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    I really enjoyed this It s very slight basically a diary through letters of a secretary s work in Holyywod ca 1926 1928, but there s plenty of name dropping and neat observations about some of the leading movie folk of the era.

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    What an insightful view into the 1920s I ve read quotes from this book in several other books on the period, and it was wonderful to read them in full context Valeria Belletti was a 26 year old Italian New Yorker when she went on an exciting vacation to California with her pal Irma Valeria enjoyed the Golden State so much that she decided to stay She settled down in California and began writing regular letters to Irma These are not exciting letters This is a young woman writing to her bestie, explaining roommate woes and good dates and bad dates and sharing gossip about her new job as secretary to Sam Goldwyn Valeria is in Hollywood during a time of incredible transition She quits for a time to make a dream trip to Italy to reunite with her father, only to find out he recently died, and struggles through sickness and legal issues before returning to the States She returns to Los Angeles and chronicles changes as studios consolidate, but the instability of her job doesn t bother her too much as she s preparing for her own new job as a wife The letters end as Talkies emerge as the future of the industry.Valeria comes across as such a bright, fierce woman She is brave to strike off on her own to start anew in California, and to travel to Italy with her little practiced Italian She dates often, always with an eye to marriage, and is also guided by strict morals Her viewpoint on the 1920s is an absolute treasure.

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    A pleasure, filled with almost accidental insight into the era Beauchamp s notes are an example of why she can ruin other non fiction for you she puts things across so concisely yet with such flavor that rather than read a book on, for example, Ince s Fatal Voyage, her extended footnote on the affair should about take care of you.

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    Totally boring in the best way Like reading the letters you would write to your bestie if you had been living in Hollywood in the 20s Not really for people looking for hot hot backstage gossip, but a great read for any lady in her 20s who is trying to have an adventure and figure out what to do in life Valeria goes on dates, reads some philosophy, briefly takes up golf and Bohemia and occasionally attends a liquor party These letters are gems and I m so glad Irma saved them and Cari Beauchamp got them published.

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    Valeria Belletti was an ordinary girl who moved to the west coast for her health Her asthma got better in the sunshine of California, and before long she got a job as a secretary to Samuel Goldwyn At his studio she met many famous celebrities like screenwriter Frances Marion and actor Ronald Colman Later, she visited her home in Italy and returned to California to work for Cecil B DeMille Her story is told through her letters to her friend Irma which were rediscovered decades later by author Cari Beauchamp Beauchamp edits this text by adding notes about the contents of the letters and brings everything into context.More than anything, this is a fascinating look into the culture of the 1920s We see that women could work until they got married, but no one was surprised when they quit their jobs for domestic life Belletti displays typical moral values of the time period, which are at times shocked by the bohemian lifestyles of her friends and by Hollywood in general The California setting makes the book even interesting because it provides a glimpse into the studios by someone who was not looking to break into the movies Her casual assessments of movies and stars are great fun to read and sometimes comical.The biggest disappointment is the way the letters seem to trail off at the end Beauchamp attempts to give the history of what happened later, but this quick sum up is not as effective as letters would have been, and the end seems to abrupt to be entirely satisfying.

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    The letters that Miss Belletti wrote were only meant to be seen by her friend, but they were so insightful, newsy and interesting that it s a lucky happenstance that they were kept They are brilliant, fly on the wall observations of Hollywood life and I couldn t bear to see the story end It was a delight to meet Cari Beauchamp the day I finished reading this book and getting her to sign it for me What an honor

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    Fascinating It s almost unbelievable that these are actual letters to a friend, instead of written for a novel I love Valeria s spirit and her bold decision to leave home and live somewhere else It s a great example of female empowerment.

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    I highly recommend this book for a candid, fascinating glimpse into the real world of the Hollywood studios in the 1920 s Valerie Belletti,a young Italian New Yorker, moved to sunny Los Angeles and began work as a secretary for studio moguls During the course of her life in California, she wrote letters to a friend back home in New York, and years later her friend compiled the correspondence and had them published And the result is a magnificent patchwork of true stories of daily life behind the scenes in such studios as MGM, where Beletti was the trusted secretary to Samuel Goldwyn and to Cecile B DeMille She dated the unknown at the time Gary Cooper and met stars such as Ronald Coleman and Rudolph Valentino A fascinating, unusual read told in a unique fashion Highly recommended.

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    I loved this book It s a collection of letters sent between the years 1924 1929 from a woman who would become the secretary to Samuel Goldwyn and is associated with discovering a famous movie star from the era I found her letters to be timeless and I loved the insight she gives to Hollywood during this period The way she writes about prohibition, working with famous people, finding love and living in Los Angeles I truly was wrapped up in her letters

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    Very entertaining diary of a woman who was Sam Goldwyn s secretary Lots of stuff on Ronald Colman and some on Vilma Banky Mentions that Lionel Barry was terrible on stage in The Copperhead performance she saw because he s in terrible condition due to dope You never know what you ll find in people s diaries.

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