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    Smith is better than Lovecraft There I said it Don t believe me Get your hands on this and see for yourself It s a bit of a splurge, but it s worth it or you could just borrow mine, if we re friends.

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    Este se or mola un mont n Es la pura fantas a oscura, mucho mejor que Conan, al que considero m s acci n y aventura Es el terror en un mundo fant stico Nos cuenta distintos relatos en mundos diferentes En ellos los monstruos est n por todos los lados, y no conseguir n nunca huir, ni encontrar zona tranquila.

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    I have been a fan of the fantastic fiction of Clark Ashton Smith 1893 1961 ever since I read his short story The Uncharted Isle when I was in my early teens Smith, or CAS, is primarily remembered today, if at all, for his association with his literary pen pal H P Lovecraft and the so called Cthulhu Mythos CAS was a master storyteller and wrote excellent weird fantasy and horror In some respects, I even prefer his work to that of Lovecraft In addition being a well regarded poet, CAS was also an artist and sculptor At the age of 14 I found that my local public library had copies of Lost Worlds and Out of Space and Time , two of the Arkham House collections of CAS s short stories, and I checked them out over and over again Eventually I committed the unforgivable biblio sin of keeping the books for a year, but paid off the fine when there was an amnesty at the library I also found a Ballantine paperback collection called Poseidonis CAS wrote stories set in exotic locations such as lost Poseidonis his version of Atlantis , Xothique the last continent on Earth in the far future , Hyperborea prehistoric tropical Greenland , in Averoigne a fictional region of medieval France , and our world Eventually my interests changed and forgot CAS His books were out of print and were very difficult to find In 1989, I found an Arkham House hardback collection titled A Rendezvous in Averoigne , and snapped it up It had a wonderful forward by Ray Bradbury and unusual photo artwork by Jeffrey K Potter For lack of a better word I would call it a best of , as it included wonderful stories like the title, The City of the Singing Flame , The Death of Malygris , The Maze of Maal Dweb , The Colossus of Ylourgne , The Empire of the Necromancers , and many others.This book is out of print, and I do not know if there is a recent one volume collection of CAS short stories Night Shade Press is publishing a five volume complet set of his stories, and I own the first three in that series You can find his works online at

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    3,5 Cuando conoc los trapicheos de la extinta Pulp Ediciones, perd el respeto por ellos, o, al menos, considerablemente Si hubiesen actuado con mayor honradez, se habr an convertido en una editorial de g nero de referencia Bueno, eso y si tuviesen mejor gusto para las portadas hac a tiempo que no ve a una tan fea Como amante de la obra de Clark Ashton Smith, necesitaba leer su tercer ciclo m s famoso, el situado en la ciudad medieval francesa y ficticia de Averoigne Adem s, la presente edici n contiene cuatro relatos m s cercanos al terror c smico de Lovecraft, aunque he de decir que Smith donde realmente destacaba era en sus propios universos Si no hubiese sido por la inclusi n de estos ltimos relatos, habr a puntuado el libro con cuatro estrellas.En general, considero que el ciclo de Averoigne tiene gran calidad, aunque no iguala al de Zothique, para m , su obra maestra Invito al lector que a n no haya descubierto los maravillosos mundos de Clark Ashton Smith a que lo haga empezando por Zothique e Hiperb rea He decidido puntuar individualmente cada uno de los relatos, cosa que dejo por escrito a continuaci n Averoigne El escultor de g rgolas 4 5 El protagonista tall su salvaci n pero tambi n su condena La santidad de Azedarac 3 5 Un monje y una druida juegan con el tiempo El coloso de Ylourgne 3 5 Un nigromante hace uso de sus oscuras artes para ejecutar una venganza La Madre de los sapos 3,5 5 Una mujer, a veces seductora, a veces sapo La hechicera de Sylaire 4,5 5 Una hechicera apresa a un ermita o Magn fico relato y desenlace La bestia de Averoigne 3,5 5 Una bestia informe que llega con un cometa Las mandr goras 3,5 5 Un hombre halla similitudes entre su mujer asesinada y unas mandr goras La exhumaci n de Venus 4,5 5 Unos monjes desentierran una estatua de Venus en el jard n del monasterio Brillante relato con el exotismo y erotismo propios del autor Una cita en Averoigne 4 5 Una cita acaba con imprevistos El s tiro 4 5 Este ser mitol gico presencia una escena de infidelidad Se han hallado dos finales de esta obra, el lector deber decidir con cu l se queda El final de la historia 4 5 Un castillo abandonado es visitado por un viajero tras ser acogido en un monasterio.California El devoto del mal 3,5 5 Una historia muy lovecraftiana La ra z de Ampoi 2 5 La extra a historia de un gigante Primer relato de Clark Ashton Smith que no me convence de todos los que he le do Genius Loci 4 5 Un pintor retrata un misterioso paisaje La Ciudad de la Llama Cantarina 3,5 5 Unos pedrejones dan paso a otra dimensi n.

