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A Scanner Darkly txt A Scanner Darkly , text ebook A Scanner Darkly , adobe reader A Scanner Darkly , chapter 2 A Scanner Darkly , A Scanner Darkly a8546f Substance D Is Not Known As Death For Nothing It Is The Most Toxic Drug Ever To Find Its Way On To The Streets Of LA It Destroys The Links Between The Brain S Two Hemispheres, Causing, First, Disorientation And Then Complete And Irreversible Brain DamageThe Undercover Narcotics Agent Who Calls Himself Bob Arctor Is Desperate To Discover The Ultimate Source Of Supply But To Find Any Kind Of Lead He Has To Pose As A User And, Inevitably, Without Realising What Is Happening, Arctor Is Soon As Addicted As The Junkies He Works Among

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Philip K Dick was born in Chicago in 1928 and lived most of his life in California In 1952, he began writing professionally and proceeded to write numerous novels and short story collections He won the Hugo Award for the best novel in 1962 for The Man in the High Castle and the John W Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year in 1974 for Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said Philip K Di

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    I used to wonder how Phillip K Dick came up with all the trippy concepts in his stories until I read A Scanner Darkly That s when I realized that the drugs probably had a lot to do with it.Originally published in 1977 and set in the mid 90s, the book tells the story of Bob Arctor Arctor appears to be just another burned out druggie who lives with a couple of other dopers, and they spend most of their time getting high on Substance D and assorted other drugs Bob is actually an undercover narc for the Orange County CA sheriff s department, and in the future, the cops undercover are in so deep that even their bosses don t know who they really are Arctor wears a special scramble suit that blurs his features and voice when reporting to his boss Hank, who also wears a scramble suit to conceal his identity.Bob has been trying to buy bigger quantities of Substance D from Donna, a spacey hash addict, so that he can work his way to the source, but he s actually fallen in love with her even though she refuses to sleep with him He gets a tricky new assignment when Hank orders him to start keeping tabs on a new target Bob Arctor Since he can t reveal his identity, Arctor has to play out the fiction that he s investigating himself, but his brains have gotten so slushed from Substance D that he s having a hard time keeping track of who he actually is.Bob s increasing confusion about identity and reality is the kind of theme that Dick specialized in, and Bob s progressive meltdown is some of my favorite writing he did regarding that However, while this has a thin veneer of sci fi over it with the story being set in what was the near future, it s actually a chillingly realistic look at drug abuse Dick spent a couple of years in the early 70s where he ran with the Just Say Yes crowd, and this book is a semi autobiographical account of that time Where it really shines is in its portrayal of the drug culture with long sections dedicated to things like an addict who begins seeing bugs everywhere or a botched suicide attempt that turns into a psychedelic eternity of recrimination for past sins The long rambling conversations with Bob and his fellow druggies are darkly hilarious in that they show a kind of weird creativity while also being completely devoid of logic and apt to go in paranoid directions For example, a problem with a car eventually leads to their certainty that the cops have planted drugs in the house and that the only solution is to sell the place.Dick does a masterful job of showing how people could end up living in a perpetual haze while ignoring the long term damage being done even as they see their own friends die or get turned into little than vegetables by their own behavior As he puts it, their sin was in wanting to play all the time but the penalty was far harsher than they deserved On a side note, I also loved the movie version of this done by Richard Linklater that featured a hand drawn rotoscope process over filmed scenes to give it a feeling of realistic unreality Robert Downey Jr and Woody Harrelson give great performances as Bob s druggie housemates, and Keanu Reeves was born to play the brain fried Arctor.

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    A Scanner Darkly can be described as follows begin with Hunter S Thompson s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, mix in a pinch of The Big Lebowski, a dollop of A Beautiful Mind, a scene from Crime and Punishment, the shadows and penumbra of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, whispered apprehension of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a hint of thirty year in advance anticipation of reality TV, stir in a portion of dystopian science fiction and mix it all together with Philip K Dick s weird genius This is actually a very well written book PKD delivers a mature, far from romantic glimpse of addiction and the drug sub culture as only he could, a recovering, on again off again user himself and with mental illness added in Still, this is a complete work by a talented writer and, minimalistic as it is, keeps the reader engaged There is humor in the book, though it cannot be considered a comedy, perhaps a dark comedy as the subject matter, though painted with a mild sci fi brush, is one of addiction and death A reader of PKD s works will notice the recurring theme here, as in several other works, of the idea of split personalities, of a protagonist coming to grips with multiple sides of his own ego Another recurring theme, perhaps helped along by PKD s own struggles with schizophrenia, is one of surveillance and, concurrently, helplessness while being watched The pervasive paranoia and the multiple layers of theatrical irony are the elements of this story that will stay with the reader long after the book has been set down.

