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A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story chapter 1 A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story, meaning A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story, genre A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story, book cover A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story, flies A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story, A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story f000df87f1045 These Letters, Most Of Which Are Published Here For The First Time, Offer An Intimate Look At Some Of The Most Momentous Events Of The Early S, Including Russia S Participation In World War I And The Fall Of The Romanov Dynasty In The Bolshevik Revolution Among The Correspondents Are Alexandra S Beloved But Domineering Grandmother, Queen Victoria Of England, And Nicholas Cousin, Kaiser Wilhelm Of Germany Most Poignant, Though, Are The Letters And Diaries Of The Last Tsar And Tsarina, Which Stand As Eloquent Expressions Of One Of The Great Love Affairs Of This Century A Lifelong Passion Begins In With The Couple S First Childhood Meeting And Chronicles Their Intense Courtship And First Joyful Years Of Marriage The Romanovs Happiness Was Not To Last, However, As They Were Quickly Overtaken By The Forces Of War And Revolution The Discovery That Their Only Son And Heir Alexei Was Stricken With Hemophilia Opened The Family To The Formidable And Perhaps Malign Influence Of The Monk Rasputin, Whose Gory Death At The Hands Of Two Grand Dukes Is Here Recounted By One Of The Murderers Though Unshaken In Their Love For One Another, Nicholas And Alexandra Could Not Hold Their Country Together, And Their Story Ends With A Chilling Account Of Their Assassination By The Bolshevik Revolutionaries

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    I really liked this book, it taught me a lot about the Romanov family and how they lived their lives It is an intimate look at their lives through their journals, private correspondence, diaries, and letters A true tender love story full of intrigue, betrayal, and sorrow As the authors wrote There is something magical about this family, both in the way they lived and the dignity and enduring love with which they faced their deaths.

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    Just reading people s letters is interesting These two should have been middle class family living in the suburbs, not rulers by any measure When I say like it, I mean reading the letters gives insight, not agreeing with them whatsoever

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    Nothing equals reading primary sources Both authors, who are also historians, acknowledge the invaluable assistance of the staff of the State Archives of the Russian Federation as well as staff at the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle They note in their acknowledgements the impossibility of compiling this book without that expert help Letters between Nicky and Alix as well as many other members of the tsar s family provide an accurate and intimate account of the lives of the Romanovs Nicky is utterly unprepared for the duties thrust upon him at age twenty six due to his father s untimely death Deeply religious, both Nicholas and Alexandra fall under the spell of Rasputin who repeatedly assures them as long as he is alive nothing will prevent the survival of their son and the royal dynasty Even today circumstances remain unclear surrounding the Bolshevik decision to execute the Romanovs It was not until 1991 that the remains of Nicholas, Alexandra, their four daughters, their only son, and several of their servants were actually discovered near Ekaterinburg absolute proof that not a single one of this magical family survived.

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    This book is a collection of letters and journal entries written by the last tsar and tsarina of Russia As the title suggests, Nicholas and Alexandra, unlike most royal couples, loved each other passionately throughout their lives Their prolific writings tell the story of their struggles, not only in ruling Russia, but in raising their family, in particular their struggle with the heir s hemophiliac disease, which led eventually to the downfall of both the country and their family The story ends tragically in their untimely death at the hands of the Communists during the Bolshevik Revolution.

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    Quite literally breathtaking Perhaps one of the best eye witness accounts of the demise of the old world with the advent of WWI that I have read despite the myopia of the witnesses themselves The tragic character flaws of Nicholas and Alexandra ensured their doom Nicholas s inadequacy and indecisiveness rendered him an ineffectual tsar and commander in chief and demonstrated him to be a dangerously anachronistic emblem of autocracy in a world of constitutional monarchies and burgeoning socialism Alexandra was the consummate autocratic consort, unwavering in her belief in Nicholas even as she cajoled and harried him to ultimately destructive decisions Never waylaid by inconvenient facts and never in doubt was Alexandra Committed to theocratic autocracy and the articulated denial of any governmental role for the people, Alexandra and Nicholas isolated themselves from reality and enclosed themselves in their gilded palaces and warm nuclear family.Rasputin, the villain of the common story was only able to flourish in the agar of Nicholas s passive indecision and Alexandra s fanatic belief in his fraudulent exhortations that he only was their salvation He was proven right that after his assassination the dynasty was ended A self fulfilling prophesy of the most catastrophic sort The hemophilia suffered by Alexei and seemingly responsive only to Rasputin was the device by which the royal family involuted and shut out the world as it violently seized around them nationally and internationally The lifelong passion between the tsar and tsarina was treacly, co dependent, not a little nauseating and utterly horrifying as its warm embrace and fevered pitch rendered them deaf, dumb and blind to reality and their role as rulers The earnest pleas to save Russia and themselves and the wise guidance from other family members and advisers were rejected entirely Those who cautioned against the danger of Rasputin and Nicholas and Alexandra s obdurate clinging to autocracy even as the 20th century dawned and roared ahead were alienated and denied As David Lloyd George British PM remarked, Nicholas could have had a long and happy life had he not been born emperor Last note this is not a read for those with only superficial knowledge of Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution and the events leading up to and of WWI Massie s Nicholas and Alexandra is a strong first read and then I recommend George, Nicholas and Wilhelm by Miranda Carter.

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    This book was excellent Sure I could read a conventional biography of each person, but I find I get a lot from actual letters and diaries I feel like you can read into their hearts and souls that way Reading about the interactions of the various members of the royal family helped me to understand what happened in the course of their common history As an Orthodox Christian, I thought it was cool to read about the human side of people who are now considered saints people like Grand Duchess Elizabeth, St John of Kronstadt and all of the Romanov children That Rasputin sounds like a real creep, for sure I m surprised Alexandra trusted him so much So sad she and Elizabeth Ella became estranged over that charlatan.The way the book was organized by year was confusing but I have to admit I got confused at times by the entries as to who was whom It helped me to have that geanalogical map at the start of the book As they say in baseball can t tell the players apart without a program lol I wish there d been pictures in the book, though.

