arranged Marriage By Her Brother, Placidia Fears A Bleak Future, Trapped In A Loveless UnionIn An Attempt To Save Rome From Barbarian Invasion, Placidia Puts Aside Her Troubles And Meets With Alaric S Delegation, Which Includes Gigi And Magnus, And The King S Second In Command, The Visigoth Prince, Athaulf The Attraction Between Placidia And Athaulf Is Instantaneous And Overwhelming, But Theirs Is A Forbidden Love, Destined To Fail Because Of Implacable Politics And Impending WarBound By A Friendship That Transcends Time, Gigi And Placidia Must Do Whatever They Can To Protect The Men They Love, After The Fall Of Rome Sensuality Level Sensual

About the Author: Morgan O'Neill

Two authors writing as one, Cary Morgan and Deborah O Neill Cordes specialize in recreating pivotal moments in history, epic adventure, and romance with a time travel twist They are the award winning authors of the Elizabethan time travel series of three novels The Thornless Rose, Begun by Time the Prequel of the Elizabethan Time Travel Series, and Ever Crave the Rose They ve also

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    Kudos to a fantastic sequel I eagerly awaited this second installment in the Roman Time Travel Series after the fabulous LOVE, ETERNALLY Sopho books in a series sometimes disappoint, but not in this series AFTER THE FALL was definitely worth the wait Once again, I was immediately drawn into this lush, adventurous, dangerous, and romantic world during the fall of Rome, which the impeccable writing team of Morgan O Neill began in LOVE, ETERNALLY.Throughout the savage intensity of war between the Romans and the Visigoths, betrayals, loss and separation, and political machinations, the authors weave in the enduring romance between Gigi and Magnus Not only does the love affair with Gigi and Magnus continue, but I was also excited to read about the building love between evil Honorius s sister Placidia and Athaulf brother of the Visigoth leader Belonging to two warring factions, the unlikely pair faced tumultuous circumstances that kept them apart, but also happily brought them together Like LOVE, ETERNALLY, the writing is gorgeous, lush and impeccable The historical aspects are excellently researched and woven in Fans of Diana Gabaldon s Outlander series will love Morgan O Neill s Roman Time Travel series Even though it will be sad to let go of Gigi and Magnus, I can t wait to read how the trilogy ends Run, don t walk to get your copy of both LOVE, ETERNALLY and AFTER THE FALL Fall in love with Rome like I did.

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    After the Fall continues the story of 21st century Gigi Perrin and her not so modern Roman lover Magnus Through the magic of a ring, Gigi has been transported back to ancient Rome where she has met and married Magnus Rome, ruled by the corrupt Emperor Honorius, is under attack by the Visigoths, who have taken in Magnus and Gigi after they escape Rome under threat of death from the emperor.In After the Fall a second set of lovers is introduced, Placida, the sister of the emperor, and Athaulf, second in command of the Visigoths The four lovers try to find a way to spare Rome the sacking that a Visigoth victory will bring and give the Visigoths what they are entitled to but machinations on both sides interfere The war, the interference of a wicked woman in the Visigoth s camp, the determination of Honorius to wreak havoc on those he hates all provide tension and a satisfying number of plot twists to the story The final plot twist the surprising ending certainly makes the reader eager to find out how it all turns out in the final book of the series.The authors have done some amazing research and writing to bring the ancient world to life For a history buff like me, feeling as if I m there, in Rome, in the Visigoth encampment, is the fun of reading these stories I m looking forward to number 3

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    In this highly anticipated second installment to the Love, Eternally Roman Time Traveler Series, Morgan O Neill continues to captivate the imagination Each chapter unfolds like a rich tapestry filled with the subtle nuances and intrigues that can only come from this masterful writing team Where Love, Eternally had a mystical, lyrical quality to it, After the Fall possesses a savage beauty that draws the reader in at page one We discover that much has changed in the lives of our heroes Magnus and his beloved Gigi Perrin A rumor of war thunders in the distance and our heroes must again face old adversaries with long memories and newer, insidious tools to exact their revenge During the darkest of times a new and unlikely alliance blooms Betrayal and redemption go hand in hand By the end, we are reminded that love in all its marvelous phases is a gift much like hope fragile yet hard to kill After the Fall is a fantastic read Riveting, beautifully written and well worth the wait I was honored to read the uncorrected galley of this gifted writing team s work I look forward to reading the third installment of this series not as a fellow author, but as a devoted fan.Stephanie Freeman