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    I have seen myself backward Philip K Dick, A Scanner DarklyA Scanner Darkly Philip K Dick s searing, hyperrealist tale of a specific time late 1960s , a specific place California , and a specific mentality seek maximum happiness now since tomorrow you might die set in 1994, enough in the near future for the author to inject massive doses of his signature wild imagination into the mix As most readers will know, director Richard Linklater employed distinctive digital technology and animation in creating a blockbuster film based on the novel In his Author s Note to A Scanner Darkly, PKD lists fifteen of the people he loved who lost life or sanity during those outrageous years He also reveals something extremely personal to his readers he is not in the novel, he is the novel Intrigued You should be Here are ten hits of what this unique, drug centered classic is all about 1 Freak Out The opening scene features doper Jerry Fabin in a frantic battle with thousands of aphid bugs infesting his hair and every inch of his body Unfortunately, Jerry is fighting a losing battle even standing under hot water in the shower ten hours a day doesn t help After suffering one particularly severe attack, Jerry admits defeat and is admitted into Number Three Federal Clinic The psychic meltdown of Jerry Fabin is a haunting reminder to all of Jerry s friends of what can happen with too much dope, a reminder coating every page of the novel like a thick syrup 2 Drugs and More Drugs In addition to hash, heroin, cocaine, mescaline, LSD, speed and other familiar names on the list, there is the new prima numero uno drug of choice, Substance D aka Death or Slow Death Among its many side effects is the risk of split brain phenomenon, where a user will develop two identities and have one side of their brain talk to the other as if two different people in conversation And cut with bad ingredients, in a matter of months, Substance D can cause a sixteen year old girl to look like a scraggly old lady with grey hair falling out But the supercharged high produced outweighs the possible side effects by far Oh, wow 3 The Setting Sprawling air conditioned Southern California nightmare, an unending repetition of McDonald hamburger stands, strip malls, gas stations and freeways Main character Robert Arctor reflects They McDonald s had by now, according to their sign, sold the same original burger fifty billion times He wondered if it was to the same person Life in Anaheim, California, was a commercial for itself, endlessly replayed Nothing changed it just spread out father in the form of neon ooze 4 War It s straights vs dopers since the dopers can t stomach the air conditioned nightmare and just want to turn on and drop out but the straights think all the neon ooze is as American as grandma and apple pie And those straights include fully armed Birchers and Minutemen, city police and federal police, army forces and unidentified forces If you are a doper and caught off guard, you will quickly be eliminated via jail or bullet or even worse, a federal clinic In this war, the straights don t take any prisoners since, for them, dopers are disgusting filth, not even on the level of mangy dogs.5 Scramble Suits An underground cop will report gathered information wearing a futuristic scramble suit, a full body, head to toe covering, a piece of technological magic, rendering the wearer a vague blur The police chief receiving this information will also wear a scramble suit Thus concealment and secrecy are maintained on all levels 6 Surveillance In this futuristic world the police possess powerful technology to spy on dopers in all sorts of ways, including scanners that can zoom in and out in 3 D Feeling paranoid There might be good reason smile, you are on candid camera 7 Robert Arctor, One Bob was once a straight, living with his wife and two little girls out in their three bedroom house, working as an investigator for an insurance company, but one day Bob hit his head in the kitchen and all instantly came clear in a flash his entire life was a sham, nothing but a deadly routine and he hated all of it Soon thereafter Bob gets a divorce and shifts into the doper life.8 Robert Arctor, Two To support his drug habit and live in his now rundown doper house, Bob takes on the job of undercover narcotics agent The drug world, Arctor recognizes, is a murky world were dopers work for the cops and cops posing as dopers get hooked on dope and might even become full time dealers And Robert Arctor gets hooked on a bunch of dope, most notably on Substance D Arctor escaped his drab, humdrum, straight family life but can he be sure his new doper life will turn out to be any better 9 Robert Arctor, Three Bob reports to his boss Hank in his scramble suit where he assumes name and identity as Frank But, then, Bob has to deal with the crazy effects of Substance D causing his personality and identity to split in two Oh, my spacey hallucinations an undercover agent living two lives with two different names experiencing split brain phenomenon A custom made phenomenon for the one and only PKD 10 Dopers Friends We are provided detailed glimpses into the inner and social lives of the two doper dudes living at Bob s house supercool Ernie Luckman and supersmart Jim Barris There is also Arctor s heartthrob young, superfoxy Donna Hawthorne Hey, wait a toker minute Is Luckman or Barris or Donna what they appear to be How many of them are also living a double life As noted above, the drug world is a murky world And that includes government agencies than happy to slide into a sinister double life to achieve their goals Read all about it Remember PKD IS this novel What a trip The tragedy in his life already existed To love an atmospheric spirit That was the real sorrow Hopelessness itself Nowhere on the printed page, nowhere in the annals of man, would her name appear no local habitation, no name There are girls like that, he thought, and those you love most, the ones where there is no hope because it has eluded you at the very moment you close your hands around it Philip K Dick, A Scanner Darkly

