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A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race quotes A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race , litcharts A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race , symbolism A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race , summary shmoop A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race , A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race 8ed52611 Few Diseases Create The Level Of Fear Associated With A New Diagnosis Of Cancer Fortunately, Cancer Experts Have Estimated That At Least To Percent Of All Cancer Cases Can Be Prevented Through Evidence Based Modifications In Lifestyle And Diet A Cancer Prevention Guide For The Human Race Is A Landmark, Evidence Based Guide To A Healthy Cancer Prevention Lifestyle, And Comprehensively Informs Readers On The Important Findings Of Hundreds Of Recent Cutting Edge Cancer Research Studies, Performed By The World S Foremost Cancer Research Scientists Written For Lay Readers By Robert A Wascher, MD, FACS, An Internationally Recognized Cancer Physician, Cancer Surgeon, Cancer Researcher, Educator, Professor, And Author, A Cancer Prevention Guide For The Human Race Offers Health Conscious Readers A Vital Research Based Guide That Will Enable Them To Significantly Reduce Their Lifetime Risk Of Developing Cancer A Cancer Prevention Guide For The Human Race Is An Absolutely Essential Health Information Resource For The St Century, And Belongs In Every Home And Office The Author Is A Clinical Associate Professor Of Surgery At The University Of California, Irvine, And The Editor Of The Popular Global Health Information Website, Weekly Health Update Doctorwascher Dr Wascher Is The Author Of Numerous Research Papers, Book Chapters, Articles, Essays, And Columns On A Variety Of Health Related Topics, And Serves As A Consultant In Both Oncology And Surgery For Multiple Health Care And Health Information Organizations Dr Wascher S Next Book, Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT The Breast Cancer Epidemic, Is Scheduled For Publication In

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    Insightful and written with perfect clarity, this evidence based comprehensive book is an astonishing read If one is unlucky enough to hear those dreaded words spoken by a clinician then fear undoubtedly follows on from the given diagnosis, along with much stress and anxiety Cancer is still a deadly disease hence why I think many of you will be fascinated and intrigued by what Robert A Wascher has to say Having a mother as a student nurse and a sister working in London as a ward sister makes for a family interested in health conditions, thus this book was passed around from myself having read it to others all eager to find out if the claims are true After much research by cancer expert scientists it is now estimated that fifty to sixty percent of all cancer cases can be prevented, through evidence based modifications in ones lifestyle and diet This comprehensive study is based on sound, cutting edge research that has revolutionized the way we think about this disease and accordingly then act The book is full of fascinating facts and studies that have been undertaken to ascertain this startling, astounding conclusion that is for the benefit of all both those whom have been diagnosed and those who have not Robert A Wascher is a renowned and internationally recognized physician, surgeon and professor on cancer who here offers all health conscious readers an indispensable research based guide The aim of course is clear to be able to significantly reduce ones lifetime risk of developing cancer, alongside aiding those already with the disease This is an outstanding health information resource and an essential guide for all that is exceptional, momentous and enlightening With every point made backed up by definitive evidence, one is not only reassured but equally delighted by what is to be discovered within these pages I cannot enthuse enough about this incredible book that I would highly recommend to anyone, being so compelling to read and undeniably accurate in its contents I cannot stress the importance of this book that could be a life saver for many, and which could significantly reduce such high rates of Cancer throughout the world I was unsure of what to expect and likewise keen to find out if one is able to dramatically reduce your risk of getting cancer by eating certain foods, exercising , looking into the benefits of dietary supplements and the cutting down of alcohol Stress, Diabetes linked with obesity in overweight individuals are all elements that can impede one who is trying to prevent cancer and are important factors to concider when assessing a person s health I would like to thank the author for having his book on GoodReads as a first read giveaway, which I feel most privileged and fortunate to have had the opportunity of reading The author s personal inscription to me I found to be extremely touching, and I do hope that this book remains just a valuable source of information rather than to be implemented in the most severe case There is a history of Cancer within my family that also made me connect to Robert A Wascher s book in a personal way, as well as professionally concerning those family members who work within the nursing profession.

