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A Place to Rest My Heart quotes A Place to Rest My Heart, litcharts A Place to Rest My Heart, symbolism A Place to Rest My Heart, summary shmoop A Place to Rest My Heart, A Place to Rest My Heart dae1aacd When Laney Murphy Walks Into Muldoon S Pub In San Francisco, She Has No Idea That Her Life Is About To Change Forever The Muldoon Family S Offer Of A Job And A Place To Stay Seems Just Too Good To Be True And Once She Meets Sean Muldoon, The Suspicious And Distrustful Son Of The Pub Owners, She Knows She Was Right He Clearly Detests HerSean Is On The Fast Track As A Bodyguard With Woo Security And He Isn T Going To Allow Some Grifter To Get In His Way Or To Mess With His Family But He Soon Discovers That Laney Is Not All Sharp Tongue And Sarcasm, And He Finds Himself Wanting To Kiss Her Than Deck HerBut Laney S Past Comes Back To Haunt Her And She Soon Must Put Her Life On The Line To Save Sean And The Family She Has Come To Love This Is A New Release Of A Previously Published Edition

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    Dealing with a traumatic past, Laney Murphy has learnt to keep her emotions in check and not rely on anyone but herself So, when she arrives on the doorstep of the Muldoon Pub one rainy night in San Francisco, little does she know that the owners will welcome her into their home, help her find a job and deal with her past.Determined not to be a burden and prove her worth, she s immediately annoyed when Sean, one of the sons, takes it upon himself to run a check on Laney s background Their antagonistic attitude towards each other is a mask for their true feelings will they stop the constant spats long enough to acknowledge their growing attraction Joining the Woo security company, Laney meets the extended family of the Muldoon s Trained in martial arts as well as alarm schematics she takes on a role with relish Until her past comes back to haunt her a past that is rife with abuse both physical and mental Anger bubbles to the surface over her aunt, who did little to protect her and cousin James, her tormentor Can Laney ever move on from her turbulent beginnings, recover from a lost love and finally accept that Sean has her best intentions at heart From the fraught beginning, the story continues down a dramatic and thrilling road right to it s tense ending Rose s characters are all strong and full of vigor and at times complete opposites You ll find Molly and Tommy, the owners of the Muldoon Pub, who are kind, patient and caring people and then Laney a headstrong woman and determined to look after herself which is commendable only to a point as it brings her to brink of death The author is expressive and builds the drama well creating an exciting thriller.I found this an engrossing novel, but my enjoyment was marred by the lack of romance Yes there was brewing passion between Sean and Laney even between other characters, but I expected especially as it s a romance novel The action depicted was thrilling and the characters are likable, although at times I found Laney s narrative a little too much Overall though its well written and enjoyable If you re after a dramatic story with a bit of romance, this is a recommended read.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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    I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this novel as it turned out to be quite different than I thought it would be I was expecting the protagonist, Laney, to be a regular girl who just made goo goo eyes at Sean the entire time, always having to be rescued Instead, Laney turns out to be one tough lady she would have to be considering her upbringing Along with her being tough and smart, she s quite the kick ass chick and I must say that I enjoyed some of those scenes I did like the story of how far she had come from when we re first introduced to her, her romance with Sean, her work with Woo security, and interestingly, her connection with Tommy It was definitely a whole learning experience for her and us as we follow her thru her journey of self discovery.Regardless of how great Laney and Sean were together, I didn t think there was enough romance going on between the two More written about them and their relationship would have been great Except for a few scenes where they re making out, there s not much else So if you re looking to read some delicious sex romps between the two, you ll be quite disappointed as it s very tame and barely touched upon As much as I liked Laney s character, there were times I just wished she would give her mouth a rest It s one thing to be strong and tough, but it s another to just keep running off at the mouth Sure she s got a sharp tongue, but she s constantly yelling, shouting at everyone else about what she will or will not put up with Instead of being looked upon as irritating and bitchy, she s perceived as this strong, sexy, no holds barred woman with every man being turned on with hopes of dating her This type of female characteristic has always confused and maddened me It doesn t come across as realistic as I can t see any man putting up with the constant verbal assaults and bitchiness So despite the lack of romance and Laney s constant running of the mouth, I still enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading by Galen Rose.