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    This was a fascinating story if somewhat terrifying about LA in the 90s seen from the 70s and the future is grim In a lot of ways, PKD s predictions have not bourne out we don t have scattersuits and no one was using cassette tapes any because of the CD However, the long term effects of hard drug use are not that off mark I suspect that Substance D or death as it is known on the street would today be some kind of crystal meth like Heisenberg s on Breaking Bad, but ingestible with tablets Its widespread use and devastating impact on users is certainly not understated That being said, there is also a narrative about spies and counter spies and how governmental institutions dehumanize agents and occasionally sacrifice then willingly The overall feeling of the book was kind of like Fight Club meets Naked Lunch or something I felt it was a great read and prefer it over Electric Sheep from PKD I really enjoyed how he described the scramble suit using cubist painters, that was a nice touch I also saw an interesting parallel to Fight Club with the split personality of the protagonist.I felt that his descriptions of people freaking out on LSD or D, particularly the bug episode, were extremely well done I can t help but think that DFW s descriptions of addiction and delirium in Infinite Jest and The Pale King were at least partially inspired by PDK although DFW said he had never taken the hard stuff.I also have owned Linkletter s animated film of the book since the DVD was released and although I have not watched in in several years I recall it being quite faithful to the book and that the animation was groundbreaking at the time I highly recommend both that one and A Waking Life by Linkletter and Slacker of course