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    This book is just amazing It s filled with letters and excerpts from memoirs and journals from many members of the Russian Imperial Family, as well as from their relatives, from tutors to the Imperial children, Ministers to the Tsar, foreign ambassadors, etc Most of the material is only published in this book, and many of the memoirs cited are difficult to find, so this is a real treasure All of the letters and diaries are interesting in themselves, but some are especially touching like the children of the last Tsar writing to their parents and Nicholas and Alexandra s letters to each other filled with love during their engagement, Queen Victoria s letters to Nicholas I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone interested not only in Nicholas and Alexandra, but in all the family.

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    You truly must be a history buff to love this book I am, but I can see where some may not It begins in 1881 in Russia where Nicholas II the last Tsar of Russia was overthrown and murdered along with his family Follow their lives and those of the children in this epic story Not for everyone, much detail But if you enjoy accurate historicals you will enjoy it There is romance between Nicholas and Alexandra.

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    Wonderful, just wonderful This is one of the very BEST resources I ve found on the Romanov family in all the research I ve been doing lately.Life long Passion is a book of letters, diary entries, and memoir pieces from the Romanovs and those closest to them They are arranged in chronological order, starting with Nicholas Romanov as a young man with his father still alive and believing he has many years before he himself will have to become the Tsar of Russia We see his reaction to meeting his future wife, Alice Alexandra , as a twelve year old at Ella s wedding for the first time and, through their correspondence, see them fall in love in their own words It s very beautiful And, of course, tragic, as the collection of correspondence continues well into the war and his giving up the throne and the family s imprisonment The most interesting part of this collection for me were the letters by Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei, and I wish there had been of those, as I adored them and learned a lot about each child s personality from them I also loved the memoirs of Felix, Rasputin s murderer He is a most fascinating historical figure, and he definitely had a way with words that make you feel quite charmed by him even years after his death One can see why his wife Irina cousin of the Romanov children admired him and wanted him even with his messed up past and the unsavory rumors about him My least favorite parts were when the back and forth love letters of Nicholas and Alexandra didn t have enough breaks in between them for historical background and to just a breather from their constant declarations of love Just because I think they re adorable, doesn t mean I want to read page after page, after freaking page of I love YOU, , darling, No, I love YOU, , dearest wify We get it Lots of love Moving on, if you please Basically it s the historical and literary equivalent, of No, YOU hang up first and it does kind of make one want to roll ones eyes after a while, no matter how cute they are All of these letters were great, they just shouldn t have been so lumped together space those suckers out I also had a really hard time reading Yurovsky s accounts at the end That was just uncomfortable The way he causally talks about shooting an entire family in cold blood is justugh I think this man might have been a sociopath How else do you explain that I mean, really It s upsetting Also, the accounts of how killers just snatched other Romanov family members like the tsar s brother, and Alexandra s sister from their beds at night or less to murder them It s like, dude, Russia is MESSED UP Shakes head Shame on you sickos Sorry I can t articulate myself better on this subject, but since I M not a sociopath, I find this really hard to stomach and express my feelings on It s just plain sick Also, I found it somewhat irksome that certain documents presented about who was where during what event mostly towards the end of this book contradicted other ones I m pleased they were all included, but I think the Historical note at the end should have touched on this and explained it better Earlier on in the book there were a lot of footnotes saying things like So and so was mistaken when they wrote this that were EXTREMELY helpful in getting a picture of what was going on, but then this petered out towards the end and I was a little confused It makes my personal research a little difficult, is all My last nitpick is that there aren t nearly enough pictures hardly any, and most of them are official portraits, not even photographs Still, for when this was published, the content is very good Overall, I highly recommend this book.

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    No secondhand account is made intimate than by the access of letters, diaries and memoirs of the people involved during the ominous reign of the last tsar, Nicholas II and the prosperous and happy years before that A devoted family man, a dutiful son and loving husband, Nicky did not desire the role of a ruler despite being destined to it His weak foundation has made him ineffective especially in the face of various scandals that have rocked his rule while suffering from an indecision that always leads him to go for the last opinion presented to him In his domestic life, Nicky shares a steadfast and enduring relationship with Alix of Hesse, whom he was deeply devoted with until the end Their turbulent family life has been constantly afflicted by their struggle for an heir which had been unsuccessful after a series of female births Having desperately clung for a miracle, the Tsarina resorted to a spiritual fanaticism A son was then born, only for it to be constantly plagued with a close brush with death due to hemophilia Desperate to save the heir s life, the tsarina sought the intervention of a staretz Rasputin, who was able to temporarily put an end to the heir s suffering through hypnosis The influence of Rasputin towards the imperial family has grown momentum with the aid of Alix s blind fanaticism that even some of the members of the family had to interfere Dismissing the negative remarks as slander, Alix and in turn Nicky distanced themselves from the family Political unrest had been rampant around the same time and had been fueled after the grisly event called Bloody Sunday and their staggering loss during their advance against the Germans A civil war had broken out within Russia and with the imperial family suffering internal conflicts after Rasputin s murder and a string of morganatic marriages, the Romanov rule was on its way to its doom I ve read various accounts about the Romanovs, one was by Robert Massie which was also an interesting and superb read with its well researched and documented series of events This book is a great addition for an in depth learning of the last Tsar and the events that had taken place before Nicky s rule up until their execution in 1918, putting an end to a three century tsarist regime in Russia and opening the gates towards a communist rule.

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