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    Three nervous Nellies and one adventurous Pollyanna anxiously await their first snow The timid cats soon learn that fun adventures await those brave enough to get out there and try new things Super cute illustrations

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    I found nothing inspiring about the story but the illustrations are absolutely charming Something about these kitties just tugs at my heartstrings, they are oh so adorable I think I hear them purring now

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    Four little kittens experience life, three are afraid of falling leaves and the fourth is excited about it.Soon snow will be coming, they all felt the same way.The story emphasizes the power of a positive outlook.

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    Very cute This story takes the kittens through four seasons, from spring to winter Rohmann certainly has observed how kittens behave In one picture, there are two bowls of kibbles on the floor Instead of all the kibbles being in the bowls, Rohmann has shown some of them on the floor outside the bowls so true and typical at my house I m not sure that all cats enjoy the snow, but young ones seem to Cute story Cat lovers will enjoy it.

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    Simple tale about four little kittens, three who dread snow and one little kitten who can t wait Nice for toddlers.

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    Very cute story about three kittens afraid of snow and one brave kitten who not Adorable art work too.

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    A story about being bold and not allowing yourself to succumb to the fears of others, this would appeal to a younger elementary grade audience Three kittens are afraid of their first winter, but the fourth one looks forward to its arrival When it arrives, he runs out into the snow, welcoming it happily When the other kittens observe his bravery and the fun he s having, they all adopt his bold stance and fun is had by all It s simple, but well done.

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    This is a story about four kittens who have never seen snow Readers follow the kittens through the changing seasons, watching as one kitten eagerly awaits in anticipation, while the others grow leery of the unknown, snow The colorful yet simple illustrations were made using Japanese woodcuts, which ultimately helped contribute to the powerful understatement of this story While the facts and feelings were presented in the overall text, readers were able to draw from their own experiences and emotions to contribute to the overall mood This is probably one of my favorite pieces of Rohmann s work because it portrays the importance of adventure and how trying something new can be rewarding Uses in the Classroom A Kitten Tale would be a fabulous story to use to teach young children about the four seasons of the year Rohmann s colorful illustrations make it easy for students to see the differences between summer, fall, and winter Since Rohmann does not include the season of spring, students can create their own illustrations, using any media, of the four kittens experiencing it, making sure that they include its common characteristics new life, budding plants, etc

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    As the seasons pass, four playful kittens anticipate what it will be like when snow comes for the first time in their young lives Three dread the cold, wet drifts that will be heaped to their whiskers, but the fourth kitten, depicted as the most mischievous in Rohmann s bright, expressive relief and monotype prints, can t wait When the dreaded first snowfall comes to pass, the three scaredy cats hide at first, but ultimately realize the fourth kitten had it right all along snow is fun For its understanding of children s natural fear of the unknown and encouragement of a positive outlook, I would recommend this book for preschoolers The elegantly spare text also makes it a good option as an early read alone book.

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    This book is full of bright and colorful illustrations that take four kittens on a journey through the four seasons One kitten in particular eagerly anticipates seeing snow for the first time The final pages of the book are the most exciting for the kittens as they experience winter This fun, loving, and sweet tale is great for young children at any time of the year A Kitten Tale would be a fabulous story to use to teach young children about the four seasons of the year Rohmann s colorful illustrations make it easy for students to see the differences between summer, fall, and winter Since Rohmann does not include the spring season in this book, we could have students create their own illustrations of the four kittens during spring time.

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A Kitten Tale summary pdf A Kitten Tale, summary chapter 2 A Kitten Tale, sparknotes A Kitten Tale, A Kitten Tale 6cf6d26 Once There Were Four Kittens Who Had Never Seen Snow The First Three Kittens Are Wary Snow Is Cold, It S Wet, It Covers Everything As The Seasons Pass And Winter Begins To Loom, The Three Skittish Kittens Worry But The Fourth Kitten Is Getting Excited Snow Will Cover Everything I Can T Wait

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • A Kitten Tale
  • Eric Rohmann
  • English
  • 01 September 2018
  • 9780517709160

About the Author: Eric Rohmann

Eric Rohmann won the Caldecott Medal for My Friend Rabbit, and a Caldecott Honor for Time Flies He is also the author and illustrator of Bone Dog, Clara and Asha, A Kitten Tale, and The Cinder Eyed Cats, among other books for children He has illustrated many other books, including Last Song, based on a poem by James Guthrie, and has created book jackets for a number of novels, including His Dark