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    A Rendezvous in Averoigne was published in Weird Tales in 1931 and was part of a series of stories which Ashton Smith set in a mythical country based on twelfth century French and Provencal culture but one where magic, sorcery and devilry are very real and taken at face value.Each story is really a transposition of either a standard pulp horror fiction motif or expands a motif of the era into the pulp genre but always remaining within this closed world where the typical tale involves youthful erotic desire, enchantment and shifts in time to an older pagan era.The resolutions tend not to be very Christian the central assumption of Averoigne itself but pagan in their acceptance of fantasy eroticism as a conclusion at least in some stories Others have lovers triumphing over the dark forces that co exist with freedom in the alternate pagan world.Ashton Smith develops a writing style that suggests the medieval while still being wholly accessible discursive than most pulp fiction, building atmosphere in a tale where you are as enchanted with the fantasy as the heroes are enchanted by the fantastic.In this story, the fantasy encases a standard pulp vampire story but within the context of sorcery creating an alternate grey and miserable world into which our young hero and heroine and their servants are drawn by their attempt to have a private rendezvous in the forest.It ends well The horror is Gothic and creepy rather than visceral but it is interesting to see Weird Tales having a place for its young male readers that is essentially romantic with a carefully drawn yearning for sexual freedom and its anxieties.Although the Averoigne stories risk a certain sameness, the imaginative power of the best of them captures perfectly an erotic longing beyond time and space Ashton Smith may be a less interesting character than Howard perhaps but he is the consistently good writer

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    It is amazing to me that people aren t aware of in love with Clark Ashton Smith s short stories I m amazed so few were adapted to other media thank you, Richard Corben because I kept thinking about what great horror movies a lot of them would make His command of the English language is impressive I could expand my vocabulary two fold by studying his writing And his ideas are twisted and original Not every one lands well, but even the ones that aren t great still have a very real WTF element to them And his endings are wonderful Very rarely happy, very often unsatisfying like something you ate isn t agreeing with you , but very unique in terms of the reading experience they offer It took me a few years to get through this book, but I m really glad I pushed through to the end The Zothique stories as is generally agreed are some of the best, and they re not until the end I want my own copy of this, but it s out of print and expensive so, once again, I very reluctantly return it to the care of the Rochester Public Library.If you can get your hands on a copy and like gothic horror, this is a great collection of stories

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    This is a great collection of Clark Ashton Smith s short weird horror stories set in the eponymous region of France The stories weave together a cohesive region of rural France forgotten by the modern world of the 1930 s Indeed, many of the stories contained within are set in the Middle Ages and make excellent fairy tales.In all a great read for just about anyone fond of myth, magic and weird horror.

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    Possibly the best collection of work from an author that I ve ever had the pleasure of reading Poetic and morbid at turns beautiful and remote at others Clark Ashton Smith was and is one of the most unique and talented voices to write in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, or the Weird.

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    I have a particular fondness for this book, because I m the model for several of the illustrations.

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    Two lovers attempt to meet in secret, but are intercepted by vampires and are held captive.The narrative s style is poetic and beautifully written, but very much follows the standard vampire fairytale plot and is a little too brief for the reader to feel much attachment towards the victims.

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