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    In 1971, Philip K Dick s fourth wife, Nancy, left him and took their little daughter with her Dick was left alone in a four bedroom house in Santa Venetia, in a state of complete desolation and despair, and suicidally depressed , as he later put it In an attempt to surround himself with life and activity, he turned the property into a kind of open house for what he called street people drug users that he knew through his amphetamine habit, although many of them were on much harder drugs than he was.Dick s new housemates stopped him from killing himself, but a lot of them weren t so lucky themselves Toward the start of 1972, he remembered, I woke up one day and noticed that all my friends either were dead, had burned out brains, were psychotic, or all of the above And these were people he had become very close to indeed he thought he was in love with one of them.This was the genesis of A Scanner Darkly, in which Dick, grounding his metaphysical speculations in the real environment of the California doper scene, finally produced an out and out masterpiece The novel s motivation is hinted at when its protagonist looks around at the drug addicts and drop outs around him In wretched little lives like that, someone must intervene Or at least mark their sad comings and goings Mark and if possible permanently record, so they ll be remembered For a better day, later on, when people will understand.This is the colossal impulse of sympathy animating the book Though it s obviously and openly about the California of the late 60s, Scanner is set, by genre convention, in the then future of 1994, a distancing technique that Dick uses merely to blow up contemporary issues Characters still use 60s slang, quote Timothy Leary, watch Easy Rider and listen to Hendrix and Janis Joplin on cassette but they do it in a society where 60s paranoia about a police state has been realised, where surveillance technology is advanced and all pervasive, and where anyone, even your best friend, could be a narc in disguise.Our main character is one of them As Agent Fred, he is responsible for infiltrating and monitoring a house full of drug addicts, using hand wavy technology which means that no one, even his superiors, knows what he really looks or sounds like His bosses tell him to focus on one guy in particular, Bob Arctor, not realising that Bob Arctor is Fred himself.The problem is that Fred Bob is taking a lot of drugs in the line of duty, and he starts to become unsure of his real identity As Bob, wandering about his house, he frets paranoically about the possibility of surveillance equipment in the walls as Fred, he studies the tapes of Bob s activity and wonders who this guy is and what he s hiding As the book goes on, the two increasingly fracture into separate entities.What s great about this is that Dick has always been fascinated by identity crisis and ontological instability but whereas in previous books these are generated by sci fi magic, here they are all rooted in a real evaluation of what drug addiction does to the human brain Indeed he saw A Scanner Darkly as being, essentially, his great anti drug novel, telling friends he wanted it to do for hard drugs what All Quiet on the Western Front did for war.I don t see it working quite that way to me its genius is not located in its moral message, which is anyway not as strong or unambiguous as I think Dick thought it was Unlike most of his other novels, it s also very funny There is a great ear for dialogue in this book, with whole conversations reproduced very naturally you feel like you re eavesdropping on these people as they crack jokes, talk bullshit, get confused, freak out, get high and negotiate relationships You want a ride where you re going You ll bang me in the car No, he said, I can t get it on right now, these last couple of weeks It must be something they re adulterating all the stuff with Some chemical That s a neat o line, but I ve heard it before Everybody bangs me She amended that Tries to, anyhow That s what it s like to be a chick I m suing one guy in court right now, for molestation and assault We re asking punitive damages in excess of forty thousand How far d he get Donna said, Got his hand around my boob That isn t worth forty thousand Scanner is full of great scenes, many of which can make you feel acute sadness and laughter all at the same time It s also one of the best portraits of this milieu that I ve read, and holds its own alongside other products of the 60s US counterculture The Crying of Lot 49, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test In some ways the patina of science fiction means it does a better job of explaining it all than any of them.And as the title warns you, it s not an upbeat tale It spirals into a dark place, and then leaves you there In a heartbreaking Afterword, Dick lists the friends he knew at that time and records the damage that was done to them One of the names is his own Most of the others simply say deceased.We really all were very happy for a while, sitting around not toiling but just bullshitting and playing, but it was for such a terribly brief time, and then the punishment was beyond belief even when we could see it, we could not believe it These were comrades whom I had there are no better They remain in my mind, and the enemy will never be forgiven You won t believe how screwed up reality is actually, John, until you read SCANNER, Dick wrote to a friend I had no idea myself You can feel that shock reverberating through the novel, alongside his curiosity, his sympathy, his horror It s like all his gifts and obsessions finally had something real through which to be refracted and the results may be dark, but they re also brilliant.

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    Be happy NOW, for tomorrow I will be writing Take the cash and let the credit GOI ll write MY review tomorrow Let US all be happy And play AGAIN.ToMORROW So, I wrote a review I was really proud of today during lunch Four or five paragraphs I liked it a lot So, I was rather disheartened when my computer froze and I had to do a hard boot to unfreeze it Lost everything but the vague outlines of what I wrote Even those vague outlines seem difficult to grasp right now I m kinda demoralized Alas, I can probably make some bridge to how THIS loss MY loss of datathis unrecoverable reviewthis remorse over the ebbs of life dovetails quite nicely with some of the themes of A Scanner Darkly But right now I just don t care I m still pissed about the loss and have a hard time seeing through the glass at all So, I m going to give review resurrection a shot A Scanner Darkly fits well on the addiction drug alcoholism as literature shelf It needs no subsidy to sit next to Infinite Jest, Tender Is the Night, Under the Volcano, Less Than Zero, Naked Lunch, On the Road and the rest This list is basically unending.It seems like all novels about drug abuse, alcohol addiction, etc.., almost inevitably become a form of science fiction They surf those disjointed, dream like spaces seducing man from the first time he got buzzed from eating, drinking, or smoking something deliriant These dope trips aren t rational, they aren t lucid, etc., but they still have a certain narrative coherence It is like science fiction was created in the beginning by some belladonna infused deity and formed into a perfect literary template to explain capture all the paranoia and weirdness of the trips highs and lows.It is impossible to read a novel about addiction without recognizing the author s fingerprints all over it These novels are all memoirs of sorts Their pages hold truth than the Library of Congress They are funky road trips through hell and PKD is the perfect acid artist for this vicious trip As I read A Scanner Darkly , I was haunted by the open wounds in the dialogue, the festering beauty of his prose These weren t scenes created ex nihilo These pages all resonate like some haunted Totentanz They chill like a Vanitas dream you can t quite escape I can t remember what I wrote The words, the melody, even the beat of what was once alive is now dead and waiting for a trippy resurrection.