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    Concept a modern woman flautist is transported magically back to 408 A.D Rome What is not to love about this story idea And Morgan O Neill, with fine writing, captivating characters and adventurous plot twists has continued the wondrous love story between Magnus and Gigi Perrin which began in Love, Eternally After The Fall begins with the siege of Rome by the Visigoths The journey we take alongside this cast of personalities we fell for in the first book, winds through magnificent settings, personal sacrifices and battles between right and wrong during a war no one can win without terrible loss and cruel destruction A brutal political murder begins the edge of your seat intensity My emotions engaged immediately I am there, in Rome, fighting alongside Magnus and Gigi, Placidia and Athaulf in an impossible, personal and political fight for survival The historical background is brilliantly researched and written in an elegant and engrossing style I loved this story, the emotional ups and downs, the madness, the sense of futility leading up to a surprising turn that tipped me towards, yes, a third book And I m jazzed, because I don t want this captivating, dramatic story to end Ever Review written without payment from a pre release copy of After The Fall

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    I won this book through the goodreads.com giveaways, and I am very glad that I did The fact that I have not read the first book in this series, did not diminish my enjoyment of this book at all.I loved the concept of time travel But since I have not read the first book I was not sure how Gigi found herself back in time It would have been better if that was explained at the beginning of this story.I found the descriptions of the ancient Rome and country very interesting The brutal way of living was very accurate of that time, and the authors described it very well The story had an easy flow to it, but I found that the time frame jumped quite quickly and it left me a bit disorientated The ending was very unexpected The fact that Gigi was away from her time only for one day, was quite interesting What if she came back not only with a husband but a child as well How would she explained that It was a great, quick read And I am looking forward to the next book in the Roman Time Travel Series.

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    Morgan O Neill does it again After the Fall is another novel, as rich in character, description, intrigue and deceit as the first book in this Roman Series, Love, Eternally Once again, I was set firmly in ancient Rome with Magnus and Gigi, characters whose fate I didn t want left to the imagination after book one Readers might wonder how Gigi s life could be as exciting as it was in Love, Eternally, but After the Fall does not disappoint A woman trapped in the past, Gigi continues to be a strong heroine who faces constant conflict as Rome is attacked and she must fight for those she loves all the way to the surprise ending We also revisit Placidia who must defy her brother, the evil and powerful emperor Honorius, to save her soul and follow her heart If you haven t read Love, Eternally and After the Fall, hurry up I ve heard the story continues in Return to Me And I can t wait

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    After the FallA Page turner Hold on to your togas because once again the incredible research behind After the Fall treats the reader to a thrilling adventure through ancient Rome Because I enjoyed Love, Eternally so much, I was afraid that I would be disappointed in the sequel, but no need to fear it is just as good Magnus and Gigi have joined with the Visigoths who are perched to invade Rome Emperor Honorius continues his vile and debauched customs, and his sister, Placidia flees the palace to avoid a loveless marriage She meets Athaulf, the brother of the Visigoth s leader, King Alaric, and the two fall in love despite the circumstances that separate them Once again, Morgan O Neill has painted a vivid picture of destruction, courage, revenge and passion that transcends war Although published as a paranormal because of time travel, I highly recommend After the Fall to fans of historical romance, too.

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    After The Fall is book 2 in this wonderful Roman Time Travel Series by Morgan O Neill and continues on a few months after we left Gigi Perrin and Quintus Magnus in Love Eternally Now firmly entrenched in the Visigoth camp Gigi and Magnus head to Rome to depose the roman emperor, tyrant emperor, Honorius This is a fantastic series The history is well researched, and a new romance is introduced between the gentle, kind and strong Galla Placidia and the Visigoth Prince Athaulf I ve learned so much from reading Morgan O Neill s work, and the end solution in the lead up to book 3 was the only conclusion A truly satisfying end Looking forward very much to reading book 3, Return To Me to see what happens next.

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    I protest I protest that I finished this book too soon I protest that it sucked me in, sucked my heart dry, and spit me out on the rocks, deliriously happy and sad at the same time.Beyond the movie, Bill and Ted s Excellent Adventure, I haven t really delved into time travel stories That s all changed thanks to Morgan O Neill I m a fan.I really appreciated the historical accuracy and at the same time loved that a modern woman a flutist for god s sake held her own alongside her battle seasoned hero against their thoroughly loathsome nemesis There were heart thumping moments, especially at the end, and rich rewards I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to the last of the trilogy It can t come soon enough.

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    This book got better and better the I read until I was breathlessly rushing to reach the end I couldn t believe how action packed the middle to end of this installment was The villains are SO evil I was burning with anger as their cruelty continuously topped itself And I love, love, love it when the heroine is the rescuer on a gallant steed instead of the damsel in distress I cannot wait to find out what is next for Gigi and Magnus Picking up the final installment of the Roman Time Travel Trilogy right now

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