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    While I did enjoy this book to a degree, and even liked it, it wasn t what I expected it to be.My main problem with it that it was all over the place It started out as one thing, switched somewhere in the middle to another, and ended as something completely different than these two things Oh, it did have a thrill and I did want to know what happens, but it was like it wasn t planned out at all view spoiler First she s working in the pub Then all of a sudden, we learn she s trained in some martial arts, and she switches jobs to Woo security Then the author introduces an abusive psycho cousin Somewhere along the way we learn her parents were best friends with the Muldoons even though they all act like she s just another stray in the beginning And what s with the police reports That question was never answered.It s like the author couldn t make up her mind on what the focus of this book should be hide spoiler

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    In A Place to Rest My Heart, by Galen Rose, Laney Murphy is a young woman who is stubborn, feisty, has made her share of mistakes and all she wants is to leave the past behind She doesn t trust anyone until she happens into Muldoon s Tavern one night and finds the unexpected, people who care This contemporary romance written in first person point of view, draws you in from the first scene You live in Laney s head in trouble, angry, hot heated and not about to fall for Sean Muldoon, or any other gorgeous man she works with at Woo Security Services A Place to Rest My Heart is entertaining, full of surprising twists, off beat adventures and developing relationships that keep you interested in Laney s complicated life, the danger s that haunt her and the man who steals her heart I enjoyed the heck out of this romance The action is exciting, the characters very human, and the conflicts never end as Laney is forced to face her past even though it just might kill her.

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    This novel, written in the first person, reads like a personal diary I was drawn into Laney s life as if she were a real person Laney is a kick as heroine if I ever met one She, however, meets her match in this fast paced, hard edged novel Unique plot twists and intriguing characters make this a fast read I completed it in one night You ll do the same.

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    I enjoyed this book and would read by Galen Rose The story was fast paced and the suspense was enough to cause the heroine to take a good look at herself I recommend the book

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    This book is a great story We meet Laney as she enters San Francisco its cold, dreary and she has no where to even lay her head and knows no one in this town She flags down a cab and little does she know at that time but destiny awaits her in the form of Muldoon s Pub Laney passes out after eating some of the best food she s ever had She has had a rough start in life as we find out during the book I won t give away too much but she s lost pretty much everything she could have lost and was abused to boot This story is very detailed and read much like a diary It kept me turning the pages quickly and happily There is action and adventure and drama We deal with issues of child abuse and female abuse And it is all done in such a manner to keep you not only interested but curious as to what is going to happen next.The adventures that Laney, Sean, Mason, Chase and Mike get into are dramatic and exciting This is well worth the time it takes to read this book You will enjoy the story and the excitement will keep you reading.What I loved is that this contemporary romance was written in first person point of view You are actually in Laney s head her troubles, her anger, her fear, and her I most certainly am not going to fall for Sean Muldoon, or any other gorgeous male because to do so will only lead to pain mind set I felt as if I knew Laney and through her all her co workers.Galen Rose did a fabulous job on character creation and setting the stage for all the action and adventure and mishaps The only thing I didn t really like is how often characters were injured and how far fetched it seemed that someone would be so injured and yet still be functional But other than that one little glitch I can honestly say I loved this story and hope to see from this wonderful author.

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    Little does Laney Murphy know there s magic afoot when she exits a greyhound bus in San Francisco and spots a cab She s hungry, tired and down on her luck, a situation not lost on the driver who takes her to Muldoon s and declares the sublime quality of the food He s right, of course, and the magic doesn t stop there Laney needs a place to stay and a job, both which materialize compliments of pub owner Tommy Muldoon Soon, despite the misgivings of Tommy s friend Sean, Laney has a job as bartender for Tommy Life, however, isn t all sweetness and light.Laney has graduated from the University of Hard Knocks and views life with characteristic jaundice And Sean, ever protective of his friend Tommy, is out to make sure Laney isn t some moocher trying to take what she can from the kind hearted publican Even though tempers flare, there s a unmistakable attraction that simmers between Sean and Laney.At Muldoon s Laney is introduced to a number of people who work as does Sean for Woo Security Eventually, she is recruited for their operation and unwittingly puts herself in danger.Galen Rose has penned a cute, quirky story full of sly humor and riposte Well paced, A Place to Rest My Heart should appeal to lovers of romance, mystery and all things Irish Ms Rose is definitely an author to watch.

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    On a dark,damp, dreary night in San Fransisco, Galen Rose introduces us to Laney Murphy The story of Laney s life unfolds as we meet this crass, fierce, and powerful slightly irish, terminator on estrogen Laney is the epitomy of a warioress she needs nothing, wants no pity and intentionally angers most people, especially men.Her life has been wrought with abuse tragedy and heartbreak and she will take nothing from others Including the heartache and destruction some have planned for her, and certainly not the love and acceptance others are offering.Just when Laney starts to crack her steel exterior and finds her dreams coming true her past reappears to destroy her Will Laney survive to find true love Read this awesome story and find out, it may turn out different than you think.

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