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A Chainless Soul: A Life of Emily Bronte summary A Chainless Soul: A Life of Emily Bronte, series A Chainless Soul: A Life of Emily Bronte, book A Chainless Soul: A Life of Emily Bronte, pdf A Chainless Soul: A Life of Emily Bronte, A Chainless Soul: A Life of Emily Bronte fb3142d603 The Most Gifted Of Her Famous, Troubled Family, Emily Bronte Has Too Often Been Portrayed In Storm Tossed, Sentimental Biographies, According To Katherine Frank Now Frank Presents A Startling New Interpretation Pledged To Self Denial And Social Isolation, Emily Starved Herself, Contributing To Her Wild Imagination Page Insert

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    I always feel a certain amount of voyeuristic guilt in reading biographies, particularly those of private people Any woman whose last words were If you will send for a doctor, I will see him now clearly knew what she wanted out of life, and what Emily Bronte wanted was to be left alone In the Biographical Notice of Ellis And Acton Bell, Charlotte comments My sister Emily was not a person of demonstrative character, nor one, on whose mind and feelings, even those nearest and dearest to her could, with impunity, intrude unlicensed Mrs Gaskell described Emily as reserved , explaining that she distinguished between reserve and shyness because I imagine shyness would please if it knew how, whereas reserve is indifferent whether it pleases or not Further, in one of her letters, Charlotte asks her publishers not to refer to Emily by any other name than her nom de plume, Ellis Bell.So why am I reading this book Not with any realistic hope of setting aside the interpreter which Charlotte insisted should always stand between Emily and the world that interpreter is probably ineradicable by now And any hope that I would get a better understanding of a woman with similar personality to mine In the sense of the woman in the Punch cartoon commenting of her husband that He has the same personality as Spike Milligan, but without the sense of humor coped with the world without This book can t do those things though it appropriates Emily s own conjuration of a chainless soul , it postulates several dozen chains, including some that even the boldest previous researchers hadn t suggested before I doubt very seriously that Emily was anorexic, and the evidence adduced to support the claim is shaky at best Further, I don t know why modern researchers have decided that Emily was not mystical the traits they describe sure sound mystical to me.I wish I could find the book that did give some insight into Emily, based on her own writings It d help if I could remember which one that was Until I do, I guess I ll have to settle for this, though I drag my heels and argue with every page.

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    Excellent book I can t believe that all that information could fit in 272 pages I m a big fan of Emily so I wasn t quite sure what to expect Katherine Frank presents her new insight into Emily a victim of anorexia nervosa and social isolation which, Frank believed, helped her write stories with a wild imagination I don t know if I totally agree with that I think that losing her brother was devastating to Emily, which would cause her to lose interest in her diet I also believe that her Christian faith would often have periods of fasting, a common thing, in the church According to what I read in this book, it did seem that when things didn t go her way, she made a choice to fast which resulted in physical weakness, and was able to go home.

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    Excellent Another user s review had me concerned that the book would have a preoccupation with food issues and eating disorders, which in terms of their relevance to the Bronte s I was skeptical of But I was pleasantly surprised this was not the case This is a solid all around biography I really only had one criticism, and that is that a personal interest was not satisfied I was hoping that since she spent so much of the book discussing the Brussels episode that the author would delve into the possible connections raised by Daphne Du Maurier in The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte, between Martha Taylor, and Cathrine Earnshaw It was cursorily mentioned, but no question was raised as to the cryptic letter written by Mary Taylor to Charlotte that hinted at a salacious end to Martha s tragically short life The author s thoughts on this would have been interesting Still, an excellent book, on par with Stevie Davies wonderful bio My quest for determining the best Emily Bronte book continues On to Winifred Gerin s Though this book is definitely a contender Literary Efforts Poetry Wuthering Heights Mysticism psychoanalysis sexuality The Early Years Juvenilia and Gondal years Abroad in Brussels Home life domesticity 20 25

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    Having found myself on a Bronte kick , I turned to Katherine Frank s telling of Emily Bronte s life Not nearly as academic as Edward Chitham s attempt, this book was much easier and rounded Mr Chitham s account seemed painstakingly intent on pouring over every inch of Emily s poems, looking for clues but never really confident to fully exclaim a belief over the potential facets of her life.Here, thanks to Ms Franks, Emily is accessible Interestingly enough, the author does not shy from her own assessments and forays into the potential psychological mind of Emily Bronte for example, she contends Emily was an anorexic Katherine Frank goes further by including all the Brontes in the telling of Emily s life for, not to do so, would leave out essential bits of valuable information since Emily was the most elusive and private of her family By reading of Charlotte, I came away with a new appreciation for her and berated myself for past judgments against her Of the two biographies I ve read, this one is an easier one which valiantly paints the life of a brilliant minded woman who was a spiritual anomalya force of nature who was at once misunderstood and elusive as the passionate characters she created FINISHED 10 1 11

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    I m dubious, yet obsessed.

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    A lot of it just felt like fiction to me.

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    I picked this up in a charity book shop around 3 years ago and might not have gotten around to reading it if I hadn t have been inspired by my trip to Haworth..I generally struggle and get bored quickly with biographies but this is actually beautiful It flows just like a story, and whilst it s short seems to pack a lot in There is so much detail and people, places and accounts are referenced as what seems to me and as it includes an extensive bibliography quite accurately..Admittedly there is probably a lot of Charlotte, Ellen Nussey and Mrs Gaskell in this biography than Emily, but her being such a reclusive and mysterious creature, having destroyed a lot of her manuscripts and correspondences and only one painting of her existing there isn t much we know of her so are reliant on other accounts. QOTD Are there any other Bront biographies that you d recommend worth reading I m really interested to read Elizabeth Gaskell s biography of Charlotte and Daphne du Maurier s biography of Branwell.

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    Emily Bronte is my favorite author, and I am fond of all the Brontes A Chainless Soul was my secret passage into the Bronte s, centering on the especially elusive Emily I loved every word, every second and have savored this book many times over It is a classic and remains my favorite reference to the Bronte s of all time Thank you Katherine Frank for your beautiful writing and for making me feel like I was there I feel so intimately acquainted with all the Brontes from your lovely story

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    Brilliant A must read for any Bront fan I was shocked by Emily s extraordinary life and encourage anyone who has read Wuthering Heights or her poetry to discover the author s fascinating past Frank produces an account that is easy to read and manages to fit an impressive amount of information into only 272 pages

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    This book was captivating I had a hard time putting it down In addition to Emily s life, it also discusses her family at length I highly recommend this to any Bronte fan.

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