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Who am I A Scanner Darkly by Philip K DickI m a big Pynchon fan, too, so don t get me wrong here, but it seems to me like the main difference between Dick s writing style and Pynchon s or at least, the difference that mostly accounts for Dick being treated as a pulp author with some interesting ideas whereas Pynchon is considered a major literary figure is simply that Dick tends to write in crisp, straightforward sentences that just directly say what he means to say, whereas Pynchon s writing is in famously dense with allusion and rambling esoteric figurative expressions to the point where it can be an intellectual exercise in its own right just trying to figure out what the hell Pynchon is trying to say.All of which makes major Dick novels like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep or Radio Free Albemuth sort of resemble, IMHO, what Gravity s Rainbow might have looked like if Pynchon had been working with editors who expected him to actually keep tight deadlines.I think Dick was really gifted as a wry satirist, too, and this is something I think he s often under appreciated for Probably my favourite single episode in all of Dick s stories I ve ever read and I was quite overjoyed to see this faithfully recreated in the film adaptation is still the suicide sequence from A Scanner Darkly In short, I don t think Dick was ever bad at writing he just doesn t seem to have had any real interest in the kind of writing that people like James Joyce or William Burroughs or Pynchon, for whom to my mind it seems that both Joyce and Burroughs were major stylistic influences were famous for.If you re into SF, read on.

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    God, how dark it is here, and totally silent Nothing but me lives in this vacuum Philip K Dick s darkly atmospheric novel about drug culture and how drugs affect society is a well written, impactful story It s a realistic view of how drugs affect the mind and relationships The story follows the character of Bob and his friends, who are both using and selling a mind bending drug called Substance D We also follow Fred, a cop who works for a form of drug bust squad The hook is that Bob and Fred are the same person Substance D alters the mind so much that Bob Fred s personality fractures and that s the main narrative that we follow Dick was a drug user himself Because of this, he is able to paint a hauntingly realistic picture of the life of a drug user and the constant haze they live in Written in 1977, it still holds up today and points must go to Dick for one of the best titles for a book, ever Great openingThe opening sequence had me hooked It s a perfect example of how to draw in an audience It starts by showing how drugs have pretty much demolished Jerry s mind, a great introduction to the events to come WritingDick s writing creates such a dark atmosphere For me, it s the best thing about this book It sucks you in and you can imagine what it s like in the situation the characters find themselves in Dick also writes the tragic elements of the story very well Here are some of my favourite examples of what the writing is like in this book Happiness, he thought, is knowing you got some pills. What did any man, doing any kind of work, know about his actual motives To see that warm living person burn out from the inside, burn from the heart outward Until it clicked and clacked like an insect, repeating one sentence again and again A recording A closed loop of tape. I resemble that worm which crawls through dust, lives in the dust, easts dust until a passerby s foot crushes it.Notable issuesThe writing does ramble on in places To me, I would have chopped some chunks out of this book to make it even shorter His use of German irritated me whilst reading it also as Dick doesn t always translate it into English I know it doesn t make a huge impact to the story and in fact it s there to some something about the psyche of our main character but it irritated me all the same Final thoughtA great book with a dark, ominous atmosphere which rolls off the page and into your head The story is fascinating and echoes parts of the real world so closely that it s scary Highly recommended.