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    I got a copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program I entered to win a copy because it seemed like so many people in my life had recently been diagnosed with cancer, but at the same time I wasn t sure I was going to like it I mean, it says lower your cancer risk by 60% on the front cover, and I thought oh this is probably some guy telling me the latest fad to prevent cancer, it s not going to be worth it.b So I put off reading it for a bit, but I can t stand having such a large pile of to be read books, and having so many of them that were First Reads that i needed to read and review, so I picked it up and started reading.The book was not what I thought it would be it was not some kook telling me the latest fad to prevent cancer, it was actually someone who did what we all want He found all the studies, both highly scientific, moderately scientific and even non scientific, and he took all that information and complied it into useable information He summarized the research, and told you that this is the gist of what the highly scientific research is showing and this is what the other research is showing, and based on all that, this is what I think would benefit you in your life to reduce your risks.For each thing that he notes as possibly helping to reduce your risk of cancer, he provide research to back up his claim, and he even tells you that this item has been talked about, but there is no research to show it is effective, and he even tells you if the research has shown something to be non effective or even harmful.I was pleasantly surprised, and glad that I read the book It was not a fad book, but a compilation of the research out there, including footnotes with the exact study information and where to find the study so that you can check it out yourself It is written so the common man or woman can read and understand it, without a bunch of overused medical terms.For anyone with a family history of cancer, this is a good book to read I think it gives good information and it is spot on and worth the time it is also a quick read, well organized and helpful.

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    This book can very well be a life saver and I recommend it highly Dr Wascher very carefully details the myriad ways we can cut our cancer risk down over 60% and readers will be pleasantly surprised to find that these preventative measures are not difficult to do nor are they expensive Cancer has colored my life through the losses I have suffered I have lost both friends and relatives to various forms of cancer and really wanted to find ways I could reduce my chance of developing the monster that is cancer I am diabetic and as diabetics are much likely to develop cancer, I felt that as a person who has had relatives with cancer on both sides of the family, I was a walking, ticking time bomb Dr Wascher has given me tools to dismantle the bomb With some lifestyle and eating improvements, I truly can reduce my chances of developing cancer and this is an enormous comfort I learned a lot of things while reading this book For example, I take metformin Glucophage for my diabetes and research studies shown in A CANCER PREVENTION GUIDE FOR THE HUMAN RACE offer proof that the use of metformin can massively reduce the risk of cancer in diabetics and maybe even in people who don t have the disease The book is very easy to read and understand Best of all, Dr Wascher is not just offering his medical opinion based on his expertise as an oncologist He backs up what he says with scientific proof and references to actual medical research studies All of us are at a risk of developing cancer of any type at any age You owe it to yourself to get a copy of this book and see how you can reduce that risk right now The life you save will be your own.

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    I spent over ten years working on chemoprevention and diet So often, I was asked by friends and family about to help them dissect the myths from the real science The author has done a brilliant job explaining how lifestyle choices and diet may help with cancer prevention I found this new book to be informative, concise, and easy to read It thoroughly and objectively separates the cutting edge real science from the myths For anyone who has ever wondered what they steps they may be able to take towards healthy living, and understanding cancer and its prevention, this book is a definite must have.

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    An electronic copy of this book was sent to me as a reviewer for IndePENdants It passed their rating system on all aspects.This is not an easy book to read in spite of the author s best efforts it is complex and full of details, but it is the sort of book that can save your life Therefore, you should read it.Dr Wascher separates out what we know, what we do not know, and what we thought we knew that was wrong from the lies we are being told that could endanger your life.Just read it Read it one chapter at a time if that is what it takes It is important.

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    I was deeply moved by the information in this book as my aunt unexpectedly passed away from cancer She was very young so it caught the whole family by surprise I had no idea that there are a number of things we can do to prevent cancer According to the book, cancer experts extimate that at least 50 60% of cancer cases can be prevented through changes in lifestyle and diet.What I like most about this book is that it aggregates the collective experience of thousands of cancer experts.This is one book which can change your life.

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    I really liked the book It helped me learn about the causes and my chances of getting cancer It taught me how my aunt got cancer and how i can prevent it I enjoyed reading it and hope i will get another soon.

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    I recieved this book free from GoodReads I entered for this book as I recently lost someone that was very close to me from cancer and I have a couple other family members that have been diagnosed This is a great book and I will be passing on to a few of my family members to read.

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    A very interesting read Definitively eye opening.

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    This is a wonderful book A must Read

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