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残酷罗曼史 summary 残酷罗曼史, series 残酷罗曼史, book 残酷罗曼史, pdf 残酷罗曼史, 残酷罗曼史 1bf9512e05 This Is The Story Of A Lonely Young ManThis Young Man Comes From Wealth And Prestige, Is Well Endowed In Both Appearance And Temperament, Is A Warlord By Profession, And Has No Unhealthy Avocations In The Opening Of This Romance, He Is In The Course Of Performing Military Service In Some Desolate Dump, Making A Living From Pillaging Neighbouring Towns And Moonlighting As An Opium DealerEnglish Translation WIP

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    3.5I read the Chinese version of this book, so my rating is based on that and not the translation I think I began skimming after a particular plot twist around 70 80% that I did not like, even though view spoiler the MC totally deserved the treachery hide spoiler

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