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    I ve started and restarted this review a number of times With that in mind, I m going to take a page from mark monday and share a multi perspective review.The.gif summation Recipe for A Scanner Darkly 1 Take moderate amounts of the drug of your choice recommend one with highly hallucinogenic and paranoiac qualities 2 Allow to simmer while reading Less Than Zero3 Stir in a random amount of a second drug preferably one with potential for permanent brain damage current versions of the recipe recommend bath salts 4 Allow to cook in brain pan on high heat5 Watch Rush, the movie Rinse and repeat until brain fully cookedThe literary critic Wandering, borderline incoherent narrative Half hearted attempt to tack on conspiracy theory at the end, which might have been effective had there been building earlier The story did surprise me in a couple of places, notably view spoiler Luckman s unintentional drug trip hide spoiler

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    Re read 5 15 19 I m continually surprised, now with my third read, how much fun I have with this novel How much fun I have with the bugs Or how much fun I have with the missing gears on the bike Or how much fun I have with Bob, Fred, or whoever the hell the main character is By the end, he is entirely nameless Freaky cool.I think, than anything, I love the philosophy that is snuck in at random moments or explored in long stretches without a direct reference PKD s afterward is very nice and also very sad, but the core idea is not lost We were all just kids not wanting to grow up, but the punishment was entirely out of scope with that crime This is, ostensibly, a novel about drugs, but it is also something much deeper.It is a novel about ennui, confusion, paranoia, and the senseless horror of living a world that cannot know what it wants, or if it does, refuses to give an inch when it comes to forgiving itself You might say it is a hell of our own creation Deep Not really Kinda obvious But so obvious that we continually forget the fact and get caught up in our continual confusion until we utterly forget it And then, when we have someone pipe up with the pithy observation that we re living in a hell of our own creation, we laugh and get a hammer and kill the poor fool or get him hooked on drugs or send him to a mental institution or we follow him around like some guru and shave our heads and no one pays him any mind anyway.Hello, Phil Oh wait, you died right after you FINALLY got out of poverty when they made Blade Runner You lived in abject poverty all your life and now we have movie after movie after movie made from your legacy.Yep Sounds about right Welcome to the Empire It never ended.Original Review This is my second time reading this wonderful novel, and I see no reason to revise any of my initial impressions It s still very enjoyable Again Maybe I have a soft spot in my heart for all those wonderful novels that either deal with the nature of reality, of conscious identity, of drug use, or just plain consequences of one s actions.Fortunately for me, I ve got so many of my favorite themes in one novel To me, it builds on the success of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and only mildly resonates with any overt SF gadgethood Instead, it speculates wildly about the people who use and the people who suffer, showing us all how much worse the punishment is for what is, in effect, a victimless crime.A discussion about Pot If so, it is rather early in the turning of the wheel We re shown people having fun despite the darkness of their lives and despite the heavy consequences, whether by huge mental instability, outright madness, incarceration, brainwashing, and last but not least, inequity of justice.Maybe the last isn t as obvious until you read the author s afterward, or maybe it ll bash you over the head as you roam the fields Either way, Death is only an inversion of self, and the faster a person runs toward fulfilling themselves through drugs or hedonism, the faster they lose everything that matters in their lives PKD s dark universe and exploration of the mind falling apart, of draconian measures tearing harmless people apart, of the absolute irony of the end of the novel all of it is a testimony of heartbreak in the midst of humor.I happen to know a bit about PKD s life He wasn t the drug fiend that people made him out to be He smoked some pot and dropped a few tabs of acid in his life, but he was also a man of his times He WROTE as a man of his time He was interested in philosophy and the nature of reality, religion, and the mind that most writers, but that s not to say he was anything other than paranoid He was And that was the main feature of most of his great novels Counterculture was his passion So was questioning the fabric of reality.Some of his last novels exemplify this A later brain tumor cannot explain away the devotion to these threads of themes, although I think we can all agree that it did make him a bit obsessive about it Regardless, this was first and foremost a deliberate novel set out to deliberately show the blurred definitions between the norms and the abnorms, the crazies and the sane, the users and the clean Everything was merely a reversal in the glass Narcs and pushers were practically the same, and the funniest bits of the book had to be either the antics of the friends or the deliciousness of having our MC ironically persecute himself every step of the way.What a beautiful novel Not my absolute favorite of his works, but it is crazy good.Now, off to re watch the great Linklater film

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